What Is the Relationship Between Enlightenment and Brahman?

Stargazer Lily in Paradise

Brahman IS Enlightenment. Everything else is getting there. 🙂 Once Brahman is lived, the reality contains everything else. It is Totality. This includes all perceptions and all abilities.

The question often arises – What about the sutras taught during the TM-Sidhis course, the personal focus, the mapping of the nervous system to the Cosmos? Examples of such abilities include flying through the air, making the body huge or tiny, materialization of objects, being two places at once, levitation, refinement of all senses, omniscience, strength of an elephant, omnipresence, blah, blah, blah. Innumerable Yogic abilities to sharpen the mind, heart, and body for a fuller experience of this life we live. The Sidhis allow us to assemble the body of Brahman, although the intention for such a completion remains ours alone.

One caution that is frequently cited regarding practice of the Sidhis is that one should be careful not to get lost in the worlds revealed; that the practice can become a distraction along the way. True enough, and this circles back to intention. If the intention is towards fullness and living Totality, then the Sidhis are seen as exceptionally useful tools given to us, to grow towards living Brahman. If not, then they are worthless, no matter how grand, or invisible. As a result, we may find in our journey [onto Brahman] that some Sidhis are very useful, while others do not draw much of our attention.

Also once Brahman is lived, such extraordinary powers are seen as select building blocks of the Totality revealed – the perspective is reversed. The process of manifestation while living Brahman always incorporates the fullness of Divinity, something the Sidhis prepare us for, but do not directly reveal.

The purpose of enlightenment, Brahman, is to live a better life, and if we already do, then to assist others. Enlightenment provides the practicality to fulfill greater intentions; live the fullness of love, the fullness of prosperity, kindness, knowledge and health.

A brief word on health, mental and physical. The most toxic element that can be found in the body is the mind. Also the most brilliant, life supporting, and sustaining energies can be found in the mind. Everything else is common sense.

There is a huge industry around physical purification, something that is available to everyone simply by intention. The intention to be clean, to serve Divinity adds infinite effectiveness to all the diets and programs and practices out there. Just go for the target.

Personally I used to pray to God, then Jesus, then Guru Dev (“My Lord”) to relieve me of my emotional pain, and continue to always give thanks. A prayer doesn’t have to be fancy or time consuming – Just a few brief seconds to acknowledge the source of whatever bounty is being recognized, and perhaps send some blessings to loved ones. Just these few seconds of intention become a good habit, culturing our relationship with Divinity.

During this global transition to Heaven, particularly for those who have cultured subtlety and reflection through Sadhana, it may seem as if our prayers go unheeded, but they are all heard, even the quietest ones. We find allies we didn’t know we had.

This is the true purpose of Enlightenment, Brahman, living Totality – To Live It, and by doing so, bring Enlightenment into the three worlds, touching everyone through a seamless relationship with Divinity.

This is the capability of true Enlightenment, Being enough to bring Heaven on Earth.

A Star Trail Video with Meteors

Here is a star trail video (10 s.) from last night, showing a total of eight meteors (the video title is incorrect). Several are just single points of light, or quite faint, though the most dramatic one, a red streak through the center can’t be missed.

I ran the video through an editor and auto-leveled it. The picture is more granular now, though the star trails show up clearly. I recommend watching it full screen. Enjoy!

Living Cosmic Life – Observing the Full Cycle of Karmic Completion

Star trails above the pool. Just above the pampas grass, center left, the small tick of light among the star trails is a meteor. August 11, 2020 (Nikon P900)

We have all long heard about the law of karma: “What goes around, comes around”, or “As you sow, so shall you reap” – By all of us being subject to the same [Cosmic] laws, life remains in balance. This is taught as a tenet of faith in all religions and is also a key spiritual principle.

Yet it often appears on the surface of life that those who transgress against us, and others, pay no penalty for it. Even so, we can also see that such challenges to us are an appropriate component of our journey to enlighten ourselves, and others, even the entire world.

I have long been aware of life’s innate balance and that we all are balanced by it, according to the Cosmic schedule. Progress for all life carries forward no matter what. It is obvious in the big picture.

Though personally, just as I am glad for another’s well-deserved good fortune, I have wanted one who hurts me or others, to also encounter such an appropriate karmic result.

Accepting this on faith alone was difficult, without seeing evidence of such a process in action. Also on a simpler level, we all enjoy those stories depicted in the movies and even in scripture, where the bad guys get their due at the hands of the good guys.

Faith can move mountains but personal satisfaction, without incurring any negative karma is also important. It is not retribution or revenge we seek, it is completion, so that we can let go, and continue on. Balance endures.

Our satisfaction comes through purification and knowledge. By this I mean the dynamics of action become clearer in whatever situation we are curious about. For example, I have shared previously about taking on the toll of the last twenty years in order to resolve the family karma of my pedophile father-in-law – I wanted God to take care of the remainder after his passing, and to no longer be bound by the experience. Soon after that, as a result of my fluency in the three worlds [Heaven, Earth, and Hell] I was able to see his karma come due, reborn into muskrat life for awhile.

Because of the revelation of this new knowledge, I was able to fully let go of this long-term challenging experience, and even come to absolutely forgive my antagonist, seeing more deeply into his life’s journey, and the horrific abuse he had suffered as a child. Nonetheless, he propagated much suffering in his inability to deal with it, and after his passing, was demoted from human life to serve his appropriate sentence.

Without this clear experience “beneath the surface of life”, my long-term struggle would’ve probably overshadowed me for a long time, perhaps even defined who I think I am. However, seeing the entire sequence in its totality and completion, it educated me instead. Rather than being a barrier to progress, this significant slice of my life was transformed into a massive gift towards full enlightenment, with any accompanying pain and anguish fast receding in the rear-view mirror.

True, life is all Lila, a Divine play as viewed from our Cosmic immortal perspective – our surrender to Mother Divine – and at the same time we must immerse ourselves in our karmic burdens and results without holding back, and as if our progress depends on it, because it does.

We gain the full benefit of arduous experiences not by avoiding them, or obsessing on them, but by dealing with them in the context of Totality, of Brahman. Resolution is then complete, and we move on clearly and confidently, traveling without baggage, to whatever is next required of us. 🙂

Supporting Cosmic Law – Living the Courage of Our Convictions

Star trails circling Polaris, with a Perseid meteor trail visible upper center right – August 10, 2020 (Nikon P900 – “Star trails” program)

I recently revived my relationship with a long-time acquaintance via email, and was surprised by the rudeness of the reply. I had received similar responses at times over the years, and this just baffled me. I responded, and received more of the same. Then I did some digging to past correspondence and found a political cartoon I had sent years ago, and Aha! It could’ve been objectionable as it portrayed a distinct point of view, but having received no response at the time, I carried on as if all was well. It wasn’t.

Reconstructing where the whole thing went south, the issue was no response from my friend to an expression of perceived offense at the time, instead choosing dysfunction. I then wrote my friend and pointed this out, to speak up and have the courage of one’s convictions. Otherwise confusion ensues. (Although I am using this example of another’s behavior to illustrate this particular issue, I certainly have acted similarly in the past).

This is how life is conducted – in the present. So many of us have unresolved conversations with others, those with whom we share a short or long-term karmic bond. To muddle this is to create a world of delusion, making up endless stories in our minds to absorb some of the pregnant energy held hostage by the fear of what might happen if we spoke up, and challenged the status quo.

Granted we always want to approach such interactions constructively, to avoid what is called a pissing contest, one-upsmanship, the reassertion of the ego into delusion, or any ill-thought out response. Nonetheless, it is imperative that we act, as we think, in every situation.

No hypocrisy. No doing one thing and thinking another. This creates distortion in our consciousness, and instead of improving an ever evolving life, as hypocrites we dwell in Hell, lost and separated from Cosmic life. We can no longer interact clearly with others, or ourselves; Dharma cannot be found.

It is common in our fast modern lives to have interactions with others where our point of view needs to be expressed, whether to express a positive sharing, or to express a challenging one. This doesn’t need to be dramatic, only that it occurs at all. Karmic resolution; completion. We don’t live for others, and we have a unique purpose to fulfill.

Sometimes these interactions illuminate flaws in how we see ourselves, and locate unintentional crutches we may use to inappropriately castigate other people, cultures, and organizations in order to shore ourselves up. This doesn’t have to be obsessive, but to be mindful of such traps can help us act with integrity, and establish such a habit of spiritual self-sufficiency – not equating to a reclusive life but simply taking full responsibility for one’s thoughts and actions, no excuses.

Having resolved our past challenges and moving forward unencumbered, it becomes natural to act with conviction, and uphold Cosmic law in any situation. Our minds clear of conflict, we find endless possibilities in how to act and think in a balanced and calm way.

Always starting from now, and taking life one moment at a time, living then regains its freshness, its immediacy, its Divine gifts. Rather than miserably tracking a script for the ego director, we live in fullness and freedom.

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Winged Victory Global Update for August 9th, 2020

Disintegrating Perseid meteor this morning – August 9, 2020
Perseid meteor passing Polaris to the right, with the constellation Cassiopeia shown far right. August 9, 2020

Thank you, All, for the growing and continued global interest in Winged Victory, a blog about living full enlightenment, Brahman, Totality as a householder. It is very much appreciated!

All continents (except Antarctica) are now represented, with two new additions (in italics), bringing the total countries and territories to 39:

Africa – South Africa

Asia – China, Hong Kong SAR – China, India, Israel, Malaysia, The Maldives, New Zealand, Pakistan, The Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Turkey


Europe – Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia (also in Asia), Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom

North America – Canada, and the United States

South America – Brazil

Three Perseid Meteors

The Persied meteor shower is occurring now in the NNE sky until the end of August.

This is how I hunt for meteors: At roughly 2300 on a clear night, I set my camera on its tripod at a best guess angle and direction, and initiate the Nikon P900 “Night sky” program. Then I simply wait while the camera completes its shooting sequence of roughly one frame every ten seconds, for two and a half hours, hopefully coinciding with the speedy arrival of a meteor through the atmosphere. This results in a five second video, which I load into a video editor to capture the still frame of any entering meteors.

Here are three meteor captures from Thursday and Friday nights. All three are shedding material as they enter the atmosphere, showing puffs of light at regular intervals along the tail. One meteor very close to the horizon [image 2] appears to enter at a steep angle and begins to fragment along its trajectory. The light coming in from the right, or East, in each still frame is the rising Moon. Enjoy! 🙂

One Layer Down: The Cosmic Law of Non-Attachment

18 red roses in the window this morning, August 7,2020

I was looking at this lovely vase of roses before I moved them to the window for a photo, and observed that the red of the rose is not absorbed by the rose petals, and therefore the red is reflected back to me as the color of the petal.

We see and identify as our object of perception that which can never be absorbed by the object itself. A perfect model of non-attachment, built into everything we see.

In 1980, I earned and learned the TM-Siddhis program, and then moved to Santa Barbara, where I first glimpsed the head and bust of Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, Guru Dev, reliably activating Divine sight. Such perceptions grew as I continued a regular program of the TM-Siddhis program for another 12 years, until a continuous relationship or companionship was established with Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, and the TM-Siddhis program was no longer necessary. With His presence, the siddhis have continued to manifest and ripen, including many not tied to any sutra taught in the program.

However during this time of practice, I found myself doing a group program in Frederick, Maryland, in a comfortable old farmhouse, with five or six other sidhas. We always did our TM first, and coming out of that particular meditation, I saw as I first opened my eyes, a person seated in a chair, across and to my right.

Except that my sight was tuned one layer down, finer perception, so that the surface texture and color of the objects was missing. The precise form was there, except the consistency was that of infinitely small but distinct shiny dark grey metallic spheres, each a series of atoms constructing a molecular structure; a very dynamic, granular surface, both solidly in place and rapidly in motion.

After a short time, my eyes adjusted further to the person in the chair, and soon the surface of appropriate color and texture was visible, of fabric, skin, hair, and wood, covering the molecular mass underneath. Any light not absorbed by the clothes, the person, or the chair was now reflected back to me as identifiable objects, each a verifiable example of the non-attachment that underlies even our physical laws.

Each rose is also an example of non-attachment. Though the rose still has the responsibility for being itself, growing through the stages of blossoming, beauty and dissolution, inevitably reflecting this in outer appearance and inner reality, all changes driven by the unattached and ever untouched source within.

So are we also unattached expressions of the source of ourselves, responsible for yet impossibly separated from, all that we show of ourselves.

The nature of Reality becomes obvious, once we spend enough time looking for it. 🙂

Attuning to Brahman: Riding the Cosmic Slingshot

A meteor from the early morning of July 5, 2020, looking ENE (Nikon P900 video still)

As our mental and physical perception reaches Cosmic proportions, our consequent push and pull through the three worlds, the Cosmos, then brings about the establishment of Totality, living Brahman.

This process is what I have come to call riding the Cosmic slingshot. 🙂 The way we attune ourselves to Brahman, Totality is a two step process – assuming continuous, spontaneous Sadhana (purification) and regular transcending, the hallmarks of one established in Being:

First, God or one of His representatives will introduce us to a peak Divine experience – So many kinds: of sight, of filled with Bliss, or energized with Shakti, meeting a Saint, or whatever it is. This is a spiritual experience according to our level of purity and clarity, our established Sattva. We enjoy and learn from this, perhaps even chase it a bit at first. It becomes the object of our greatest charm.

Second, because we have previously established the awareness of Unity Consciousness (Oneness) and God Consciousness (finest mental and sensory perception), establishing Divine sight (Note: a bit of a misnomer, as Divine “sight” incorporates all of the senses), our consciousness wants to live this in everything. If there is any impurity accompanying this subjective expansion of consciousness, it will be uncovered and resolved, leading to an often unpleasant episode, or “stress release”. This occurs just as clearly and powerfully as the peak Divine experience does, in order that all areas of consciousness can be cleared and resolved into the Totality of Brahman.

Then we transcend again, closer to Cosmic life, and what was formerly a peak Divine experience becomes normalized, sustained. Through our continued desire for Yoga, Union with God, we experience another peak Divine experience, greater than previously, along with the parallel purification, also greater than previously, and on it goes, bringing Cosmic light and law into every perception – from the most wondrous abodes of Heaven to the sulfurous and airless pits of Hell – until rapidly, all areas of life clearly reflect Totality. We are then able to sustain the balanced and confident life of Brahman; full enlightenment, all possibilities.

So, following this increasing Divine charm, our awareness is compassionately and instantly traversed from one end of the Cosmos to the other, and back again, in every domain of life, personal, social, and global. We experience all of the polarities in consciousness from a Cosmic perspective, until it all becomes fluid, merging into Totality, living Brahman, living in the three worlds and grounded in this one.

This is a natural and fundamental process of gaining full enlightenment. Here are a few words from Sri Brahmananda Saraswati from the book, The Sweet Teachings of the Blessed Shankaracharya Swami Brahmananda Saraswati (authored by LB Shriver, with translation by Cynthia Ann Hume), on this point:

The righteous person will experience peace in both this and the next worlds. He who acts immorally will not have peace in this world, much less the next world. Don’t look at the faults of others; examine yourself, and discover the areas that are lacking and try to improve them. If you continually examine and improve yourself, one day you will be greatly benefited.”

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

My First UAV Night Flight

Last night the moon was nearly full, and forming a triangle with Saturn on its left, and Jupiter on the right. So I decided to take the Mavic Pro 2 up to 390 feet (just below my maximum ceiling), hover, and take some pictures.

Here are three photos, moving from southwest to southeast. The photos were taken close to 2200, and the slim orange band on the western horizon is the remains of the setting sun. Please enjoy! 🙂

Living Brahman – Brahman Leads and Completes All Religions

A doorway in Stockholm, Sweden (2018)

A good friend invited me to watch the live Amma meeting, which began at 0430 here, Saturday, occurring at 1600 on Sunday in India. Thank you.

My first impression was how similar the whole thing was to my attendance at the Episcopalian church of my youth, both in Bethesda, Maryland (a suburb of Washington, DC), and Manila, Philippines, where I served as an altar boy.

At Amma’s service, hymns (bhajans) were sung beseeching and praising God, and the personifications of God, Krishna in this case, instead of the Christian Jesus. Then a sermon (satsang) was given, as Amma told a story of upholding Dharma, regardless of circumstance; living life according to Divine principles.

Upholding Dharma is the career of Brahman, established unshakably in Being, in Cosmic life and duty.

All sermons, all prayers, and all scripture find their fulfillment living Brahman, full enlightenment. The mind is ever fixed on Mother Divine, the relationship and focus being so complete, so seamless that no outward signs are necessary. The fulfillment of all religions dwells within, living Brahman.

We carry the treasured goal of all the great temples, churches, cathedrals, and mosques within – light as a feather, and unburdened by the need or desire to pay formal obeisance, unless it springs naturally from the heart at any time and place. Living true freedom of religion. 🙂

Living Brahman/Totality incorporates and allows all avenues of faith to blossom so completely that we transcend our position of following them, into leading them, silently and invisibly. This is living all compassion, all knowledge and all love for the Divine, and unseen, relentlessly leading every religion to its fruition, its goal, its transcendent Reality.

~ All Glory to Sri Mata Amritanadamayi (Amma), Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and Sri Brahmananda Saraswati (Guru Dev) ~

Last Pictures of Comet NEOWISE and One Each of Saturn and Jupiter

Here are my four final pictures of the Comet NEOWISE taken July 18th, before it left us for awhile, due back in 6,800 years (all 60s. time exposures using the Panasonic LUMIX).

Last night I was also able to take my clearest photo of Saturn yet. I had the Nikon set manually (f/8 and ISO 400) and kept playing with the shutter speed until I could get a focused shot at 1/30 s. without a lot of sun glare. Also took a very clear picture of Jupiter with a star halo and three moons. Enjoy! 🙂

Living Brahman – Global Resolution Beyond Faith

UAV (Mavic Pro 2) photo from 400 feet (~1700 feet above sea level), looking West. From left, showing Nance, Humboldt, and Butte canyons.

Many of us are pummeled these days by the fear, uncertainty, and doubt of our global mindset. Leadership is absent amid a sea of conflicting voices, and each news story trumpets a further immersion into chaos.

From a legitimate Cosmic perspective this seems quite strange. Sure, there is a time now when we are learning and moving very quickly, our lives propelled incessantly by the logarithmic acceleration of ubiquitous microprocessors. Decisions, decisions, the hallmark of modern life, made in billionths of a second, uncontrollable.

However, when we consider the greater environment we inhabit, from the soil to the stars, and that this entire blueprint resides within us, the capability to appreciate and use as a resource this entire Cosmos – all the levels of life, all of the dynamics, all of the clarity, knowledge, and primordial Silence of endless potential – it seems odd to be overwhelmed by either ourselves, or our planet Earth, a single entity whirling about in the countless Infinitude.

Compared to our seven billion plus egos here, the greater power by far resides in the Cosmos, regardless of the issues we face in our human neighborhood. By setting our goal as simply as possible, “Know thyself”, according to the timeless wisdom of the Yogis, we can focus on this to resolve anything in earthly life.

This is not some vague resource we carry within, but something inherent in us, the ability to solve all of the problems facing us both individually and collectively, by paying attention to what we see, and how we conduct ourselves; living Cosmic life.

As we are all brought together and made ever more deeply aware of our collective consciousness, this does challenge our ideas about ourselves and where we live. But Cosmic law always triumphs, and we can have confidence that such values of equality, compassion, creative solutions, and togetherness will prevail, now that they are awakened here on Earth, our precious little wet and salty blue sphere. 🙂

Living Cosmic life we are immersed in human life and earthly life, yet always aware of the fundamental laws that guide us here. It is not a mood, a mental fixation, magical thinking, or an empty wish. It is a concrete perspective, beyond thought, and lodged firmly in the heart, of the invincibility, intelligence, and compassion of Cosmic life, to guide us through any and all problems, no matter how insurmountable they seem. So we work as hard as we can, with not a moment to waste, knowing that global progress is being made by all, even though the picture is not so clear yet.

Living Brahman we are primarily guided by Cosmic life, and not at all concerned about the progress of earthly life. This requires our strenuous involvement, even deep sadness at times, but no doubts.

As Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said [of living Brahman] many decades ago, “All is well and wisely set”. Meaning we have everything we need, and more, to guarantee humanity and each of us a bright future.

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

UAV (Drone) Flying Nance Canyon

Here is my first video (3:43) flying in Nance Canyon with the Mavic Pro 2 drone (shown below), with Gail as spotter using binoculars. After about 400 feet out, even against a clear sky, the drone is impossible to see unaided.

The video is 4K quality and too big to upload directly, so I have embedded the Youtube video (4K) below the drone photo. Please watch full-screen.

I picked out this spot to fly because the land slopes down rapidly to the west, making obstacle avoidance easy. The entire flight was at a height of only 20 to 30 feet above the take-off point, and I just flew straight out from there. Please enjoy!

Mavic Pro 2 (the tile is 18″ square). Small and quiet, with a gimbal-mounted Hasselblad camera.

Living Brahman – Walking the Talk

My boots

Cosmic life, living Brahman, has two components; full Cosmic perception and ability, and full earthly life and ability. The two are inseparable, and when living Brahman, both are lived to completion.

Unlike times past, when spiritual knowledge was the exclusive province of the monks and recluses, hidden to maintain its purity, nowadays spiritual knowledge is available everywhere, and Totality can be a tangible Reality, even while living an active and worldly life.

As householders, spiritual practices are here to enhance our daily lives, leading to better health, closer relationships, and enough wealth. As we progress spiritually, waking up to our universal and immortal nature, we see correlates in our earthly life. Our lives tangibly improve, not by us feigning an indifference, but by conventional measures.

For example, physical and mental health are optimized. This means basically no issues, we understand our bodies for what they are, and have the knowledge to constantly nourish and even heal them. Physical deterioration is minimized, and mental acuity is maximized. Emotions are fully available, and balanced.

With such a capable foundation established, we can now interact reliably, successfully, and compassionately with all those in our lives, past, present and future. Living Brahman this means the full integration of all Cosmic energy, the three worlds.

Although this sounds like a big deal, it isn’t. Once we have full perception living Brahman, how long does it take for our hearts to swell as big as life itself and give unending thanks to Mother Divine, or our teacher, or anyone else we love dearly? A few seconds. Who needs to know? No one except the object of our gratitude. What are called the spiritual elements of life can be profound and catalytic, yet so well integrated that they are nearly invisible to anyone else, nor do they take much time.

The point being that even the most stirring examples of Totality can be lived within any normal life. If they don’t blend in, how can they serve daily life? If spiritual living remains somehow isolated from daily life, it simply makes life less effective, less efficient, less successful. A lot of pie in the sky.

This becomes obvious once we interact with the world, all the people, all the doing, and all the results. This is when we learn how integrated we are.

We have no option living Brahman. All of life is lived to completion. All desires are lived to completion. Cosmic completion. This means all relationships are harmonious, and enough wealth is always available. Our relationship with ourselves is already healthy and established in success. This carries over to our partners, our families, our friends, our wider social circles, and on.

No matter what the challenge is, it is met with success, because living Totality, any knowledge at any time is always available. We then are able to make correct choices to resolve any ignorance or tension within our relationships. We always walk our talk. All problems are dealt with seamlessly and Cosmically, leaving no wake.

