Summer Arrives in Paradise

Beginning with the grass bed of a fawn, here are ten recent pictures of the season and some of the creatures enjoying it. Happy Summer! 🙂

Fawn bed
Digger Pine cone- the only trees whose roots can penetrate volcanic rock here
Double-delight rose
the jackrabbit sheltering from the rain
A Red-tailed hawk
Nance Pond
Acorn woodpecker
Western Pond Turtle

My Letter to a Friend in Iceland

A double-delight rose in Paradise

Note: My letter was written in response to several questions received, the gist of which can be understood by these answers. Please enjoy!

Hi! Such a cornucopia of topics to choose from…

Regarding the integration of BC, I was having almost daily revelations regarding all the aspects of Totality, and logically I thought, “Wow, the TM Movement needs to hear about this – this is completion”, and soon after you contacted me, I began a process of assessment and contact with several Governors, and joined a couple of social media groups, etc.

Now that the dust has settled, I recognized that this knowledge is a bit too much to be shared publicly and am content to simply be with it. Regarding the chasms bridged, it has to do with the settling of this life of supreme brahman and its union with every aspect of relative life. yes, I estimate there are about 100 living BC on the planet, the majority in India.

Yes, it is the twilight of the Age of Enlightenment. And the hologram of enlightenment means that when Totality is lived, everything is seen and lived through a lens of enlightenment, seamless divinity, much as the segment you quoted put it –

“…the state of perfect enlightenment, which requires full one-hundred percent harmony of the Absolute with all fields of relative existence, along with the full knowledge of God, the Lord presiding over both.”

The difference between the two states is the end of Unity brings temporary contentment, whereas the fullness of Brahman brings eternal fulfillment – big diff.

One aspect of Brahman/Totality that I think can be confusing is one doesn’t have to be a scholar of the Veda to live BC – it is true that we understand everything and can see all the dynamic links of manifestation from the Absolute through all relative permutations, and it is all divinity, dharma and perfection. But cognizing the Veda is a minor part for a householder. The one thing that does happen is sanskrit terms will spontaneously come to mind if I am thinking in that direction.

Instead of life constantly reaching decision trees and branches, instead it transcends these and moves in smooth arcs, and radiating completions, like the intersecting shapes and circles formed when raindrops sprinkle the surface of the ocean.

Thank you for passing on the website link to those who are genuinely interested! Much if not all of my public writing on BC is complete, though I need to assemble a second book, the Science of Brahman, from the 60 or so posts I have written on the topic since the first book was done.

Summer is approaching quickly, and I have been working outside a lot – quite a nice time with the birds and other critters – I have noticed that birds own their earth shadows and can have their shadow pass over me with precision, like tapping me on the shoulder from the air, so I notice them. magic.

Please enjoy Iceland! What a wonderland that must be.

All the Best!

Jai Guru Dev

Today’s Walk Through Nance Canyon (Part 2)

At the pond after shooting the video, I took pictures of the turtle and bullfrogs, but the real treat was further up the canyon. As I was walking the trail, something to the right caught my eye.

It was two black-tailed does about 50 feet away, always a quiet thrill to see. One was pregnant. They were curious of me, and I took a few pictures. Also on the walk I spied a few wildflowers. Please enjoy these photos from today: 🙂

Today’s Walk Through Nance Canyon (Part 1)

I first walked down to Nance Pond taking my tripod and camera, then set my tripod on a flat spot near the edge of the pond. Next, I began recording a video with sound to capture the birdsong.

Red-winged blackbirds are the melodic ones, with the cooing of doves in the background. Also a few bullfrogs in there! 🙂 Please enjoy this posting on Youtube (3:35):

Visiting Nance Pond in May of 2022

For a small pond of about an acre, Nance Pond has a large watershed and stays full year-round. There is always a family of creatures there. Before the 2018 Camp Fire we even had black bears.

I visit at least once a week to see who is around, take photos, change out my gamecam chips, and maintain a trail. Please enjoy these eight recent pictures:

Flights Above Paradise

The Chico Municipal Airport (CIC) which includes a Cal Fire Air Attack Base, is twelve miles away as the crow flies. We are near many flight paths at various altitudes, so it is a great place to capture pictures of aircraft of all types. Please enjoy these recent photos:

A Hummingbird Nest and Other Delights

Summer is on the way! Please enjoy these pictures from Paradise! 🙂

A pair of finches took over the dove’s nest
Hummingbird nest in the Lily of the Valley tree
The mouth of the nest is hidden by a front branch I moved aside for these photos
Hummingbird feeding in the bottlebrush
I began noticing these matte black lizards after the Camp Fire
the morning moon today

From CC to Supreme Brahman, the Distance From Liberation to Fulfillment

Looking East

“We are not satisfied with peace alone. There has to be prosperity, there has to be affluence, there has to be fulfillment in life, not just peace.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Cosmic Consciousness (CC) is our permanent awakening to our eternal, infinite nature. It is our eternal liberation, unchaining us from time and space, from limitation, moving to a fuller, more expanded identity of ourselves, that which persists lifetime after lifetime.

This permanent sense of deepest silence along with every activity, even dreaming and sleeping, confirms our absolute, unchanging nature. Many long time practitioners of TM are having such an experience, as predicted by Maharishi. We don’t think our way into it, we simply notice it – Silence as a foundation from which activity, even sleeping and dreaming are witnessed. A very subtle experience.

Of course life improves once we are established in Being and liberated, infinite. But there is further expansion before us to find eternal fulfillment, to integrate completely with cosmic law. Even though we have accomplished a huge step in our life, living our infinite nature, we continue to seek Totality, the eternal fulfillment, fullness of everything, inside and out; Supreme Brahman.

Such a fancy name, “Supreme Brahman”, when in fact it is simply the full maturity of our human spiritual life, something every soul on the planet will gain sooner or later, our eighth state of consciousness. The process gains completion, and we live eternal fulfillment as a result.

Just as we found our liberation in the transcendental reality of establishing ourselves in our unchanging, absolute Being, so do we find eternal fulfillment in establishing our Being, our identity in all manifestation and non-manifestation, all of creation, gross and subtle – we live Totality.

Just as we expand our identity in CC to encompass our infinite nature, we simply continue expanding our identity and perception throughout all manifestation. This expansion continues until the boundaries of subject, object, and process of knowing become secondary to our omniscient, omnipotent consciousness.

Expressed in every day terms, we live a successful and fulfilled life. Whatever we are doing or not doing is done right and done best. Such an enormity of consciousness, even encompassing the Gods, ensures it all runs smoothly, as we like.

With the entire matrix and atmosphere of Totality always available, there is never a lack of interest or resource for anything at all. 🙂 Totality, Supreme Brahman, brings eternal fulfillment. Just as we first found our inner light, we now access it in everything, inside and out.

Maharishi said, ‘do less and accomplish more’, then ‘do nothing and accomplish everything’. Liberation elevated to eternal fulfillment. This is living Supreme Brahman, living Totality, the spiritual beacon of human development, available to All. 🙂

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Living With the Finest Levels of Creation

Looking East towards Paradise

“You have heard the saying that all that there is in the universe is within man? And that is it. The subtlest strata of our existence, that state of glow, that we experience, is the field of God. And from there comes to us the direct communion with those celestial Gods. And this is what Christ said, ‘the Kingdom of heaven is within you’.

Certainly it is somewhere in the universe, the life where there is no suffering, no sin, all happiness and bliss–in its pure state that celestial life of heaven exists somewhere in the universe, but apart from that and in addition to that, it exists within ourselves also.

The more we get tuned to it, the more we become like it, more celestial, more powerful. This through your practice, you know by your own experience.”
– Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1959)

Quite a potent secret is revealed here, in those few words uttered so long ago. Even now in 2022, 63 years later, Maharishi’s knowledge stands the test of time. He even points to a progression to show how we can create Heaven on Earth at any time:

First, through the practice of the TM-Sidhis program, we gain “direct communion with those celestial Gods”,
Next, our personal experience broadens into “the life where there is no suffering, no sin, all happiness and bliss”.
Finally, Maharishi points to our key capability as a result of such celestial perception and interaction, “…The more we get tuned to it, the more we become like it, more celestial, more powerful.”

The last four words say it all: “more celestial, more powerful.” This is a hint on where we put our attention once we live a life of fulfillment. We are already living liberation and fulfillment, so at this point we radiate such increased power outwards onto our current home of Earth. This occurs innocently in its own time, and is an invincible, unshakable process, due to our direct communion with the celestial Gods.

Especially timely during these days of rapid changes, Maharishi let us know over sixty years ago how to live in celestial harmony, so that we could not only create a great life for ourselves and our communities, but go even further and create a true Heaven on Earth for all. 🙂

~Jai Guru Dev~

What Happens When We Die After Attaining Cosmic Consciousness (CC)?

A red-tailed hawk above Paradise

I was recently contacted by someone wanting clarification around Maharishi’s statements that once Cosmic Consciousness (CC), the fifth state of consciousness, is reached, and we are enjoying the endless diversity of relative life supported by the deep continuous silence of the Absolute, that no more earthly lifetimes would be provided, and even the taking of an individual body would not be possible. Someone else has even asserted that Maharishi meant that all spiritual evolution beyond CC is unnecessary.

Clearly there is some confusion on this topic. Hopefully I can eliminate it:

Regarding CC, I also recall Maharishi saying this, that we lose the body after death.

Though this loss has to do with our identity, not the bodies we inhabit. As we move into CC and beyond, especially towards [Supreme] Brahman, we lose the identification with the gross body and begin to identify with the transcendental one. We also grow to see the cosmos in its entirety as the Self.

This doesn’t mean we lose the ability to have a localized form. If that were so, I would not have been able to have a relationship with Guru Dev, as I wouldn’t have been able to find Him. Also, Supreme Brahman is here for everyone – it isn’t a lottery, depending on the state of consciousness attained before death – Everyone gets to live eternal fulfillment here on Earth. If they don’t now, then on a return trip.

This planet is a powerful place to resolve our karma, the lessons we need to advance through all states of consciousness including the eighth state of Supreme Brahman. God leaves nothing on the table.

Further, the six internal enemies, the ShaaDarivarga, continue to be active until we are established in [Supreme] Brahman. Prior to [Supreme] Brahman we are not living fully the six divine gunas, the birthright of human life, full establishment in the Absolute. We continue to reincarnate until Supreme Brahman, eternal fulfillment, is lived.

The consciousness of Supreme Brahman is also cosmic consciousness, the Totality of cosmic consciousness. At this point, human life is fully integrated with cosmic life, and we are living a seamless relationship with Divinity.

We are all equal in the eyes of God, and there is plenty of room at the table for Everyone! 😊

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Happy Mother’s Day 2022!

It has turned out to be a great day for birds. All of these showed up in less than an hour, with the dove always roosting at the front door. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Please enjoy these five birds from today; a mourning dove, acorn woodpecker, Anna’s hummingbird, hooded oriole, and wild turkeys:

An Active Spring Day at Nance Pond

I went down in the canyon around noon today to swap out two gamecam chips, and took my camera. I was rewarded by several uncommon sights, notably a pair of turtles, a vulture, a starling feeding in the pond, and a red-tailed hawk. Please enjoy these 12 photos 🙂

Supreme Brahman Lives Eternal Fulfillment

A dove roosting above our front door – an angel at the entrance

‘Eternal Fulfillment’ is a phrase we don’t hear much these days, though it is our human birthright.

What does eternal fulfillment even mean? It means being naturally fulfilled in every moment, waking, dreaming, and sleeping. No doing, just 100 percent fulfillment. Ironically, the biggest barrier to such a state is the success we achieve in moving in that direction, by doing the TM and TM-Siddhis programs.