So the symptom of Brahman, full enlightenment, Totality, is success in every action, every relationship, every domain, and every challenge. This lets us know that we are living Totality, or not – no ambiguity. Unlike the temporary states of consciousness lived prior to Brahman, there is no excuse for a lack of completion when living Brahman. It is an impossibility.

If every action does not lead to success, it is not living Brahman. Just as the Moon appears absent, then as a sliver, and eventually full, all while remaining the fullness of itself, Totality has no partial states, as illustrated by our personal lives.

Brahman unlike any other prior states, always walks the talk – no exceptions or confusion. It is earthly life made completely successful, ever informed by Cosmic life, mentally, physically, environmentally, and globally. 🙂

Photos: A Deer Looking in the Window, Coyotes on the Game Cam, and Starlink Satellites Crowding the Sky

Here are six recent photos from Paradise – A buck looking in our window yesterday, coyotes from the game-cam at Nance Pond, and a composite shot from last night showing several Starlink (Space-X) satellites in orbit. It is always magic to see the larger animals around here, and celestial objects.

About seventy years ago, the science-fiction writer and scientist Arthur C. Clarke theorized that if a satellite were launched into orbit at an altitude of 22,300 miles, its position would be geostationary, orbiting synchronously with the earth – continuously hovering above the same patch of geography, and could be used reliably as a transmission station for any data transfer within its footprint. This is our current reality for most global transmission, with undersea cables tying the multiple satellite footprints together.

An alternative is to send thousands of smaller satellites into non-geosynchronous low earth orbit (LEO), about 300 miles up, to orbit faster than the earth and serve as cell towers in space, facilitating communications for whatever area of the earth they are passing over.

Although this allows a corporate monopoly on such a transmission network, and removes the latency encountered with satellites in geostationary orbit, it requires a HUGE number of satellites. Sixty of them have been launched so far under the Starlink plan, with 1,600 more planned as a first phase. The full Space-X build out is for 12,000 satellites, with 30,000 more approved after that. This is just one corporation’s effort, with others ready to go.

Although the small size of these 500 lb. satellites allows multiples to be launched at a time, this requires far more rocket launches, interferes with observations of deep space due to the large number of reflective objects transiting the night sky, and due to the far shorter lifetimes of LEO sats, this results in a near constant “rain” of space debris back into our atmosphere.

I personally hope we can find an alternative to these mega-fleets of mini-satellites.

Please enjoy these photos! 🙂

Starlink satellites are circled, moving west to east. These were in two groups, about 20 seconds apart.

Living Brahman – Why the Ego Sees Brahman as Death

Golden eagle in the pine tree yesterday evening – July 21, 2020 2027

The ego, our sense of self sees Brahman as death, because it is in a way. A dissolution of the sense of self into Totality. Of course the ego, anybody’s ego, is necessary as a manager to prioritize what to do next, informed by our state of consciousness.

However, guided in time by spiritual evolution, the ego is asked to step aside and take on a new perspective, a quantum perspective, that of existing only when attention is placed on it. A mature level of functioning is being requested of ourselves, in which we recognize our sense of self or Self as useful, yet not primary.

This is living Brahman, to adapt to any aspect of Totality so that the goal of Brahman is always carried out. By reason alone, it is obvious that this sense of self, this ego cannot always be in charge. Even with the very best intentions, living mature Unity Consciousness, the sense of self, even in the universal guise of the Self, must take its rightful place as an object of attention if Brahman is lived. Just as we are raised by our parents and then develop our own identity in life, so must this sense of self be made secondary in order to progress, to live Brahman, Totality.

Nothing goes away, just the perspective changes, from being primarily self-centric to a more normal reality where we are simply an object of our own attention, no more and no less. We don’t go away, but we equalize with our environment while maintaining the fulfillment of our global desires.

Life moves from us absolutely being the center of our world, to this Totality where we only occur when necessary. All objects are seen in terms of themselves. There is no longer a need to see everything in terms of ourselves. Although this is an exalted goal on the path to, and upon the achievement of Unity, a more subtle reality beckons.

If we dedicate ourselves to the ultimate transcendence, that of going beyond our core identity, and have it assume a relative vs. absolute reality in our lives, we can live Brahman. On the other hand, if we cannot make that leap to ultimate liberation, we remain in Unity, lost in the universality of the Self.

What is the difference in everyday experience? UC remains by virtue of fear, an excellent consciousness for earthly life, promoting peace, acceptance, and love for all, yet refusing to make the leap into the arms of the Divine for itself. This is both the blessing and tragedy of Unity Consciousness, the exaltation and maturity of the Self.

So UC is not enough, and Brahman always waits on the doorstep. In order to unlock the power and capability of Brahman, we must willingly surrender to Totality. If we are on the right track, this will feel like a relief, far greater than our initial awakening to Self, far greater than our first feeling and glimpse of the Divine, far greater than anything we can realize by ourselves. Only by gaining the ultimate objectivity of Brahman, seeming ego-death, can we unlock the secrets to everything. No more veils, no more lack of perception – we live in this world, yet with the knowledge and coordination of Cosmic life.

This is a level of synchrony and integration unobtainable if the ego is structured as it is in Unity Consciousness. UC we get a full one hundred percent, live the full journey of atman to ParamAtman, yet the atman remains the center of the universe. This is not Totality.

Faith, strength, knowledge, memory, dedication, and surrender above all, are necessary to shift the ego’s place of apparent functioning – from primary, to a necessary cog in the machinery, activated innocently by attention, and otherwise remaining completely unobtrusive. This is Totality. The quieter and more appropriate we are, the more knowledge we gain, the greater the experiences we have access to.

It is the difference between always placing oneself as the center of attention vs. remaining unseen, while seeing and appreciating all the Cosmos has to endlessly offer us. Totality and Brahman bring complete success for our global desires, and that is the goal of everyone.

Paradoxically by attempting even the subtlest control simply through perspective, Brahman remains hidden, and Totality fractures. To correct our view, the ego sees itself as dying, forever losing its sense of self or Self, even its sense of Self before God.

But this is an illusion, a test set up by the definition of Totality, Brahman, so that having such a seeming great obstacle to surmount, the sense of Self, will drive a dedication to either more ego, remaining in UC, or a surrender for the “Big Prize”, all the marbles, the whole enchilada, Grand Jackpot, Totality found and lived everywhere.

Totality exists only in terms of Itself, and Brahman lives Totality.

This is Brahman enjoyed innocently in fullness, ever driving towards our goal, our responsibility, our uncompromising mission, that of establishing Cosmic life on Earth by example. Everything is verified, tested, and confirmed in the laboratory of life.

This is identifying and strengthening Cosmic law, not by imposition, control or manipulation, only by surrender, getting out of our own way, and bringing Heaven on Earth as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi referred to it. An easy choice. 🙂

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Living Brahman; Coming Full Circle

Three views of Saturn on July 17th, 2020 [Nikon P900]

A long time after we begin to grow curious about ourselves, we are sub-atomic particles, perhaps electrons, maturing to then inhabit an entire atom, further on, to a molecule of… water, a warm excitation rising to form with unimaginable numbers, a great cloud above the earth, and then we fall, for thousands of feet as rain down upon a seed in the dirt, sprout, live and die, next to become an egg-formed animal, then onto four legs, a live birth, growth of fur, bone, and warm blood.

Up we then spring into the bodies of a human being, and continue our revolution through time, lifetime after lifetime and the steady, painful and critical accumulation of human knowledge, experience, and eventual wisdom.

As we gradually refine ourselves through trial and error, we gain spiritual Self knowledge and the growing certainty that all we have experienced, we have been before – all the depth, all the breadth, all the light, all the memory – of the hollow of a tree stump, charcoal black from fire, to the same vastness of the stars and galaxies burning in every direction of the night sky. All of it becomes us, and we joyfully unite with all of life, past and present, timelessly, endlessly.

Now, circling back for another look, we glimpse our origins, what we were, what we have become – perhaps taking notice of molecular motion as it builds and sustains manifestation in space-time, or dwelling in primordial Samadhi for a bit, our solid and ineffable foundation, forged into success in whatever earthly endeavors we undertake next. The spiritual journey completes us, even as it beckons us ever further into its charms, puzzles, and mysteries.

Where is this leading? Who has set in motion this upward spiral of knowledge and experience, of expansion and responsibility, of success and growing Bliss? Growing from the nascent awareness of an electrical charge, to Brahman, what happened?

If there were a scale large enough, we could place all of our past, lifetimes and lifetimes of all kinds, on one side, mountains of experience, and oceans of change, and on the other side, we stand by ourselves, solitary, and embracing Cosmic life. A perfect balance.

We complete our journey living true freedom, liberation, invincibility, and immortality, for we now begin anew as the willing and worthy servants of Mother Divine. We immerse ourselves in endless gratitude.

We now consciously live all of what She has given us, endlessly through our many lives, clothing us in form and senses, always feeding and sheltering us, allowing our continued journey across eons, in every manifestation yet deeply intimate, our essence built with one meta-thought in every mind we have ever been, to serve our Mother, in whatever capacity we can. To be good to all we have been, and fully thrive in everything we are.

We have come full circle to live Brahman, live the Reality of Cosmic Life. We now simply surrender, surrender, surrender, to Mother Divine, as She continues to care for and nurture us, as She always has, and always will. 🙂

Living Brahman – Defeating Ignorance, and Cherishing Our Cosmic Potential

Comet NEOWISE on July 18, 2020 – 22:42

To defeat ignorance we just see right through it.

By definition, ignorance hides in darkness, the somethings we do not yet know about ourselves – we are not yet a complete Reality. So we watch our consciousness move and notice what has changed, in service to know more about ourselves, how to better serve our transcendental nature, our Mother’s silent wish.

If anything appears to be in the way, the pathway to God wins out. To defeat ignorance we move right through it – we see it as unsubstantial, a distortion, a calcification, a dogma or collective lie, a density gradually and surely dispelled by living Cosmic life.

However, we must be honest about our own ignorance when it appears, confront it, grow angry against it, pitting one ignorance against another, and have neither prevail. Though once is enough. 🙂 Won, and done.

The sooner the lesson is learned, the better to move on – why go through another pyrrhic victory for the upstart ego, only to certainly transcend it in humility later? This then clears the way for wisdom to lead, to take point, painstakingly setting the stones in place for our pathway along the Infinite, no worries. In this way, the momentum towards Cosmic life builds.

What do we face along this Royal road, first of expansion, then unending surrender? We don’t know.

Aside from the surety that all of life will be faced, heart and head-on, we revel in the unknown, the mystery of Cosmic life that awaits us in every moment, the unending creative opportunities to bring transformation and completion to all our undertakings, satisfying our heart, our mind and our Grace.

Facing our limitless Cosmic potential is not the same as confronting ignorance. Rather than being a chaos in search of distraction, it is an Infinite banquet attended by our refined senses, allowing us any taste, any sample of delicacies from the Divine. Deliciously unknown, yet eagerly anticipated with every sunrise, and sated at each sunset.

Living Brahman, life becomes Cosmic life, a daily menu of our potential, of our satisfaction, and our compassion for all. Enjoy! 🙂

Living Brahman – Surrender and Expansion Changing Places

The Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn during the early morning of July 17, 2020

Living Brahman, living Cosmic life, is beyond the progression of ‘higher’ states of consciousness. Totality is lived beyond the expansion of spiritual, universal light glimpsed first within, beyond the infusion of light into vigorous activity, including the ultimate refinement of the senses, and the awakening of the deepest values of the heart.

Expansion marks the growth from one state of spiritual consciousness to the next, from that first glimpse of light within, to its establishment, including the refinement of the senses and the careful building of what Sri Brahmananda Saraswati calls Divine sight.

If this refinement, this “perception of the finest relative”, as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi refers to God Consciousness or GC, has not completed, then Unity Consciousness or UC, is imperfect and cannot progress to Brahman. It is impossible, not ready for Cosmic life – like proclaiming that one owns the entire house, by occupying just one large room.

This mistaken tendency to skip this critical step of first gaining Divine sight, direct perception of Cosmic life, then causes confusion. I have heard of a prefix of “para” being affixed to Brahman to account for this complete and practical living of Totality, once perception is fully refined. This is meant to illustrate a similar process of the transcendence of the atman or individuated soul into Paramatman, the undifferentiated Reality of God.

But “para” Brahman is not real. There is no place for Totality to develop further than what it is. This apparent ‘stage’ is borne of the confusion brought by additional refinement of the senses and the heart, during the time when the mind is able to comprehend [partial] Unity. Unlike the gradual subjective growth of spiritual light ascribed to higher states of consciousness, Brahman is birthed whole; a complete and dynamic expression of Totality. In Reality, there is no further stage of human expression, either in this world or the next.

Brahman is Totality, incorporating full knowledge of the three worlds [Heaven, Earth, and Hell], and living Cosmic life, including a seamless and critical relationship with Divinity. Brahman is always lived in fullness, the pinnacle of human spiritual development.

Declaring Brahman as completion is not a result of ego or complacency. We continue to grow and evolve just as we always have, though we recognize that the context and perspective of Brahman, that of transcending the fullest expression of the Self, aka Unity, does not change – there are simply no more stages in human life once Cosmic life is lived. What a relief! Life at last is lived in silent dignity. No more hopping around. 😉

Brahman and Totality continue to grow and learn by virtue of complete surrender. The body machinery is refined and clean enough to operate always in terms of Cosmic life, with all perception, capabilities, and responsibilities enjoyed therein. Although expansion continues, the awareness and perspective of Totality or Brahman remains full and undisturbed, ever lost in surrender to Mother Divine.

Brahman lives on the event horizon of Totality.

Two Photos of Saturn and a Later Rising of Jupiter

I was pleased to be able to take the Saturn photographs, 830 million miles away, as it is tricky to get the right light and focus, even with a tripod (Nikon P900 – ISO 400, 1/60 s., F 6.3, manual focus). My Jupiter and four moons rising video is 2:26 tonight, as I caught Jupiter further from the horizon. Please enjoy!

Living Brahman – Mastering Time and Space

pink crepe myrtle at dawn today
and fuchsia

Unlike the depictions in comic books and movies, mastery of time and space doesn’t require a cape, or even a dhoti. 🙂 Even as we transcend our individual universal natures, our Selves, Totality remains itself and Brahman or full enlightenment, lives on the event horizon of Totality.

Once we identify with Totality, Cosmic life, and live it, any awareness, any manifestation, any Cosmic law, becomes familiar, understandable, coherent, and useful. Relative life in the context of our personality, our soul journey continues though. Just like any living thing, there is no need to constantly exhibit or investigate our fully developed senses. A hawk doesn’t idly look with laser focus at the ground unless it wants to eat, for example. Natural life.

However a certain minimum is required should we be at ease with Totality, the three worlds, and the Divine Venn diagram of the Earth in the center of it all. Simply the ability to make it useful in practical life is Totality’s only requirement. To no longer treat the accompanying worlds of Heaven and Hell as blurry images glimpsed at arm’s length, through a small keyhole, into a dimly-lit room.

This takes some dedication, some purification, an investment in ourselves, to transcend into a larger, more fulfilling Reality, where life retains its familiarity and yet contains so much more. So just as we do when learning in school, we trade time, focus and space to learn who we are, and are not.

One counter-intuitive aspect to mastery of time and space is that success rests on surrender. Any aspect of bloated ego, narcissism, will bring everything crashing down. To paraphrase, a fool and his enlightenment are soon parted. Any gift used for self-aggrandizement does exactly as intended, and no more. We become locked in place.

So the trade-off is a simple one that takes some time – Give up everything, and regain Cosmic life. Live Brahman, full enlightenment. Once Brahman is lived, desires continue, and as life becomes Cosmic, our desires become Cosmic.

Rather than leave us in this endless state of suffering, Mother Divine through the agency of the Saints finds a way to bring us to Cosmic fulfillment, especially our global desires for all.

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Peace of the Rising Moon

The sky has been so clear lately as the Summer season quickly dries out the land, creating fewer clouds. Even a half-moon casts so much light. The last photo is a video still of Jupiter and four of its moons from early this morning. Enjoy!

Jupiter, with moons Europa and Io to the left, and Ganymede and Callisto on the right

Living Brahman; Balancing Totality

lizard resting on one of three rock towers I put up

Brahman sustains balance automatically, by bringing the elements of Grace, focus, compassion, flexibility, strength, patience, wisdom, humility, and stamina to every thought and action.

However, living Brahman we don’t become automatons, and are ever works in progress. Through every thought and action we take, our awareness and capability of Totality grows ever larger and deeper, and must dynamically find its balance within us, within Cosmic life, that we can continue to express ourselves, and live according to what we know.

Taking action, whether by thought alone or including visible interaction, immediately disrupts our equilibrium, causes an expansion of awareness, an opening, a unique point in time and space. Living Brahman, Totality, the goal is always to further Cosmic life, and to manifest such light into every sphere of human activity.

Sometimes, it gets messy. 🙂 Given all the variables of the householder’s [non-recluse; out of the cave] life, we find ourselves ever suspended in countless webs of relationships, all dynamically driving towards balance and completion.

From the mundane, like trying to figure out a drone component with no documentation, to the practical – during this disruption/revolution of social norms, when will I next see my daughter? to exquisite puzzles of Cosmic integration, the lively challenges of the Saints: Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Mata Amritanandamayi, Anandamayi Ma, and Ramana Maharshi.

Always so much to do, tirelessly hiking in the mountain ranges of the unknown and the hidden, facing the complete mystery of the next moment, and yet inevitably moving from perfect balance, to perfect balance. Totality continues to find itself through expansion and acceptance, and the inexorable progress of Cosmic life, regardless of what is found.

Brahman brings completion, Cosmic life to everything, or dissolves it in the process, allowing for Cosmic creativity to fill the gap; God looks in. In this way, our human life is not only subject to our Cosmic context, but also takes a direct and dynamic role in bringing balance to our global family.

Thank you, All 🙂

~ All Glory to Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Mata Amritanandamayi, Anandamayi Ma, and Ramana Maharshi ~

Living Brahman – Fighting for Our Lives

Sunset on July 7th, 2020 over the Tuscan Ridge [Mavic mini drone video still (1080p, 48fps) from about 60 feet up from take off]

I learned two days ago that a dear close friend passed away of a broken heart. During the day, I heard about two others who had gone earlier in the year, same cause.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, and anemia were the medical reasons, though knowing them each so well and their circumstances, each would have benefited greatly from a balanced life, inner and outer. I express this out of compassion and sadness, not judgment.

I too know the truth about our temporary stay here and that we continue on, gaining ever more useful vehicles and environments. Nonetheless I cannot help but grieve for those three who left. I miss them all terribly, even while fully aware of the ever radiant Grace of Mother Divine.

Perhaps it is a blessed state to feel we can never do enough for those we love – not in a co-dependent way, but that our heart bursts open again and again, trying to embrace all.

All of humankind is now beginning to recognize its deepest desires, the current dissatisfaction with inequality in all its guises, and the relentless drive for balance, for dynamic equilibrium, for unconditional love, and to recognize and uphold the dignity of each of us, no matter our superficial differences.

Brahman, Totality always wields both the weapons and wisdom of Cosmic life, so the effortless path is to fight for our Cosmic lives, always. Synced up. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi expressed the goal in its simplicity:

Live the highest, first.

The highest in this case, living Brahman, living Totality is the full enlightenment for all, globally. If we are not yet living Brahman, it is still a good thing to keep in mind, ever aware of our brethren in every country.

Each precious human life is Divinity, manifest. Because of this we work tirelessly, effortlessly, and peacefully to bring Cosmic values and Cosmic balance to all, whether here, or someplace else – all of life.

Living Brahman is also seen as waging battle, because Reality, Totality has no compromise. Nothing is half-real, it doesn’t exist. Simply living such recognitions and acting on them, is enough – the strong clear sunlight of truth easily defeats the virus of ignorance. 🙂

Thank you to all of you.

~ All Glory to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Sri Brahmananda Saraswati ~

Living Brahman, Always Bringing Completion

Jupiter and its four Galilean moons (Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Calisto), 380 million miles away – July 5, 2020 (Nikon p900 on full zoom)

There are many elements that distinguish Brahman, Full Enlightenment, in life. For example living the abiding paradoxes is one; enabling and containing the immensity of Cosmic life, all time and all space. Transcending the Self, the atman, is also a critical watermark of such a life.

The practical benefit of this awareness and ability of Brahman, Totality, is to bring completion to all aspects of Cosmic life here on earth.

We begin at home with ourselves, endlessly purifying and integrating until the world is seen purely in terms of itself, no interference, judgment or context. Each object of the senses is seen in its entirety, standing in the dignity of its own awareness. This applies to any and all manifestations of the Cosmos.

Innocently having this vision and ever moving towards completion, Brahman first completes itself in Totality, then moves on to every configuration of social intercourse, enlightening the partner, family, community, town, city, state, country, and world.

Although we act mostly locally, the imperative of Cosmic completion is unerring and unstoppable. Non-local actions are undertaken too, made possible by our seamless relationship with Divinity, and the leverage of the angels, Saints, Gods and Goddesses to joyfully carry out our desires.

We are fulfilled within ourselves, and action is no longer driven selfishly. We continue to act with precision to support all good actions and acknowledge and bring any ignorance or willful evil under the nourishing light of God, the pure expression of Mother Divine, Cosmic life for all.

This is how Brahman brings even our largest global problems, our seemingly insurmountable tasks to fruition – To illumination, transformation, and completion. This is the nature of Brahman, inimitable and resolute. 🙂

Independence Day – Drone Flights

I have recently taken an interest in drone photography and video. These are stills from a flight this evening out to Butte Canyon, and over Nance Pond in back. The equipment is a DJI Mavic Mini, flying close to 400 feet max altitude from a take-off point 1,300 feet above sea level. Speed is about 18 mph in this flight configuration. It can handle wind of 20 mph and remain stationary. I have had a lot of experience with toy drones, so piloting this one is similar.

I did lose contact with the drone at the edge of the canyon, about half a mile away, getting a little cavalier about the line of sight requirement, but the unit just hovered until I adjusted my antenna and instituted the ‘Return To Home’ command. It uses both GPS and wireless for positioning and control.

At one point earlier during the heat of the day, the iPad overheated and I was flying blind, but the controller still functioned, so once I saw the drone I could guide it in for a landing.

Another drone, the Mavic Pro, with a better camera and higher resolution will arrive soon too – Stay tuned! Enjoy 🙂

It looks like a bear’s face in the pond from this height
Note the four ducks in the clear area
Skyway near Butte Canyon
My closest approach to Butte Canyon

Brahman and Interdependence

I walked down to the pond yesterday to complete a task I started a few days earlier, picking up bits of broken glass from a bottle broken on the rocks at least several years ago. The glass is quite thick, so not recent. While doing so, I found another broken bottle a few yards away and cleared those shards too. The animals don’t have the capacity to deal with broken glass and if injured by it, would suffer. The female duck, her ducklings and the frogs all seemed to warm to my presence, allowing me in as a companion vs. a threat.

Living Brahman we live in our world as the animals do, well integrated as children of the Divine Mother, source of the source. However, even with excellent health and any resources available, we still need to depend on others, naturally. For social integration, humility, and efficiency.

Growing up in South East Asia, I did not have regular medical care, just a huge number of vaccines injected before living in various countries (ouch), and first aid as needed. So I didn’t develop the sense that I needed a doctor to remain in excellent health, and only see them on an urgent or emergency basis.

I was picking a few weeds in our garden about a week ago, spontaneously, not wearing gloves, and I must have almost crushed a carpenter bee, as it stung me at least five times on my left hand below my thumb. I had very little swelling at first and did not realize the number of stings. So I toughed it out with antihistamines and aspirin at first. By the next day though my hand had ballooned up and was continuing to swell.

Thankfully we now have a clinic in town again after the fire, and I headed up there. They were very helpful and I received a steroid injection to stop and reverse the swelling. All is well now – my left hand is almost back to normal. I so dearly appreciate the expertise of medical personnel.

The self-sufficiency, the invincibility, the truth of Brahman is there, nonetheless, though these days we no longer live in the cave. 🙂

Living Brahman – Facing All Problems With a Tsunami of Light

Buck at night in the meadow 0408 – June 2020

The process of full integration with ourselves, inside and out, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, occurs quickly and inevitably living Brahman, Wholeness, Completion.

Courage, creativity, compassion and knowledge reach their peak when living Brahman, so even the deepest embedded fears and traumas are isolated in the ecosystem of full enlightenment and healed quickly. This increases our clarity exponentially, leading to infinite horizons both inside and out. The “Here” of all possibilities of manifestation and experience in the three worlds [Heaven, Earth and Hell], and the “Now” of infinite time, unlimited time, peak efficiency.

Funny how a person existing in ignorance could also be said to be living, “here and now”. But the “here” is a present moment restricted as if in prison, by both latent fears of the past, and uncertainties and anxieties about the future. The “now” in ignorance is also lived as a victim, where good moments are over too soon, and bad moments never end, both as inevitable attachments. Life on the surface, tossed about in a turbulent sea of endless duality.

In order to break out of such a prison and live a more useful life, we can create a source of clarity and light within, sufficiently strong to override any reticence in facing whatever we must. Clarity begets clarity.

The advantage is two-fold. First we become who we always wanted to be. Nothing churlish, or bitter, or out of step, or sad-sacking around, as a few examples off the top of my head. Instead we are able to tailor our lives just as we like, effortlessly and continuously accruing good karma, and minimizing anything unfortunate we may encounter. Out of each set of unending possibilities, we always turn towards the most beneficial, righteous and wise choice. Automatically.

The second great advantage to a rigorously tested and infinitely bright light within, illuminating equally both past and future, is the ability to now legitimately take on the world body, for further purification. This happens innocently as our awareness pushes far beyond its common locality, finding solutions for any place the awareness lands.

Life transforms from a mine field, to a vast and resourceful battle-ground, advancing the birthright of humanity one decisive, intelligent, and compassionate action at a time, living Cosmic life, living Brahman here on Earth.

All Glory to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Sri Brahmananda Saraswati

Nance Pond Today

I had noticed a duck and her three ducklings on Nance Pond several weeks ago. In the meantime I have cut a path to the pond, making a quick visit much easier. Today I walked over and saw that the little ones have lost their down, and now have feathers. There are hundreds of frogs too, some still as statues in the sun, others tucked into the tall reeds and shade at the pond’s edge.

Here are my six favorite photos from today, and a two minute (1:52) video of the ducks at the end, with audio. Enjoy! 🙂

Living Brahman – Enabling Cosmic Engineering

Moon-set and sunset – June 24, 2020

To state a defining characteristic of Brahman, it is an abiding paradox. This seems obvious, as Brahman is manifest Totality, and as such dynamically converts all duality into completion, apparent conflict into resolution. This is the paradoxical nature of Brahman.

In terms of global dynamics, Brahman enjoins all the power of the Divine to accomplish its goals. It is an endlessly revolving dance between Divinity and Brahman, with Brahman manifesting the desire cosmically, and Divinity carrying out the cosmic desire as the nature of Divinity. Everybody wins. Joy and happiness begin to grow stronger on our beloved planet Earth.

As another paradox, Brahman derives all of its power, Cosmic Will, as a result of surrender, not control. To gain the ability of the stars, Brahman relinquishes everything, instead relying on the innate intelligence, discrimination, and compassion of Divinity to carry out the desire of Brahman, Cosmic Will. This is the abiding nature of Brahman.

The individual has no control – He is drowned in the Cosmic ocean, ever surrendered to its flow, and at the same time, the necessary yearnings of the pure heart, of the individual must be heard by Divinity, representing all of humanity – a basic desire for the release of suffering, release from the loss of hope, released into a space of calm, of nascent dreams, of success and peacefulness for all, global good.

Many years ago, I heard about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s dream for world peace. Tirelessly He spread His message. His was not simply an empty plea, but came with the creation of a structure that would enable the awakening of the atman within each practitioner of the Vedic knowledge He brought globally; Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Siddhis programs. (There are many programs to enhance our knowledge of ourselves and live the consequences. I mention Maharishi’s because I am most familiar with them.)

The science behind this lifelong effort was that by awakening each of us to our essential nature, the ability to look within would again become a normal part of life, leading to individual, familial, social, national and global balance.

However, such a structure was created within a world of free will, with endless variables as to its eventual success or failure. Absolutely out of Maharishi’s control. In such a situation, attempting to catalyze a global spiritual revolution, the purity of the desire is as important as anything done to further its fulfillment. This is because Brahman as the supplicant has no control, yet uses its access to Totality, the three worlds, to engage the resources of Divinity for its success.

How? By complete and abject surrender, prostrating at the feet of the Saints, Gods, Goddesses and the source of the source, Mother Divine. Giving everything, emptying oneself out in service, waking, dreaming, and sleeping. And yet, control eludes Brahman, though confidence in the success of the desire remains.

Maharishi attempted everything, contacting heads of state, even creating a symbolic World Government to further His dream of a peaceful world. Singularly focused. In the fifty-plus years of spreading His knowledge, another world war has been averted and there are quiet signs of less violence here and there. However, even with careful tending of that beneath the soil, a massive crop had not yet sprouted.

Until now. Messy as it is, the global calls for equality for all are highlighting so many injustices, simply by focusing on that one wrong, the imbalance, the adharma being done to so many. Just as world peace was the prior focus, and continues to be held in our hearts, so have we reached a place of collective awareness, collective calm, to unify in favor of regaining our birthright for equality. Restoring global Dharma.

This support has come about not only through a collective rise in consciousness, but also as a result of our ever connected world, transmitting ideas at light speed, winner take most.

All it took was for the world to stand still for a bit, go into “lockdown”, global enforced self-reflection. Naturally now, the biggest problems are rising to the surface, becoming obvious in the global mind, the collective awareness, moving towards full revelation and a path towards solutions, instead of the age-old repression – guided not by science, religion, or politics, but by everyone’s heart’s desire. We are all in this together.

Quite a masterpiece of cosmic engineering in motion. Thank You, Global Family. 🙂

Living Brahman, Living Unlimited Shakti

Uranus rising to the east 1.7 billion miles away at 0437 AM – June 23, 2020. The light from the planet took just over two and a half hours to reach earth, traveling at 186,000 miles per second.

Shakti, or life force, is simply the power of the Cosmos, manifesting. The subjective feeling is one of power and Bliss, both sustenance and completion together. Shakti is the force enlivened by sattva, or purity. As our life moves from earthly life to Cosmic life, Shakti becomes stronger, until the vessel is pure and emanates its essential nature, its Cosmic nature, its transcendent identity.

This is not simply some intoxication of Bliss, or a vague sense of well-being, or even an unwavering sense of invincibility. Shakti is intelligent, cosmically aware, and it sustains itself through always acting according to the cosmic imperative, life supporting Bliss.

What does this mean? We crawl towards purity and cosmic life slowly, finding our way, nearly blind and certainly dumb. 🙂 However just one clear experience of Shakti, the essence of Cosmic life, unlimited ability and power, guaranteed success, and we will seek the Source of such a wondrous fulfillment. It sparks the heart.

This is the spiritual journey distilled; to sync with Cosmic life, such that we become indistinguishable from that which fills us and impels us forward, pure Shakti, pure Bliss, pure Cosmic life.

In the course of owning this power, becoming ever aware of the ‘nuclear reactor’ of Shakti found in the center of our heart, the purest, pulsing and emanating pure gold of Divine life, God’s stilled breath, we must overcome any obstacles to its shining forth from everyone, and this becomes our life’s work.

It looks quite grand and dignified from the outside and it truly is, though seen as a simple picture of Cosmic life, it becomes each of us, a little girl or boy, innocently seeking more sweets from the patient hand of God, so that we may place one in our pocket, and give the rest out. 🙂

Living Brahman, Stretch Goals and Miracles – My Gratitude to Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma)

Turkey Vulture hunting for carrion today – June 18, 2020

Living Brahman we live in the three worlds [Heaven, Earth, and Hell], as a practical matter. As fun and blissful as it is, Totality is available so that we can accomplish our tasks, ever transforming Earth life into Cosmic life for all.

Devotion to Brahman is a prerequisite for this work. Otherwise our immaturity will impede us and create delusion. Brahman means no unresolved karma, nothing on the shopping list we came in with; established in freedom.

We can then decide what to do, guided innocently by purity and compassion.

Given a lifetime of global living and meeting Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, in addition to my critical spiritual education through the techniques, actions, writing and speech of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (whew!), I see our human lives in their fullness, and set out to practically reflect that. For example, the Cosmic template of a marriage is simply each person gathering all the love of each day and pouring it into the other. Quite simple. Here is a comprehensive example of establishing that here on Earth:

My wife was severely abused and terrorized as a child, so that her and her sister were seen closer to wives of their father, than daughters. This caused my wife to have a split personality. Very subtle, and I toiled outside the gates of the awful hellish “family” that the old bastard had set up for over twenty years. I did not know what was going on nor did my wife. A deeply hidden and interlocking dynamic to uphold always the secret of the past abuse, that the family was locked into like zombies. It almost looked normal.

My father in law was the most evil person I have ever known personally. Everything he said was a lie, about his past and everything else, always running his complete deception, and yet there before me was the kindliest looking old man, an upright pillar of the community, shoes shined, hair like a marine, impeccable manners with a good sense of humor and twinkling eyes. An evil, twisted, insane, sadistic, demonic personality hiding in plain sight.

Over the years, by meditating diligently, both me and my wife, I began to ever so slowly make sense of the craziness simply by paying close attention, and noticing some things that were way off. I had become a target of the family, with all of my power slowly taken away. I was broken down to nothing as I assumed more and more of the family’s karma, the devil’s bargain. I filled at least a five gallon bucket with my tears, and even stopped dreaming due to constant nightmares – every day was pain, physical pain, like fire in my body. Normal functioning took great effort though I continued to meet all my responsibilities.

Slowly I began to piece it all together, even though for years my wife would totally deny everything, and conditions were set for every shared thought. Anyway, about the time I began this blog, things began to break loose and my wife’s delusion quickly evaporated as a result of my growing living of Brahman and her ascent into Unity.

Many miracles occurred, though the effort lasting as long as it did, over two decades, I developed some post-traumatic stress symptoms that I was working on clearing, until recently. Even with powerful meditation, the emotional distortion I was forced to endure needed endless clearing, a very gradual process on my own, like eliminating a magnetic field.

Without the assistance of Divinity and Sri Brahmananda Saraswati success would not have been possible. I learned all about developing relationships with the Divine Beings, and how to make such relationships effective in daily life, to fulfill really big desires. My wife is completely OK now and the kind loving soul whom I glimpsed for moments before is here permanently. She also understands her process of enslavement and redemption.

After this horrible being died several years ago I would go down to purgatory and beat him up. But it didn’t feel good after the first time, so I left that alone and got on with earth life. Then when I checked on him several months ago, I discovered he had lost his human life and is now a muskrat. Surprise! lol – (this event was touched on in a previous post about reincarnation and de-incarnation). All is well and I won, though it was a truly exhausting and maddening experience from which I was still recovering, until recently.

This is where Amma or Mata Amritanandamayi – such a beautiful name – comes in. I had heard of Her for many years, though as an accident of culture, did not take Her seriously. Let me explain. In South East Asia where I grew up, “Amma” or “Amah” is the name for the nanny, the nursemaid. I had several growing up. So when I heard Her name, I thought, “well I don’t need a nanny…”. 🙂

During the course of publishing this blog, I am contacted from time to time by readers. One such reader did recently from Amma’s ashram, and we began a dialogue. In the course of this I wrote of my experiences and something of the crushing effort undertaken, as described above.

Just prior to me sending this description of my twenty year burden and its resolution to my pen pal, I had incurred a small karma from Amma, due to my previous ignorant opinion of Her, that played out as follows 🙂

When I first attempted to write my friend this description using an email program, upon completing my writing, the email program crashed, without saving anything automatically as a draft. This had never happened before. I took a breather, and then decided to use a word processing program with auto saves, which I would then paste into email. So…upon completing the document again, my PC immediately blue-screened and locked up. After a hard reboot, the document was gone with no saves. Hmmm.

Something was going on beyond my comprehension, so I took a couple of hours off and went outside to continue clearing a path through the brush in back. During my work, it occurred to me what was happening. After I came to terms with it, I was able to successfully write my friend and send the description.

This kind person then wordlessly took my burden to Amma during a satsang and Amma took it on, took on the residual pain, and cleared it for me completely in a matter of minutes. The effect was immediate and sustained.

I also do such energy work in the course of daily life and am aware how completely the job must be done, and it was. Precise energetic surgery. For the first time in many many years I sleep soundly and awaken with my residual burden gone, untroubled. I am so grateful to Amma, and I let Her know this, apologized for my previous ignorance of Her, and let Her know that I would help Her equally if the need arose. 🙂

Amma radiates Bliss and compassion. it is quite thick, like a Divine perfume. Naturally I find it intoxicating, and briefly imagined myself floating towards it as if on a magic carpet. 🙂 Though I also recognize my own path I began to travel so many years ago, the path of growing the light within until it overtakes and purifies everything here on Earth. Amma is quite busy and I am too, though I do now have the freedom to look in on Her whenever I like.

It sounds corny when written down but I have had a maxim in my mind for a long time, “Onward and Upward!” 🙂

My deepest gratitude to Mata Amritanandamayi, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

A Heartfelt Thank You to All the Saints Today

The moon this morning just at sunrise – June 16
Golden eagle feathers I found near Mount Lassen – The larger one is 16″ tip to tip

Today I want to express my thanks and gratitude for all the Saints, known and unknown. Those whom I have come to know and those yet to meet. Their purity and influence are not to be underestimated, as they safeguard the very soul of our planet. It isn’t an agreement or conspiracy, simply what needs to be done.

My own words cannot convey the feeling adequately, so I found an apt song, or hymn if you prefer, from a founding member of Traffic, a quiet master, Dave Mason.

Here are the lyrics to his song from 1970, “As Sad and Deep as You”, from his solo album, ‘Alone Together’, and the Youtube link below them. I first listened to this song soon after its release, living in Hong Kong. I was 17 and in the midst of a world of change, not unlike today. Jai Guru Dev 🙂 – Please enjoy!

Lips that are as warm could be
Lips that speak too soon
Lips that tell a story
As sad and deep as you

A smile that’s warm as summer sun
A smile that gets you through
A smile that tells a story
As sad and deep as you

Eyes that are the windows
Eyes that are the view
Eyes that tell a story
As sad and deep as you

Tears that are unspoken words
Tears that are the truth
Tears that tell a story
As sad and deep as you

Living Brahman and Removing Obstacles

wood carving and colored pencil on scrap wood – 11″ x 11.5″ – March 2001

Removing obstacles to what? The obstacles to Totality, the fullness of life. These become painfully obvious, like a dam on a river during constant rain – the pressure for release from confinement becomes clearly apparent; Totality always gets its way.

Just as any living thing grows from its source, outwards, so it is too with Totality, living Brahman. We take care of the center first, for any unfulfilled desires in such a place cause distortion and suffering throughout life, if left untended.

There are no lists or articles to ponder about what to do next. If personal obstacles are sufficiently cleared according to obvious evidence mentally, emotionally, and physically, then we move on to the next radiant of Brahman, a partner, friends and family, then onto community, town, city, county, state, and country, then continent and planet.

Always beginning with our center of perception, the clearinghouse, or as the esteemed Yogis call it, ‘the bag of urine and excrement’ lol… just observing and reporting from the wise, please don’t shoot the messenger. 🙂

So there is no question of choice but rather adhering to Totality, living Brahman, or not. There is no half-measure, just as we cannot be half-pregnant. These obstacles that face us are due to our individual lesson plan, or karma, and must be dealt with, no exceptions.

Thankfully by the time that we are given the responsibility and joy to live Brahman, we have developed the courage and faith to face anything, ever transcending what we thought was important, and facing our ultimate vulnerabilities, allowing others in, remaining still, watching pain and fear and doubt and suffering, and moving towards them for resolution.

If we find ourselves in the consciousness of Heaven or Hell, there is nothing to do, except be there, be here and deal with it – a favorite expression of mine is, “If you are going through Hell, keep going”. Distracting into delusion is not an option in the context of Totality, as Reality remains and will be there with insistence, overriding anything else. Of course we do not wallow in the muck either – all experience is for resolution and completion.

Just as Brahman is full enlightenment, so is life experienced as full Reality, Cosmic life. Living Brahman, we live Cosmic life, ever open and informed by the three worlds and naturally insist on a deathless and fulfilled existence for all. Clearing obstacles big and little, personal and more personal, is the joyous job that never ends, serving on the road gang, building the freeway to Heaven on Earth. Now where did my pick and shovel go? 🙂

Our Emotional Climate Change – When Inequality Becomes Unacceptable

Self-portrait June 12, 2020

A caterpillar emerges from its cocoon, a green walnut ripens to brown and cracks open, ice melts into nourishment, a global Spring emboldened begins to blossom. Life rises and our global family along with it.

This transition is nothing unfamiliar, though we are not used to thinking of ourselves in natural terms, in our Cosmic context. Nonetheless, what humanity is going through is competently and confidently managed forward by our deepest and most potent desires come to fruition. Centuries of ungodly stress and torment have been upon us, devils running freely on the planet, all manner of calamity and suffering, culminating in the last World War. Ignorance begets ignorance.

Since then, the Yogis (those in union with God) have focused first on eliminating the stresses that would tear our world apart into nuclear conflagration, by bringing an overwhelming light into the world that the emotional triggering of a global death wish will not come again. Peace on Earth.

Though there are still pockets of war on the planet, the globalized economy in concert with instant communication makes such drastic solutions less and less viable, and completely unnecessary. The successful push to eliminate inequality now underway will also greatly erode any need for violence.

This was step one – A critical foundation established to first eliminate the possibility of global annihilation, before being able to manage ourselves collectively. Now that this has been accomplished, and the majority of us have recently undergone some enforced reflection through isolation, inequality rises up as an obvious and comprehensive malady, driven by the ongoing catalyst of world events.

The issue has been the triumph of might over right. We have all seen small battles won in this regard, small victories for the good, but the overall status of inequality has remained unchanged, enslaved to the apparent dominance of the material world over the spirit.

To say this has suddenly changed, that inequality has suddenly become a value no longer welcome is true in the sense that the symptoms of rising freedom and unity are plainly visible all over the world. However, these Divine values have taken some time to grow and propagate beneath the soil of our daily lives, waiting until the moment that the light reaches the seed universally, and the mighty force of Cosmic evolution, the compassion of Mother Divine becomes known to all, becomes unstoppable.

In quiet celebration of such fierce progress this morning, I am enjoying a respite, champagne and cake for breakfast. 🙂 Wishing everyone all the best that life can bring you!

Living Brahman As a Householder – My Personal View

Hiking Nance Canyon – April 2019
Balance – June 2019

As I consider the vanquishing of the six internal enemies (the aantarika shhaDarivarga, as defined and outlined by Sri Brahmananda Saraswati) living as a householder in the modern world, I notice that living Totality, any concession to the internal enemies is immediately felt. Cosmic life returns its bounty or punishment quickly and efficiently regarding personal behavior. There is no gap between our actions and their Cosmic significance. Hence the results come swiftly. Karma is lived immediately with any longer term results reflecting the increasing and successful expression of Cosmic life.

Here are my personal reflections based on my experience of the six internal enemies. The battle is over: 🙂

Lust (kaama): Regarding lust as a householder, there is a sacred responsibility whenever we engage in physical lovemaking with another human being. As long as these responsibilities are satisfied, even in the sole mission of the enjoyment of physical pleasure, all is well. Lust is not defined as sex for enjoyment, it is the dismissal of the sacred value of humanity in the fulfillment of that desire.

Anger (krodha): Maharishi said that anger is the conflict of two strong emotions, resulting in the destructive power of anger. For example we love our child but are fearful based on something they have done, so we express this in anger, signaling our failure to manage our emotional landscape, and the relationship. Anger is gradually eliminated as we increase our available emotional space, clear our heads through spiritual practice, create a helpful environment around ourselves, and learn to act compassionately towards ourselves and others, without conflict.

Greed (lobha): Greed is a perversion of the natural satisfaction felt for a job well done. Somehow the ego begins to hunger for this taking, associating it with money and power. The greedier we are, the more empty we become. We lose our power and wealth in debt to greed. Then our Cosmic potential is forgotten and we chase increasing zeros as a measure of our wealth. Living Cosmic life, wealth is found in endless abundance and there is nothing to worry about.

Working my career mostly in Silicon Valley (the San Francisco Bay Area), I went through a lot of lay-offs, and would often nearly run out of money. But it never failed that just as my bank account was running dry a lucrative position would be offered. Money was never something to focus on. By doing all the right actions including the resolution of past karma, money was automatically there.

Delusion (moha): Delusion is something we design for ourselves to make our reality fit the selfish demands of the ego. It is an unbalanced reality, where we are selfish, limited, and confused. All of this is based on an incomplete view of life, based instead on the distortion from stresses picked up along the way. We have both an immature and over-sized view of ourselves when we live in delusion. This can shade our relationship to ourselves and others or even to our world as appearing somewhat worse or somewhat better than it is; unbalanced. Delusion lives in the false safety of reinterpreting Reality to accommodate our weaknesses. Delusion doesn’t stand a chance when held up to Cosmic life, and is gradually dissolved through transcendence, devotion, and surrender.

Intoxification (mada): This could be interpreted to mean a tee-totaling existence, a complete absence of psychoactive substances in life, for example no alcohol, cannabis, caffeine, tobacco, kava, or betel nut.

As householders, we tread on careful ground in consideration of this inner enemy, intoxification or the habit of intoxication, the regular ingestion of toxins. Alcohol is a neurotoxin, a poison, though a glass or two of champagne, wine, or beer is a recognized and accepted addition to any festive gathering. By the same token (no pun intended), ingesting cannabis socially is increasingly seen as normal. Tobacco once widely accepted is used less so now, especially in the US. Kava and betel nut continue to be widely used in SE Asia.

None of the practices mentioned above are particularly injurious to the spiritual path when done in moderation. Of course if one does not pick up such habits to begin with, so much the better.