While we are finding success through our worldly pursuits, we are also evolving towards larger spiritual goals as our awareness expands. This process continues past the higher states of CC, GC, and UC, as they lay the technical foundation for Supreme Brahman.

CC, GC and UC are transcended by getting personal with ourselves again; gaining victory over our internal enemies (the ShhaDarivarga) – This character reconstruction and purification is achieved with a massive dose of humility, a complete and utter surrender, a releasing of previous boundaries, and growing knowledge and experience of the six divine gunas of the Absolute.

Just as we began Maharishi’s programs with all innocence and humility, so must we do so again, even after achieving so much. It may take some doing to rediscover such a place within ourselves after so much progress.

This is a second spiritual realization akin to the preceding sustained discovery of our Absolute nature, the move into CC, GC and UC. Supreme Brahman completes the process of human evolution. The Self known in UC is transcended completely, into the Self of Totality, Supreme Brahman.

We live God’s Truth, Immortality, Cosmic Wealth, Wholesome Momentum, Divine Healing Energy, and Cosmic Sovereignty (Vijnana, Bala, Aisvarya, Virya, Shakti, and Tejas). By establishing ourselves infinitely in these six divine gunas of our Absolute nature, the result is eternal fulfillment; Supreme Brahman, living on the event horizon of Totality, within the deep embrace of Divinity. 🙂

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Purity, Divinity, Sattva – Enlightenment’s Key Ingredient

double delight roses in Paradise

The three elemental components of relative life are motion, persistence, and purity, also known as the three gunas of rajas, tamas, and sattva. Sattva is a natural and balanced component of every living thing, providing the silent guidance and creative intelligence of Divinity.

As human beings we are in a unique cosmic position, interpolated between animal life and Divinity (sattva). According to records from the Veda [the complete cosmic mandala of cognition from human masters of consciousness], most of the long chain of human life is lived with a collective experience of sattva, guiding life easily on its way to eternal fulfillment. It is a cyclical process over eons, the percentage of humanity’s collective sattva rising and falling throughout time.

A brief period of maximum opportunity occurs in this cycle and goes by the name of Kali Yuga (also conforming to the Brahmanic model of Perishable Brahman), reflecting nearly zero percent of collective sattva in human consciousness on earth.

During this period of human life on earth, sattva still exists as it always has cosmically, only we have largely lost the memory of it, and the techniques to re-establish the link to Divinity. Life descends, driven by superficial activity and persistence, with Divinity crucified.

The world continues to descend to a point of greater darkness, until this time around, publicly and dramatically signaled by the New York Times in the 1960’s as, “God is dead”. Then, all at once, Divinity revives itself on earth, and the entire pathway to enlightenment, eternal fulfillment, is reborn in all its simplicity, dynamism, and depth.

This is our current reality for the last 60 or 70 years, re-integrating sattva again into our world, into humanity, by example. The masters who delivered this revival of Vedic knowledge globally are Sri Brahmananda Saraswati and His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

The value of their service is incalculable, and it should be for it follows directly the principle of divine grace, an endless bounty of giving. By providing the techniques of TM and TM-Siddhis, each of us is given the direct ability to invest sattva, Divinity, directly into our lives. First by awakening ourselves to the Absolute unchanging foundation of life (Imperishable Brahman), next by recognizing the complete attributes of Divinity (the six divine gunas) as the lifeblood of the Absolute (Supreme Brahman).

Maharishi’s techniques by enlivening the Absolute unchanging attributes of Divinity within the cosmic silence, bring us face to face with God. All that is left is for us to recognize this. With this last step, following the higher states of consciousness of CC, GC and UC, we can move rapidly towards this realization of eternal fulfillment; Supreme Brahman.
“…Now, open the eyes…” 😊

~ All Glory to Lord Krishna, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, and His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ~

Happy Independence Day!

The full moon early this morning, also called the Pink Moon as it heralds the blooming of pink flowers
wildflowers from the garden

The holiday of Easter celebrates transcendence, and transcendence is true independence, and freedom. Happy Independence Day! 🙂

Blessedly for the past fifty years, the knowledge and experience of reliable transcendence has again become available on a daily basis vs. only at physical death, per the Easter story.

Once we begin the TM and TM-Siddhis programs, we are immediately shifted from a life in Perishable Brahman, full relative life, onto Imperishable Brahman, and the beginning realization of our eternal, imperishable nature. With practice, purification, time and activity, we increasingly accept our eternal nature as key to our identity.

Although this process of deeper and clearer transcendence is a huge leap in awareness from pure relative life, it is not yet complete. Maharishi at one time spoke of the relative speeds of spiritual evolution, per method, comparing Yogananda’s sadhana to a propeller plane, TM to a jet aircraft, and the siddhis to a rocket ship.

So far, so good. As indicated on my map of human consciousness, these practices move us about 70% of the way up the game board. All the way to what Maharishi described as Unity Consciousness, or UC – the perception that all relative phenomenon is more like us than unlike us, and that a common source exists within each of us. Seventy percent. A grade of ‘C’ for competent? Clearly a ways to go – how do we close the gap?

Keep going! Beyond Unity Consciousness 🙂

Fortunately, just as we have the jet and rocket (TM and TM-Siddhis) to quickly get us this far, we can now use the analogy of the starship, moving to the galaxies in the blink of an eye, much faster than cinematic hyperspace – ha ha. This approaches true independence, as we move into cosmic life.

Just as we have had techniques to bring us along to UC, and continue them, the key to completing the journey to Supreme Brahman, the 8th state of consciousness, is a seamless relationship with Divinity. It begins quietly and gradually, in rhythm with the purification of our heart. An innocent friendship and devotion.

We may experience this as Grace at first, Grace being the extraordinary steps Divinity takes to reach us, before we even have a clue. 🙂 Raising us spiritually like children. Our cosmic education continues as we begin to discern the six Divine gunas, bringing us to practical completion.

Each phase of Brahman is its own world, and Supreme Brahman is a world of full support of Nature. 100 percent, Totality. A+.

We then live a life of independence and freedom, no longer tethered to any earthly karmas, except by duty and grace, able to move into and within cosmic consideration, each step further into the stars, ever guided by Divinity. 🙂 Feel free to join the party!

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Hummingbirds and Rain

Our cold rain continues (51F now), with the hummingbirds unperturbed. They make themselves known to me when I step outside, flying nearby and making a loud hum with their wings. A russet-colored hummingbird, with an imposing brown beard showed up a week ago too. Please enjoy these five photos of the birds and wet weather: 🙂

Maharishi Describes Proximity to Guru Dev

Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, Guru Dev

The pouring rain outside reminds me of the pouring out of grace, love, support, friendship and compassion that comes from Guru Dev, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati. Though any view of Him is possible, these days He appears so brightly, so much light flooding out of Him that His physical form is evident, though mostly clear almost white light, suffusing me inside and out.

He embodies pure cosmic power and fulfillment, and just His constant presence makes every dream of mine come true – no exaggeration. Even the untimely rain now following a winter drought, is the answer to my heart.

Please enjoy this quote from Maharishi about Guru Dev. He describes this dynamic and intimate relationship perfectly: 😊

“The depth of Vedic Wisdom for life is so enormous that it is completely self-sufficient in its articulating everything. One would never know from where one is acting. When I hear all these sentiments, the only thing I could say, I started to find out from where I was doing – I was not doing – it was happening. From place to place I was moving around. It was happening, but it was not I that was instrumental to it in any way. So I find no source of it. This is because unfathomable is the field of Natural Law; unfathomable is the field of Natural Law. And it happens, and it happens, and it works out the destiny of everyone. You go to find this logic, that logic, that logic, that logic – you are not able to pinpoint from where it is happening, and ultimately you are left to something that you can only say, Jai Guru Dev. It’s from there that it is happening.

‘I remember a Vedic saying, “Na Guror adhikam, na Guror adhikam, na Guror adhikam” – There is nothing greater than Guru Dev, nothing greater than Guru Dev. Gurur Brahma – this is how Guru Dev is defined – “Gurur Vishnur, Gurur Devo Maheshwara”, and above all, “Guru Sakshat param Brahma tasmai Shri Gurave namah”. I end up with something beyond anything, and that is the reality of life. You can’t find the source, because the course is all over. Where ends intellect, where ends everything – in the Transcendental is the reality of all possibility. So, Glory to Guru Dev. Glory to Guru Dev. Glory to Guru Dev. And we got to that course of action; we got to that course of action from where everything is a possibility, automatically.“
– His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 11 January 2008

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

“The Fantasy of the Free World”

Full moon and clouds

Another article from Foreign Affairs magazine, this one confirming the reality that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is not universally condemned by the world’s democracies, most prominently India. Freed from the frozen postures of fear and aggression put in place during the Cold War, the world is remaking itself. An excerpt:


Many countries have heaped opprobrium on Russia, but condemnation has not been universal. The varied responses to the war muddle any vision of U.S.-aligned democracies pitted against Russian-aligned autocracies. Several major democracies, notably India and South Africa, abstained from the UN General Assembly vote on March 2 that demanded that Russia withdraw from Ukraine. Big democracies in Latin America, including Brazil and Mexico, have refused to participate in sanctions. Close to half of all Asian and African countries abstained or voted against the resolution. And only three Asian countries—Japan, Singapore, and South Korea—have wholeheartedly joined U.S. and EU sanctions on Russia.” .

Please enjoy the complete article reprinted below. It is a touch over 2,000 words, though worth the look beyond the platitudes commonly mouthed and reprinted through mass media:

[This article is reprinted here under the Fair Use doctrine, US Code Title 17, Ch.1, SS 106]

The Fantasy of the Free World
By Shivshankar Menon
April 4, 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has provoked outrage and unleashed a barrage of economic sanctions from many Western governments. Some, such as Germany, have boosted their military spending after years of riding on American coattails. In these actions, certain analysts have found a silver lining to the devastation of the war in Ukraine. Writing in Foreign Affairs in March, Michael Beckley and Hal Brands argued that the international reaction to the invasion would reverberate well beyond the current crisis.

The concerted response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions could “consolidate a global alliance that unites democracies against Russia and China and thereby secures the free world for a generation to come.” In this view, Russia’s war in Ukraine might be a pivotal episode in a global contest between autocracy and democracy. Chastened by Putin’s gross violation of norms, democracies will band together in a muscular reaffirmation of the liberal international order.

That is wishful thinking. The war is no doubt a seismic event that will have profound consequences for Russia, its immediate neighbors, and the rest of Europe. But it will neither reshape the global order nor presage an ideological showdown of democracies against China and Russia. After all, many of the world’s biggest democracies, including India, have so far not joined the U.S.-led economic campaign against Russia or even explicitly condemned the invasion. Far from consolidating “the free world,” the war has underscored its fundamental incoherence. In any case, the future of global order will be decided not by wars in Europe but by the contest in Asia, on which events in Ukraine have limited bearing.


Many countries have heaped opprobrium on Russia, but condemnation has not been universal. The varied responses to the war muddle any vision of U.S.-aligned democracies pitted against Russian-aligned autocracies. Several major democracies, notably India and South Africa, abstained from the UN General Assembly vote on March 2 that demanded that Russia withdraw from Ukraine. Big democracies in Latin America, including Brazil and Mexico, have refused to participate in sanctions. Close to half of all Asian and African countries abstained or voted against the resolution. And only three Asian countries—Japan, Singapore, and South Korea—have wholeheartedly joined U.S. and EU sanctions on Russia.