In my view, the injunction against intoxification certainly and absolutely applies to anything that can kill you, or deeply damage the nervous system. I am speaking of opiates, pharmaceutical drugs for suppression or excitation of the nervous system, cocaine, and psychedelics. Although the psychoactive effects of these intoxicants can be a brief soft substitute for Reality, the ultimate path is Hell. This also includes an addiction to alcohol, despite its wide acceptance.

Jealousy (maatsarya): Pardon me, but I find jealousy to be the most foolish of the six inner enemies, to covet another’s gifts or good fortune seems, well, insane. Why on earth would anyone do that? It isn’t as if we are willing to take the additional responsibility of living the person’s life of whom we are jealous. It is just the immature desire of wanting something unearned. Just the opposite, I am now always overjoyed at another person’s or organization’s [balanced] success. It simply makes for a better world and spreads good fortune. We each have our own path.

This is my view of the six internal enemies, the aantarika shhaDarivarga, and the means by which I am able to dynamically prevent their growth. As karma is returned immediately in Cosmic life, the management of the six enemies and the strategy for my ongoing victory is always obvious. Life continues successfully and untroubled.

Living Cosmic life, Brahman, Totality is the sole solution to the six internal enemies, for we then have enough space in which to play under Mother’s watchful gaze, all the time in the world, and a clear view of Reality.

~~ All Glory to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Sri Brahmananda Saraswati ~~

Living Brahman As a Householder

Hong Kong Island and Kowloon – June 2019

Even spiritually focused for all of our adult lives, very few of us live completely away from the modern world as recluses, seeking the truth and Reality of life in that way. Blessedly the same gifts, techniques, and knowledge have recently become available to the householders of the world, the same path of discrimination and devotion, the path to living Brahman, Totality, Cosmic life. Emerging from the natural world, quickly and directly into the sphere of humanity.

This fullness within, the transcending of all objects of awareness, integrating always with the manifestations and demands of the world and our place in it, becomes its own adventure, the endless discovery of an unknown land, our last hidden continent on Earth, living Brahman in the world, living Cosmic life. Vistas uncovered within, reflecting the endless possibilities, the choices before us in every moment, actions considered and taken in the three worlds [Heaven, Earth and Hell].

Along with my Transcendental Meditation technique from Maharishi, I have also had a long association with Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, “Guru Dev”. As I have begun to observe and examine the life as a householder in the context of Totality, Brahman, I rediscovered an excellent passage from Guru Dev on “the permanent subjugation of the inner enemies”, the obstacles to Cosmic life, as He elucidates them, and how such victory over these enemies brings peace and freedom to our lives. This applies to any life, householder or recluse.

This translation of Sri Brahmananda Saraswati’s words is by Premanand Paul Mason © 2009. The full address by Sri Brahmananda Saraswati can be found at this link below:


When asked about ‘victory’ at the conclusion of World War II, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati had this to say:

“In truth then victory is really this; for the one who has no risk of inner defeat. In truth, by the suppression only of outer (usual) enemies no one can become permanently victorious; because from those enemies there is no lasting suppression. True knowledge of victory occurs then from obtaining control over internal enemies. Really, only by the permanent subjugation of internal enemies is the subjugation of the external enemy achieved; because the inner enemy gives rise to the creation of the external enemies.

The internal enemies are kaama (lust), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), moha (delusion), mada (intoxification) and maatsarya (jealousy). This is really the shhaDarivarga, the group of six inner enemies which create any external enemies of the world; therefore if you wish to experience happiness and peace one must gain victory over all one’s gross enemies, then you should cut off the place of birth of the six subtle enemies, kaama (lust), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), moha (delusion), mada (intoxification) and maatsarya (jealousy). Without gaining victory over the shhaDarivarga (group of six enemies) then you cannot completely eradicate the external enemies. This is fixed.

He who has once given careful thought to the perishability of saMsaara [existence], in his own heart, he gains victory of the aantarika shhaDarivarga (the group of six internal enemies); because to that man, all the material world is instantly destructible, so that he cannot have lobha (greed) or moha (delusion) for anything; because he knows that what he has lobha (greed) and moha (delusion) for today, tomorrow is automatically changed; therefore lobha (greed) and moha (delusion) are to no purpose, in effect they are really connected to remorse and anxiety; therefore lobha (greed) and moha (delusion) are not to be grown in the inner self.

The very seeds of these become destroyed and if there are no seeds of lobha (greed) and moha (delusion) then maatsarya (jealousy) also becomes destroyed. He is also without matsara (wrath). No jealousy of worldly glory and wealth remain, no arrogance or jealousy, then in him anger becomes perfectly destroyed. Thus man’s narrow wishes become attached to those of God’s, and with dutiful mind all business is accomplished. His behaviour is very naturally disciplined and in his worldly life he is like a lotus leaf, detached and pure.

Thus by such dispassionate natural activity man is really triumphant over the shhaDarivarga (the six enemies) – In this way there are no outer enemies of man – he governs over all of nature alike – moreover, none becomes capable of destroying the reign of peace. So really the samadarshii (the impartial, dispassionate one) is the great conqueror, he can remain exhibiting the fruit of happiness and peace.”

Developing the Personality of Brahman

Full moon rising in Paradise – June 5th, 2020

What is it like to live Brahman, Totality? What comes first and foremost is the purification of the vessel, ourselves. This is accomplished through the dynamic and transcendent values of the four elements: Through earth to purify desire, air to resolve all karma, fire to burn the awareness clean, and water to flow with acceptance. These purifications, from earthly life to Cosmic Life, Brahman, are absolute. There is no place for preference or bargaining or anger or self-pity or sorrow. It is what it is. We have asked diligently for this Reality and it is offered, though we must earn the right to it, to Cosmic life.

Desire means all desire to become wholeness – for example if a partner is needed in Unity, it will be the same in Brahman, or if a desire for wealth is unfulfilled, it remains too. Similarly any health issues, mental, emotional, and physical, will present themselves for healing.

Cosmic Life fills in all of these wholenesses so life can be lived completely. Though we must also act and surrender in accordance to such desires, to their conclusion, that we may then progress with the dignity, invincibility, and strength of Cosmic Will, “Thy Will Be Done”, easily and without thinking twice about it.

Karma means all karma, every past action that has come forward into the Totality of time, space and experience is resolved to our present existence. The perspective remains our own, though no element of the Cosmos remains unreachable, unknowable, or unlivable. This is true, though perhaps not all of it in the next five minutes. 🙂

However, Cosmic life is also one of Immortality, never ending life. There is enough time to accomplish everything – Heaven awaits. The surface of our vessel wears out eventually on this earth, though the recognizable essence of ourselves, even our personality, continues living Cosmic life. It must. It is the greatest joy of Mother Divine to shine Her radiance through our eyes, felt through our senses, and lived as our life. All abilities and full surrender, both, the abiding paradox of Brahman.

Awareness sees everything, certainly of ourselves, and any other object of attention in its fullness, its transcendence, its Infinite and Immortal nature. We remain awake always. We remain responsible for all that there will be and all that there has ever been, responsible to accept this within ourselves, beyond any state of consciousness; waking, dreaming, sleeping, self, Self, other, Unity. No artificial partitions or boundaries exist, either imposed from outside or within, all delusions drop away, and we are always left by ourselves, fully and infinitely present, engaged, and focused.

Established unshakably in Cosmic life, we totally and completely accept all that comes our way. Having gone through the absolute purification of the four elements, earth, air, fire, and water, we now simply accept what comes next, offering the rain into vast rivers from the sky, flowing into the limitless ocean, and bathed by eternal sunlight.

These are the first steps to living Brahman, developing the personality of Brahman; purifying the vessel so that it may contain and enjoy Totality, Cosmic life.

Living Brahman, Scouting the Spiritual Revolution

Living Brahman is living transcendence, Cosmic Dharma, nothing that can be held back on Earth. Just the contrary, as more of Totality reveals itself to us through our quiet observation, acceptance and humility, we can see a little further up ahead. The inevitable sequences of time, space, and the dynamic and unifying dimension of love, are revealed here on Earth, played out both intimately and vast, personally and en masse, always recognizable in the enveloping context of Cosmic Life.

Stamina and focus are required. The focus that comes naturally from our deepening and developing relationship with the Grand Creation, the three worlds [Heaven, Earth, and Hell], and all manifestation and Silence therein; Totality. The desires that form naturally from this focus, the desires for a better life for all, the quiet wishes of a pure heart are carried forward with a timeless stamina.

How many times did the sun rise before we were born, awakened, and transcended onto full enlightenment? How many moon-sets were marked until we lived a life in fullness, edging the world forward into global reunion? On the one hand we cannot know exactly how long our service in a particular vein may be needed – So we remain steadfast and both wait it out with patience and dignity, while simultaneously praying, wishing and locking onto such supplications, insisting so strongly on our own transformation in service to their fulfillment, that the Heavens cannot help but take notice.

As the world increasingly fills with myriad choices on what to do, and confers virtual breakpoints of success or failure at every conceivable conclusion, a calm focus on Divinity and steady progress in all areas of life, personal and global, can still be realized. Rather than be slaves to the least of our needs, we can not only achieve all of our personal dreams, we can also apply the same skills of patience and unwavering focus on reaching our global goals.

Just as we take the mantra innocently and let go the same way in meditation, so do we gauge and feel our global desires lightly, and shepherd them forth, by whatever means available. The abiding paradox of Brahman arises again and again, demanding both total involvement and investment, while having no attachment to the fruits of our actions.

Here in the most dramatic and critical context of sin and death, excerpted from an interview in 2002, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi explains the role of karma in fulfilling our desires. Only when all of our karma has been resolved can we be assured of living Immortality, Brahman, Totality, and Divinity:

MAHARISHI: “Everyone has to go sometime or the other. And the basic principle about going or surviving is that no one — now listen to me — no one is responsible for giving any difficulty or any pleasure to anyone.

Problems or successes, they all are the results of our own actions. Karma. The philosophy of action is that no one else is the giver of peace or happiness. One’s own karma, one’s own actions are responsible to come to bring either happiness or success or whatever.”

Question to Maharishi: If someone treats me harshly, if someone shoots me or kills you or harms a baby, how was the victim a participant in that, other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

MAHARISHI: “He is the carrier of my own influence. As you sow, so shall you reap. It’s a very old proverb of mankind. As you sow, so shall you reap.

Sometime you may have killed that man, and then sometime now he comes to kill you.

What we have done, the result of that comes to us whenever it comes, either today, tomorrow, hundred years later, hundred lives later, whatever, whatever.

And so, it’s our own karma. That is why that philosophy in every religion: Killing is sin. Killing is sin in every religion. Whosoever sins, whoever is killed, it doesn’t matter. It’s a sin.

And sin in the will of God is a punishable offense. Because when you sin, when you’ve killed some man, what you are killing? You are killing the cosmic potential within the individual.

Individual is cosmic. Individual potential of life is cosmic potential. Individual is divine deep inside. Transcendental experience awakens that divinity in man. And when you kill a man you deprive him of that birthright of it.

It is the right of everyone to rule the world, to dominate in whole nature of the universe. Master of the universe is every man’s potential insight, cosmic potential. When you kill a man like that you deprive him from getting to his human right.

It’s a human right to live Divinity.”

Rainer Maria Rilke Quotations

Clouds building before a brief thunderstorm in Paradise – June 2020
Prairie Falcon in Nance Canyon – June 2020

Inside during a brief rain today, I found myself wandering through an extensive list of quotes of Rainer Maria Rilke, a poet who captures so many of our states of consciousness. I selected a page of favorites. Please enjoy:

It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”

Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night.”

I want to be with those who know secret things or else alone.”

No great art has ever been made without the artist having known danger.”

There are no classes in life for beginners; right away you are always asked to deal with what is most difficult.”

Let everything happen to you
Beauty and terror
Just keep going
No feeling is final”

I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world.”

Why do you want to shut out of your life any uneasiness, any misery, any depression, since after all you don’t know what work these conditions are doing inside you? Why do you want to persecute yourself with the question of where all this is coming from and where it is going? Since you know, after all, that you are in the midst of transitions and you wished for nothing so much as to change. If there is anything unhealthy in your reactions, just bear in mind that sickness is the means by which an organism frees itself from what is alien; so one must simply help it to be sick, to have its whole sickness and to break out with it, since that is the way it gets better.”

Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart.
…live in the question.”

Only someone who is ready for everything, who doesn’t exclude any experience, even the most incomprehensible, will live the relationship with another person as something alive and will himself sound the depths of his own being.”

Make your ego porous. Will is of little importance, complaining is nothing, fame is nothing. Openness, patience, receptivity, solitude is everything.”

Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart. Try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books written in a foreign language. Do not now look for the answers. They cannot now be given to you because you could not live them. It is a question of experiencing everything. At present you need to live the question. Perhaps you will gradually, without even noticing it, find yourself experiencing the answer…”

The Three Components of Reality – Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas – and Our Current Global Picture

Two young bucks in the meadow at dawn in Paradise – May 2020

All of Reality, all of consciousness, is composed of three elements or gunas; sattva or purity, rajas or activity, and tamas or inertia. All three are necessary to construct, observe, and interact with our world; sattva for direction, rajas for action, and tamas for persistence. Each can pair with another, though the combinations of tamas/sattva and sattva/tamas are disallowed in Reality due to their opposing polarities, though they can bridge through rajas, or activity. Sadhana or practice for purification is a good example.

We can see these three gunas at play whenever an action is observed, either our own, another’s, or even globally. Sattvic action, or action with good intent, is always the goal, particularly as our human family is concerned as it leads to integration with Cosmic life, the breath of Mother Divine.

As spiritual power grows in the world, the awakened possibilities associated with a more balanced society are becoming more clearly reflected in our current world events. The darkness hasn’t left yet, though the light is more evident and far more effective in its reach:

Tamas/Rajas and Rajas/Tamas primary: Action towards stasis, anger, and destruction. Represented by the US President, unmoderated capitalism, and the authoritarian principles evident in the world, leading to racism, violence, and inequality. Driven by fear, ignorance, and ego.

Rajas/Sattva primary: Action towards introspection – physical, mental, emotional, social, familial, economic, environmental and global. Represented by the latest global virus, economic disruption, social consideration and rebuilding, a complete rethinking of the status quo, and regrouping. Driven by self reflection and awareness.

Sattva/Rajas primary: Action focused on higher values and universal benefits for all, Unity. Represented by global equality protests, and a manifest, unshakable thirst for progress for all, in the context of a calmer, cooperative and sustainable global society. Driven by atman and Brahman.

Global social media acts as an essential buffer to both filter out extremes and encourage peaceful integration, by instantly accessing and coordinating information, during this periodic Age of Discovery (now upon us once again).

Sailing on the winds of curiosity and a deeper need, pushed at a furious pace by technology of every kind, we traverse the limitless oceans of consciousness, to re-establish our global Reality in a way that more gracefully dances with Cosmic life.

“May good belong to all the people in the world.
May the rulers go by the path of justice.
May the best of men and their source prove to be a blessing.
May all the world rejoice in happiness.
May rain come on time and plentifulness be on earth.

May this world be free from suffering and the noble ones free from fear.

May good belong to all the people in the world.

And may all the world rejoice in Enlightenment.”

—Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s wish for the world, as he inaugurated the dawn of a new, enlightened era for humankind in 1975

Dharma – The Constant Companion of Totality, Full Enlightenment, Brahman

Nance Pond February 2019
ghost trees February 2019
Looking down Nance Canyon February 2019
Sutter Buttes February 2019

There is no participation in conflict living full enlightenment, living Brahman. Everything of life is accepted, because it makes sense. Cosmic life is simple, and not so foreign as we may think, as all of our laws, natural and human, derive from it.

Dharma, or balance, then comes into play with every thought, every consideration, every construct, every action, and every initiative – from deeply personal to endlessly global. This is critical for living Cosmic life, as no star or planet in the galaxy, and no galaxy in the firmament, is left out. Even tenaciously exerting our free will do we utterly fail to escape Totality, and its companion, Dharma.

How can we truly move forward if we are off-balance? Oftentimes the solution is obvious, though difficult to see without the vantage point of full enlightenment, the perspective of ever accepted Totality, Brahman.

In this way, with ourselves out of the way, all possible solutions can be seen and considered, quickly finding the one that preserves balance, while making progress. In order to sustain this balance we may have to act overtly, and also consciously remove ourselves from any mote of desire towards our determined objective. The abiding paradox of Brahman comes into play, ensuring both deepest engagement and surrender to Cosmic Dharma, “Thy Will Be Done”.

The secret to acting this way isn’t the intellectual realization of its truth. Rather it is guided by a deeper wisdom, a surety that whatever action must be taken, or not taken, rests in the hands of the most capable Divinity, the outcome assured to favor good, and its relatives, compassion, equality, love, safety, and freedom.

In this way, there is no conflict, no fear of being abandoned or forgotten. Living Brahman, even a little ‘Cosmic thinking’ instantly creates the conditions for satisfaction, micro to macro, always focused on perfect health for the individual human body, all the way up to the global body. Living free of mental, emotional, and physical imbalance, free of a lack of integration with the Cosmos. A life in harmony and openness, living Dharma, clarity, authenticity, equality for all, and truth.

This knowledge and ability to live Cosmic life is always available. Such values cannot be eclipsed or diminished once established, no matter the circumstances. Oddly enough, with Dharma as the companion to Brahman, the most challenging conditions simply result in Brahman exerting more power in order to gain the objectives of peace, calm, prosperity, knowledge and health for all. Greater leverage is exerted through Divinity. 🙂

This is the realization of unencumbered equality, at once nothing more, and yet the inevitable path to greater freedom and less suffering for our human family. Dharma restores balance and good prevails. This is the growing Reality of Cosmic life for all.

Living Brahman, Renewing Life on Earth

Bullfrog in Nance Pond May 29 2020

The purpose of living Brahman is to renew life, all of life, so that it is clean and bright and in perfect working order. Renewing the Cosmic template personally through globally.

This renewal occurs regardless of what may be going on here on Earth. Doesn’t really matter, as Brahman, Totality is perfectly adaptable, open, and useful in any situation, from the sublime and perfect heights of Heaven to the torturous depths of Hell, and everything in between. Brahman is not only at home at any time and in any place, it is also intimately involved, bringing both Infinite patience, and vigorous transcendence simultaneously, so that Cosmic Will finds itself into every thought and feeling on this planet, unstoppable for the world.

There is no personal will or desire involved in this intention by Brahman, by Totality, save the critical surrender to the values of Heaven, of the Divine Beings, the builders and counselors of the Infinite, the Grand Creation. The values of compassion, tenderness, love, friendliness, unity, wholeness, strength, patience, kindness, progress, fairness, balance, truth, courage, competition, persistence and above all success for Divinity.

Living Brahman, these values do not simply dance pleasantly in one’s head. No, they are set as concrete examples of action, uniformly expressed in any situation no matter how easy or difficult. In this way Brahman always triumphs; Brahman enlivens Cosmic life, no matter what is faced. In this way, Brahman is invincible, for there is no turning back, nor any serious consideration of that which does not come directly from Heaven.

Taking the first step into action, into commitment, the goal is purification and expression of Divinity, renewing the template for living, long hidden under dogma and hopelessness. Living Brahman, living Cosmic Will is strengthened on Earth, fulfilling the purpose for all. It is inevitable, dynamically rewarding, and the purpose of Cosmic life.

Living Brahman – Freedom for All of Creation, and Freedom from All of Creation

88 Meyer lemons – early 2018

‘Freedom from All’, or non-attachment, is a word heard often with regards to spiritual freedom. The unencumbered nature that seeps into our lives as a result of reliably transcending towards our core identity inside and out – Totality, Brahman, allowing our hearts and minds to breathe the world anew.

During these times of heightened yet recent spiritual interest in the world, the popular object of attention is the Self, our individuated, yet Infinite nature, setting us relatively free from the purely corporeal, the temporary vehicle, our ‘rental car’, created and dissolved for each of our lifetimes.

The Self, fully able to perceive, experience, and ponder the Infinite, established in Being – yet always with respect to ourselves. As comfortable and capable as this state of awareness is, it too is transcended in its fullness, transcending Unity into Wholeness, Totality, Brahman.

Just as the self transcends itself, so does the Self transcend itSelf by becoming Brahman, Totality. What this means is an even more profound surrender to all that creates us. No more getting in the way. 🙂

Non-attachment is carried out with such profound surrender that it is magically transformed into the deepest most profound and intimate involvement possible with the Creation, the abiding paradox of Brahman in action.

By allowing every subatomic breath of Creation its own freedom, throughout all dynamic manifestation, from the smallest and briefest to the massive and eternal, incorporating all of Heaven, Earth, and Hell to exist in complete freedom, do we truly live non-attachment, as complete a release from any vestige of personal identity as is humanly possible.

We do not go mad, or lose our identity – the Self simply takes its rightful place alongside all of the other layers than define us, while being unable to confine us. This is Brahman, giving us access to everything, endless abundance and capability, served to us simply as a result of reliable and innocent transcendence, living Cosmic life. Enjoy! 🙂

The Milky Way, Meteors, and Jupiter

Just as here on Earth, the Heavens have been quite lively lately. Here are four photos from last night; a video-still of a meteor streaking in, and three exposures of the Milky Way. Every time I step outside during these clear nights, I see several meteor trails.

The video-still image is one exposure of a 2.5 hour night sky sequence, with a frame captured every 10 seconds or so (Nikon P900). After increasing the exposure on the meteor trail, I could see that the object had a spiral trajectory.

The three photographs were captured using my Panasonic Lumix, 16MP, using 60 second exposures. In the first photo, Jupiter, the Milky Way, and a meteor trail are all visible in the Southern sky. The second shows Jupiter and the Milky Way, and the third is a shot of the Milky Way directly overhead. Enjoy! 🙂

Global Enlightenment: Comfortably Bathing in Cosmic Life

Comet Swan seen almost head-on, trailing gas clouds – May 2020
Nikon P900, manual focus, ISO 400, 1/100 shutter, F6.3 – tripod-mount, with 10 s. shutter delay to eliminate vibration
Comet Swan seen on full digital zoom, showing gas ejecta – May 2020
Nikon P900, manual focus, ISO 400, 1/100 shutter, F6.3 – tripod-mount, with 10 s. shutter delay to eliminate vibration

One of my favorite experiences is a visit to a mineral hot springs, or barring that a dip in a Jacuzzi tub, jets full on. So relaxing, and always accompanied by some purification – the warm water soothing my skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and internal organs – opening meridians or energy channels in the body, cleaning the mind too, making Cosmic life gently available to the body, observed by the mind, and then brought into action.

This is the same experience that the Earth is facing now – We are certainly aware of Her aches and pains, and we openly have a choice of taking a soothing bath in favor of calm and peace, or favoring one dramatic story after another, rationalizing and attempting control, as if the galactic order can be replaced or brought to heel by our little thoughts of ‘free will’ and conflicting dualities.

The energy that both blows the dust from our eyes, and creates a clear and clean vision of harmonious life for all, is upon us. Like the solar wind, this is a sustained and compassionate delivery of elevated consciousness, refined vibration – just that. It has come about as a result of our collective desires, to be lifted up, and see viable alternatives bringing global progress for all, where none existed before.

This is not a drill – this is life from now on, Cosmic Life for all. Sustained, eliminating the ignorance that prevents our bodies and minds from taking full advantage of that which is granted to us in abundance.