Countries in Asia were of course alarmed by the invasion. Stock markets throughout the region fell precipitously following the news of Putin’s gambit. But most commentary in Asian capitals has regarded the conflict as a war between Europeans over the European security order—not an epochal global conflagration. Yes, the conflict has changed the European security calculus in fundamental ways. Western European countries have scrambled to strengthen their defenses, Germany has announced a process of rearmament, NATO is more unified than ever before, and the transatlantic alliance has been reinvigorated. The unprecedented stringency of the EU and U.S. economic sanctions on Russia is emblematic of this newfound Western unity.

But from an Asian perspective, the war in Ukraine doesn’t augur shifts to come so much as it underlines a shift that has already taken place. The fact that a war is being fought between Europeans on European soil is a reflection of how much global geopolitics has changed since the end of the Cold War. Before then, when Europe was the central fault line in the superpower contest, no wars were fought in the region; borders stayed frozen, lest any change provoke conflict between two nuclear-armed superpowers. But after the Cold War, conflict in Europe—in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s and today in Ukraine—became neither unthinkable nor fraught with the same risks of annihilation or escalation, despite some alarmist panic about these apocalyptic possibilities today. Europe is a sideshow to the main theater of geopolitical drama: Asia.

Today, the center of gravity of the world economy has moved from the Atlantic to east of the Urals. Geopolitical disputes and security dilemmas that could affect the global order are concentrated in maritime Asia. And the world seeks a new equilibrium to account for China’s rise. The complex political dynamics in Asia don’t lend themselves easily to the kind of stark confrontation underway in Ukraine. Policymakers in Western countries shouldn’t think that their actions on the new frontlines in Europe will shape the contours of a wider struggle to come.


To be sure, the war in Ukraine will have significant second-order effects on countries in Asia—on their economic prospects when it comes to the supply of energy, precious and strategic metals, fertilizers, and grain. The slowdown in the global economy resulting from the spike in oil and gas prices will particularly affect countries in Asia which, by and large, account for almost 60 percent of crude oil imports in the global economy. The resulting rise in energy intensive fertilizer production costs will intensify the pain caused by the withdrawal from the market of Russian and Ukrainian wheat, which accounts for over 25 percent of wheat traded in the world.

China is probably the Asian economy with the greatest economic exposure to Russia, for food, energy, and other products and as a market for Chinese exports. It also counts Ukraine as its third-largest source of imported arms, after Russia and France. So far, China has chosen Russia over Ukraine in its public stances, but its relationship with Russia can in no way compare with or replace China’s economic dependence on the West. China will presumably want to avoid secondary sanctions and may therefore implement U.S. and EU sanctions on Russia where it cannot evade them.

The rest of Asia is considerably less exposed to trade with Russia, and there is little or no Russian investment in South, Southeast, and East Asia. Yes, these countries will experience some turbulence thanks to the war. All South Asian countries, for instance, are net oil importers and are vulnerable to price surges just when their economies are undergoing pandemic-induced inflation and shocks. Most South Asian countries have elections upcoming in the next two years, and their incumbent leaders are likely to make populist decisions in handling the volatility of commodity prices, choosing subsidies, price cuts, and elevated debt over steps that would be more economically sound over the long term.

But the war will not change the fundamental geopolitical dynamic in Asia, unless the United States becomes very distracted from its Indo-Pacific strategy. Many Asian countries, including U.S. allies, are economically bound to China yet rely on the United States for their security. India is one example. Its trade with China has set new records in the last two years despite frosty political relations and a military buildup and clashes along their shared border. At the same time, India’s security and intelligence ties with the United States have increased substantially. Russia, which accounted for 88 percent of Indian arms imports in 2002, saw its share decline to 35 percent by 2020, by when the United States and its allies accounted for 65 percent. India does retain large stocks of legacy Russian platforms, but the trend toward diversification in its arms imports is clear and steady.

Far from consolidating “the free world,” the war has underscored its fundamental incoherence.

This dynamic of multiple affiliations and partnerships is the norm in Asia, and it will complicate any Western framing of a larger confrontation with the autocracies of China and Russia. India has received a good deal of criticism for its reluctance to speak out against the war in Ukraine. (It also abstained from the February UN Security Council vote condemning the invasion.) U.S. officials have also warned India not to agree to Russian proposals that might help the Kremlin evade the effects of sanctions.

For India, the war has posed a stark and unwelcome choice between the West and Russia, a choice that it has done everything possible to avoid making. The United States is an essential and indispensable partner in India’s modernization, but Russia remains an important partner for geopolitical and military reasons. Whereas Russia is willing to codevelop and produce sensitive defense technologies such as the BrahMos missile and to share nuclear submarines with India, North America and Europe provide India with access to advanced technologies, markets, and financial and educational systems that Russia cannot match.

The United States is an essential partner for India’s maritime security in the Indo-Pacific, including working together under the auspices of the so-called Quad, a partnership that also incorporates Australia and Japan. But India’s interests on the Eurasian continent require working with Russia and Iran now that the United States is no longer militarily present in Afghanistan. Indian diplomats have therefore chosen to stress the need to find a negotiated way out of war in Ukraine, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has encouraged Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to talk directly to each other to rapidly end the crisis.

India has subtly expressed its unhappiness with the invasion by reiterating its support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. If past experience is a guide, Indian officials will have made their displeasure clear to their Russian counterparts in private. Public opinion in India about the invasion remains divided, although many high-profile public figures have been stronger in their condemnation of the invasion than the government has been. But expecting New Delhi to take a more strident official position against Moscow is unrealistic, and Western criticism and pressure will probably rankle a postcolonial society like India’s.

As shocked as Western policymakers profess to be by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, they might remember that such behavior is neither unprecedented nor representative of a real change in the norms of state behavior in Europe and the world. For one, such a violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity is something that Asia has seen and experienced in the past at the hands of major powers. The long list of outside interventions and invasions (including the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the Vietnam War), of ongoing proxy wars and “frozen” conflicts in which casualties mount daily, is proof that major powers are content to pay lip service to norms about sovereignty and territorial conflict even as those norms are repeatedly breached.

Besides, it is hard to think of any powerful state that has not been associated with such acts of commission or omission in living memory. That does not justify Russian actions in Ukraine. But it does suggest that analysts and policymakers should use greater delicacy in how they frame the contest and in the demands they make on Asian and African states.


No matter how long the war in Ukraine lasts, how the West isolates Russia, and how the war’s secondary market effects hit Asian economies, the balance of power in Asia is unlikely to be significantly affected. To be sure, the total collapse of the Russian state would have serious ramifications, but that outcome seems unlikely for now. In Asia, the war will not close the gap in military strength between, on the one hand, the United States and China and, on the other, the large number of middle and subregional powers in Asia. The latter will still have to negotiate between the sole superpower and China. Nor does it seem likely that a newly consolidated Western alliance, however invigorated, will find the energy to take an active or meaningful role in security dilemmas in Asia so long as it is preoccupied with containing Russia in Europe.

Instead of consolidation, the war in Ukraine seems likely to lead to greater fragmentation of the global order. It has reinforced the urge to build strategic autonomy in Europe as European countries begin to take a greater share in their own defense rather than rely to such an extent on the United States. It has also reinforced Asia’s sense of its own difference—its focus on stability, trade, and the bottom line that has served Asian countries so well in the last 40 years. The war will likely challenge economies that are already reeling from the pandemic and the retreat from globalization over the last decade. The combined economic and political effects of the war are likely to persuade Asian countries to embrace greater self-reliance, a trend already engendered by the pandemic.

But Russia’s invasion does not draw a line in the sand between the allies of the free world and its foes. A global Manichaean struggle is not in the offing. Those observers hoping for a conflict of that scope to arise from the rubble of Mariupol and Kharkiv will be disappointed.

SHIVSHANKAR MENON is a former diplomat who served as National Security Adviser to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh from 2010 to 2014. He is currently Visiting Professor of International Relations at Ashoka University.

A Sudden Change in the Weather

Last week was close to 90F(32C) during the day, yet today will be 60F(16C) for a high and 35F(2C) for a low (right now). Along with the rain, we even had one quick shower of hail yesterday and very high winds, 35mph(56km) to 50mph(80km).

Countering the high winds, the moisture is preventing any fires. The forecast is for two inches of rain and one inch of snow later in the week. Here are five photos of the weather change from yesterday. Please enjoy! 🙂

Sun in the clouds with no corona visible
A building storm
Rain moving in from the east

Hummingbirds and a California Alligator Lizard

With Spring underway, all the animals are active – Last Friday a hummingbird flew into the garage. At first I thought it had done so by mistake, so I left the doors open. But it had no desire to leave and just flitted around checking the place out, rested and groomed itself, and then left after awhile – simply curious.

Here are six pictures of several hummingbirds from this morning, and a California Alligator Lizard (12″ length) from yesterday afternoon. Please enjoy! 🙂

The Stillness After the Flood – What Next?

A double-delight rose from the garden

The analogy of a flood describes well my last two and a half years. Just as the biblical flood washed the earth clean, so has the tsunami of knowledge I have been faced with recording over these last thirty months done the same thing with my consciousness, laundering it clean and clear.

During these past 900 or so days, I have written about my experience as Brahman has unfolded before me, both in its innumerable qualities and abilities, the engineering and expression of Totality, and the incomparable beauty of this eighth state of human consciousness, Supreme Brahman, soaring far beyond the seven states of consciousness, into limitless freedom and success, living the Cosmic imprint here on Earth.

When I began writing, all I really knew was that I was living a state that did not conform to the seven states revealed publicly by Maharishi. It couldn’t be constrained into such a model. Although Unity Consciousness, or having a dominant awareness of Oneness, is a precursor to Supreme Brahman, it falls short of the self-sufficiency, ability, and invincibility lived in the 8th state.

This was my clearest indication that things had changed for good. I had a deep and abiding sense that instead of focusing on situations where I could develop my consciousness by participating in group sadhana, like the TM-Siddhis program, I was aligning myself directly with Divinity and using that ability as a force multiplier. I continue to do my TM-Siddhis program privately, as instructed.

Please note as I often do, that working with Divinity is a personal choice from Divinity to us. If the invitation from Divinity has not occurred, keep surrendering and meditating through group programs. To do otherwise, Maharishi has warned that living the dharma of another brings great danger. It also results in mood making, magical thinking, and wasted time. There is a world of difference between having a seamless and robust relationship with Divinity, and pretending to do so.

Every day or two, a new facet of Supreme Brahman would stand solitary and complete in my awareness, just waiting for me to write it down. It wasn’t anything like automatic writing or channeling – more like carefully examining an object of incomparable beauty, vastness, and power; Totality within my awareness, and attempting to describe it fully and accurately.  

Just as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Sri Brahmananda Saraswati always emphasized the practical value of spiritual evolution, I have tried my best to do the same thing. Rather than build fragile edifices of imagining and flowery phrases, I have remained grounded in my assessment of this Supreme Brahman.

After sharing about 125,000 words on the subject, here on the Winged Victory blog, I have reached fruition. I hope to put my last 35,000 words posted into book form at some point, as they cover the complete structure of Brahman, and the mapping of human consciousness. (Many of those posts are still available here on the blog.)

Thank you to all of my friends for comments and suggestions that quickly and easily helped this exposition along towards fullness! Oftentimes it was just a phrase, privately or publicly, and off I would go, spawning another post. If the global interest wasn’t there towards living this 8th state of human consciousness, Supreme Brahman, the description would not have reached fulfillment.