The Earth, like any physical body can sustain exposure to a range of vibrations, the normal hums of daily life, the expressions of a mantra unspoken, and the exquisite subtle barrage we now undergo of universal Silence. This is not the messy silence of complacency, of secrets, stubbornness, torpor and rationalization. This is the pregnant Silence of change, now washing over us all, immersing us globally in its comet tail of light and revelation.

Just as our eyes adjust to vastly more light as we leave the stories of the movie theater and emerge into the real world, so has the Cosmos now fulfilled such a desire for us, to escape our foolish and ignorant notions shining only in the dark, and emerge into Reality, Cosmic Life, truth and authenticity.

This Cosmic Will can be felt, the stepped up energy allowing all of us to shed our overgrowth, limited views, and insular thinking. Under God’s light we walk on an infinite beach, along the endless shore of a limitless ocean, yet many of us still insist on dressing ourselves heavily for imaginary battle in the full sun, armed to the teeth.

Within this current transition these widespread fearful reactions to experience will be quickly replaced by consideration, as one challenge after another rolls in, all innocent reflections of the higher energy world we now inhabit, impossible to categorize, politicize, deflect, deny, or shut out. As cosmically intended, abject surrender remains our only option, and solution.

Surrender does not mean abdication or fatalism. It requires the intelligent recognition of life’s hierarchy, ever serving the Cosmic Will, and living our resultant dignified, responsible, and esteemed position in the Grand Creation, the Cosmos.

“The world is as you are, live unbounded awareness.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Stamina and Intention: Creating a Symbiotic Environment for Living Brahman

Feather River, May 2020

This one takes some doing. 🙂

Because Brahman, Totality, consists of Totality inside and out, a suitable place for living Brahman is an agreement between us, whatever our personality looks like, and our environment. Living Brahman, the relationship of us to our environment is instantaneously symbiotic, effects are seen much faster than the sluggish speed of light, and all desires are fulfilled.

This integration of us into our local surroundings, aka planet Earth, is a give and take between our Cosmic nature, and its awakening result in our world. Living Brahman we exist free of any influence save that of Cosmic life. Living this Reality we see what is going on clearly.

Much of Earth life is concerned with preserving the ego, ensuring that we are always ‘right’ (and always suffering). We insist upon it, trumping our fear of change with reactions towards facile control. Rebelling against Mother Nature as She graciously offers us opportunities to gently see our distortions, and correct them through self-reflection. An exclusively material view teaches us to isolate and dissect life, ever moving further away from its cohesive and unifying basis, established deep within.

This is our right, our birthright, to do as we please, to exist in a delusion of our own making, whatever the result. But Mother has other plans, an invincible Cosmic Will that ever moves forward, whatever our choices, our acceptance or resistance.

Living Cosmic Life, this ingrained ego, this insistence on an imaginary way of being, is secondary to the immense and infinite energy which guides us all so effortlessly. Even though we don’t know exactly how karma resolves itself, we know that by continuing to move as the Cosmos does, no harm can come to us, and problems and solutions are always presented as a Yoga, a union with God, large and small.

Living Brahman, we gain the support of the galaxies and stars and all the munificent Beings therein. We are immortal and ever supported. Given this Reality, we spread the awareness of Totality throughout our local domain, each day bringing the foundation of Cosmic Life ever closer to the surface, enlivening compassionate transcendence everywhere.

Living Brahman, living Totality, we have endless patience, strength, and stamina, bestowed upon us through experience, that we may be equal to the task of spreading the principles and energy of Cosmic Life for eternity. There is no stopping. The task is at hand. 🙂

A New Resident, the Golden Eagle

After the Camp Fire in November 2018 our landscape changed, with fewer live tall trees and a shift in the bird population, adding several species I hadn’t seen here before. Our most prized new arrival is a golden eagle, seen hunting in the canyon and also perched in the burned pine tree in our lower meadow.

According to Native American tradition the golden eagle is held as sacred, representing the values of honesty, truth, majesty, strength, courage, wisdom, power and freedom.

We get strong updrafts out of the canyon over our land, and the prevailing eastern winds spin them into a rising vortex that attracts the larger birds. Many use it as an elevator to lift them to a height where they can then soar northward.

Here are three pictures of the golden eagle, including two where it is being dive-bombed by a western jay to little effect. Enjoy! 🙂

Winged Victory Global Update for May 14th, 2020

Moonrise over Paradise, May 2020

Thank you everyone for the growing and continued global interest in Winged Victory, a blog about living full enlightenment, Brahman, Totality. It is very much appreciated!

All continents (except Antarctica) are now represented, with four new additions (in italics), bringing the total countries and territories to 37:

Africa – South Africa.

AsiaChina, Hong Kong SAR – China, India, Israel, Malaysia, The Maldives, New Zealand, Pakistan, The Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Turkey.


Europe – Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia (also in Asia), Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

North America – Canada, and the United States.

South America – Brazil.

Living Deathlessly, Living Brahman

Wildflowers in the grass, Nance Canyon, Paradise May 2020

Even living Cosmic life, the life that sustains and orders the galaxies, the far shorter span of our human life must also be considered. Sort of an understatement really, as this is our current vehicle for evolution, essential for anything we must learn and accomplish.

What does it mean to live deathlessly? It means living with the utmost reverence and respect for life, especially our own, so that we are of greatest service to ourselves and others. Living Brahman, Totality, Cosmic life, also means that most of death has already been integrated into our lives, so that its eventuality doesn’t occupy the mind much.

Living Brahman, death is certainly never feared, for too much of it is already known.

Please let me explain – When we consider our mortality, we mourn the loss of ourselves in the world, our place in the web of our lives, everyone and everything with whom we actively share our love and compassion. No one ever wants to leave here, regardless the state of awareness.

That being said, living Totality allows us the experience to see the practical nature of our lives as deathless. Not only in the near perfect mental and physical health we attain, accompanied by exceptional longevity, though also in the transcendence of the Self, critically necessary for living Brahman.

As for ‘near perfect mental and physical health’ this comes along as a natural result of the clarity and purity of consciousness [living Brahman]. Each of the body’s cells is so purified and clarified, resulting in optimal functioning. This simply happens as a symptom of living Brahman. There is no more [Cosmic] energy wasted in our dynamic integration inside, outside, and ongoing. Friction-less flow. So that limitless Cosmic energy, instead of getting repressed and confused, spends its time bringing the perfect health and order of the Cosmos into the body and the surrounding environment.

Clean blood, clean cells, clean mind, clean and clear thoughts. This is how the body, dynamically recharged by Cosmic energy, creates a mind ever able to apprehend Totality, ever guided by Divinity.

Another essential piece of living a deathless life, living Brahman, is transcending the Self, the atman, our individuated Infinite soul. Just as we transcend our ego in order to gain Self awareness, so must the Self, perfected in Unity Consciousness, be transcended to live Brahman. This is what gives Brahman its deathless quality, for it conquers death by releasing the attachment to the Self.

Nothing changes. Neither the ego or Self go away entirely. We simply no longer identify with either, are no longer ultimately guided by such limited compasses. Living Brahman, living Totality is simply the state of ultimate freedom for a human being. Life goes on in its deathless state, allowing for clear vision to silently lead oneself and humanity, always in a successful and and life-supporting direction. Cosmic life continues, with no end in sight. 🙂

Free Will and God, the Abiding Paradox of Brahman

Buddha statue in the garden, Santa Clara 2010

Everyone goes through the same process, first learning the difference between life supporting action and it’s opposite. Then, making a choice of which to favor. Life supporting thoughts and action lead steadily to a closer relationship with Divinity, with God.

But this is not a matter of blind obedience or heedless faith. Surrendering to Mother Divine and to God, all the multitude of the Divine Host, is a deliberate choice, based solely on experience. Unless we can fully become immersed in the Divine, the abiding paradox of Brahman is not a possibility. By the same process, we can see that making unwise choices brings us karma that turns our face away from Mother’s, away from Totality. If we insist on such ignorant choices, we will create a big mess. 🙂

Choosing carefully is always a fine line, as the purpose of life is engagement and enjoyment. As we are driven to grow and sustain such goals, we are challenged at every point regarding how to think and act, even in terms of our basic identity.

Living Brahman is often described as living an abiding paradox. Duality, with its endless sea of opposition is transformed into Totality, and integrated as such. Once Totality or Brahman is established, situated between Mother Divine and relative life, problems and solutions are always found together, existing as a completion.

Although Maharishi at one point cautions, “Do not expect perfection in the relative [life]”, perfection can be discovered, nurtured, and made prominent, living Brahman. Prior to this, a tremendous amount of our energy is wasted trying to resolve ourselves to our inner and outer environments.

Much of the conflict is neutralized by allowing our identity to reform naturally, as we transcend towards the fullness of Cosmic life. The ego or sense of self must be robust enough to coalesce around the body vehicle we inhabit, while being calm enough, clear enough to suspend judgment on itself until Brahman is lived, Cosmic life is lived.

Then the ego knows its place always, rendering appropriate service to Divinity with a personal touch, another flower in the garden, meant to provide beauty, comfort, sustenance, delight, Reality, even shelter while spreading such an example globally.

This is living the paradox of Brahman, all the values of Heaven, united on Earth, and moving forward.

“We cannot give responsibility, we can only take it.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Who Is ‘fleetwoodmacncheese77’?

After a swim April 28, 2020

After writing under a pseudonym taken from a defunct forum I started several years ago, I have decided to start using my birth name, James Leland Flanegin, on this blog. I go by Jim.

I am named after my great-grandfather, James Jr. (1824-1912), a Civil War soldier, and his son (my grandfather), Leland (1870-1959), an educator and school superintendent.

My heritage is Northern European – 40% Scots-Irish, 30% Norwegian, 20% German-Dutch, and 10% Southern and Eastern Europe. Despite having had ancestors in the United States for over 200 years, I have no DNA from any continent other than Europe.

I was born in southernmost California, a small town called Chula Vista a few miles from the Mexican border. At three months I headed for Penang, then Seville, Jakarta, Manila, and Hong Kong. Also had extended visits in Paramaribo and Suva.

After returning at 17 to live in the United States, I have resided in Washington DC, Missouri, Oregon, New Jersey, New York, Colorado, and back to California. The blog name ‘Winged Victory’ represents both my spiritual progress, and life around the globe.

Delighted that personal computers were invented about the same time I got serious about a career, I worked as a data communications engineer for awhile, then transitioned first into teaching protocol analysis, followed by establishing or tuning technical training organizations: managing personnel, course development, delivery, budgets, and curriculum design.

I now pursue my family, spiritual, and artistic interests, incorporating a voracious reading habit and my sustained exploration of the natural and man-made worlds, inside and out.

Welcome, again! 🙂

Butte Canyon and the Sutter Buttes Today

I haven’t really been off the property in weeks, so I really wanted to go into the “big city” down the hill (Chico, population 100,000) and get a take-out breakfast. It is a ten mile drive, and along the way is an overlook for Butte Canyon. Not in any hurry today, I stopped and took some pictures. Also visible from there are the Sutter Buttes (last photo) considered the sacred site for the area by the original inhabitants. Enjoy!

Two Different Perspectives: Divinity and Humanity

Meteor track above the full moon, from Paradise in the early morning – May 7th, 2020

Divinity is a place composed of light, where the universal guidance counselors and architects of our world reside. A place of enlightened thought, feeling, and manifestation. A residence of dynamic perfection, ever guided by Cosmic Dharma.

These are souls grounded in service to Mother Divine, the source of the source as She is known. All of Creation emanates from Her, as a vast unending wave of order and creative energy, ultimate Grace and compassion, birthing stars and planets, galaxies, Beings, even universes rising and resting from Her womb, all set to the metronome of quickening primordial Silence.

Humanity on Earth is seen as the solid existence that it is, where each manifestation takes a concrete value, a responsibility in time and space. We take form here to interact with what we find and continue the soul’s journey of individual discovery.

This planet can be a near endless whirlpool of experience, learning, and challenge, exchanging one life for another, traveling either up, sideways, or down on the spiral of evolution, according to our accomplishments, stasis, or sin. We are imbued not only with our profound connection to the Divine, but also the ability to will ourselves completely free from such a nourishing influence for awhile, do anything we please, and then live the consequences. Ignorance is not bliss for long.

Earth is an unparalleled university of learning, composed of innumerable layers of life, diversified into endless components of consciousness. Divinity looks upon earth as a place of perfection, and sees joyous work in continuing such a heavenly influence here, particularly during this time of humanity’s soul awakening.

Just as our eyes adjust as children so that we can see further and further into the distance, so is the sight even more finely tuned to see Divinity. So it is with speech, hearing, and feeling, even touch and taste too. Just as anything grows familiar with regular contact, so it is with our connections to Divinity.

It doesn’t have to be a dramatic or arduous choice to seek Heaven. Just a matter of tuning. And tuning is a matter of observation, conclusion, and wisdom. Being in the right place at the right time; Reality, authenticity, invincibility. These are some of the qualities we develop in order to continuously and seamlessly interact with Divinity.

Divinity must be attracted to us also, so it is a two-way street. The Cosmos is ever the compassionate and precise expression of Mother Divine, yet when we need that extra boost, we must also find ways to nurture such relationships with the personified impulses of Heaven. The relationships with the Divine are also meant to be varied and diverse over time. Like any other culture, if we fit in we gain greater access.

This grand relationship, this fulfillment of human values, this seamless connection we hold with Divinity, is often described here on Earth (if it is acknowledged at all) as if one has peered into Heaven through a very small keyhole – Perhaps some light, some vague angelic forms, some good feelings and that will do for now. 🙂 This incomplete view is then reinforced into dogma and written down as the truth. But Divinity is never scarce nor diminished.

Now that humanity has access to many ways of discovering the light within, the fullness of Heaven can be experienced again naturally, calmly and in any setting. This enlightening influence is meant to serve us in life’s practical aspects, and ensure that we always know how to find a way successfully through all of the innumerable lessons we learn here.

Our relationship with Divinity is just one more way we learn about our true depth and identity in life, and how much we have access to, and most importantly, what we are capable of.

Let life happen to you. Believe me: life is in the right, always.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

Karmic Resolution; Fighting a War Without an Enemy

Glacier Bay, Alaska detail 2016

I have always appreciated my Transcendental Meditation* or TM practice, for its suitability for an active life. *not a sales pitch, just my long-term personal preference and experience – Thanks 🙂

Twenty minutes twice a day; something sustainable for a lifetime. Of course any organization offering a product or service wants the consumer to purchase all the bells and whistles, and I did fill out my program with the sidhis sequence, as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This increased my program time to about an hour, twice daily, for over a decade.

Growing up in a reasonably harmonious blend of Eastern and Western cultures, I sought, and found, a practice both profound and simple. A technique that would allow me to organize my past at 21, and ensure a clearer future, without getting in the way of a fast and focused life. Mobile meditation for the individual, always in the back pocket.

I recall Maharishi saying that the minimum state of consciousness for the Age of Enlightenment as He called it, would be Cosmic Consciousness (CC), Being established in Silence during activity. In other words, to fully take advantage of the world’s continuous bounty, while suffering little of its barbs, CC was and is the minimum state of consciousness.

If we consider that we are continuously in the midst of an intelligent universe, one that acts and reacts in concert with humanity, it is obvious that we play a large part in the travails that come upon us. Our relationship with this universal intelligence, this Divinity, is dynamic, and more and more lively as we interact consciously with the multitudes of the Heavenly Host.

Both humanity and Divinity are working towards the same aim, to raise up humankind out of its perennial state of suffering.

Divinity, under the guise of familiar natural laws, introduces break points to humanity, phase transitions, such that our weaknesses are made obvious, and the way forward is made clearer too. Evolution, because it must operate anyway as a Cosmic imperative would rather proceed smoothly vs. the alternative. Though it will proceed, either way.

This then is our great opportunity, to bend to Cosmic will, much as a grapevine wends itself around a post, ever growing towards the light and resting under the stars. Grounded, yet ever making progress.

Just as we have seen the elimination of world war, under the mutual guidance of the intelligent universe we find within and manifested in our world, so do we now face (and create) naturally occurring challenges to ourselves en masse, to recognize the changes we must make to harmonize with our Cosmic nature, our Selves, our Being.

Undergoing all manner of activity, yet ever grounded in the stars. This is our eternal solution, both practical and progressive. We are being guided towards greater health, wealth, and security. Not by any outside agency or voice, but simply by the intelligence within, gradually and surely synchronizing to Cosmic life.

A life that runs smoothly, without friction, no matter what speed nor what scope; calm easily overtakes chaos. No matter what obstacles appear, a pathway through is always granted once we have established our close relationship with Divinity, with the natural world, and with ourselves. We are both Infinite and Invincible, living Cosmic life, living Brahman.

“The world is as you are; live unbounded awareness” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Clouds and Sky

The Eastern sky is particularly expressive here in Paradise, possibly because of the Sierra-Nevada in that direction, and a hot valley to the West, creating many air currents. Taken with my Nikon P900, set to ‘Auto’, or ‘Night Landscape’.

Cloud ships
Cloud tower
Sun and cloud flower

I ran this last photo through the editor a few times to bump up the colors of the sun rays and artifacts from my lens, and enhance clarity. Finally, I dropped the contrast to zero to give it a flat, dreamy appearance.

Prismatic sky

Serving the Highest First, Living Brahman

Succulent growing out of a rock face in Nance Canyon

Living Brahman the compass always points East towards the rising sun, Surya. Sri Brahmananda Saraswati remains always available, always established in the foundation of primordial cosmic Silence. The Divine Host serves every desire. The heart rests in purity – the tender pink and promising glow of the coming dawn, and the crown ever shines clean and bright – pulsing with the energy of all the stars.

All of this comes about as a means to re-establish Cosmic life on Earth. Once the life is pure, it is ever supported by Mother. Three hallmarks of such a life are safety, through the guardianship of the Saints and angels, prosperity, a reflection of the eternal Cosmic wealth, and health, a freedom from all disease, personal and otherwise.

This influence manifests in the three worlds [Heaven, Earth and Hell], bringing an awesome responsibility, and great success.

This eternal light is first found within us at rest, where it can be seen clearly and powerfully felt. Then it continues to establish itself within us, until even the most vigorous challenge does not disturb our Cosmic station. Action is always carried out with truth, fairness, timeliness, and compassion, with little concern how this manifests personally in the moment.

By ever focusing on the highest first, Divinity, we come to know our decisions and our feelings in any situation with respect to God. This subtle awareness then allows us to gradually tune in, and act in the best interests of Cosmic life at any time.

We establish this confidence and flexibility in action to further the influences of safety, prosperity and health for all – faster Cosmic evolution. Standing on the pinnacle of time and space, we expertly toss our grappling hooks upwards towards our brightest future, and making firm contact, pull the present heavenward into such a Reality, for everyone to enjoy.

This is done by all means, to the delight of the Divine. As a result, Heaven graciously finds a place on Earth, one feeling, thought, glance, gesture, action, and silence at a time. Such budding global purity then emphasizes safety (peace instead of war), prosperity (equality instead of greed), and health (clarity and calm instead of stress).

By being ever focused and grounded on the highest, first, we can make our fastest progress in life. This doesn’t mean a sequestered life. In fact just the opposite. While we may find great comfort in coddling the nascent silence that begins to be appreciated at the beginning of the spiritual journey, it is not ours, and must be ever transcended to gain the status of Cosmic life.

There is no fear in this, as we are always supported. In time, we also gain the ability to radiate and amplify such support.

All Glory to Mother Divine, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 🙂

Living the Future, Living Brahman

Close-up of a vintage ice bucket on the edge of the pool

Living Brahman we are organized to live timelessly, less wear and tear. Healthy mental and physical habits, fewer desires, not out of restraint but from balance, and a harmless karma that even translates to one’s physical possessions, weird as that seems… Life is mostly gentle, even, and long lasting.

The most powerful driver for this calm life is the absence of confusion over how to act both to ourselves, and in the world. Doing good is not just a platitude or a far-off goal, it is reality, set in place by Totality, and made obvious by experience. The alternative is simply not worth it, and after a brief time [living Brahman] it ceases to enter the mind.

The mind being the localized receiver of any thought stream, can be seen as a hub on a limitless wireless network. Having access to everything and anything as necessary, though tuned to the spectrum of Cosmic Law, the obvious direction becomes one of supporting and doing good.

Brahman is the most pragmatic of the states of consciousness (except possibly the deep sleep state, which also achieves a pure purpose with maximum efficiency). 🙂 As such, with this less cluttered view, we find ourselves moving easily into the future, somewhat before others. There aren’t any specific techniques one uses, save the synergistic attributes of clarity and purity, organized on a foundation of Totality. Then it goes by itself.

This is the view and action of Cosmic life, always fulfilling our Cosmic destiny of longevity, health, compassion, peace, and prosperity – Unstoppable. Although the vehicle for managing and organizing such a venture is singular, the effect is Cosmic. The Cosmic life most effortlessly spreads outwardly, from the cave to the house to the network to the world. By whatever means. This is how Brahman lives the future.

Manifesting Our Fears – “Invaders From Outer Space”

Coming in for a landing

Fear is our response to an influence or influences in which we have neither trust, control, or confidence.

This fear shows up in our collective artistic expression and social entertainment as a series of tests, both for ourselves individually, and for the planet as a whole. So many of our TV shows and movies are focused on besting a variety of aggressors; an Old West bandit in a black hat, King Kong, Godzilla, alien invaders, Sauron, zombies, criminals of all types, the list goes on.

Then there are the spiritual and religious remedies offered as solutions to our fears and anxieties; church services, and meditation practices.

All of this to counter a profound isolation and imbalance that we sense with regards to our connection to Cosmic life.

Living on planet Earth we encounter a central paradox to our existence, in that we inhabit individual vehicles that can be operated as mostly solo endeavors, with the stipulation that the fullest use of our personal abilities can be found by transcending any individuality, any attachment to any object, retaining the responsibility for our own evolution while finding our place in the Cosmos.

So in spite of our obvious bodies, distinct from any others, we also share a vital connection to everything Cosmically, in a Cosmic context, Totality, that is crucial to recognize and integrate so that we may live a successful life, free from suffering. Suffering is distinct from pain, in that it includes a component of hopelessness.

The march of Cosmic evolution is unstoppable, and we are an integral part of it, whether we know it, like it, or not. We have no choice. So we can either move forward seamlessly with Cosmic evolution, or we can resist it due to our lack of comprehension.

This resistance either willfully or ignorantly causes a bumpier ride going forward. If individual karmas are not managed responsibly, then the collective karma will create the conditions for all to move forward anyway, with little individual consideration given.

What appear as calamities in our world are nothing more than Cosmic life acting decisively to destroy inertia and imbalance so that we all can move forward. The degree to which such evolution is jarring, unpleasant, or even destructive to us is equivalent to our degree of isolation from Cosmic life.

Just as we must establish such relationships with our inner and outer Cosmic nature, so must all other beings so develop such a relationship with us. If not, the fears arising from ‘otherness’ are always latent in our awareness.

The most obvious and horrendous manifestation of our fears is world war. Such an occurrence is an abject admission of failure in our mission as humans. However, even if we have transcended such a possibility of world war, Cosmic Law has many such opportunities for imposing our evolution on ourselves.