Each of the three phases or flavors of Brahman, Perishable, Imperishable, and Supreme, is its own world, with its own time, space, and dharma. At this point I am in the stillness after the flood, greatly appreciating and enjoying it – What next? 😊

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Jet Contrails and an Alaska Airlines 737

With the nice weather and pandemic restrictions easing, the skies overhead this Saturday morning were a web of jet contrails, spawned by commercial jets taking off from the Sacramento International Airport (SMF), 85 miles south of here.

I also managed a good picture of one of the planes, an Alaska Airlines 737 flying at an estimated 20,000 feet. Please enjoy these four photos, and Happy Saturday! 🙂

Our Decisions Made Towards Living Supreme Brahman

The map of human consciousness

Viewing our spiritual evolution in the context of the three distinct realities or flavors of Brahman – Perishable, Imperishable, and Supreme (shown above on the map of human consciousness), we can see that there are formal introductions to each of these three realities.

First, for Perishable Brahman, everyone on earth gets a ticket, as the introduction into Perishable Brahman is our physical rebirth. This is the main evolutionary vehicle for this reality, and covers waking, dreaming, sleeping and the inconsistent experience of turiya, transcendence.

Second, for Imperishable Brahman, the formal introduction is our beginning and sustaining the practice of Transcendental Meditation or TM, as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

This leads to our realization that we are not simply bound to a limited material and mental existence, but can also live the eternal freedom of transcendence and the higher states of consciousness available to us as human beings. This systematically awakens Transcendental Consciousness, and Cosmic Consciousness.

Both of these states occur automatically as a result of our choice to begin and continue the sadhana of Transcendental Meditation. The integration of infinite values into our daily lives happens easily with the alternation of meditation and activity, and benefits accrue simply as a result of this continued process.

Moving further into Imperishable Brahman, we can next choose to increase our knowledge and experience of more powerful and eternal values of human life through the TM-Siddhis program.

Through sutras to expand our experience, the TM-Siddhis program opens the door of Imperishable Brahman all the way, allowing for the manifestation of God Consciousness, or perception of the finest relative life – extension of the senses, and then onto Unity Consciousness, the prevailing perception that we are all One, that our individual differences are subsumed into a unity of both source and purpose.

I emphasize both of these practices, TM and TM-Siddhis, because they act as hinges to reliably unlock our experiences of higher consciousness. Otherwise, we are faced lifetime after lifetime with the vast impenetrable blankness of Perishable Brahman, bondage and ignorance.

Only when these hinges of first TM and then the TM-Siddhis program are applied to this apparently blank surface, do the doors of higher consciousness appear, and swing wide open for us. The choice to perform and sustain this sadhana remains ours though.

Although the numbers of those who have taken up this Blessed sadhana of TM and the TM-Siddhis programs are impressive (and substantial enough for the purpose of bringing about a global age of enlightenment), in terms of the world population they are small. I only mention this to emphasize that such actions are choices.

Third, as we begin to transcend Unity Consciousness, the doorway of Supreme Brahman yawns wide. 😊 This experience in and of itself is so vast to begin with that we don’t recognize it as a fundamental reorientation of our identity, having now gained active Cosmic status. What does ‘active Cosmic status’ mean?

Prior to encountering Supreme Brahman, the eighth state of human consciousness, we were content to enjoy the benefits of our growing enlightenment, on the power and ability of our ongoing sadhana, the innocent growth of sattva in our lives and its perceptible benefits. A softening of the heart and a sharpening of the intellect accompanies this purification.

What is occurring through all of this practice is that we are becoming as God made us, an image in His or Her likeness. There is only one ultimate purpose for this more and more intimate integration with Divinity: To become worthy of Divinity taking form and extending the hand of God directly to us, both cementing a bond which will easily take us the rest of the way on our human journey, but also forging a deep and abiding friendship, granting us Divine comfort, knowledge, and invincibility.

However, unlike the benefits accrued earlier, this invitation into Supreme Brahman comes directly from Divinity itself. Although we have made the choice to evolve into this eighth state of consciousness, its success depends solely on our ability to closely mirror the character of Divinity, and hence create the conditions that will make an invitation from same a reality.

Practically speaking, this means that our victory over the ShhaDarivarga, the six internal enemies that reside within us, is absolutely essential. These internal enemies act as roadblocks to our elevation of character and create all of our external opposition. It is through victory over them that we can be assured of our complete realization of the six Divine gunas, earning the right to serve alongside Divinity. This is the fulfillment of our active Cosmic status.

This desired victory over the six internal enemies is a choice, just like our adoption of the TM and TM-Siddhis programs was. However there is no formal instruction for tackling and eliminating the influence of such enemies, other than it being a gradual personal progression of awareness, rehabilitation, and further Divine integration. With Divinity as the final arbiter, the conclusion of this process is obvious.

All of this choice involved in our steadfast march towards Totality may come as quite a surprise, and a deviation from the instructions surrounding our earlier sadhana up through Unity Consciousness. However it is all handled easily and comfortably, guided now by our powerful attention, and refined ability to see contrasts within our consciousness. This devotion and surrender will be enough for complete success, for realizing the eighth state of our human consciousness, Supreme Brahman.

May we always have God’s presence and Blessings! 😊

~ All Glory to Lord Krishna, Devarat, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, and His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ~

The Irony of Ukraine – We Have Met the Enemy, and It Is Us

Spring flowers

All my adult life I have had an interest in global politics; how countries talk with one another and sort things out for mutual benefit, the objective being to do it as cooperatively and peacefully as possible.

Unfortunately, my beloved country, the United States, has had a long list of failures in this regard. Here is a brilliant article from Foreign Affairs magazine on why this has happened, and how today’s events in the Ukraine mirror our own past.

Global awareness continues to rise on the benefits of peace and coherence, and the ill fit for same of violent and deadly confrontation. The obsolescence of war as an instrument of foreign policy is growing, making it an increasingly inappropriate choice towards any solution.

NOTE: This article is a bit long at 1,300 words, though well worth it! 😊

[This article is reprinted here under the Fair Use doctrine, US Code Title 17, Ch.1, SS 106]

The Irony of Ukraine – We Have Met the Enemy, and It Is Us
By Gideon Rose
March 29, 2022

One month into the Ukraine war, a broad consensus has formed among American commentators about why Russia has failed to achieve its goals. Trapped in an emotional and ideological bubble, the argument runs, Russian President Vladimir Putin made several basic strategic blunders. He convinced himself the war would be quick and easy, that foreign troops would be welcomed as liberators, that he could shock or crush any resistance, and that he would be able to install a friendly local government to protect his interests once the fighting stopped. Soon after the invasion began, however, these fantasies ran into reality. Ukrainian forces stood up and Russian forces bogged down. And now an angry, wounded bear is stuck in a quagmire, lashing out in frustration instead of rationally reversing course.

The analysis appears sound, but the irony is rich—for the description of Putin’s mistakes is a decent summary of not just the earlier Soviet experience in Afghanistan but also much of U.S. national security policy over the last several decades, including the wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Washington has repeatedly launched military interventions with extravagantly unrealistic expectations, overestimated its own capabilities and underestimated its opponents, believed it would be loved rather than hated, and thought it could put its favorites into office and then get away easily. And time and again, after running up against the same harsh realities as Putin, it has tried to bull its way forward before ultimately deciding to reverse course and withdraw.

Yes, American motives were nobler. Yes, American methods were less brutal (most of the time). Yes, there were many other differences between the conflicts. But on a strategic level, the broad similarities are striking. This means there are several important lessons to be learned from recent American military history—but only if that history is looked at from the enemy’s perspective, not Washington’s. Because it was the enemies who won.


The United States is used to thinking of itself as the alpha military power, attacking and conquering and controlling the action. In the Ukraine war, however, it’s on the other side, trying to stymie and counterpunch and wear down the alpha until exhaustion sets in. Playing defense is easier and cheaper than playing offense, but it takes more time and requires a different mindset. In this context, the United States’ failure to conquer several countries recently is helpful. Washington can just switch playbooks and use the strategies and tactics that gave it the most trouble. Among other things, that means winning ugly: planting endless improvised explosive devices, neutralizing collaborators, and frustrating not just the invasion but any hopes of stable occupation.

If Washington should think of the Ukrainians as playing the part of Vietnamese communists, the Taliban, and Iraqi militias, then it should also recognize that Moscow is now starring in Washington’s old role. This parallel should make it easier for American policymakers to empathize and approach negotiations sensibly. The war might be existential for Ukraine, but it’s optional for Russia. Putin did indeed miscalculate and now finds himself in a nasty place with few good options—just like the United States eventually did in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Defeat or stalemate on the battlefield is a necessary condition for Russian withdrawal, but as Americans have learned, it can take a long time for a great power to go through the stages of grief and accept such an outcome. And humiliation makes exit harder to stomach, not easier. So instead of cutting off ties and publicly rubbing Moscow’s nose in its troubles—let alone fantasizing about regime change—Washington should maintain contact and allow others to propose face-saving exit strategies that allow Putin to backtrack while preserving as much dignity as possible.


At the start of the war, many questioned Putin’s sanity. Now it seems he was just given to wishful thinking—about everything. Here again, experience should help U.S. policymakers empathize and remain vigilant about falling into the same trap themselves yet again, in Ukraine or anywhere else.

In April 2003, for example, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice succinctly captured the George W. Bush administration’s take on postwar Iraq: “We fundamentally believe that when the grip of terror that Saddam Hussein’s regime has wreaked on its own people is finally broken and Iraqis have an opportunity to build a better future, that you are going to see people who want to build a better future—not blow it up.” Civilian leaders in the Pentagon, meanwhile, convinced themselves that their special military operation could be wrapped up quickly and cheaply. “The idea that it would take several hundred thousand U.S. forces I think is far off the mark,” testified Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld a few weeks before the invasion. “To assume we’re going to pay for it all is just wrong,” Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz chimed in.

One of the fascinating and refreshing aspects of the Ukraine war is the way the Biden administration has weaponized truth, releasing accurate intelligence and garnering the U.S. government a strange new respect for its honesty. When Washington was in the role of attacker, things were a bit different. Official briefings on Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq invariably portrayed things as going well, with victory always just around the corner—up until the day the helicopters came to lift people off the roof. It would be nice if the turn toward official American credibility were to stick, because there could hardly be a better or cheaper way to win friends and influence people around the globe. One can always hope.


A shocking aspect of the Ukraine war, everybody agrees, is how stupid it is. What kind of idiot invades a country without a plan for how it all ends? This lesson might be the cringiest of all for Washington to learn, however, because entering wars without plans for ending them is an American national pastime.

The original war termination plans for Vietnam amounted to “pound the enemy harder and hope he gives up.” In the Gulf War, the plan for postwar Iraq amounted to “hope Saddam is toppled in a military coup.” Postwar planning for the invasion of Iraq was so risible it occasioned then-Major General David Petraeus’s now-famous lament: “Tell me how this ends.”

This problem, at least, has a simple solution—begin war planning with a plausible vision of a stable postwar situation and reverse engineer a strategy to get there. Make the war’s end your intellectual starting point, in other words, so there’s no way you can avoid thinking about it or having it drive everything else. In 2003, the Bush administration considered postwar Iraq to be “Phase IV” of the conflict. Is anybody surprised its harried policymakers never got to the fourth item on their to-do list?

A final lesson is one Americans used to understand well, having won an anticolonial war themselves back in the day: don’t bet against nationalism. People fighting foreigners on their own turf are highly motivated, as the impassioned Ukrainian defenders holding off lackluster Russian attackers have shown yet again. Whatever the war’s endgame, it will not yield a loyal new province for Moscow.