For example, a pandemic may occur. This severely disrupts the flow of daily life across the planet, allowing for fresh, more appropriate ways of living to emerge, more in tune with Cosmic life. There is no reason such attunement must be harmful or disruptive, only that the changes must occur. We are a very small part in such a Cosmic Dharma, so it behooves us to know as much about ourselves as possible, that we may align with it.

Once we do, by engaging ourselves inside and out, we learn how to live life in step with Cosmic Law, so that any opportunity for growth comes about gracefully and inevitably, ensuring maximum engagement and positive results. A broader view, established through observation and reflection, resolves chaos and confusion into the confidence, trust and foundation of Cosmic life.

Just as the Cosmos ever seeks to know us, when we truly offer ourselves to a full, complete life, we are rewarded with all the Cosmos has to offer; Divinity and Her Grace.

“The world is as you are, live unbounded awareness” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

A Trip into the Sierra-Nevada Today

The nearest road into the mountains around here is called Skyway. We took it east today, driving up to 5,000 feet or so. Please enjoy these few pictures:

Looking southeast at the start of our drive
Mount Lassen with it’s peak in the clouds
Looking north towards the Cascades
Looking west across the Sacramento Valley to the Mendocino Range

Man on the ‘Mune: Earning My Sidhis in Rural Missouri, 1979-80

My course badge (‘CIC’ stood for ‘Citizen’s Invincibility Course’), and the garage where I lived with several others on the Missouri commune. The closest door in the picture was one wall of my ‘room’. I took this photo in 1993 as I was driving cross-country, moving to California.
The residence building for the Capital Project, a solar array and one of the strawberry fields to the right. Unfortunately the building faced south, a Sthapatya Veda no-no, and was torn down a few years after my visit in 1993. (1993 photo)
Front entrance to the Kansas City ‘Capital’ (1993 photo)

…I applied for the job and was hired. I was 25 years old. The deal was to work and live on-site for a year, building a facility for in-residence courses, and farming strawberries to bring in additional income. The official name was ‘The Kansas City Capitals Project’, or KCCP.

In exchange, after six months of work I would receive the TM-Sidhis course. Also, instead of doing TM (Transcendental Meditation) just twice a day, we would always do two meditations in the morning, a quick ten minute group meditation at lunch, and another two rounds in the evening.

The sidhis are a number of sutras or specific formulas, appreciated in silence, used to refine and extend the senses, and cultivate other abilities. For example, being able to look into the body, or know anything. Preparation for the Cosmic body.

The sutra that gets all the attention is the ‘flying’ sutra. Although no one has yet floated around the room, extended hops several feet high, clearly beyond the pure athletic ability of the body, are reported quite often. I have also personally experienced this phenomenon.

To reach the facility I took the train from Washington DC, to Jefferson City, Missouri, a couple of hours drive from Waverly and the commune. Two guys picked me up late at night in a light green 1972 Ford Galaxy station-wagon, with fake wood siding, and off we went. Waverly was the closest town to the project site, a small farm town of 400 or so people, kept alive by a small medical clinic.

There was also a laundromat there where we all washed our clothes, and a very old and dusty grocery store that went out of business during my year there. On that street, the original ‘business district’, the sidewalks were about two feet higher than the street, from the days when it was simply dirt. It was easy to imagine the horses hitched to posts not long ago. There was also a small diner, and a convenience store, at the other end of town.

We had pretty spartan living conditions at the work site for the Capital. The group was a total of 40 or so people, either TM Teachers, or what were called Citizen Meditators (like me). Initially we all worked on building the Capital residence building, built in a neo-classical style much like the Capitol building in Washington, DC (see posted pictures). Later, a smaller group of us began planting and tending 14 acres of organic strawberries, and later, five acres of apples.

Some of us lived in a drafty converted garage, heated with a 50 gallon steel drum in which we would burn chunks of coal. Each ‘room’ was partitioned with particle board, and some of them had their own single light-bulb. Our beds were foam mattresses on top of a plywood sheet, supported by six cinder-blocks, one at each corner and a couple in the middle.

During winter we would sleep fully clothed with our boots on, including a down jacket, inside a down sleeping bag. The temperatures would sometimes reach minus 40 F. at night. The shower water from an open pipe in one corner of the garage was just above freezing that time of year and ice would form in the pan, though better than carrying the day’s dust on you, especially when we would be mulching the strawberries with straw in late Fall. That stuff got everywhere.

Later on, two trailers were purchased for the garage residents, and I was able to move into one with a few others. Not much privacy, but much better insulation, and a more comfortable bed. I put my rudimentary electrician skills to use, and wired another trailer used by the teachers. There was also an old farmhouse, where most of the staff and teachers lived. I remember they had hot water. Such luxury. We were paid 25 dollars per month, and expected to provide everything for ourselves, except food and shelter.

The farmhouse had a basic kitchen, along with the occasional rat. The food was all vegetarian and OK, though we grew a lot of zucchini, and I am still not a fan. We also grew some huge, tasty watermelons. Easiest crop in the world to grow with enough rain – make a mound, throw seeds in the center, cover lightly, and harvest watermelons months later.

Near Higginsville, about ten miles away, we would visit a family dairy regularly, making the run to the facility in the station wagon, picking up 25 gallons or so of raw milk per trip. Higginsville also had a Walmart, and it was quite a shopper’s dream for us after the gas and go store in Waverly.

The ride to Higginsville was over both gravel and paved roads, along fields of mostly corn. The unnerving companions to the corn fields were quite a few ICBM (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile) sites. One underground silo was located roughly 300 yards from our property entrance.

What was visible of the silo consisted of a square of gravel about a foot high, with parallel metal rails along the ground near the center of the square, and a large launch door aligned horizontally on the rails, over the missile tube. The enclosure was square, thirty feet on a side, surrounded by cyclone fencing, and topped with barbed wire. There was a camera trained on each site, with signs warning “Use of deadly force is authorized” for trespassing.

Nothing we messed with. The missiles were spread throughout the area, every three miles or so. I have no idea what the total was. Sometimes we would see a site being serviced by the US Air Force, driving deep blue pick-up trucks.

I first worked on the building site for the ‘Capital’. To get started, the building’s basement was dug out with a back hoe, then the walls were poured. My job was to shovel about three feet of dirt between the concrete basement wall and the dirt wall outside it. I would then start up an earth compactor, which was a machine about four and a half feet tall, with a large piston driven foot extending out of a three horsepower gas engine. There was a u-shaped steel handle to control the motion of the compactor, and I would drive it forward to pack down the shoveled dirt. Shovel and repeat.

All of the concrete work was done by outside contractors. After the slab was set, we would frame the walls and raise them. We used a specialized gun to fire bolts into the concrete to secure the vertical walls. The work areas were draped with plastic in the winter and ‘warmed’ with propane jet heaters, as it was sometimes 20 or 30 degrees (F.) below zero.

After working construction for half the year, I and a group of ten others became eligible for taking the Sidhis course in the beginning of 1980. Most of the course is taken in a classroom setting, with the final two weeks in-residence, practicing the full range of sutras, including ‘the flying technique’. The sidhis really broaden one’s awareness in terms of what our consciousness is capable of.

The ten of us, having lived in very challenging conditions, now had a chance to really relax. A wealthy meditator in Kansas City allowed us all to stay at his four story mansion, complete with sauna, and pool table. There were enough bedrooms in the upper two floors to accommodate us all. We sometimes had a free day, and one time visited the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum in Kansas City. A very well done and beautiful collection. I remember the Asian Art sections.

After receiving the sidhis, I worked the remainder of my time in the strawberry fields. It was pretty straightforward, as we were not using any chemicals on the plants, we would hand weed them. The key was to get a hoe with a quality steel blade that would hold an edge. Then we would start down a row. Each was about a quarter mile long, and it would take all day to do a couple of them, plucking out all the weeds.

There were 14 acres to complete, and it took a while, and then we would start over. We hand mulched them in the autumn, by loading a hay bale, one of the large four foot diameter bales, onto forks on the back of one of the tractors, and driving slowly down a row, with two workers tearing off hay and covering the strawberry plants, protecting them from frost and snow. The strawberries were just coming in when I left, and were delicious.

After my year was up, I had made some friends on staff, and one of them was living in Santa Barbara, California, 100 miles north of Los Angeles. I also knew friends in Eugene, Oregon from my college days, so I decided to go there first…

Business As Usual While Living Brahman

A prism and morning sun reflecting off the television screen

World events, or even local events, do not set the narrative or agenda for our lives while living Brahman. At the same time, choosing engagement in any aspect of life is total and complete, played out according to Cosmic life, Infinite life. There are no aspects of human life which can eclipse Totality or Brahman. There is nothing big enough, nothing complex enough, nothing strange enough, to be beyond Brahman on this Earth.

Familiarity, even intimacy with the widest range of human experience imaginable, and even further on, this is living Brahman. Much of this familiarity with every aspect of life is approached in Unity Consciousness, living Oneness, although it now finds its fulfillment in Brahman, ever felt, though no longer seen or thought of as ‘ours’, or ‘mine’.

Because of this Totality of life being reliably available living Brahman, living in the three worlds [Heaven, Earth, and Hell], cycles of completion are both seen and resolved, confidently and successfully – personally, socially, regionally, nationally, and globally. Brahman never fails, at anything. To fail is not living Brahman, no matter the size of the endeavor, task, or desire.

It is this secure knowledge of all aspects of human life, born of our awakened Cosmic existence, along with our grounded confidence in any action, that leads to this inevitable success in every case. From the less significant, to the most profound. There is no magic here – simply a matter of reflecting the power and energy of the Cosmos, and channeling same, innocently and inevitably, into our lives. A seamless relationship with Divinity, bringing grace and dignity to our lives, and endless strength and stamina, a life worthy of being called Cosmic.

What may be sensed by others as the world in a state of disarray is seen by Brahman as the inevitable result of karma at any point in time, the results of prior actions, radiated by each of us as individuals and then handled collectively, consciously or otherwise. Overwhelming? Not really. Living Brahman, we watch, observe, and make our preferences known dynamically, wherever the attention falls.

Grace, dignity, and immortality do not suffer, no matter the circumstance, living Brahman. From being exposed to the most radiant and loving light, to the darkest, cruel, and most malevolent attentions, Brahman retains the ability to embrace Reality, stand tall, own time, and move forward. These are not moods or calculations, they are living completions of the uncrushable Cosmic reality that always perseveres.

Find your Self, expand your Self, surrender your Self to the Cosmos – the three worlds, live Totality for all, a seamless relationship with Divinity, live Brahman. No matter what. 🙂

Surinamese Memoir: Visiting Kourou, Cayenne, and Devil’s Island

Saramaka drum from Surinam

I enjoyed Paramaribo (the capital of Surinam), a very laid-back place, during my visit around the time Richard Nixon resigned his presidency, in August of 1974. I had recently turned 20. Dad was serving there as US Consul-General, prior to, and during the transition of Surinam, a former Dutch colony, to it’s full independence.

Dad and Mom lived in a grand residence, with a small decorative pond on the first floor outside glass patio doors. The house was built in a modern style, and very open, though as was common back then, there was no air conditioning in the common areas, relying instead on the tropical breezes, high ceilings, and ceiling fans.

The bedrooms upstairs were paneled in teak, and had dedicated air-conditioners. A very comfortable getaway from the equatorial heat. One day I was sitting by the pond outside when what looked like a housefly landed nearby, but it was ten times the size. This house was right on the edge of the jungle. We rented and rode horses through our neighborhood once. I wasn’t comfortable outside the wall around the house after dark, because packs of wild dogs would emerge from the jungle and roam the streets.

During my stay, my brother Bill and I with my parents visited Devil’s Island in neighboring French Guiana. We first drove east along the coast to the ferry at the border between Surinam and French Guiana, and took it across to St. Laurent [du Maroni], a town that was until 1953 the transshipment point for prisoners from France, destined for the three islands about five miles offshore that comprised the Devil’s Island prison complex.

There used to be a large prison in St. Laurent too, and the walls and buildings were still there. We stopped for lunch in town and I remember seeing some old white men walking around, and my dad said that they were old freed prisoners. It had been about twenty years since Devil’s Island closed and France considered it a national embarrassment.

We drove further on a two-lane paved road in good shape, though there were some graded dirt sections too. It ran near the coast, with mostly jungle on either side. After several hours of travel past the wild scrub and trees, we suddenly came upon huge rocket gantries emerging vertically from the vegetation, signaling the Guiana Space Centre, near Kourou. Many commercial rocket launches occur there, mostly to place satellites into orbit, due to its proximity to the equator and the resulting boost to the launch from the earth’s rotation.

We stopped and speaking fractured French, procured Cokes and ham sandwiches. There were a lot of white golf carts cruising efficiently about, with men in white lab coats and hardhats driving them. James Bond-ish, in the middle of the Amazon. I remember seeing a house-cat on the grounds, except with Ocelot markings.

After leaving Kourou, we continued on until reaching Cayenne, the capital of French Guiana and as hot as the spice it is named for. This small city is on the coast and the way to reach Devil’s Island. We stayed overnight in a guest house in Cayenne, and the next day took a launch out to the Devil’s Island complex. There was just one island open at the time for the few interested tourists, and a very low-key operation. The French had abandoned it, and had no interest in popularizing this ‘attraction’.

On the island everything made of wood was rotting in the heat and damp, though many of the buildings had some of their structure intact. In the dispensary, a large mural of medical care had been painted in black paint, on a remaining hospital green wall. Further back, up a dilapidated staircase, I saw rotting white towels left hanging on hooks. We also walked through an open air corridor, between two blocks of stone and brick cells, the iron rings for chains still embedded in the walls. Each cell had an iron bar door, and a vent hole high above, letting in rain. The cells were small, about five by six feet, with dirt floors. Brutal.

The waters surrounding the islands are said to be full of sharks, conditioned by a previous diet of corpses. The other two islands are visible and close by, though were overgrown with jungle. Though just a narrow channel of about 20 feet separated them from the main island, it was impossible to bridge the gap without a boat.

After we took the launch back to Cayenne, Bill and I decided as an adventure to be dropped off in Sinnamary, a small town in the jungle, about halfway from Cayenne to the Surinamese border. We’d spend the night there and make our own way back. We found a small pension, just two rooms over a store, and paid for one. We bought an unlabeled bottle of rum there, but it was undrinkable – smelled like olives and looked/tasted like diesel fuel.

Near the equator the sun sets quickly, and we were soon in our room, lying on cots under mosquito nets, and slathered with bug spray. I felt the mosquitoes pinging off my body during the night, but few bites that time. We walked around the town in the morning, and then caught a bus for the border. We traveled through deep jungle, further in the interior than on the way out, over deeply rutted clay roads.

Not long after returning to Paramaribo, Bill and I again set off on another independent escapade, first flying out on an F-27 Otter, a twin propeller aircraft with wings over the fuselage, carrying about 30 passengers, to an airstrip deep in the Amazon interior. Both flying in and out of the jungle basin was an amazing experience, traveling not very far above an unbroken canopy of trees, each 80 to 100 feet tall in all directions, with no signs at all of human habitation.

After about an hour’s flight, we landed in a small town clearing, near Saramaka villages. Formerly called ‘Bush Negroes’ , the Saramaka are descendants of slaves imported from Africa to work on the plantations, who promptly escaped into the South American jungle and began living in independent communities.

Bill and I found our way upstream with some locals in a motorized outrigger, far up a tributary of the Amazon, seeing occasional birds along the river. The air was wet and the sun blazing hot as usual. We stopped at several Saramaka villages, with about a hundred inhabitants each, located on islands in the river. The dwellings were wooden, with a triangular shape, with elaborate carvings flanking the entrances. People were matter of fact, and friendly – my brother and I were the only tourists there.

As fascinating as the Amazon jungle was, we returned after three days to Dad’s place in Paramaribo, and it was like heaven; A/C and cold Cokes! I had sustained quite a few bug bites during the last trip, and the comforts of home were very soothing.

The Sun Filtered by Clouds

The clouds up here often drift by very close to the ground, finding a consistent level at 1,500 feet (about 500 m.). We are at just over 1,300 feet, so they can be witnessed in detail as they pass over us.

Yesterday, there was a raft of cloud going by, filtering the sun with various densities. I took pictures of the filtered orb, zooming in at various distances to catch images of the sun without the obscuring corona [Nikon P900, Auto setting]. Here is a progression of four pictures from yesterday morning, all in ‘color’:

Living Brahman Brings Global Balance

Oregon coast 2019

The hallmark of Unity Consciousness, the highest attainment and development of the Self, is to perceive the world as one’s Self. Universality, Oneness, Unity. We see the universal nature of ourselves reflected in our Reality.

However, much as a planet introduces a gravitational bend into open space, so does a subtle distortion occur in Unity Consciousness, as a result of our identification with our universal nature. Imagine a bicycle wheel with all spokes terminating in a hub. This is Unity, with any object of perception referenced to the Self.

Living Brahman eliminates this distortion by eliminating the identification with the Self, even fully developed in Unity. The Self expands so much in Cosmic Life, Totality, Brahman, that it can only represent itself cosmically, Brahman only knows itself cosmically. All objects of perception are seen in cosmic terms, seen as the completion of themselves. All objects are infused with dynamic, cosmic life, integrated completely with any independent characteristics. Whether a cloud, a sunrise, a continent, or a good friend, all are seen and interacted with in terms of their cosmic Reality.

Unlike the Self-referral evident in Unity Consciousness, all of this activity has nothing to do with living cosmic life, living Brahman, except to generate completion everywhere. Every location the awareness touches is spurred to completion. Everything moves forward inexorably with the power of cosmic evolution, Cosmic Law. Regardless of circumstances, history, or previous attempts, Brahman moves everything within the field of attention towards fullness, towards completion, cosmic evolution.

Living Brahman we are deathless and limitless, for there is nothing of us that will ever end. All life is seen as individuated components of cosmic life, so that even the phenomenon of surface forms apparent in Unity becomes less important, and the degree of cosmic infusion by each of us becomes most important.

Just as each plant in a forest grows differently, so is each moment in life approached with a unique appreciation of its existing and latent completion. Just this attention is enough to set life comfortably on its way with the cosmic goal in sight. The occupation of Brahman is to wake such a tendency in all, beyond the Self absorbed view of Unity, as grand as that is at the time.

Although it seems living UC that we can be most effective when identified with some aspect of the immortal and universal Self, just the opposite is true. When this identification is gone completely only then do we become both a master and artist of life – Dancing in the dark on the circular stairway of life, ever sure footed. 🙂

Just as we move life to completion, it purifies itself as a result of this immediate action. What may have seemed to be calamities and unforeseen events before are now viewed in their accurate context, awakening the intelligence of evolution and completion in any situation, from personal to global.

This intimate familiarly with everything gained through Unity Consciousness now finds its fulfillment in Brahman, without distortion, ever liberated in Cosmic Life. Brahman experiences the Unity of every object, from the object’s perspective. Every object stands in its own dignity of cosmic life, viewed as completion by Brahman.

It is just this view that moves life along – nothing more. This is the fulfillment of ‘do nothing and accomplish everything’ that the Saints and Yogis speak of. All is well and wisely set. Living Brahman ensures this. It is the simple attention of cosmic completion that boosts the cosmic life, the shakti is energized, promoting good life supporting activities. This also brings purification so that any wrong action also brings a swift result.

This is how living Brahman restores dharma or balance to life, every life. The living of cosmic life reduces the separation and isolation from our source commonly experienced, enlivening it in all. Brahman brings Dharma globally, inexorably, invincibly, for the good of all. Brahman makes good action easier for all, always favoring the good.

Enjoying the Dawn

Half moon at dawn from Paradise, California
Hong Kong harbor and Kowloon at night, 2019

When I lived in Hong Kong from 1969 to 1971, it was the busiest place I had ever been. Like most residents, we lived in an apartment tower. The building was located about halfway up the slope of Victoria Peak on Hong Kong island, in an area appropriately called ‘mid-levels’. The apartment faced the harbor and the Kowloon peninsula, including the former Kai Tak Airport, providing a view of ships, water, peaks, boats, ferries, buildings, neon signs, and airplanes I could watch for hours.

To counter some of the frenzy there, I got in the habit of heating myself a bowl of canned soup, usually cream of chicken, waiting until my folks had retired for the night, and sitting on the apartment balcony for an hour or so. It was always after midnight and the city was mine to enjoy in solitude.

I have enjoyed having early mornings to myself for a long time. In Paradise there is a big sky, and I so appreciate on clear mornings watching the sunrise and the moon in the same sky. It is a perfect half-moon this morning.

There is a palpable energy in the morning, the momentum of the coming day, that fades once the sun has risen. It is a wave of sattva, purity, and shakti, cosmic energy, that reinvigorates the planet and its inhabitants as it passes. If we naturally synchronize with it, we too will get an infusion of Cosmic Life for the day and night. A surrender to the natural law of light.

Although I love the benefits of rising early, the cultural model for leisure in our mechanized and computerized world is one of staying up late, and sleeping in when we can. I do enjoy it once in a while if I have worked too hard, though have pretty much lost the desire now, in favor of Silence and the coming wave. 🙂 Good Morning!

Brahman and Living in Accord with Cosmic Law

Another mandala I drew freehand in 1982. Colored pencil on paper, about five inches across.

Living in accord with Cosmic Law means always choosing good, the least harmful option in every case. As the Cosmos is vast, this cannot be accomplished intellectually, aside from the simple choices we make to avoid the most egregious criminal activity.

Most of us are not making consciously bad choices in life, and still the question remains, how to always choose good? How to gain positive traction, rise above the struggle in all domains – personally, socially, economically, politically, and globally?

Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, Guru Dev:

Para[m]atma [God] has given you power to think and decide what is good and bad.”

Concentration on the unmanifest is not possible.

Even a little of [God’s] grace is capable of bestowing on the Jiva [soul] all that is good in its entirety.

Guru Dev simply lays out the truth of choosing good, that it is innate within each of us, and made clear through devotion and surrender. This is not the mood of surrender or devotion. Both feel good, but don’t accomplish much – a quick high. However, by living both values dynamically, resolving them into our lives, this will lead to the rewards that living in accord with Cosmic Law brings.

There is no quid pro quo, no zero sum game when one is God drowned. The glory of the universe comes alive in our life. The lessons one encounters on the way to full enlightenment, Brahman, ensure the present and future path is wide and well kept, and all decisions are greeted warmly by Divinity.

Last Sunday in Paradise, Rising Sun and Ground Fog

It has been a wet and cool Spring this year. We were visited by a late and rare ground fog in Nance Canyon yesterday, about an hour and a half after dawn. Please enjoy the pictures!

Dawn sky, Sunday, April 12, 2020 (6:26 AM)
Rising sun through fog in Nance Canyon (7:53 AM)
Rising sun through fog in Nance Canyon (7:55 AM)
Rising sun through fog in Nance Canyon (8:30 AM)
Rising sun through fog in Nance Canyon (8:31 AM)

The Mandala of Brahman; Living Past, Present, and Future Success

A mandala I drew freehand in 1982. It is colored pencil on paper, with a border of silver metallic ink. The design is about seven inches across.

Living Brahman can be seen and experienced as an ever expanding mandala of Totality. It can then be viewed in two different ways:

Initially, the mandala of Totality viewed head-on represents now, the present, and all the richness available to us, emanating from a single source, Mother Divine. This is the creation of space.

Next, we can focus on the expansion of the mandala of Brahman, of Totality, like the blossoming of an hibiscus flower, an ever emerging center of the future moving to the present surface of life, and then to the past, forming the edge of the ever expanding pattern of the mandala. This is the creation of time.

These two perceptions of the mandala, fixed and dynamic, represent all manifestation, gross and subtle, throughout all time and space, including the quantum, and sacred geometries. This is the ever deepening Totality of Brahman. 🙂

This shows how Brahman clarifies and perfects the use of both space and time, leading to practical success in Cosmic Life.

The Path to Brahman: Internship for Cosmic Life

Altar detail of a church in Sweden

Brahman is all about action. Action in liberation, innocence, and freedom.

Just as doctors must go through a rigorous internship, on-site, with little sleep, working on the front lines of peoples’ lives, so do those who live Brahman also go through an internship. A doctor does this to ingrain their medical skills and knowledge, so that they act and react automatically to whatever they are presented with. This ensures that they become masters of physical life.

So must those who seek their complete liberation living Brahman, living Cosmic Life, go through such a series of life-lessons towards mastery. Becoming aware of Totality, the three worlds [Heaven, Earth, and Hell], and taking responsibility, taking action, growing from earth life to Cosmic Life.

This is not the sometimes heedless or short-sighted action found on earth. This is not even the action needed for mastery of material life. Cosmic life runs on a much larger clock. Even the measurements of science, bringing human life to earth millions of years ago, are inadequate for the measure of cosmic life. Cosmic life is deathless, guided by the same perfection that endlessly moves the galaxies through the firmament. And beyond that, to the very words issuing from the lips of Mother Divine. This is Cosmic Life, this is living Brahman.

On our way we must undergo this rigor, in order to reorient the very core of our Being, from earth life, to Cosmic Life, Divine perfection, dynamic and creative completion. Our goal is similar to that of the doctor’s, with different objectives – To live Cosmic Life without thinking about it, having all abilities always available, ever tuned to the time of the galaxies and even further.

Similar to the guidance used to gain our initial awakening to our universality, our Being, the light within, we now take responsibility as if our immortality depends on it, because it does.

Being a long-term student of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and His boss, Guru Dev (Sri Brahmananda Saraswati), I found a list on-line that Maharishi had enunciated at some point, with very practical advice for those seeking initial awakening, and further states of higher consciousness, even leading to Brahman. Mostly it comes down to taking action until the task is done, without taking issue.

Maharishi’s words:

1-Don’t analyze.

2-Don’t complain.

3-Don’t compare yourself to others.

4-Don’t expect things to be done for you.

5-Don’t expect perfection in the relative.

6-Look to the knowledge aspect daily.

7-Take responsibility*.

8-Problems are all in your head.

9-Hold yourself together.

* I rewrote #7 for a more universal application. His original words were, ‘Own the [TM] Movement’.

One of the gifts of life we are given is the innocence with which life unfolds, always revealing its mysteries as a combination of known and new. In order to take best advantage of such small and large revelations, we must have lived, resolved, and transcended so much of life. Earth is here for just such a purpose. Living endless expansion, endless evolution, revolution, and love. Here for us to embrace it fully, and to transcend in our embrace, to Cosmic Life, Totality, Brahman. Such is the birthright of all of us, available at any time we desire it enough.

When we are earnest about our quest for Totality, to climb the highest tree in the forest, to dive into the deepest depths of the ocean, to live bright golden bliss, and deep, wounding pain, to simply open ourselves to all we are and all that there is, was, and will ever be, without much rest, and no compromise, this is the path to living Brahman. Totality means everything.

However there is no need to seek out extreme experiences. It is ourselves that need the most work anyway, so as long as we are steadfast with working out past karma, opening ourselves to ourselves, the path remains clear. 🙂

The world is as you are, live unbounded awareness” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Philippine Memoir: Exploring Luzon

Me (orange shirt), and my brother Scott in front of Mt. Mayon, Legazpi City, The Philippines

”…The climate in Manila was actually hotter than Indonesia, and quite a bit more humid. Just as the sun cracked the horizon, you could feel the strong heat on your skin. As in Indonesia, there were just two seasons, the (hot) dry season, and the (not quite as hot) rainy season, or monsoon.

We would get a number of inoculations before moving overseas, as there was still the possibility of catching diseases that had largely been eradicated in the US – diphtheria, polio, yellow fever, typhoid, hepatitis, measles, TB, and cholera come to mind. Ouch. While we were in the Philippines, Bill came down with a serious sinus infection. He was hospitalized and because they had to perform surgery to clear his sinuses, he had bandages over his eyes for several days. A scary time for us.

A sight I always enjoyed in Manila were the jeepneys, used as mini-buses, surplus Jeeps from World War II with two side facing bench seats behind the driver, with an aisle between them so that people could easily get on and off. The jeepneys were painted the most amazing colors, rainbows of vivid green, blue, yellow, orange, and red. They also had a lot of trinkets on them, extra bells and horns, and a lot of chrome – Very ornate, each one different but all of them loud and beautiful.

There were many ‘Sari Sari’ stores around Manila and in the small rural towns, the tropical equivalent of a 7-11 in the US, minus the glass front and air conditioning. Every one had the store name in black lettering against a white background, flanked by either Coke or Pepsi signs on either side. As long as you could reach the counter, cigarettes and liquor were available.

Our family ventured to Baguio, in the Luzon hills, five or six times a year, especially during the hotter weather. We left Manila, and passed Clark Air Force Base, and Angeles City on the way. It was a six hour drive, and slow, over rutted dirt roads once we reached the hills, but pretty interesting too after we began to drive through the valleys and mountain passes.

There was a pervasive slogan along the highways, “We want safety, not coffee”. I sort of get it…The other sign we would see everywhere, even in the most remote areas, down gravel roads in the jungle, a yellow tin sign with black lettering tacked to a tree: “Guzman Tech”. I don’t know anything about the place, but the signs were universal. Not far behind, signs for Coca-Cola, and Pepsi.

When we arrived in Baguio, we sometimes stayed at the Park Hotel, just outside Camp John Hay, a radar installation and R&R base, with a golf course and theater, and other times we stayed on the base. The air was always crisp and cool, and there were pine trees at that elevation, such a contrast to the heat and humidity of Manila.

We used to ride ponies up there, through the trails surrounding the base. We also rented mopeds at Burnham Park in Baguio, a park with a large oval track around it. They were Honda P-50’s, clutch-less 50cc mopeds. We would have faces full of dust afterwards. I once rented a 90cc bike, with 3 speeds, a hand clutch and foot shift, and found it to be a handful, considering I was just 13 and not yet five feet tall. Even today at 6’2”, I have never been comfortable riding a motorcycle.

Just as in Indonesia, Dad used to travel a lot in the Philippines, and bring us along. I remember a few of those trips, one to Legazpi City, a city near the southern tip of Luzon. We flew there from Manila. There is a volcano with a perfect cone there, Mt. Mayon, pictured with this post.

One day, we rode a motorized outrigger out to a secluded beach, in a cove with clear water and no roads in, were dropped off, and snorkeled there for hours. There was a small thatched lean-to on the beach and we brought a cooler with drinks. The reef was spectacular, and colorful. I remember the parrot fish, schools of small tropical fish, and bright large corals. Also quite shallow, as we went about a half mile out and still in eight to ten feet of clear water. We wore white t-shirts while snorkeling and swimming as the sun was so hot even lotion wouldn’t prevent a sunburn.

During the same trip we went to a bar, more of a cantina, in Legazpi with Dad and Bill. Dad had some drinks, we had sodas, and there were Christmas lights around – I think it was New Year’s Eve…”

Brahman and Building a Reservoir of Silence Within

Under a full moon in Paradise, looking East

The culturing and establishment of cosmic Silence, our universal potential accessible within, is a relatively new idea, particularly in the West. With the individualistic paradigm always underpinning our social context, it can be difficult to simply surrender to the growth of consciousness, awareness within, as has been done for generations in India, for example.

This desire for ownership and capitalizing on spiritual experience can be an impediment for establishing Silence in concert with even the most difficult circumstances. Yet it is Silence, this flexibility and invincibility that sees us through our most trying times. Beyond this desire to showcase our spiritual achievements lies a balance of infinite Silence established within, so that any action is undertaken solidly within the nourishment and context of cosmic life. 50-50, inside and out.

Such a throne of Silence, establishment in cosmic life, gives us the infinite knowledge and heart to be successful under any conditions, continuing our timeless dharma, the Dharma of Silence. For it is within this established Silence that Divinity comes to be known. By endless surrender of all action, we gain success in all areas of life, including physical and mental health, economic security, and social engagement.

Prior to this unshakable establishment in Silence, living Brahman, we remain susceptible, in some measure, to all of the ills befalling humanity.

Of course anytime we serve our spiritual nature, our connection to cosmic life, we will reap the benefits of a smoother existence, a wider view of both time and space. However, this will not translate into seamless success until we are forever living the cosmic life in Brahman. A perfect balance of deepest primordial silence within, supporting the most vigorous and far reaching activity in the world, ever advancing cosmic life for all.

As we used to say when experimenting with psychedelic drugs in high school (please note: NOT a path to full enlightenment) – ‘Don’t peak too soon’, meaning don’t get lost in the illusion of what is powerfully presented as Reality, for there is far more to come.

There is no reason to fear the continual sacrifice of our identity as we venture further into the natural refinement of our awareness, through transcendence. We never were meant to settle for such a limited vision of ourselves as is commonly presented, exacerbated by the general confusion regarding what goes on within ourselves as a result of our actions.

Yet the way within is the way to worldly success. Instead of being conditioned to always try to push or blast our way through the solid steel door of our desires, a little transcendent meditation may provide an alternative, far more satisfying path. Never underestimate the power of Silence, the gateway to Divinity. Holding such desires in our heart, informed by cosmic awareness do we come to solutions, ever balanced in Silence and activity.

Indonesian Memoir: Monkeys, Bali, and the Cold War

Balinese teak carving c. 1960’s

“…During that trip to Borobudur, we were driving along a forest road again in central Java, and began seeing monkeys swinging in the trees on both sides of the car. We stopped and put bananas on the roof of the car, and rolled up the windows. Soon the monkeys were swarming the car, eating the bananas, with mom admonishing us kids NOT to roll down any windows. Each member of the troop was gray with a white underside, and about the size of a house cat. After the bananas were gone, so were the monkeys.

We would also visit Bali every year or so. This was before any tourist trade had developed, though there were a few cottages by the beach to stay in. At night on the sand, under a string of light-bulbs, we used to watch scenes from the Ramayana performed in a large circular ring, while we sat on the periphery. There was a Gamelan orchestra for accompaniment.

The monkey god Hanuman really sticks out in my memory, with a fantastically carved and painted wooden mask, and large furry costume, with two performers inside, the second one as the monkey god’s rear legs and torso. It was entertaining, though the various gods and demons were also a little intimidating to me as a young child, coming up close, jumping about in the shadowy light, accompanied by the loud brassy, percussive sound of the Gamelan. Very dramatic.

We didn’t hear much about the outside world in Indonesia, though I do remember mom crying over the Kennedy assassination, which at nine, I just knew was “bad”. We also had John Glenn’s Mercury Seven capsule come through town, exhibited in downtown Djakarta, near the US Embassy.

During the Cold War of the 1950’s and 60’s, Indonesia was caught in the political struggle between Communist China and the Soviet Union, and the US. This is the period depicted by the film, The Year of Living Dangerously. I recall our family driving by the British Embassy after it had been burned.

At that time we had several soldiers from the Indonesian Army stationed in our yard, sand bags, and a machine gun. Having taken Bahasa (“Indonesian”) during all my years in school there, I was fluent then and used to talk with the soldiers, and play basketball with them. A couple of times we were sent home from school early, and when mom asked why, we would calmly reply, “They needed the playground for tank training”.

Things continued to get tense in Indonesia, and one early morning in late 1964, we were evacuated. We were driven to the airport, checked in, and walked across the tarmac to the quiet roaring of an immense aluminum jet, a Pan Am (Pan American Airlines) Boeing 707.

As usual for a flight, my brothers and I each wore shorts, a polo shirt, and blazer, with my parents dressed formally. We ascended the air-stairs, the sun not quite up, and entered the well-lit cylinder, the airplane interior, with all sky blue seats, the white globe logo on the headrests, and air conditioning immediately dispelling the humidity from outside.

We were able to travel first class back then, and it was very comfortable. There was a small first class lounge in front of the passenger seats, with an L-shaped seating area, and an oval table on which to put drinks, or play cards. These flights always left in the very early morning to maximize lift before the heat of the day.

From Indonesia we flew to Singapore, then Tokyo, and on to Hawaii, always a special stopover. I recall a hotel in Tokyo where I saw television for the first time. I was ten. It was a Japanese show that I could not understand, but I was transfixed by it. The scene was simply a woman in traditional dress, outside, with snow falling. Even so many years afterwards the experience stands out…”

Brahman and Surrender

Speedboat and cloud over the South China Sea, Hong Kong

Brahman is surrender, and Brahman is also abiding paradox. Brahman surrenders Totality and all aspects of Totality. However this is not the simple release of relative life we feel when we wake up to our universal and infinite nature.

We retain our responsibility for completion, even as we surrender ourselves in Brahman. Life is ours in Brahman, ever more fully as we surrender the way we see and act on it. This is because Totality will always transcend any notion or even solid concepts we hold dear. Totality always surrenders to a full and open heart, while acting according to Cosmic Law.

Cosmic Law is the infinite universal structure that both serves free will, and good, simultaneously. A perfect structure, allowing for infinite variation, all circling back, finding completion in good thoughts and good action. Brahman lives in the realm of the good, the embodiment of the good, as dynamically informed by transcendence, Divinity.

As such, Brahman grows with the innocence of a rose, yet holds the structure of Totality dear, transcending always, further and further into the heart of Divinity. Surrendering always to further Totality, to further perfection.

The open full heart and resolute intellect march forward, openness resolved to completion. Action is the only way that Brahman is expressed, always informed by Divinity. Action takes place in the three worlds, yet always surrenders to Divinity, Divine will. “Thy Will Be Done”; Action in Brahman, Totality, Surrender.

The Cottage Near Bogor, Indonesia

This batik print is of the Borobudur Temple in central Java. I visited it as a child, running among the stupas and touching the heel of the Buddha. Then in 1996, I met my wife, who just a few years earlier had captained and navigated a 32 foot sailboat around the world, with just one other person. Along the way they dropped anchor in Indonesia and visited Borobudur, where she bought this batik.

From 1959 to 1964, I lived with my family in Djakarta (Jakarta), Indonesia, in a white house with a red tile roof, and a flame tree in the front yard. I was there from the time I was five, until we were evacuated back to the US during a serious rebellion, at the age of ten. The film, The Year of Living Dangerously, 1982 (Mel Gibson, Sigourney Weaver, and Linda Hunt), was made about the unrest that led to our leaving Indonesia. We had a machine gun nest and soldiers in our front yard guarding us then. But I digress…

On weekends, to escape the heat and the city, dad had the use of a cottage, through the US Embassy where he worked as an FSO (Foreign Service Officer). No one else used it except our family. It was up in the Javanese hills, about a two hour drive from Djakarta, in an area called Tugu, past Bogor, and before Bandung. Bogor was where then President Sukarno’s summer palace was located, in the center of town, a low white building in back of a large lawn, complete with a herd of grazing spotted deer. We would pass through, usually in the evening, the sky dark with fruit bats, leaving the eaves of the two story, tin-roofed buildings around us, getting reading to feed during the night.

After leaving the city and towns behind and traveling ever higher into the cooler hills on asphalt roads, we would turn right onto a gravel road, and travel about a mile to the cottage. My dad had a sea-foam green 1958 Ford Fairlane four door sedan. It was big enough in the back seat for us three kids easily. Sometimes we would climb into the deck space behind the rear seat, under the rear window. There was rarely any traffic once we left Djakarta.

The cottage was covered with white clapboard siding, with red trim around the doors and yellow trim round the windows. There was one gravity-fed toilet, with the tank high up on the wall. No electricity, we had a stone fireplace for warmth and light, bottled gas for cooking, and kerosene lamps too. There was a living and dining area, with two bedrooms on opposite sides of the living area, roughly 800 square feet total. The cottage was on level in front with the gravel and dirt driveway. To the right of the cottage, and extending behind it, was a lawn with some large pine trees, very shady. Moss grew in the shade. My brother Bill and I would construct tiny frames out of twigs there to build miniature villages, and wall our little buildings with the moss.

Out the back of the cottage, a few wooden stairs led down to a stone walkway, across the short backyard, and down two terraces. Each terrace was planted with hibiscus and other tropical trees and bushes. We would sometimes see flying lizards gliding there, and snakes too. On the bottom terrace was a small swimming pool, perhaps 15 by 30 feet, fed by the mountain streams. The water was untreated and always pretty brisk, and we would sometimes find large bullfrogs that had fallen in. I learned to swim in that pool. It was quite dark, formed of unpainted concrete, and covered with deep green algae. There was a shallow end, a wall, and then the deep end.

Dad was always pragmatic about teaching us how to swim. His method consisted of holding our legs in the shallow end of the pool, and it was literally ‘sink or swim’. I remember picking up the skill quickly. We also had pool floats. My favorites were the ‘sea lion’ swim rings that we would have around our torsos, with an inflated head of a sea lion protruding upwards. We also had ‘Lilo’ brand rafts.

As boys living in the country, we would battle with the other kids who were also up for the weekends, more bark than bite – gave us all something to do. We lived next to a cottage used by the Egyptian Ambassador, and used to “fight” his kid, Faisal. We would all make bows and arrows and bamboo spears, and once I created a morning star, out of bamboo and vines.

No one was ever seriously injured. However, during one of our battles outside, someone pushed Faisal over and his front teeth sunk into the top of my head. The pain for him was so great that he ran straight through a glass door, shattering it as I watched, and was miraculously unhurt. I still have the scar from his teeth.

It was usually my younger brother Bill and I who went exploring, and we knew the area very well, to a distance of several miles from the cottage. It was rural and hilly, with farmers growing mostly rice, and some tea and corn. There were dirt roads, and rice-paddy trails, no trucks or cars, and very limited electricity.

In the small farming village we often passed through on our explorations, consisting of several small homes constructed entirely from bamboo, set on a raised area of earth and surrounded by rice paddies, there was one communal light-bulb – just one, at night. One time Bill ran right up to a resting Kurabao, or water buffalo, to pet it, and the animal didn’t seem to mind. Kurabao were used to plow the rice fields, and for meat and milk.

We used to make our way across the rice paddies to a mountain stream and go wading in it, looking for deep cool pools of water. The water was clean, coming down from the hills.

One day I decided we would find our own island, and claim it. I found some paint and a piece of cloth the size of a pillow case. I painted, “Republic of Nederlich” (??? …my six year old imagination) in green letters on it, with a yellow star at each corner. I tied it to a bamboo pole, and marched off with Bill towards the stream a couple of miles away. When we got there, we began wading downstream, with the flag. We did find an island, about 10 feet wide, and 20 feet long. We couldn’t actually walk on it, as it was solid bamboo, though we did manage to sink the flagpole into it, and claimed it as our own.

One of our favorite activities was to rent and ride the mountain ponies. There were a few for rent, less than a quarter mile from the cottage. Though we were little kids, Bill and I were pretty good riders, and the fellows renting the ponies let us go without a guide after a while. What a thrill that was! We would be gone for hours, racing along trails, and by the tea fields, immersed in the ‘flying carpet’ feeling of the ponies galloping beneath us.

The only trouble we had was one time when we rented a couple of ponies, and the guides told us not to let one of the ponies get in front of the other. After riding awhile, Bill and I forgot, and let just that happen. Soon, his pony was climbing onto the back of mine, and I slid off the neck to get away.

We were always discovering new wildlife, from the blue and purple shelled fresh water crabs found in the streams, exotic butterflies, large bright green lizards, and even poisonous caterpillars. Bill and I would build rock pens about a foot across, and face off the crabs. We called the larger blue ones, ‘Hercules’ crabs, and smaller purple ones, the ‘Spartacus’ crabs. ‘Hercules’ usually won.

When we weren’t running around outside, or sliding down the rock ramps on either side of the terrace stairways, and wearing holes in our shorts, we did a lot of reading. Sometimes in the evening, the family or my brothers and I would play a board game by the fire and kerosene lamps. Compared to the world as it is today, there were no distractions and we tuned to the light of the day, and the dark of night. Without electricity, the rhythms of the world became apparent.

Life in Djakarta, Indonesia, 1959 to 1964 (an excerpt)

Balinese Puja

In 1959 when I was five years old, we moved from Spain to Djakarta (now Jakarta), Indonesia, as a continuation of my father’s career as a Foreign Service Officer in the US Diplomatic Corps, US Department of State.

The picture accompanying this post is a painting of a puja ceremony held on Bali. This painting always hung in our dining room wherever we were. Like a window into my future, I later participated in the puja ceremony that initiated me into Transcendental Meditation at 21, in 1975. Small world. 🙂

A few years ago, just to keep it all straight, I wrote my autobiography. Here is an excerpt from that time in Indonesia. Please enjoy:

“…The street to the school was lined with open sewers on both sides. Occasionally, while we were walking to school, we would relieve ourselves in one. There were also some very aggressive geese on that street, that would emerge honking, nipping and chasing us. Being small, six or so at the time, they were about as tall as we were. As we got older we learned to throw dirt clods at them to back them off.

Also down the street lived some very good friends of my parents, the H******s, Henry and Renatta. They had no children, but they did have a gibbon. Gibbons are apes, and quite large and powerful. They would chain the gibbon to the swing-set outside, and we would try to get as close as we could to it, then run like crazy to get out of reach, before the chain stopped the ape.

I also had a friend on that same street who collected snakes. He had twenty or thirty, and would take them out of their cages and play with them when I went over to see him. Then one day I heard that he had been bitten by one of the snakes, and bled to death. Just like that – none of the snakes were supposed to be poisonous, so I never did figure out what had happened, except that he was possibly a hemophiliac.

Our house was large enough for us all to be comfortable. A single story, with high ceilings. There was a porch, later screened in, where I would read, and drink endless glasses of Tang (just like the astronauts…). I also liked saltine crackers, which in those days came in a painted metal tin, instead of a cardboard box, with the crackers wrapped in wax paper. Given the tropical humidity, the crackers would not stay crunchy for long.

The porch was the entry to the house, leading into the living room, with rattan furniture and a bare floor covered with woven rugs. Wall to wall carpeting was impractical and too warm for the climate in Djakarta (Jakarta).

There was an adjoining dining area, and a hallway leading to the bathroom, and bedrooms. For the first few years, we had electricity just a few hours a day, leaving us to navigate by kerosene lamps in the evening. After two or three years, the embassy (we were always in embassy housing when stationed overseas) installed both a back-up generator, and air conditioners in the bedrooms – they were a godsend!