The great military theorist Carl von Clausewitz noted, “The maximum use of force is in no way incompatible with the simultaneous use of the intellect.” It might not be incompatible, but in practice, the combination is pretty rare. The biggest takeaway from all these cases is simple. If you can’t tell a persuasive story about how a war is going to end well, don’t begin it in the first place.

GIDEON ROSE is Mary and David Boies Distinguished Fellow in U.S. Foreign Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations and the author of How Wars End. He served as Editor of Foreign Affairs from 2010 to 2021.

Life Is Bliss – The Journey from Imperishable Brahman to Supreme Brahman

Sri Brahmananda Saraswati
A honey bee collecting pollen in the Spanish lavender

“Bliss becomes blissful with practice. In our own bliss the desire, desirer and process of desiring are united – they are one. Desire is fulfilled at its source.”
— Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

I remember hearing this expression, “Life is Bliss”, very early on in my practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM). I also found such a Reality to be quite elusive, for decades. Maharishi used the analogy of selling pencils one at a time to eventually build one’s limitless fortune. This is very accurate. 🙂

All of us have had that transient experience of a deep, settled meditation that then follows us into activity, lending a temporary serenity to life. Even better are the stories of those who have encountered Maharishi or another and been given Shaktipat, Divine healing energy. This intense experience can cause strong feelings of Bliss, and some energetic purification.

In addition to our wonder and gratitude associated with such experiences, the bottom line is the practical benefit to our own life’s journey; the continued elimination of, and sustained victory over, the six internal enemies, the ShhaDarivarga*.

[*the source of all difficulties in life, the repository within each of us of anger, jealousy, greed, intoxification, delusion, and lust.]

How is this victory accomplished? First and foremost, we continue our sadhana, our practice to regularly contact the foundation of life, the unchanging, eternal Absolute, beyond duality, ever transcending deeper into this value. Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Siddhis programs accomplish this perfectly. Although the six Divine gunas* forming the values of the Absolute are not yet seen initially, they flavor any experience of the Absolute that we have during this time.

[*God’s Truth (vijnana), Perfect Health (bala), Cosmic Wealth (aisvarya), Wholesome Momentum (virya), Divine healing Energy (shakti), and Cosmic Sovereignty (tejas).]

We then emerge after Transcendental Meditation into the world of activity, feeling the contrast between the Shhadarivarga on one hand, and the growing influence of the six Divine gunas on the other.

This extreme contrast can cause many experiences, resulting in choices to make. I have always appreciated Maharishi’s guidance here, as He says, “Never do anything you know to be wrong”, and the old favorite, “Take it easy, take it as it comes”. This is all that is necessary to continue our smooth purification.

In the meantime, there is no need to chase these temporary bouts of Bliss, nor attempt to extend them. Such activity actually moves us further away from our goal, the full manifestation in daily life of the six Divine gunas.

In addition to doing the TM-Siddhis program, the key to “Life Is Bliss” is to focus on our victory over the ShhaDarivarga, our six internal enemies in daily life, and to be aware of their effect on us. When do we find ourselves in the grip of each of them?

It is through such awareness that we find victory. There is no value in ignoring or repressing our awareness of such negative tendencies within ourselves, though at the same time, we are gentle with our resolutions of such influences.

What we find in time, is that each internal enemy has usurped our desire for higher values. For example, while seeking the legitimate value of Aisvarya, or Cosmic Wealth, we can get immersed instead in the false shortcuts of greed, jealousy, anger, or even the whole bag of tricks. The key is in an honest recognition of such enemies within us, then a sincere resolve to do better next time, and on we go.

The goal of such a gradual process is to integrate more and more of the six Divine gunas into life, innocently displacing the six internal enemies. This brings greater success in all ventures and the quick fulfillment of all desires. There is however no other relationship between the ShhaDarivarga and the six Divine gunas, except that the complete victory over the six internal enemies automatically results in a clear view, and complete access, to the six Divine gunas. It is all, or nothing.

Then once the storms of the ShhaDarivarga are eliminated, we find a natural foundation and seat in the center of the six Divine gunas, now clearly evident, and radiant. This location is also where the generator of Bliss lives, so this too becomes our daily experience.

Through this process of purification, integration, and devotion, we find that Bliss forms the basis of all activity, and life is indeed, Bliss. 🙂

~ All Glory to Lord Krishna, Devarat, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, and His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ~

Delivering Honey Bees In The Dark

Every year at this time the folks across the canyon have their bee hives delivered. I was up around three this morning and saw the lights, so I decided to try for some pictures. Also took a picture of the hives in place this afternoon, and have noticed a lot of bees in the lavender already. Please enjoy these five photos:

Reflecting the Colors of God

Paradise Sunrise

As we know, the color of an object is determined by the color within the illuminating light that is not absorbed by the object. This color is then reflected back to us. For example a sunrise is seen as orange, because all other colors have been absorbed by the sunrise.

Using this analogy, it is easy to see how God absorbs, contains, and nourishes everything, so that only Divinity shines forth. To illustrate this in terms of our human experience, I have reproduced my diagram of Supreme Brahman below:

Diagram showing the extent of Supreme Brahman, the 8th state of human consciousness

Two things become apparent from this diagram of consciousness:

First, the weaker values of the ShhaDarivarga  – The Six Internal Enemies of jealousy, greed, intoxification, lust, anger, and delusion, have been eliminated from our character, no longer spreading their life-damaging and chaotic influences within us.

Second, following this purification (and the five nights of Brahman), all action and non-action emerges unobstructed from the six Divine gunas, from these limitless, eternal, unchanging Absolute values of life.

Living Totality, these values of God’s Truth (vijnana), Perfect Health (bala), Cosmic Wealth (aisvarya), Wholesome Momentum (virya), Healing Energy (shakti), and Cosmic Sovereignty (tejas), form the conscious basis of all our activity and non-activity.

Living Supreme Brahman, the eighth state of human consciousness, we innocently reflect these colors of God. Even sitting quietly, such values radiate. It is a non-doing, living beyond reaction or apprehension, simply allowing for the eternal expression of the innumerable combinations of the six Divine gunas, allowing Divinity to be itself.

From this glorious state of human existence, Totality, we can easily absorb much of global life, continuing to drain and neutralize the ShhaDarivarga wherever it is encountered within our awareness. Although the ShhaDavivarga has been personally defeated, its global presence remains evident.

This activity is no longer in the realm of personal purification, rather a natural unencumbered radiance of the six Divine gunas, purifying through Divinity whatever is encountered. There is no reaction or doing necessary beyond clear perception. Then the object is seen for what it is, in this case an expression of the ShhaDarivarga, and gradually absorbed back into the Light of God.

This process continues automatically, large and small, as our identity and ability living Supreme Brahman now far exceeds the extent of our material body. We continue to evolve, just as before, now also integrating globally, more and more reflecting the infinite colors of God, and bringing Heaven on Earth.

~ Jai Guru Dev ~
~ All Glory to Lord Krishna, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati,
and His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ~

Welcome to Spring 2022!

Deer visiting us

Nature powerfully transcends four times a year, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, each changing the earth completely, and adding momentum to our intentions.

Spring itself, the entire season, can be harnessed as the expression of Virya, or wholesome momentum, a primary component of Divine life, one of our six Divine gunas.

So that every thought, rest, and action removes all impediments to the pushing forth of the beauty, the breath and life of this new season. A life supporting time for all, anchored in the deep peace within each of us.

With our ever connected world, all it takes is one pure moment of Absolute ease, truth and silence, an absence of conflict and even duality within us, allowing peace to find its greatest depth, finding Yoga, finding God.

This wonderful, fragile and vulnerable feeling of peace, our deepest sensitivity, now made invincible through Virya to intrusion or even distraction, gains a fresh and gentle momentum by the devotion of earth to its orbit, and surya, the sun, to its growing light. Welcome All, to the renewal and growth of Spring today! 🙂

~ Jai Guru Dev, All Glory to Lord Krishna, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, and His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ~

All Perception and Manifestation Is Structured in Consciousness – The Lifecycle of Brahman

As our access to consciousness, the lifeblood of the Cosmos, expands, our Reality expands too. We gain greater access to all Relative life, and through the regular and sustained daily routine of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Siddhis program, a full picture of our Absolute existence, the foundation of life, becomes clear also, along with all associated benefits and experience. 🙂

Here are four separate diagrams, each depicting a stage in the full lifecycle of Brahman, leading from Ignorance, to Supreme Enlightenment. In sequence they show the progressive expansion of our consciousness, and the deepening of our perception and ability for manifestation, as enlightenment grows to fulfillment.

Please note the dotted green line on each diagram, showing the limit of consciousness for that state.

The first diagram, Perishable Brahman, depicts the common state of consciousness in Kali Yuga, the Age of Ignorance. Although the fullness of the Absolute existence is there, it is unreachable:

Perishable Brahman

The second diagram, Imperishable Brahman, is our state of consciousness from Cosmic Consciousness (CC), through God Consciousness (GC), onto Unity Consciousness (UC):

Imperishable Brahman

The third diagram, the Dawn of Supreme Brahman, shows our discovery of the Six Divine Gunas, and the milestones left to go:

Dawn of Supreme Brahman

The fourth diagram, Full Supreme Brahman, illustrates the Eighth State of Consciousness, and the establishment of all perception and manifestation of the Six Divine Gunas
Vijnana (God’s Truth), Bala (Immortality), Aisvarya (Cosmic Wealth), Virya (Wholesome Momentum), Shakti (Divine Healing Energy), and Tejas (Cosmic Sovereignty):

Full Supreme Brahman

~ All Glory to Lord Krishna, Devarat, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, and His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ~

Paradise Under the Stars

Here are four photos taken the night before last, all thirty second exposures. Please enjoy! 🙂

A jet headed South over the Sacramento Valley
The same aircraft as in the first photo, from a different angle
The center of the sky, with two flower buds
The Moon and The Pleiades, above home sweet home

A Recent Clarification from Maharishi to Me

The crescent moon last night

I had an unusual but perfectly fitting experience yesterday – During all of this time from when I began TM in November of 1975, I have never gotten a feeling from Maharishi that I could serve Him directly. I didn’t know what this lack of support was, and the more I tried to show Maharishi my devotion to Him, the more of it there was – like a complete indifference. Even working for the Movement, I felt like a fish out of water.

This contrasts with my other interactions with Him in consciousness, always friendly and supportive, especially now, after mapping out the content and architecture of the Absolute field. And I always drank in Maharishi’s teachings like sweet fresh nectar. Every drop. Still do. 😊

Then yesterday, I got it. I could feel myself below Maharishi as usual, where I have always placed myself, and it felt a little cramped. Then I realized I could sit up straight, at eye level with Maharishi. He has been indicating to me that just like Him, I too am a disciple of Guru Dev. We are on the same level of both being disciples of the same Saint. Beginning in April of 1993, I have been with Guru Dev now continuously for almost 29 years. Obviously this DOES NOT make me a Maharishi, not at all – only a close follower and friend of Guru Dev.

Our Dharma is playing out differently too: Maharishi is acting as an Avatar of Lord Krishna (also incorporating Shiva and Vishnu), whereas I am diving straight into the heart of the householder existence, reawakening and transforming such a way of life into a Union with Divinity, pure Yoga, Living Two Hundred Percent of Life. A path anyone can create for themselves, by developing a seamless relationship with Divinity. 😊

I have a sustained intuition that just as Maharishi said that the householder’s life is fuller than the recluse’s, this is what Guru Dev enjoys about being with me, that I am a full-on householder, and He gets to live with me and enjoy my householder life, all the dynamics, and in return I get exactly what Maharishi does – the endless guidance and illuminating Darshan [Divine Attention] of the Master, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati. There is also an unmistakable friendship – He grew up in the jungles of India and I reached adulthood on four islands in SE Asia: Penang, Java, Luzon, and Hong Kong.

I also have felt this harmonious difference in what I do for the world and what the devotees of Maharishi do for the world. Very complimentary. I am glad I can work by myself also, just to see what one person can do by themselves, immersed as a deep drop in the black depths of the Ocean. So I am quietly carrying on with Guru Dev’s Darshan and guidance, though entirely as a householder.

After such a realization, what now? One of the joys of householder life is not much has to be pondered. All of it is powered by Sri Brahmananda’s Darshan, Maharishi’s Divine Knowledge, and the daily sustenance of my TM-Siddhis program. Life just continues to move along, buoyed by success and fulfillment, working on larger and larger projects. And there is always plenty to do! 😊

“See the job, do the job, stay out of the misery”

~ All Glory to Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, and His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ~

The Architecture of the Absolute Field of Life – Living Supreme Brahman

Mandala of the Absolute Architecture – (c) copyright Jim Flanegin

Having defined the content of the Absolute (the six Divine Gunas) in a previous post, what I am describing here are timeless and infinite structures within the Absolute, unchanging, eternal foundation of life.

What appears initially as a completely still, unmanifest field of life, known as the Absolute field, supporting the Relative, ever changing manifestation of life, is later seen to have structure, a coherent architecture. This comes into view as we live the eighth state of consciousness, Supreme Brahman, a consciousness completely free of any distortion.

Just as the six Divine gunas exist wholly in the Absolute field of life, so do these closely integrated structures. They are not to be confused with subtle Relative phenomenon, such as the results of the sutras of Patanjali. The difference is in the eternal, infinite nature of these Absolute structures. They never begin and never end, and are inherent values of the Absolute, comprised of the six Divine gunas.

Just as the three Relative gunas of tamas, rajas, and sattva comprise the wholeness of Relative life through their infinite combinations, so do these structures of the Divine gunas manifest the full architecture of the Absolute, through their coherence, content and interaction.

There are three fundamental structures within the architecture of the Absolute, each comprised of the relationships of the six Divine gunas to each other:

1. First is the rotational or additive value of the Divine gunas, beginning with the first expressed value of [Vi]Jnana, shown in the mandala above. As we begin to live each Divine guna and onto the next, all the properties of the previous gunas integrate into a fuller and more complete expression of the Absolute, supporting all of Relative life. This additive process culminates with Tejas, Cosmic Sovereignty, and establishes the fullness of Supreme Brahman – full Absolute value, and full Relative value.

2. Second is the soft division of the six Divine gunas, into those perfecting the point value of the Absolute, Vijnana, Bala, and Aisvarya, and those perfecting and completing the cosmic value of the Absolute, Virya, Shakti, and Tejas. The first three can be said to be focused on perfection of the Absolute body, mind, and cosmic interface. The second three are focused on strengthening and nourishing the seamless relationship with Divinity, for cosmic expression of same.

3. Third is the one-to-one relationship of each of the point value gunas to its cosmic counterpart. For example, Vijnana, God’s Truth, the point value, finds its fulfillment in the cosmic value of Virya, Wholesome Momentum, which faces the entire cosmos. Similarly with Bala, Immortality, finding its infinite expression through the cosmic radiation of Shakti, Divine Healing Energy. Finally, Aisvarya, Cosmic Wealth, finds its fulfillment in Tejas, Cosmic Sovereignty.

“All is well and wisely set” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

All of this detail fully supports Maharishi’s exposition of the two fields of human life, Absolute and Relative. By fully manifesting the Absolute unchanging value of consciousness in our physiology, the complete architecture, we become masters of all Relative life, bringing all terrestrial life quickly to its inevitable destiny of Divine life, bringing Heaven on Earth for All. 😊

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

The Five Nights of Supreme Brahman – How Each of the Six Divine Gunas Is Established

The map of human consciousness with the Divine gunas highlighted

Having become victorious over the ShhaDarivarga (the six internal enemies), we transcend the seventh state of human consciousness, Unity Consciousness (UC), and begin to live Totality or Supreme Brahman, the eighth state of consciousness.

Supreme Brahman becomes established by fully manifesting each of the six Divine gunas in the Absolute unchanging eternal field of life. A guna is a foundational component of Reality. These Divine gunas manifest in silence in a specific sequence, integrating a greater and greater Totality into our existence, as each Divine guna comes into Being, adding to the fullness of the previous one.

The Divine gunas are (in sequence):

[Vi]Jnana – God’s Truth. This develops first as Cosmic Truth, Jnana, then purifies at the conclusion of the establishment of the Divine gunas, into God’s Truth, or Vijnana.

Bala – Immortality, Youthfulness, Strength, Stamina, Purity, Perfect Health, Establishment in the Transcendental Body.

Aisvarya – Access to all Cosmic Wealth, elimination of poverty and acquisitiveness.

Virya – Wholesome Momentum, establishing the Cosmic Imperative globally through a seamless relationship with Divinity, Sat Yuga values and abilities are established.

Shakti – Effortlessly generating and radiating Divine healing energy. This also nourishes and energizes the Divine Beings who fulfill every desire for ourselves and our human family.

Tejas – Cosmic Sovereignty, invincibility, with the power to defeat all others.

Beginning with [Vi]Jnana, we go through the Five Nights of Supreme Brahman to purify and establish each of these six Divine gunas.

As this work is done wholly in silence, each purification is called a night of [Supreme] Brahman. Please note this has no relationship whatsoever to something called ‘the dark night of the soul’ which happens in relative life. The nights of Brahman occur in the Absolute field of life.

There are five nights, not six, because the final one, Tejas, is simply the sum greater than the parts that comprise the first five Divine gunas. Tejas, Cosmic Sovereignty, emerges fully formed after the five nights are completed. As mentioned, Jnana also matures into Vijnana at this time.

Each Divine guna is purified and established, simply by comparing it in consciousness to anything in its field of lesser value, which is then let go of, transcended, in favor of the eternal Totality expressed by the Divine guna. This also allows for the full and comfortable establishment of the Divine guna within the Absolute field of life, the life of Supreme Brahman, providing the full practical value of human life.

The Five Nights of [Supreme] Brahman proceed as follows:

Vijnana, God’s Truth, compares itself to all relative knowledge, and all Absolute knowledge, even lasting for many lifetimes, and transcends all of it in the pure and endlessly penetrating and illuminating light of God. This then becomes the ongoing body of knowledge, lively in the Absolute eternal value of life.

Bala, Immortality, compares itself to all relative knowledge of nourishing and sustaining the body and mind, and all Absolute knowledge gained to date, holding itself up as the image of the great saints, made in the likeness of God. This allows the body and mind to transcend to that most sublime and infinite dwelling of the Almighty, gaining the properties of Immortality, vitality, youthfulness and perfect health. Life is then identified with and lived in the eternal Transcendental Body, while the other bodies come along too for the joy of expression.  

Aisvarya, Access to Cosmic Wealth, compares itself to all relative knowledge surrounding wealth, poverty, and acquisition, and any Absolute knowledge to date regarding same, then transcends to innocent, simple and universal access to anything and everything, in complete freedom. Not for attachment or acquisitiveness, only for Divine service, and the enjoyment of same.

Virya, Wholesome Momentum, compares itself to all relative knowledge of power and control, political systems, terrestrial justice and all Absolute elements of karma, of dharma, and of sadhana. At this time of living Supreme Brahman, we begin to work within our seamless relationship with Divinity to effect substantial change in the world. This purification of Virya greatly accelerates such a process.

Shakti, Divine Healing Energy, compares itself to anything less, anything limiting the radiance of pure compassion and healing, in concert with Divinity. The purity achieved fulfilling the prior four Divine gunas allows Shakti to radiate innocently and constantly once this Divine guna is purified. “Do nothing and accomplish everything”. 😊 The seamless relationship with Divinity allows for the infinite radiance of this Shakti. The purification of this Divine guna completes the fifth and final night of Supreme Brahman.

Tejas, Cosmic Sovereignty, now exists in the full sunshine of Supreme Brahman. Through endless discipline, devotion, surrender, strength, sadhana, and stamina, we are granted by the Almighty the ability to accomplish anything, and that means anything, and as quickly as possible – ASAP.

Following these five nights of Brahman expressed, Supreme Brahman, the eighth state of consciousness, is lived in its fullness, Totality, and purity, fully manifest in the Absolute, and fully expressed through the three ordinary gunas of relative life, tamas, rajas, and sattva, now elevated to their rightful Divine status.

~All Glory to Lord Krishna, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, and His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ~

Red-tailed Hawks and Sunrise

The raptors here enjoy hunting from the tall snags in Nance Canyon, affording me some excellent photo opportunities. Yesterday I saw a pair of Red-tailed Hawks in the canyon, and also took pictures of yesterday’s and today’s sunrise. Please enjoy these six pictures:

contrails lit by the rising sun

Winged Victory Arrived Today

I looked out to the canyon this morning and roosting on a large snag was a Red-tailed Hawk, poised for the hunt. A little while later, I heard the gentle flute-like sounds of the Sandhill Cranes flying high overhead. Please enjoy these two photos of winged victory 🙂

Red-Tailed Hawk
Sandhill Crane

Bringing Coherence, Peace, and Orderliness

Balinese Puja c.1960

Coherence, peace, and order are established not by force or control, but rather purification – like dirty water, nothing is accomplished by spraying it violently, or keeping it contained. Only by filtering it does it become pure again, and fully life supporting.

This is similar to the way peace is brought about, by the steady, incremental radiation of focused divine love on any area of suffering within the world body. This is the key, purity and attention; Supreme Brahman, establishing and maintaining the Absolute world of the six divine gunas, radiating through the three ordinary gunas (tamas, rajas, and sattva) and their combinations, to bring about Heaven on Earth.

This is not supposition or wishful thinking. It is the science of human consciousness applied to daily life. Simply put, victory over the six internal enemies, of anger, greed, jealousy, lust, intoxification, and delusion, allows us access to the ease, confidence, and invincibility of Supreme Brahman, the eighth state of human consciousness.

Supreme Brahman lives no separation, so the consciousness can be anywhere, and focused on that area, relaxes into a state of pure Being, radiating the peaceful, coherent nature of same. There is not much doing, as the manifestation of such a state of consciousness is well underway. From initially expressing the Truth, Supreme Brahman continues to work on humanity’s behalf, manifesting and strengthening the divine gunas within the Absolute, unchanging field of life.

This is the true work, and our true salvation, illuminating and strengthening the six divine gunas here on earth:

Vijnana – God’s Truth
Bala – Perfect health, immortality, dwelling in the Transcendental Body.
Aisvarya – Access to unlimited Cosmic wealth, elimination of poverty.
Virya – Wholesome momentum, naturally expressing the will of God.
Shakti – Unlimited Divine healing energy.
Tejas – Absolute sovereignty, self-sufficiency, Invincibility, and the ability to defeat all others.

All of this work is first done internally, and then expressed, a similar dynamic to that of Transcendental Meditation (TM). In this way, we progress rapidly through the states of human consciousness, becoming more and more useful to our world. 🙂

~ All Glory to Lord Krishna, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati,
and His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ~

Celebrating a Peaceful Morning

The International Space Station (ISS) was due overhead at 5:47am this morning, first visible at 27 degrees altitude, due West, heading Northeast. So I set my camera for a 30 second shutter, and began the exposure when I first saw the space station. Note: the ISS is traveling from left to right in the image.

The second picture is of the waning Moon, using a tripod. This, and the cold morning made for a very clear image. Please enjoy these two photos:

time exposure of the ISS
the waning Moon

Around Sawmill Peak in Paradise

Sawmill Peak (elevation 3,294 ft/1,004 m) can be seen from most of Paradise, easily recognized by the fire lookout station on top. Here are 11 photos from this morning, of the peak and areas nearby. Please enjoy!

Sawmill Peak
Fire lookout station
distant snowfield to the North
Sawmill Peak overlooking the western branch of the Feather River
Turkey vulture through the trees
Vulture overhead
Sawmill Peak
looking South
Fire lookout
high forest returning
high meadow and forest after the Dixie Fire of 2021

Animals in Nance Canyon

These are all gamecam photos, of birds, the jackrabbit, me, blacktail deer, and a majestic one-antlered buck posing at night for the camera. Twelve in all, with a great photo-bomb at the end. Enjoy!

a woodpecker flying low
a young buck finds the camera
a dove flying by
two adults and ten quail chicks – can you count them all?
another young buck
making my way into the canyon
one-antlered buck 1 of 3
one-antlered buck 2 of 3
one-antlered buck 3 of 3
jack rabbit near the pond
young buck near the pond

My Recent Reply to a Norwegian Friend

The Full Moon this morning

Author’s note: My paternal grandmother was from Norway, so I feel very warm towards this country and have made many friends there. 🙂

[Beginning the Journey to Supreme Brahman]

“…You are welcome! Once we begin to inhabit the manifest Absolute, it begins with the purification of the heart and the intellect. The intellect crystalizes into perfect discrimination and the heart becomes one with the divine heart – this accounts for your overwhelming feelings of ecstasy – it is the prevailing feeling of the manifest Absolute, the Bliss of Creation.

Just as our senses become more and more refined during the TM-Siddhis practice, “perceiving the finest Relative”, the senses then keep going into divinity, until we are immersed in God’s Blissful world of Infinity in all directions, inside and out. Beyond celestial.

This refined perception is handled the same way any expansion of our awareness is – take it easy, take it as it comes. 🙂 It is OK to explore this as you wish – perhaps by addressing Maharishi directly? I don’t know – as mentioned each invitation into the manifest Absolute is different.

The only thing is to know what it is, this journey towards Supreme Brahman. Then you can relax and let it unfold naturally. it is the key to true Immortality, as we let go of everything and dwell in a Transcendental Body, even here on earth. I could write about all of this all morning, though better to keep it simple for now. 🙂

Thank you for sharing these experiences with me! I hope I can be a little help during your ongoing evolution to Supreme Brahman – certainly not as a teacher, just as a friend. If you have any specific questions please ask. I only reply through my own direct experience and knowledge.

Yes, what a glorious time to be alive!

All Blessings!
Jai Guru Dev


[Guest Post] The Surprising Way a 22 Second Hug Can Change Your Life

Birds in Paradise

Welcome to my first guest post on Winged Victory! Alexia has some excellent content to share that compliments mine, adding a light and direct touch, enhancing the photos and descriptions of cosmic living. Please enjoy her first post shared here:

Alexia Zilan Fan is an awakened spiritual life coach and conscious creator. She empowers people to reach their highest potential and enjoy an amazing abundant life.

The surprising way a 22 second hug can change your life

Why does hugging feel so good?

It might be because we receive a cocktail of nature’s best flooding our system.

Yes that’s right, we get a natural high when we hug.

Hugging releases “happy hormones” dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, which lead to feeling joy, confidence, empathy, calmness, bonding, and connection.

These are essential for our mental and emotional health.

Research has shown that hugging also improves our physical health. Hugs are good for our immune systems and heart health. They also help our nervous system have a better parasympathetic balance – or be in rest, digest and heal mode.

One study reports that a long hug of more than 20 seconds is the sweet spot for experiencing these cuddly benefits.

Long hugs also give us the opportunity to let go, drop any barriers, fears, and masks we normally put up to interact with society. It allows us to be vulnerable, present in the moment, and deeply connect with the person we hug. You may even feel the energy shift within you a few seconds into the hug.

So on 22.02.2022 we invite you to hug for 22 seconds to celebrate life and love.

Hug a loved one, or someone you’re in close contact with. Create a beautiful moment with them.

And pass the message along to share the love.

See our website for more information:  

Why are we sharing this?

It’s nice to share love, and there are a few more reasons. Keep reading to find out.

Hugging as a tool for life

With all the benefits that come from hugging, especially a long 20-second-plus hug, it’s a great tool to have in our toolbox for navigating life.

When we are feeling down, stressed, anxious, a long hug is a quick fix to reset our state of mind and how we are feeling. When we get ourselves in a better mental and emotional state, we can also think better and make better decisions.

Here are some examples:

  • Want to relax yourself? Or let down the barriers we put up to interact with society? Try a long hug, you may also feel the energy shift when you let go and just ‘be’. It can be very healing.
  • Are you and your partner having a disagreement? Try a long hug to pause and reset. Remember the feeling of love and connection you have with each other. Find compassion and speak and act from a better place. It may even save you from saying potentially impulsive things you’d regret.
  • Feeling like a super quick meditation? Generate presence and peace from a 20s hug. Some people may even experience profound states of unity with the universe and themselves.
  • The uncertainty of these times getting to you? Try a long hug. It is very comforting, and can help you feel safe and grounded. It’s not going to solve everything, but it will sure help you feel better on your journey.

Our lives are a string of what we think, feel and do. How we feel affects everything. Doing things that help us feel positive and give us joy, such as a long hug, will help us think, do and live better. If you have heard of the law of attraction, how we think and feel creates our reality, so actively raise your state to be in love, joy and gratitude. And a long hug helps do the trick.


Everything is energy.

When we share positive energy, we create more of it! Sharing positive energy lifts people up and gives ourselves and others energy.

For example, you may smile at a person on the street and also feel positive for smiling yourself, or both you and a close friend could feel energised after a great conversation.

When we show up and give positive energy out to those around us, even to people we don’t know, we may brighten their days up. You never know the impact of your smile or your nice comment on a person and the ripple effects it could create for them and their lives.

We want to share the 22 second hug on the 22.02.2022 with you to brighten your day and share more love and healing in your life. 

20s+ hugs release negative energy, such as tension, stress, and the energy we use to put on appearances and fit into society. Simultaneously, it creates positive energy, such as safety, connection, grounding, love and joy.

You sharing the 22 second hug with others shares with them loving and positive energy. And we can all share a bit more love and positivity these days.

We know it will have positive ripple effects. Whether it is by passing this on and creating a string of beautiful moments in people’s lives, or opening up conversations around connection, healing and mental health. 

There has never been a better time to share love!

We are the dust particles of the big bang starting to be aware of the explosion.

The scale of time and the amount of evolution it has taken to get to this point of time, to be us, is literally incomprehensible to our brains.

We have evolved millions of years from stardust to the first spark of life on earth, to the complex and wonderful humans and other diverse life forms that we have on Earth today.

It took millions of years for our arms to develop from our common ancestor of a single-celled organism. And what’s amazing is that we have universally evolved to be able to give hugs and share love.

It’s an exciting time to be alive, where we are conscious that we are all one earth, we’ve developed a vast amount of technology and tools to improve our quality of life. And today sharing love can be as easy as a click of a ‘share’ button, which zaps over the internet to reach our friends across the world.


Finally, 22.02.2022, what a date! Just like every other day, it’s not going to happen again. But the numbers of this date form a palindrome, meaning they are reflected forward and backwards.

Two 2s reflected create a love heart, a universal sign of love, making 22.02.2022 a great day to celebrate and share love.

Also 2 is a power number. It symbolizes harmony, faith, love, and connection. Within the number 2 is the union and balance of the feminine curve and the masculine straight line.

And… typically it takes 2 to hug. 🙂

Celebrating life and love!


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The Times, ‘Hugging for 20 seconds a day may reduce your stress’

‘Jai Guru Dev!’- Devoting Ourselves to Sri Brahmananda Saraswati We Quickly Gain Supreme Brahman

Paradise Sunrise, January 12, 2022

[This post was originally published on January 12, 2022]

First, A Very Happy Holy Birthday to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Today!

“Jai Guru Dev!” – All glory to the remover of darkness! So many times have we heard Maharishi and ourselves proclaim, state, and write this Vedic expression – Jai Guru Dev.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, during His time here on earth as a supreme teacher, always ended every transfer of knowledge with, “Jai Guru Dev!”. He meant it every time, a consistent maxim, meant not to just bring a respectful and devotional end to His remarks, but also to indicate the further journey, within the Silence of Guru Dev, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati.

Even a cursory examination of Sri Brahmananda Saraswati’s talks indicate that one of His constant entreaties is for those in attendance to give Him their problems, their troubles, those vexing and persistent issues that evade solution by the seeker alone, regardless of personal sadhana (actions for personal purification).

Although this is an act of mercy, Guru Dev is also actively demonstrating His ability to instantly resolve our personal karma, by our simple act of surrender to Him.

What do I mean by surrender? A complete opening of ourselves to Him, soup to nuts – all that we are working on within ourselves, to balance, accomplish, and thrive on all of our desires, for ourselves, our precious families, friends, and our world.

When undergoing such a rigorous self-examination of the delta between us, and where we wish to be, we all need a safe and comfortable place to land. Otherwise, the deep personal stresses each one of us harbors on the way to Supreme Brahman will not have a sunlit area to be released and resolved. So a place of safety and comfort, within our hearts and consciousness is essential for this deeper purification.

Just as we are instructed to find a quiet and comfortable space in which to practice Transcendental Meditation (or TM), now we begin to culture such a space in our minds and hearts where we can open up and surrender all, to Guru Dev, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati.

Despite His overwhelming power, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati has no objective other than love, acceptance, transcendence and purification, bringing us to cosmic life. And all we need to do is begin speaking with Him silently, in the form of prayer or private conversation.

For those who are Blessed to be Governors, or Teachers of Transcendental Meditation, this process of personal devotion is even easier, for a Puja ceremony has been conducted to Guru Dev, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, for each student’s initiation, and so a familiarity is already there which can be easily nurtured.  

We have all been cultured to approach any interface with Divinity with formal ceremonies, or as a mystical event. Aside from the innocent performance of the Puja to gain alignment (if one is so inclined), the most successful approach is similar to any innocent activity – we focus on our part, the doing, without expectation, and just begin quietly surrendering to the cosmic Silence of Guru Dev.

This is spiritual science, and evolution. There is really nothing mystical or fanciful about it. It is the natural progression of learning we as human beings undertake in order to live our fullness, our Totality, and express it through Supreme Brahman. We do this to be of greater service to all.

Although I am devoting so many words to this easy, subtle, and innocent practice, it is just meant to make known the availability of Guru Dev to all sincere souls. For me personally, He is most easily found, like Surya, when I am facing East, though of course He is one with the Cosmos, and so universally, infinitely available, inside and out. Regardless of how deep we need to go to express ourselves to Him, He is always there with us, working ceaselessly on our behalf.

So to all souls whom are troubled, or just need a boost, gently prostrate yourselves at the Blessed Feet of Guru Dev, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, that He may accept your troubles, and raise you up to the full dignity of your human stature.

One soul at a time, in concert with Divinity, will more quickly bring world enlightenment, and Heaven on Earth for all. Jai Guru Dev!

~ All Glory to Sri Brahmananda Saraswati and His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ~

Nance Canyon Gamecam Photos and the Bat

A few months ago, I moved my gamecam from the back fence down to the property line, further into Nance Canyon. Here are seven photos, including one of me, and the final shot of a bat just now feeding under the eaves of the house. Enjoy!

Coming through!
Who was that?!

Our Bright Future

A salmon-shaped cloud at sunrise on Gail’s birthday in January 2022

An analysis of education, healthcare, prosperity, and safety in the USA from 1960 to 2020:

Look at almost any headline in the news and things seem grim, except for an occasional rally from some embattled political initiative. All seems on a razor’s edge, with our safety and prosperity as a country threatened at every turn.

Emboldened by technologies that extend our senses and perceptions nationally (and globally) 24 hours a day, opinion and rhetoric, in search of a profitable readership, have supplanted actual news reporting.

To find out what is truly going on, beyond the excited reactions to this distorted view of the world driven by multiple agendas, my primary solution is to reveal the Truth by first clearing my perception of any distortions. This can also be done regardless of state of consciousness, by finding statistics that reflect a more objective reality about life in the United States (or any other country) over time.

Here are some measures of our domestic progress in the United States, over the last 60 years (1960 to 2020). All figures are reported as percentages, to account for increases in population:


College Graduates (Bachelor’s degree)
1960 – 7%
2019 – 38%


Spending as % of GDP:
1962 – 0.4%
2019 – 7.7%

Home Ownership

1960 to 2020:
Consistently within the range of 62 to 67%

Violent Crime

1960 – 1.6 victims per 1,000
2020 – 3.8 victims per 1,000
Murder rate remains the same:
1960 – 5 victims per 100,000
2019 – 5 victims per 100,000

These are surprising results, given the vast amounts of change we have seen in the USA over these last 60 years. Perhaps this more objective view can soothe a few minds, beyond the simmering collective frenzy. We are always on the path of improving our lot, personally, nationally, and globally, and shown by objective measures, life in the US has improved more than it has deteriorated.

As Maharishi Mahesh Yogi declared, speaking of our global future, “All is well and wisely set”.

By this, He was recognizing our true authority, Cosmic life, and the world of the Divine gunas, consisting of God’s truth, perfect health, prosperity, wholesome momentum, healing divine energy, and most importantly, cosmic sovereignty.

With this knowledge we can be assured that all is indeed well and wisely set, and heading in the right direction, obstacles notwithstanding. From this confident expression of Maharishi’s, we can easily transition to our next steps, also captured succinctly by Him:

“See the job, do the job, stay out of the misery”.

~ All Glory to Lord Krishna, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati & His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ~

Looking WNW Across Butte Creek Canyon (UAV flight)

Here is another still from yesterday’s flight into Butte Creek Canyon from Bille Park in Paradise.

On my return, the full sun was coming up and I couldn’t find my landing zone through the drone’s camera, so I began the auto-land sequence. This can be tricky, as all obstacle sensing is disabled for this function.

I was already at a high enough altitude relative to the landing site (~ 400 feet), to clear any trees, so once the drone appeared above, I assumed manual control and landed it.

Looking WNW across the canyon

Looking Southwest Down Butte Creek Canyon

I took the UAV (DJI Mavic 2 Pro) over to Bille Park (Elev. 1,700 ft.) in Paradise, and flew it out about a half mile and up a few hundred feet in the canyon. It was a great day for flying, and I took this screenshot from the video. Enjoy!

overlooking Butte Creek Canyon

Bringing Heaven On Earth Through Character Development

Map highlighting the ShhaDarivarga and the six Divine gunas

Heaven On Earth means a world that reflects the values inherent in the six Divine gunas; Truth, Immortality, Wealth, Wholesome Momentum, Divine Energy, and Cosmic Sovereignty.

A world that reflects the Divine gunas is one that has established victory over the ShhaDarivarga, the group of six internal enemies: greed, anger, jealousy, intoxification, lust, and delusion. The reason for this comes out of an examination of the feelings of the six internal enemies, vs. those of the Divine gunas.

Simply put, the gross feelings generated by the six internal enemies, overshadows those more subtle (yet far more powerful) feelings of the six Divine gunas. Therefore, the only practical way to maximize the manifestation of the Divine gunas, is to gain victory over the six internal enemies.

A direct relationship exists between the two groups, a Cosmic Law – the less of one, the more of the other, and vice-versa.

Gaining victory over the six enemies is all that needs to be done. No action needs to be taken directly to manifest the Divine gunas. They manifest through victory over the shhaDarivarga.

The six internal enemies create ALL of our outer enemies. This is also fixed. So the way to live a seamless relationship with Divinity, ‘Heaven On Earth’, in Maharishi’s words, is to reflect on our thoughts, words, and actions, with a particular sensitivity to victory over the shhaDarivarga.

This, along with the transcending of Unity (highest Imperishable Brahman) into Supreme Brahman, then brings complete freedom, through living the full values of the six Divine gunas, swiftly bringing a sustained global transformation for all.

This individual character development is the continuation of the path that Maharishi and Sri Brahmananda Saraswati set for us. First, Maharishi with His teachers, needed to raise the dharma of the planet, from Perishable Brahman (tamas), to Imperishable Brahman (rajas), and from there, Supreme Brahman (sattva). This process becomes more and more granular, until we reach a point solely of internal, personal work, individual character development.

Paradoxically, this point is reached once we begin to live Totality, Supreme Brahman, established complete Cosmic life. Then all that is left is a final purification of character, establishing complete victory over greed, anger, jealousy, intoxification, lust, and delusion, replaced innocently by Cosmic Truth, Immortality, Cosmic Wealth, Wholesome Momentum, Divine Healing Energy, and Cosmic Sovereignty.

Where would you rather live? 😊

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

The Living Absolute: Aligning to the World of the Six Divine Gunas

“The purpose of life is to enjoy bliss-consciousness and evolve to the eternal state of liberation while accomplishing and enjoying the maximum in life, achieving the greatest good for oneself and for others.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Once Supreme Brahman, the eighth state of consciousness is lived, all of the six Divine gunas, governing both action and silence, become established within the Supreme Absolute.

Just as the three gunas, the ordinary forces of sattva (purity), rajas (motion), and tamas (inertia), create the world we live in, the motive forces of Divinity manifest through the establishment and interaction of the six Divine gunas, creating the world of Divinity.

This serves as the foundation of the fully awakened unchanging eternal Supreme Absolute that automatically manifests all celestial values, conforming to the six Divine gunas of Jnana (Truth), Bala (Immortality), Aisvarya (Infinite Wealth), Virya (Wholesome Momentum), Shakti (Divine Healing Energy), and Tejas (The Cosmic Sovereignty of God).

This established interlocking ecosystem of Divine gunas within the Supreme Absolute then harnesses the ordinary three gunas of creation to bring such a world about, quickly establishing Heaven On Earth, literally and scientifically.

“The future of mankind is bright, and that is my delight”
Maharishi’s closing statement, February 5th, 2008

~ All Glory to Lord Krishna, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati & Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ~

January 2022 – Views of Paradise, California

Please enjoy these 11 photographs. The name Paradise comes from the sanskrit, para desa, meaning ‘transcendental place’.

First, a winter’s sunrise. Then several pictures of a flock of turkeys wandering through the neighborhood, followed by a few views of Nance Pond, and concluding with a plaster cast of Gail’s hands in prayer (c. 1992).

Living Supreme Brahman – Manifesting the Six Divine Gunas

The Divine Gunas highlighed

“Be without the three gunas”

This is the expression uttered by Lord Krishna, and captured in the Bhagavad Gita, to bring His devotee Arjuna first to the partial Absolute value of life, by partially transcending the three ordinary gunas of manifestation, the motive forces of relative creation, tamas (inertia), rajas (motion), and sattva (purity).

The innocent interplay of these three gunas accounts for 100 percent of manifested relative creation, a complete world, united by a collective desire for greater knowledge and experience.

When we go beyond or transcend these three gunas through the innocent practice of Transcendental Meditation (or TM), we gain the experience of a partial Absolute, a deeper silence, an absence of relative phenomenon. This resulting fuller value of life also begins a transition, a gradual reflection in our lives of the six Divine gunas.

The six Divine gunas as shown in the map of human consciousness above, are enumerated here, and manifest in this order, each a more complete reflection of the Divine gunas than the previous one:

1. jnana – Cosmic knowledge, Truth, which comes to be the pure knowledge of God as all of the Divine gunas fully manifest within us.
2. bala – Perfect health, immortality.
3. aisvarya – Having available the complete wealth of Creation.
4. virya – Wholesome momentum; aligned with the cosmic imperative and celestial values, always bringing enlightenment.
5. shakti – Divine energy, healing on all levels of manifestation.
6. tejas – Cosmic sovereignty, self-sufficiency, invincibility, and the power to defeat all others, through a seamless relationship with Divinity in all its forms.

These six Divine gunas also comprise a complete world within the Absolute, active as the motive forces of Creation operating through Divinity, beyond the ordinary three gunas discussed above: tamas, rajas, and sattva.

These Divine gunas can be enlivened through Vedic performances and practices, both singly and in groups. This was, and is the mission of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, to spread the knowledge and practices of enlivening these six Divine gunas, and begin to manifest their profound benefits here on Earth; Heaven On Earth.

Before Maharishi studied with His Master, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, or Guru Dev, and brought out the complete knowledge of life, there was no way for those living purely by the three ordinary gunas to reliably begin to reflect the six Divine gunas. It was an age of deep ignorance, to which Maharishi brought the Divine truth of life, available both as knowledge and experience.

However, although Maharishi’s programs have begun to establish the Divine gunas here on Earth, the influence is indirect. In other words, without someone living [Supreme] Brahman Consciousness, the eighth state of human consciousness, they will not be able to personally fully manifest the Divine gunas.

Supreme Brahman is the prerequisite, the starting point for embodying the six Divine gunas. To find out why, we must turn to the teachings of Maharishi’s Master, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati. Guru Dev speaks of the six internal enemies of anger, lust, greed, jealousy, intoxification, and delusion that must be overcome in order to directly manifest the Divine gunas and live Supreme Brahman.

Although there is not really a one to one correspondence between vanquishing a particular internal enemy and the growth of a Divine guna, it is obvious, for example, that if we want to manifest our access to the full wealth of Creation, aisvarya, we must resolve our greed and jealousy at a minimum. Delusion also.

Passing through the full gate to Supreme Brahman requires the perfection of each of the Divine gunas. This is done by passing through the five nights of Brahman, each occurring in the Supreme Absolute. The direction becomes intuitive once we gain experience.

The point being that victory over all six internal enemies is necessary to live Supreme Brahman within the world of the six Divine gunas, though we can still gain partial benefits once we begin to live the states of consciousness as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

So we can first enjoy the furthest reflection of the Divine gunas when living without any spiritual science in our lives, then a much closer reflection following the programs and knowledge of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

We then marry this to the instructions of Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, “Gain victory over the six internal enemies”, and through this, begin to fully embody the six Divine gunas, living Supreme Brahman.

All of this is in direct service to the global goals of peace on earth, and bringing the full Glory of God to every soul on earth, rapidly living the full sunshine of The Age of Enlightenment. 🙂

~ All Glory to His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Sri Brahmananda Saraswati ~

Enjoying a Recess

Elves on holiday

The weather is dry and moderate, and I have stuff to do outside – remember that cabana that blew down about a month ago in a 70 mph wind? …still there… and now is a great time for extending the steps down the side of the canyon – with the soil damp it is much easier to dig. And those drone flights I have planned are waiting…

Anyway, there’s plenty to chew on over my last few posts, so that should cover it for a bit. 🙂

Hasta luego!