We always had geckos living on the ceilings, near the screened vents above the windows, to eat any insects, especially mosquitoes. I would look up at them before going to sleep but they never bothered us. Mosquitoes in the tropics are always a problem. I recall getting so many bites, over 50, that then became infected, I was on bed rest for a few days. We had the infamous chemical DDT sprayed into all the bedrooms every evening before bed, to kill any mosquitoes. So far, so good. 🙂

Our bathroom had the traditional Indonesian bathing facilities, a large basin to draw water, and an area to stand over a floor drain and pour buckets of water over oneself, just cold water. As kids we were small enough so that we could also climb in the basin, and I am glad it was well secured! It got us clean, but there weren’t any long lingering baths.

There was also a servants’ quarters near the kitchen. We had a number of servants in Indonesia, a gardener/driver, a cook, an amah, or nanny, for us kids, and someone to clean the house. They were just part of the household and I loved many of them. I recall Semun (pronounced ‘sea-moon’), our cook, very well – I used to hang out and talk with him, a bright and friendly man.

We obviously could not afford and did not need servants when we lived in the US. However in Djakarta, to shop and cook and maintain the house, and take care of three young boys, while my parents worked and entertained frequently, took more than my parents could handle. Especially when we had electrical outages, shopping in the market every day, and water that had to be boiled before drinking.

No fresh dairy products were available, and the bread from the market always had a lot of iron filings in it. My mom would sometimes shop at the US commissary (for government employees), and I remember the very rare wonders of Velveeta cheese, powdered ice cream, and one year, an imported very small, shriveled apple for each of us kids at Christmas. I had not had an apple before, being much more accustomed to papaya and rambutan then. I was impressed more with the novelty of an apple in Indonesia vs. its flavor.

In Djakarta, we would regularly have beggars come to our gate. My mom frequently gave them money. We also had a dog for awhile, a cocker spaniel named Darby, that unfortunately was kidnapped for ransom several times. The third time, my parents decided not to pay, and our dog disappeared, probably eaten. A much different way of living than in the US. More fluid and unpredictable.

For media, there was no television. We had a phonograph player, monophonic vs. stereo, in a large wooden cabinet, with a radio receiver below the turntable. We could sometimes pick up shortwave broadcasts. We listened to mostly classical music, and Gilbert and Sullivan musicals (The Mikado, The Pirates of Penzance). Also the ‘Trooping of the Colors’, a Scottish military album with the sound of bagpipes. I always enjoyed that one. For our birthday parties, my folks would rent a projector and a film from the USIA (now USIS) library.

We used to get our hands on comic books rarely, though I don’t remember going out and buying them. I do recall going to the open market for any dental work, climbing into the chair under a shade from the sun, and the dentist would start pumping his foot-powered drill. I didn’t have many cavities until we moved back to the States for a few years, and I discovered candy…”

Quotes from Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, Guru Dev

The way up – Peaks and glacier in Alaska

I woke up this morning thinking about Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, Guru Dev, and my long association with Him. Going on-line I found some of His quotes (below) which really ‘speak’ to me.

The whole experience is a treasured one, to learn about Reality from someone so wise, compassionate and powerful. One thing I had to be ready for when getting to know Guru Dev was to let Him know me too! – yipes. Talk about feeling inadequate. He rides on the back of a tiger(!), whereas I just have my pickup truck. All kidding aside, it continues to be a wondrous and ever humbling experience.

~Jai Guru Dev~

The Great Guru keeps himself separate from his own body.

If you want to catch the shadow, catch the real thing and automatically the shadow will be in your hands.

Mind is something permanent which remains with you always. Even in the other world it will continue to stay with you. Therefore connect it with someone permanent, God, being the eternal existence in animate and inanimate things.

Every moment is the power of the Supreme to be realised and remembered.

Forgetting the other world, one becomes immoral and licentious.

Learn to make full use of the human body. One should not waste this chance.

A human being is like a lump of pure gold, whereas gods are like pieces of fine jewelry.

The disciple should not copy the behavior of Guru.

The disciple should follow the orders and instructions as given by the Guru.

Paramatman himself will look after the well-being of the [recognised] devotee. There will be no need to pray for one’s welfare: The father will not be able to see his son suffer. Even without being asked, he will do his best to get his son cured. Likewise Paramatman, without even a request, will do the needful.

Winged Victory Global Update for April 4th, 2020

Daybreak in Paradise

Thank you for the growing and continued global interest in Winged Victory, a blog about living full enlightenment, Brahman, Totality. It is very much appreciated!

All continents (except Antarctica) are now represented, with six additions (in italics), bringing the total countries to 33:

Africa – South Africa.

Asia – Hong Kong SAR – China, India, Malaysia, The Maldives, New Zealand, Pakistan, The Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Turkey.


Europe – Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia (also in Asia), Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

North America – Canada, and the United States.

South America – Brazil.

Nance Canyon Near Paradise, California

I was up early today and decided to take a walk down the hill behind the house. The pond is there, but I went south instead, following Nance Canyon. A lot of area yet to explore. After returning I went over to the pond and was happy to see the Canada goose that has taken up residence there – I hear it honking in the evenings to chase away any ducks. Please enjoy these pictures. 🙂

Nance Canyon and the Tuscan Ridge
Springtime trees
Large triangular rock
Canada goose in Nance Pond
Canada goose up close
Sacramento Valley from the Tuscan Ridge
Another large rock

Brahman and Immortality

Sunrise on the Pacific Ocean

Immortality is not the desire to live forever, fulfilled. It is deeper than that, transcending any desire. Simply put, the ability to live an unlimited life is a profound symptom of purification. Purification means no contamination or disease; perfect mental and physical health.

This immortality is also not a static situation. It is the reversal and end of aging. The sense that life goes on and slowly wears us down is completely absent. There is no sense of deterioration. Instead the day awakens us anew and refreshed, with always a surplus of energy. Clarity and creativity come alive in the rising sun, even on cloudy and rainy days. Just as enlightenment brings joy instead of struggle, so does purity bring life instead of death.

Part of the solution is more lightly holding the boundaries that insist on our material reality. Not by dwelling in the clouds, but by participating full force, so that the realization dawns that we are able to integrate any experience into ourselves, and continue to thrive. Widening the circle until nothing escapes our ability. At this point, we recognize our lives on earth as part of a much larger play. As this larger play comes into focus, so do our opportunities with respect to cosmic life.

We begin to see possibilities where before there were none. Sometimes it is the release from duality, a personal, familial, social, or political polarization that was seemingly unyielding now finds a solution. In ever small and large ways, life begins to take shape in a way that we are fulfilled for all time.

Doubt is the enemy of immortality” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

This ongoing fulfillment begins to stir a boldness within us, a courage to at least consider ‘the impossible’. We cannot help but be seduced by the results of our new experience. Our desires may grow even a little audacious, along with the recognition that our capabilities are greater too.

A transformation is occurring, a shifting of gears from earthly life, to cosmic life. Just like any significant transition, this one takes a little while. Values must be tested, and tuned to Divine values. The analogy would be something like first being able to ride a bicycle in good repair down a straight road in the sunshine, reaching the goal easily. Then trying the same thing at night, in the rain and hail, with two flat tires on a twisting road, with obstacles at every crest.

A successful ride deepens our cosmic nature. This ensures that we can take advantage of all of the gifts and responsibility conferred, and that our present instrument always sustains itself in perfect condition for the work ahead.

This is how immortality comes to be, by building a cosmic vessel, fit to sail the cosmic oceans.

Land, Ho! 🙂

‘Temple Dog’ – A Musical Exploration from 2009 to 2018

Album cover for ‘Torus’ by Temple Dog

Having been a visual artist all my life and a music lover, technology finally bridged the gap for me, having never learned to play an instrument or read music (those guitar lessons at 13 don’t really count). The result was being able to compose and publish ten albums under the name, ‘Temple Dog’ (not ‘Temple Of The Dog’…).

My equipment was all software, Sony ACID Music Studio, and a library I assembled of about 40,000 samples, each a few seconds long, covering all genres. The software interface was extremely versatile, allowing me to stretch, reverse, and change keys on any sample, and work with unlimited tracks.

My albums were composed from 2009 to 2018. They are available on all the popular streaming services; iTunes, Spotify, etc., and my publisher is CD Baby. I have sold over 50,000 songs last time I checked, and average one cent of revenue per song – that is not a misprint. 🙂 A tough way to earn spare change.

The cover shown is for the album, ‘Torus’, and all the tracks below, except ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ are from the album. The artwork is original.

Here are five tracks linked to my music on-line, covering a range of time and styles. They are arranged in alphabetical order. I don’t collect any info and there is no registration or cost to listen to them – share them if you like them. I recommend a decent pair of headphones or speakers when listening, as some of the compositions have 14 or 15 tracks.

Apologies in advance! 🙂

Dropping Into The Wave (5:05)

– a distillation of my numerous experiences boogie-boarding.



Godhead Traveler (13:37)

– another extended adventure through the cosmos.



Rock, Scissors, Paper (4:02)

– checking my stats I noticed that the Japanese really like this song.



Waldo (2:21)

– as in “Where’s Waldo?”



Wall of God (7:07)

– this one is a symphonic very active meditation. Accurate description of the contents and what I was trying to create as I composed it. Just like any creative expression, the idea, the vision comes first.


Brahman and “The Final Stress” – In My Case, Birth

Altar display in the Hong Kong Museum of History

What is stress? It is anything that distorts our ability to live a cosmic life. It can be from present, or past factors. These are referred to as karma, the result of past actions. Throw Quantum Entanglement into the mix, and it is easy to see the results of karma as unfathomable.

Nonetheless, with enough transcending and activity, the clouds clear away. We move from a lifescape of turbulent unpredictable weather, to one of mostly calm, perhaps heeding an approaching storm, then on to clear skies. This is not due to any lessening of activity, simply the establishment of cosmic life, of which this one is a subset. Once this is simply lived, activity always meets with success.

I have been enjoying such benefits for awhile, though it became obvious to me, even with a profound synchrony to my life and any activity undertaken, something was missing, or put another way, something was there that was unwelcome and ever disruptive.

Through the regular insights that come about through consistent spiritual practice, I had eliminated all of the usual suspects that could potentially cause me anxiety – I have a full heart, sharp intellect, and a clear and healthy physiology. No economic, familial, community, social or national stresses affect me unduly. All past activities have resolved successfully.

So, what WAS going on?

I began looking at symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and I had some of the same symptoms. Having lived a long and colorful life, I looked back and resolved any remaining issues. With so many years of meditation and being with Guru Dev, I don’t have any resistance to such procedures.

Long story, short, I found myself clear as glass, yet still troubled. There was one place I hadn’t looked yet. My birth into this life.

I was born in the mid-1950’s in a small community hospital in Southern California, when medicine wasn’t what it is now. I was born between two and two and a half months prematurely, a struggle even today. My chances of survival were quite low. Due to my underdeveloped lungs and extremely early arrival, I was born as severely underweight and actually black from the oxygen deprivation, only later turning a healthier shade of blue.

The medical staff placed me in an ‘iron lung’ machine first, and then an incubator. Due to my alarming appearance, my mother was not allowed to see me for the first few weeks, most likely thought I would die, and did not form an attachment to me as her child. Obviously any attempt by anyone at comforting me was impossible for awhile, as I fought my way into this life.

At three months of age, healthy enough to travel, off we went to Penang, and my subsequent childhood in South East Asia. I was a robust, inquisitive, and active child (and adult). Through a dynamic life of travel and immense vistas, I never got back to re-examining the circumstances of my birth.

Until recently, as it became clear that there was something that had occurred then, that had never been completely resolved. Using my symptoms as a guide, I was able to travel back to the birth time, recognize my physical distress, and my overwhelming need to be nurtured and welcomed into the world, which didn’t happen for awhile. That was both terrifying and heartbreaking, to say the least, and I can see markers of that sense of abandonment throughout my life.

Without accessing and integrating this primary emotional pain, the central effect it had on me was to cause an overactive amygdala, the organ in the brain controlling the ‘fight or flight’ impulse. With all of my years of meditating, and a well-tuned physiology, low resting pulse, and optimal blood pressure, I still could not fully overcome this easily triggered response to go from zero to sixty in a heartbeat.

Thankfully, once I had such an awareness of this birth issue, the problem resolved itself quickly and completely. There was no torturous re-birthing process, or much drama at all. I saw myself clearly as I was, felt the shock of struggling to breathe, felt the pain of abandonment, and spent some time doing a mental exercise to reset the amygdala to zero, instead of that nervy foot on the accelerator.

Wow – what a difference. No more build up of tension in the body, and finally feeling the lasting effects of a life well-lived. It feels great to finally arrive here fully on the planet, after so many years – grounded, and yet still ‘born to fly’. 🙂

Brahman, Quantum Mechanics, and Global Events – Part Two

Man Mo Temple interior, Hong Kong

As a follow up to my first post on this subject, a new article emerged from my news feed, complimenting and expanding on the reality of classical and Quantum Mechanical physics operating alongside one another.

This second article explores the ramifications of the density of events calculated in the first (10 to the power of 120, per cubic cm.), while introducing consciousness, or cosmic mind, as the substrate on which such a reality is based.

Such a mind as explained in the article need not have a recognizable or identifiable body to go with it, as the ‘cosmic thinking’, so to speak, is described as a series of events consistent with any observed object, consciousness being all pervasive.

This has profound implications even in daily life, for it graciously explains why we experience both the classic material physics of our objective world (for example, if we observe an oak tree, we can reasonably assume someone else will also observe that same oak tree, describing similar characteristics), while also accounting through Quantum Mechanics for a unique subjective view of the oak tree, and different thoughts about it, for each observer.

From Scientific American, ‘Coming to Grips with the Implications of Quantum Mechanics’, by Bernardo Kastrup, Henry P. Stapp, and Menas C. Kafatos:

…Our view is entirely naturalistic: the mind that underlies the world is a transpersonal mind behaving according to natural laws. It comprises but far transcends any individual psyche.

The claim is thus that the dynamics of all inanimate matter in the universe correspond to transpersonal mentation, just as an individual’s brain activity—which is also made of matter—corresponds to personal mentation. This notion eliminates arbitrary discontinuities and provides the missing inner essence of the physical world: all matter—not only that in living brains—is the outer appearance of inner experience, different configurations of matter reflecting different patterns or modes of mental activity.

According to QM, the world exists only as a cloud of simultaneous, overlapping possibilities—technically called a “superposition”—until an observation brings one of these possibilities into focus in the form of definite objects and events. This transition is technically called a “measurement.” One of the keys to our argument for a mental world is the contention that only conscious observers can perform measurements.”

The excerpt above strongly supports the idea that raising global consciousness is simply a matter of conscious experience manifesting through attention. The key is knowing what to put our attention on, which runs into the maxim:

Knowledge is different, in different states of consciousness.” (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi). However the problem is not a problem, by elevating personal consciousness and its expression to Totality, Brahman.

This accomplishes two things – First, Totality is available, all knowledge, optimal solutions, and second, this raises the vision to one of cosmic life, so that dynamics not apparent to a more limited view can be fully exploited, again leading to elegant yet unforeseen solutions. So the attention must be on cosmic life, which can only be seen from the vantage of Brahman.

Thankfully, two unparalleled proponents of Brahman, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and His teacher, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, were recently here, and left behind the keys to the Kingdom. No worries, we are in good hands.

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Source Code for Enlightenment

Home furnishings store window in Amsterdam

“Wake Up. Kick Ass. Be Kind. Repeat.” A sign in a shop window impossible to ignore. 🙂

Enlightenment, or the increasing ability we gain to live in synchronicity with the Cosmos, Mother Divine’s Grand Creation, is clearly the purpose of life, inside and out.

Once we have woken up to our cosmic nature, the eternal dynamic Self, what do we do? We follow the source code, and, ‘Kick Ass’. There in white and black in the window of our mind. We take whatever precious silence we have gained, and move it into action, into thoughts, considerations, and begin to bring our Selves out into the world.

There is no fear of losing ourselves, as that is impossible. We are transcendent, immortal, and invincible, always evolving to meet whatever challenges there are to face. Effortlessly becoming the deep transcendental Silence, Samadhi, Bliss that grows within during practice, not chased, but simply and naturally nourished.

This Silence of ours is precious, but it is not really ours at all. It is the pure consciousness of the Cosmos, and as such is unlimited. Only by engaging in vigorous activity, making a difference, remaining resolute, do we make this Silence, this dynamic gateway to Divinity, ever broader and stronger within ourselves.

“Stand, Oh Bharata, and fight!” – So does Krishna exhort Arjuna on the battlefield of Dharma, in the Bhagavad Gita. Such knowledge is timeless and to be appreciated. If we simply cherish our ability to have woken up from the stupor of relative life, so be it, though if we only shine it up each day, it stands boldly as a testament to nothing.

Ever putting our cosmic nature to work, in ceaseless attention to perfection and karmic completion, does it then become established within us. Now is a good time globally to put such a principle to work. Now is not the time to bury ourselves in Silence, but rather to lead the charge into activity, remaining in Being, and Being in everything, every aspect of Creation.

Just as we dive so deeply within to culture our dynamic Silence, so must we act equally, ‘Kick Ass’. Make a difference. Sweat it out. Followed by, ‘Be Kind’. Ever important, and goes a long way to living our dynamic Silence, the gateway to Divinity, the abode of all love, compassion, non-judgment, friendliness, and Unity.

Thank you all for your good works! 🙂

“Adopt the standard of perfection, because it is a perfect universe.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Brahman, Quantum Entanglement, and Global Events

Three peaks in the Cascade Range, Northern California

Yesterday, I came across an article in Scientific American – ‘Space: The Final Illusion’, by Lee Smolin – wherein the author was attempting to align space-time, limited to causality within a localized space and the speed of light, with the reality of quantum entanglement, or the ability of two objects to react to each other across any distance, simultaneously and instantaneously.

Hence, according to the author, the resulting fabric of relative material existence is an integration of the two modes of particle operation, calculated at a density of 10 to the 120th power of events, per square centimeter. Denser than a mattress. 🙂 To say that everything including ourselves is closely connected regardless of any measured separation, is obvious when seen from such a perspective.

Within such an ocean of dynamic circuits we can even operate oblivious to most connections, but the opposite reality is available too. This is the closest physical analogy for living Brahman; Totality; Full Enlightenment – all possibilities.

What can we do with it from a practical standpoint? How does our enlightenment serve us in times of global challenge? How do we find our way? With a vast and concentrated matrix of subtle physical connections, actions and reactions of unimaginable complexity, the more we know ourselves, know ourselves to be universal and even cosmic, so is the way found.

In times of great upheaval, the disorder of mental activity becomes palpable in the global consciousness, the fears and angers rising up, the confusion and doubts.

Such is the time that enlightenment is most useful. Who needs it during a picnic on a hillside on a summer’s day? 🙂 Truly, this is when we become balanced, inside and out, finding calm in whatever storm arises, no matter how large or how intense, finding sure direction and dedication, on a foundation of wise surrender, and acceptance of Reality. Brahman; Totality; our birthright, Infinite connections.

By living full enlightenment, such enlivened Silence – the gateway to Divinity – remains unshakable, not by hiding our heads in the sand, but by remaining in activity, remaining conscious, remaining resolute. Quietly forging a path of completion, of karmic resolution for global fulfillment.

Easy enough. 🙂

“The world is as you are; live unbounded awareness.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

An Artist’s View

Prism reflected on a white door

I took this picture this morning, and it got me thinking about what I do as an artist, when wearing that particular chapeau.

And that is it, to find and express images of God that are instantly recognizable as such, through artistic or photographic means, or to create the sounds of God that can be heard as such, through writing, or composing music.

Diligence and focus are always there, because the Grand Creation is anything but static, birthing miracles routinely, and hoping for eyes to see, ears to hear, and hands to feel them. Joy.

An artist is free of any constraints to express God, free of dogmas, knowledge, systems, religiosity, and anything already done and finished. The canvas is only limited by consciousness, to see clearly the magic that appears in life briefly, reminding us of all that it is, ongoing.

The picture accompanying this post was only visible for about ten seconds, the light shining through an octagonal crystal, hanging in an East-facing window, twisted a particular way to catch the rising sun’s rays, just so.

Reincarnation and 'De-incarnation'; Perfect Processes of Cosmic Law

Amphibious bus and fishing boats on the Amstel River in Amsterdam

Just as we graduate, or not, from school, so goes our spiritual evolution, taking on increasing challenges to further our intimate relationship with Mother Divine.

The mechanism for this is called reincarnation, to ensure we have a line of temporary vehicles to inhabit in order to experience the fulfillment of spiritual life; cosmic life. This arrangement ensures balance in creation, so that we all have what we need in order to move forward on our timeless journey.

It is said that to gain a human life is one opportunity in forty million, an amazing boon, and precious responsibility. With each life comes a series of lessons, designed by how we come in (parents, family, gender, race, economic situation, Yuga, physical and mental health, etc.), and what we face during our time here.

Two dramatic examples I am aware of stand out as the means by which Nature accomplishes this balancing act for any soul on its journey:

In the first, a man was born and discovered during puberty that he was attracted to same sex relationships. He was in an ordinary family with two siblings, one who was married that he was very close with. He was active in, and dedicated to his spiritual practice. This was during a time when homosexuality was not as openly accepted as it is today. This was also during the AIDS epidemic – and during that time this person caught AIDS and died.

A little over two years later, the sibling who was married, conceived a child with his wife, a baby girl. This girl was the reincarnation of the brother who had died of AIDS, continuing the relationship as his daughter. Because of his ability to live a good and kind life during his short time before, he was re-born into a supportive and loving family, in the gender he was comfortable with.

This is a textbook example of reincarnation, working smoothly to forward the lives of all involved.

The second example illustrates how Cosmic Law also takes care of those who greatly abuse their privileges. This second example involves a man who used everything in his life for basest enjoyment, also relishing hurting others.

He was a pedophile who raised his daughters so that he could sexually abuse them. His appearance to the community was as a pillar of integrity, but he was anything but. Child sexual abuse scars everyone involved for lifetimes, due to its actions in secrecy, and he perpetuated this secret as an iron lock on his family. A truly evil individual and sadly, not unique in that way.

This human beast lived for a long time without suffering the human consequences of his actions. Then he left the earth, assured he had ‘gotten away with it’. And for a time he did. However, after he was no longer an influence here, his truth began seeping out. By the recognition of who he was, his karma began coming due, first with a torturous stay in purgatory, followed by his human ‘de-incarnation’ as a muskrat.

Yes, a muskrat. He lost his place on the immensely valuable chain of human evolution, and must now work his way up from muskrat life. However, awareness does not die, so he has awareness of his past capabilities as a human being, and they are all inexpressible.

What a torture. Instead of ranting and raving as he did as a human, he can only squeak. Instead of crafting new environments for his ongoing abuse, all he can do is scurry among the rushes, avoiding predators, eating snails and wet grass, and trying to stay warm and safe. He will continue this incarnation until he learns the lessons of humility, respect, and surrender. Imagine the gulf to be comprehended – He will remain a muskrat for many lifetimes.

This second example is rarely spoken of, yet it shows that even if someone creates evil on this earth, balance is not forgotten. Although we may not always have the satisfaction of seeing such human predators gain their just desserts in this life, Cosmic Law assures us that in this perfect universe, all is well and wisely set.

Spend your energy to get joy, happiness, evolution, and to gain more ability to enjoy. In this field we spend our energy. We never use our time, energy, speech, or ability to do something that doesn’t help us grow and improve our life. It’s not worth it.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi