What Is the Relationship Between Enlightenment and Brahman?

Stargazer Lily in Paradise

Brahman IS Enlightenment. Everything else is getting there. 🙂 Once Brahman is lived, the reality contains everything else. It is Totality. This includes all perceptions and all abilities.

The question often arises – What about the sutras taught during the TM-Sidhis course, the personal focus, the mapping of the nervous system to the Cosmos? Examples of such abilities include flying through the air, making the body huge or tiny, materialization of objects, being two places at once, levitation, refinement of all senses, omniscience, strength of an elephant, omnipresence, blah, blah, blah. Innumerable Yogic abilities to sharpen the mind, heart, and body for a fuller experience of this life we live. The Sidhis allow us to assemble the body of Brahman, although the intention for such a completion remains ours alone.

One caution that is frequently cited regarding practice of the Sidhis is that one should be careful not to get lost in the worlds revealed; that the practice can become a distraction along the way. True enough, and this circles back to intention. If the intention is towards fullness and living Totality, then the Sidhis are seen as exceptionally useful tools given to us, to grow towards living Brahman. If not, then they are worthless, no matter how grand, or invisible. As a result, we may find in our journey [onto Brahman] that some Sidhis are very useful, while others do not draw much of our attention.

Also once Brahman is lived, such extraordinary powers are seen as select building blocks of the Totality revealed – the perspective is reversed. The process of manifestation while living Brahman always incorporates the fullness of Divinity, something the Sidhis prepare us for, but do not directly reveal.

The purpose of enlightenment, Brahman, is to live a better life, and if we already do, then to assist others. Enlightenment provides the practicality to fulfill greater intentions; live the fullness of love, the fullness of prosperity, kindness, knowledge and health.

A brief word on health, mental and physical. The most toxic element that can be found in the body is the mind. Also the most brilliant, life supporting, and sustaining energies can be found in the mind. Everything else is common sense.

There is a huge industry around physical purification, something that is available to everyone simply by intention. The intention to be clean, to serve Divinity adds infinite effectiveness to all the diets and programs and practices out there. Just go for the target.

Personally I used to pray to God, then Jesus, then Guru Dev (“My Lord”) to relieve me of my emotional pain, and continue to always give thanks. A prayer doesn’t have to be fancy or time consuming – Just a few brief seconds to acknowledge the source of whatever bounty is being recognized, and perhaps send some blessings to loved ones. Just these few seconds of intention become a good habit, culturing our relationship with Divinity.

During this global transition to Heaven, particularly for those who have cultured subtlety and reflection through Sadhana, it may seem as if our prayers go unheeded, but they are all heard, even the quietest ones. We find allies we didn’t know we had.

This is the true purpose of Enlightenment, Brahman, living Totality – To Live It, and by doing so, bring Enlightenment into the three worlds, touching everyone through a seamless relationship with Divinity.

This is the capability of true Enlightenment, Being enough to bring Heaven on Earth.

Source Code for Enlightenment

Home furnishings store window in Amsterdam

“Wake Up. Kick Ass. Be Kind. Repeat.” A sign in a shop window impossible to ignore. 🙂

Enlightenment, or the increasing ability we gain to live in synchronicity with the Cosmos, Mother Divine’s Grand Creation, is clearly the purpose of life, inside and out.

Once we have woken up to our cosmic nature, the eternal dynamic Self, what do we do? We follow the source code, and, ‘Kick Ass’. There in white and black in the window of our mind. We take whatever precious silence we have gained, and move it into action, into thoughts, considerations, and begin to bring our Selves out into the world.

There is no fear of losing ourselves, as that is impossible. We are transcendent, immortal, and invincible, always evolving to meet whatever challenges there are to face. Effortlessly becoming the deep transcendental Silence, Samadhi, Bliss that grows within during practice, not chased, but simply and naturally nourished.

This Silence of ours is precious, but it is not really ours at all. It is the pure consciousness of the Cosmos, and as such is unlimited. Only by engaging in vigorous activity, making a difference, remaining resolute, do we make this Silence, this dynamic gateway to Divinity, ever broader and stronger within ourselves.

“Stand, Oh Bharata, and fight!” – So does Krishna exhort Arjuna on the battlefield of Dharma, in the Bhagavad Gita. Such knowledge is timeless and to be appreciated. If we simply cherish our ability to have woken up from the stupor of relative life, so be it, though if we only shine it up each day, it stands boldly as a testament to nothing.

Ever putting our cosmic nature to work, in ceaseless attention to perfection and karmic completion, does it then become established within us. Now is a good time globally to put such a principle to work. Now is not the time to bury ourselves in Silence, but rather to lead the charge into activity, remaining in Being, and Being in everything, every aspect of Creation.

Just as we dive so deeply within to culture our dynamic Silence, so must we act equally, ‘Kick Ass’. Make a difference. Sweat it out. Followed by, ‘Be Kind’. Ever important, and goes a long way to living our dynamic Silence, the gateway to Divinity, the abode of all love, compassion, non-judgment, friendliness, and Unity.

Thank you all for your good works! 🙂

“Adopt the standard of perfection, because it is a perfect universe.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Brahman, Quantum Entanglement, and Global Events

Three peaks in the Cascade Range, Northern California

Yesterday, I came across an article in Scientific American – ‘Space: The Final Illusion’, by Lee Smolin – wherein the author was attempting to align space-time, limited to causality within a localized space and the speed of light, with the reality of quantum entanglement, or the ability of two objects to react to each other across any distance, simultaneously and instantaneously.

Hence, according to the author, the resulting fabric of relative material existence is an integration of the two modes of particle operation, calculated at a density of 10 to the 120th power of events, per square centimeter. Denser than a mattress. 🙂 To say that everything including ourselves is closely connected regardless of any measured separation, is obvious when seen from such a perspective.

Within such an ocean of dynamic circuits we can even operate oblivious to most connections, but the opposite reality is available too. This is the closest physical analogy for living Brahman; Totality; Full Enlightenment – all possibilities.

What can we do with it from a practical standpoint? How does our enlightenment serve us in times of global challenge? How do we find our way? With a vast and concentrated matrix of subtle physical connections, actions and reactions of unimaginable complexity, the more we know ourselves, know ourselves to be universal and even cosmic, so is the way found.

In times of great upheaval, the disorder of mental activity becomes palpable in the global consciousness, the fears and angers rising up, the confusion and doubts.

Such is the time that enlightenment is most useful. Who needs it during a picnic on a hillside on a summer’s day? 🙂 Truly, this is when we become balanced, inside and out, finding calm in whatever storm arises, no matter how large or how intense, finding sure direction and dedication, on a foundation of wise surrender, and acceptance of Reality. Brahman; Totality; our birthright, Infinite connections.

By living full enlightenment, such enlivened Silence – the gateway to Divinity – remains unshakable, not by hiding our heads in the sand, but by remaining in activity, remaining conscious, remaining resolute. Quietly forging a path of completion, of karmic resolution for global fulfillment.

Easy enough. 🙂

“The world is as you are; live unbounded awareness.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

An Artist’s View

Prism reflected on a white door

I took this picture this morning, and it got me thinking about what I do as an artist, when wearing that particular chapeau.

And that is it, to find and express images of God that are instantly recognizable as such, through artistic or photographic means, or to create the sounds of God that can be heard as such, through writing, or composing music.

Diligence and focus are always there, because the Grand Creation is anything but static, birthing miracles routinely, and hoping for eyes to see, ears to hear, and hands to feel them. Joy.

An artist is free of any constraints to express God, free of dogmas, knowledge, systems, religiosity, and anything already done and finished. The canvas is only limited by consciousness, to see clearly the magic that appears in life briefly, reminding us of all that it is, ongoing.

The picture accompanying this post was only visible for about ten seconds, the light shining through an octagonal crystal, hanging in an East-facing window, twisted a particular way to catch the rising sun’s rays, just so.

Reincarnation and 'De-incarnation'; Perfect Processes of Cosmic Law

Amphibious bus and fishing boats on the Amstel River in Amsterdam

Just as we graduate, or not, from school, so goes our spiritual evolution, taking on increasing challenges to further our intimate relationship with Mother Divine.

The mechanism for this is called reincarnation, to ensure we have a line of temporary vehicles to inhabit in order to experience the fulfillment of spiritual life; cosmic life. This arrangement ensures balance in creation, so that we all have what we need in order to move forward on our timeless journey.

It is said that to gain a human life is one opportunity in forty million, an amazing boon, and precious responsibility. With each life comes a series of lessons, designed by how we come in (parents, family, gender, race, economic situation, Yuga, physical and mental health, etc.), and what we face during our time here.

Two dramatic examples I am aware of stand out as the means by which Nature accomplishes this balancing act for any soul on its journey:

In the first, a man was born and discovered during puberty that he was attracted to same sex relationships. He was in an ordinary family with two siblings, one who was married that he was very close with. He was active in, and dedicated to his spiritual practice. This was during a time when homosexuality was not as openly accepted as it is today. This was also during the AIDS epidemic – and during that time this person caught AIDS and died.

A little over two years later, the sibling who was married, conceived a child with his wife, a baby girl. This girl was the reincarnation of the brother who had died of AIDS, continuing the relationship as his daughter. Because of his ability to live a good and kind life during his short time before, he was re-born into a supportive and loving family, in the gender he was comfortable with.

This is a textbook example of reincarnation, working smoothly to forward the lives of all involved.

The second example illustrates how Cosmic Law also takes care of those who greatly abuse their privileges. This second example involves a man who used everything in his life for basest enjoyment, also relishing hurting others.

He was a pedophile who raised his daughters so that he could sexually abuse them. His appearance to the community was as a pillar of integrity, but he was anything but. Child sexual abuse scars everyone involved for lifetimes, due to its actions in secrecy, and he perpetuated this secret as an iron lock on his family. A truly evil individual and sadly, not unique in that way.

This human beast lived for a long time without suffering the human consequences of his actions. Then he left the earth, assured he had ‘gotten away with it’. And for a time he did. However, after he was no longer an influence here, his truth began seeping out. By the recognition of who he was, his karma began coming due, first with a torturous stay in purgatory, followed by his human ‘de-incarnation’ as a muskrat.

Yes, a muskrat. He lost his place on the immensely valuable chain of human evolution, and must now work his way up from muskrat life. However, awareness does not die, so he has awareness of his past capabilities as a human being, and they are all inexpressible.

What a torture. Instead of ranting and raving as he did as a human, he can only squeak. Instead of crafting new environments for his ongoing abuse, all he can do is scurry among the rushes, avoiding predators, eating snails and wet grass, and trying to stay warm and safe. He will continue this incarnation until he learns the lessons of humility, respect, and surrender. Imagine the gulf to be comprehended – He will remain a muskrat for many lifetimes.

This second example is rarely spoken of, yet it shows that even if someone creates evil on this earth, balance is not forgotten. Although we may not always have the satisfaction of seeing such human predators gain their just desserts in this life, Cosmic Law assures us that in this perfect universe, all is well and wisely set.

Spend your energy to get joy, happiness, evolution, and to gain more ability to enjoy. In this field we spend our energy. We never use our time, energy, speech, or ability to do something that doesn’t help us grow and improve our life. It’s not worth it.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Global Equinox and Quarantine 2020

Someone said this virus is like Mother Nature sending us all to our rooms, to think about what we have done. Perfect. ’20-20′ also means clear vision.

Here are some pictures from my room to yours, celebrating the Equinox:

Predawn crescent moon on the Equinox 2020
Red-tail hawk on pine tree
Canadian goose in Nance Pond
Tree den
Red-shouldered hawk flying in
A trail up Nance Canyon
Turkey hen walking by

Doing The Impossible By Living Brahman

Rising crescent moon at daybreak in Paradise

Here are several quotes from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation:

“We have been impossible right from the beginning and we must continue to be impossible because we are raising a voice against suffering which has been considered to be the nature of life. It is our joy to be considered impossible – and it is our greater joy to make the impossible a living reality.”

“When the mind is attuned to the cosmic law, all the laws of nature are in perfect harmony with the aspirations of the mind.”

“Doubts are death. Doubts are the dry rot of life.”

The first quote speaks to the bringing of cosmic life to life here on Earth. Cosmic life is abundant, intelligent, creative and loving, always. The second quote speaks to the integration now taking place on the planet, imposing a more obvious cosmic will upon the Earth. The third quote is obvious; consideration and precision are always required, but procrastination is useless. Take a direction and act.

Living Brahman our job is to live, and do the impossible. What this means is our attention and actions always resolve in wholeness, and in the present. There is no ongoing sin resulting from the dynamics as they are, living Brahman in any situation. Unlike much activity in human life, thoughts, and more importantly, actions by Brahman leave no wake of turbulence or stress in the Cosmos. Any karmic returns simply serve the main purpose of life – the expansion of happiness.

By seeding the environment with such clean, cosmic activity, Brahman strengthens and purifies the human ecosystem with the cosmic archetypes, allowing for some relief and a stronger commitment to cosmic law. Essentially weaving the threads of Brahman into ordinary life. This calls for an intense commitment from those living Brahman to BE INVOLVED. No calm can be established in the tornado if we are not intimately engaged.

So, what do we do living Brahman? Whatever we want to do. 🙂 Brahman stands on the shoulders of Unity, and this means all is seen as ourselves. Action is always carried out with love, patience, and compassion. Brahman upholds cosmic law, and cosmic law supports evolution. So we continue to accomplish the impossible, making the absence of suffering a human reality, supporting and upholding this Age of Enlightenment.

~ All Glory to Sri Brahmananda Saraswati and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ~

The Body Living Brahman

Clothing store in Amsterdam

Much emphasis is placed on maintaining and enhancing our physical bodies, even by those of us pursuing spiritual development. This is natural enough, though can lead innocently to a coarser, materially oriented way of seeing ourselves and the world.

The common paradigms that guide our bodies’ care and feeding are outmoded, driven by our past Kali Yuga, an age of most profound ignorance and suffering.

Although those in spiritual circles speak often about enlightenment, this is largely focused on uniting with our earth family. There is certainly nothing wrong with this, and is in fact the fulfillment of Brahman, but there is a subtle distortion that creeps into this model, a prejudice in favor of universal life.

What could possibly be a limitation with universal life, with Unity? Because it begins through its partial success to ignore cosmic life, Brahman, our birthright. By denying the neighboring Reality of cosmic life, Unity remains confined to Universal consciousness. Unity roams all the way to the ends of the physical universe, the innumerable galaxies, and that is it. Endless worlds of material manifestation; black holes, white holes, exo- planets, “dark matter”, endless beings, endless worlds of space-time. Universal consciousness. Shrug. 🙂

There is more, a lot more. For one thing the material world, universal life, is a subset of cosmic life, of Brahman. This means that to live Brahman, unlike all prior states of enlightenment, we are not constrained by universal life. Imagine the fullness of Heaven and the complex machinery of Hell, united in Totality, ever surrendered in service to Mother Divine – This is Brahman.

What this means in practical terms is that the body and mind are incapable of being touched or affected by disease, evil, negativity, or ignorance. Life even with all possibilities ever available, remains stable, healthy, present, and enjoyable.

With a cosmic physiology, living Brahman, there is nothing of universal life that cannot be transcended. So we have endless health, wealth, strength, love, invincibility, and stamina, to accomplish any desire for our human family here on Earth. The work never stops, nor does the success. 🙂

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Living a Calm Life; Living Brahman

Lamp in a window, overlooking a street in Amsterdam

This may seem an incongruous title for a post, given the whirlwind of activity, assumptions, and illusions present in the world today. But it is completely accurate.

One significant disruption to calm, is fear of the unknown, seen as a given for most of us. But there is no unknown in cosmic life, living Brahman. Or put another way, if we face something unrecognized, the knowledge comes quickly and confidently from a cosmic perspective, so that a solution is always found. Even if we are momentarily at rest before moving forward again, success is assured.

Regarding personal health fears, for example, these are dealt with easily by the transformation of the physical body to one that shares material life with cosmic life, once Brahman is lived. The physical body gains a high degree of purity and resistance to any disease, due to the deepest enlivening of consciousness within it. Minimal resources are needed to sustain the physical body, without any negative effects; maximum efficiency, maximum strength and stamina, minimal lasting stress.

Living Brahman we can take advantage of the life force that suffuses the cosmos in a way that visibly influences our physical body – reversing trauma, easily avoiding disease, and aging much more slowly. There is absolutely no effort associated with these positive results, save living Brahman.

Regarding fears for personal safety, these are countered by living a sinless life, one free of any theft or manipulation, selfishness or greed. This unimpeachable integrity provides safety from any predation or crime, undue loss or poverty, even as a rebound from long past actions.

Brahman doesn’t find much distinction between the past, present, and future. Once karma is resolved there is not as much apparent separation, not as many hard boundaries between these states of space and time. With fewer boundaries, there are fewer and fewer corners to turn while navigating life. Less attachments, greater knowledge and responsibility, fewer risks, more assured outcomes – based not on control, but instead on mastery – no excuses.

Paradoxically, the larger our desires become, the more assured we are of our success while living Brahman. While the world may be running in circles with its hair nearly on fire, Brahman bathes calmly in the endless waters of global sustenance and support, wondering exactly what all the fuss is about? 🙂

My conversations in Amsterdam coffee houses, living Brahman

Canal ride inside and out, Amsterdam

Although the coffee houses in Amsterdam all sell good coffee drinks, it is common knowledge that they also provide cannabis products, and a place to smoke. With just a few exceptions, no alcohol is sold or allowed in the coffee shops, and tobacco use is always prohibited. It makes for a relaxed social environment, a good medium for conversation, with none of the potential drawbacks associated with alcohol use.

Alcohol is the intoxicant of Kali Yuga, the receding age of ignorance, whereas cannabis products are well suited for the Dwapara, Treta, and Sat Yugas. The Indica strain comes from India. This is a good example of the difference between Cosmic life and human life. Human law often leads with judgment, whereas Cosmic law is always balanced and practical. Though I have my preferences, I am not making any value judgments here – to each their own.

As a physiological aside, the body changes considerably living Brahman – It becomes less exclusively physical. With Totality, akasha is enlivened in the body and becomes conscious, allowing Cosmic life. This means that many of the limitations of human life are minimized. Similar to running through a rainstorm, and remaining dry – Cosmic efficiency.

Amsterdam is truly the crossroads of the world, having met people here from Croatia, Austria, Australia, The Netherlands, England, Scotland, Dubai, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Russia, Brazil, Canada, and the US, so far. Though it has been cold and a bit rainy, Amsterdam this time of year is free of the overwhelming crush of visitors that occurs with warmer weather.

Here are select summaries of my conversations from the coffee houses. I have used just first initials of those I met:

N., 18, from Brazil: We discussed economic inequality, and the improving political situation in Brazil. After years of military rule, followed by ungrounded liberal policies, a more stable center is forming – democracy is taking hold and gradually moderating the polarities. N. is interested in behavioral economics, the reality that many goods and services today have an equal cost, but are priced differently to ‘milk’ the relative wealth of different markets. Also how this tendency can be countered by serving peoples’ actual needs instead of always maximizing for profit. A very insightful young man.

Met Y, a Dutch Filipino, 21, and V, Surinamese, 18. Like many contradictions and coincidences found here, I had been to Surinam (in the late 1970’s…), and he had not. We talked about Paramaribo, the capital, and he even knew a brand of beer there that I drank fifty years ago – Parbo Bams. There was an open air cafe on the second floor of a building downtown called the Hong Kong Cafe, where I would drink beer with my brother during the strongest heat of the day. Being nearly on the equator and in the Amazon delta, the town would shut down for nap time, and come alive again in the cooler evening.

Y., though born in the Philippines, hadn’t been back for a long time. I was able to fill in some of the changes due to recent visits. He had a very positive view of the changing world and growing fusion everywhere. Amsterdam reflects the future.

Z., 32, from Croatia, had recently emigrated to The Netherlands to work as a chef. His prior work was as a video editor. He shared his journey of self-discovery with me. When he was 22, he decided to find himself by growing his own psilocybin mushrooms, dosing fairly heavily, and dealing with it. Six years later he decided he was done. We agreed a strong awareness was necessary for such an endeavor. <fist bump>.

His was not a desire simply to become intoxicated, and we spoke about the journey through ourselves, and the worlds encountered. I mentioned the similarities of living Brahman, Totality in the three worlds; Heaven, Earth and Hell.

During his time of self-discovery, he also came to appreciate his lifelong love of cooking and confidently transitioned to this career, now working at a well known restaurant.

A. and N. were from Glasgow, Scotland, both in their 40’s. A. works with addicts as a social worker, and N. is a stay at home mom. Spoke about social justice with them, and how the mixing and openness of ideas and information in today’s age, though surfacing areas that need a lot of work, is a very good thing and leading to a better world.

This continues to be a remarkable time in The Netherlands, and such a welcome change from the polarities so prevalent in media. Heaven on Earth is peeking through, especially evident with this coming generation.

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Winged Victory Global Update for February 19th, 2020

sunrise in Paradise this morning

Thank you for the growing and continued global interest in Winged Victory, a blog about living Brahman; Totality. It is very much appreciated!

All continents (except Antarctica) are now represented, with 2020 additions so far of Brazil, Hong Kong SAR – China, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. Here are all 27 countries listed by continent, in alphabetical order:

Africa – South Africa.

Asia – Hong Kong SAR – China, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Turkey.


Europe – Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

North America – Canada, and the United States.

South America – Brazil.

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

The Challenge of Brahman, Living Totality

Alcatraz Penitentiary (now closed) seen approaching the Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco

Much has been written through scripture and the latest wave of spiritual interest about the light we ignite within ourselves; our enlightenment to varying degrees.

As previously noted, Brahman IS Enlightenment – all the marbles. Everything else is practice – sacred practice.

What Brahman means is knowing and operating efficiently, successfully, in the face of Totality, the three worlds, Heaven, Earth, and Hell. Heaven is alive, Earth is alive, and Hell is alive:

Heaven is a challenge to ourselves, our values, our actions to better ourselves and those around us, and those globally. Heaven is a confession of our sins and the ability to be at peace with ourselves. No holding back. Heaven is a test of our faith and our perception, our intuition, our connection to that which eclipses us, always leading us towards a seamless relationship with Divinity.

Earth is a challenge of integration, the body with innumerable capability, matched to the mind (intellect + heart) for fulfillment of every desire. We are driven toward Brahman here on earth; Heaven on Earth. Anything less brings suffering to all. Time is precious.

Hell is a challenge of humility and understanding. To know the genesis of evil and find the mechanics of it within ourselves, and grow to be strong enough to tolerate such a landscape, while working night and day to resolve it. Hell lives within each of us, and it is the challenge of Brahman to resolve it.

The challenge and Reality of Hell is little discussed in the current spiritual millieu. I am not sure why, though I suspect it doesn’t sell very well, and/or is avoided for fear of the potential authors getting lost in such a place. Shadows, and personal negative emotions are discussed quite openly, though we shrink back from the ecosystem of Hell. Oddly enough, much the same attitude is held regarding Heaven, that it is somehow unreachable, or worse, doesn’t exist.

In any case, Brahman brings the full Reality of the three worlds, each with equal detail, their interaction seen quite clearly on earth. Compassionate and loving behavior is easily attributed to heaven, though negative actions are not recognized as coming from a world equally adept at creating such things.

I don’t mention this as some sort of entreaty to follow good, simply that there is a genesis of good, and equally of evil, and we are here on earth to see and live the difference.

One obvious distinction is that good is more subtle than evil. Evil can only exist in the mind, for the heart unencumbered cannot tolerate such a presence. This leaves good all of the avenues of oneness, of love, beauty, harmony, cooperation, equality, compassion, unity, peace, and friendliness. Evil then is left with ugliness, manipulation, falseness, isolation, division, negativity, hatred, cruelty, and coarseness.

The difference is clear. More of humanity is available to us through good values and actions, than is available through the antithetical and fracturing values of evil. We are more complete following good, though if done through fear, ego, or negation, we have accomplished nothing. Evil must be respected and fully recognized in the full light of Totality, though never followed.

This is the challenge of Brahman, to live Totality, all of Totality. 🙂

The world is as you are, live unbounded awareness” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation, the gateway to Brahman.

My Twenty Five Years with Guru Dev, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati

my wife was taking pictures of me last night

A couple of previous posts have introduced my relationship with Guru Dev – How He appeared to me fully in the spring of 1993, in the midst of my whirlwind householder’s life. First, let me explain that Guru Dev dropped His earthly body on May 20th, 1953, just over a year before I was born. So there was no chance of meeting Him in the flesh this time around.

However in 1980, after working for the TM Movement for a year outside Waverly, Missouri, farming and building a residence facility, in exchange for taking the TM-Siddhis course, my senses began to refine. What may be called a second sight developed – Many have written about such occurrences and mine is probably similar, though the scope and depth of perception has grown considerably over time.

About six months after leaving Missouri, and then living in Santa Barbara, California, I began to see the bust of Guru Dev come up in my second sight, my third eye. This happened on long bicycle rides when I could quiet my mind enough through vigorous exercise for such sight to occur.

Fast forward thirteen years later to 1993, and I had a life changing visit with Him. His energy was present with me for several days, and I memorably found myself sitting somewhere in deep space with Him, absolutely calm and simply enjoying the rapturous view of the galaxies, while we were sitting there together, suspended in “outer space”.

Also my heart was so satisfied by His visit. He felt like the perfect father, friend, and spiritual master to me then, and He does now. 🙂 Finally someone I could trust and confide in, and very sparingly ask for help when needed – and I do mean sparingly – not even once a year.

Any over-reliance or leaning on Him would be, I feel, profoundly disrespectful and not advance either of our lives; an unwelcome distraction – He is not here to rescue me. I continue to give thanks to Him more than daily, asking blessings for others and general guidance, though the specific requests for me are saved for rare occasions. The friendship transcends any singular fulfillment.

Over time our relationship has changed, from my complete and abject surrender at His feet in the beginning, to sharing more of myself with Him. The teaching He provides is very simple, a comparison on my part of His ever-present energy, with mine. That is it. As you might imagine there is a fair gap in our respective energies – lol – with so much practical knowledge and ability gained from each of my subsequent recognitions of Him.

Over the years the gap has lessened a little, to the point where He has now taken an active role in my specific desire fulfillment, clearing obstacles with a precision that is beyond human capability. I will never be His equal, though by bringing me to Brahman, our relationship is closer than ever. By making His presence known, He is the one that initially pointed me in the right direction to clearly see the three worlds [Heaven, Earth, and Hell], and learn to discern my values from such experiences.

My formal meditation program these days consists of TM (Transcendental Meditation) twice a day, twenty minutes per session. Depending on what is needed I’ll sometimes do an extra meditation or even an hour long session, though not often. Other than that, it is all about Him. 🙂

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Living Brahman Brings Protection for Global Desires

This Indonesian kris has been in my family for 60 years, from our time in Jakarta

The kris or keris is a distinctive, asymmetrical dagger from Indonesia. Both weapon and spiritual object, the kris is considered to possess magical powers. The earliest known kris go back to the tenth century and most probably spread from the island of Java throughout South-East Asia…
“A bladesmith, or empu, makes the blade in layers of different iron ores and meteorite nickel. In high quality kris blades, the metal is folded dozens or hundreds of times and handled with the utmost precision. Empus are highly respected craftsmen with additional knowledge in literature, history and occult sciences.

– from the UNESCO website

As we work through life, in addition to the basics of food, shelter, and love, in order to thrive, we need both safety, and freedom from fear. Brahman fulfills all of these requirements, whatever our culture or way of life, by transforming ourselves from the human body/mind to simply a Cosmic perspective, a Totality.

Through living Brahman we are sinless. The implication, or Cosmic Law if you prefer, is that Brahman always acts through completion. There is no half-measure – it is impossible. This means that any desire is brought to fruition by virtue of Cosmic Law. Heaven on Earth is a desire for all who live Brahman. We could say it is the only desire; bringing Heaven on Earth is the Dharma of Brahman. Once such a desire, any desire, is borne on the wings of the Heavenly Host, it becomes manifest in time.

Although all desires are handled by God, it is the actions of Brahman that bring them to fruition, sometimes acting vigorously, and sometimes standing silently, as the situation demands. In all instances, both freedom from fear, and safety are necessary for maximum efficiency.

Freedom from fear occurs naturally as we evolve more and more to Cosmic status, and safety comes from the confidence of our prayers. The seamless relationship with Divinity is critical here, for no one person can achieve the desires of Brahman – Even the heads of state of all the countries together cannot achieve the desires of Brahman by themselves. Nor can the stale mountain ranges of their weapons keep them safe.

However the Silence of Brahman can do so. Brahman is kept safe by establishment in Divinity, the fulfillment of Brahman. Just as life begins with establishment in the Infinite Self so does it reach fruition with life in Brahman, Totality, Divinity.

As human beings we are conditioned to control our environment to get what we want. However, living Brahman and nurturing our relationship with Divinity, we lose all control, replaced by profound surrender once again and singular intention. Our prayers rise like liquid plasma to the Divine, a pre-molecular syrup of fulfillment, activating Prana in the direction of Sattva, a call for confident action.

Although we are lost to Cosmic forces, we have no fear, nor is our safety in question. So intimate does the relationship to Mother Divine grow, that any obstacles are overcome, individually, communally, socially, nationally, and globally.

Just as we have an intimate relationship with the heavens, so it must be with the hells too. We don’t have much choice when living Totality. 🙂 This intense familiarity with Hell, the lost souls and their ecosystem, is absolutely necessary to work with trust and assurance, no matter how large or insurmountable the task appears. Totality means seeing the three worlds [Heaven, Earth and Hell] as they are, as a perfect Cosmic sphere of influence, lessons, and growth, brought to manifestation here on earth.

Without such a close working relationship with both Hell and Heaven, the desires of Brahman fall flat. We will be left eclipsed or worse by the hidden influences of Hell or soar to the ungrounded heights of the angels, only to build false constructs in the ether.

In order to be successful, we find our Reality, our Infinite Self within, maturing to Brahman, living in the three worlds, established in Divinity. Then, we can dream BIG, and achieve anything. 🙂

Life as an Empath Living Brahman

An infrared video still of a deer at morning twilight in Paradise

The intersection of being an intuitive empath and living Brahman is a very interesting one. A good definition of an empath is one who experiences the world as themselves, not by virtue of development of consciousness, but because they have no filter between themselves and the senses and thoughts of others, including plants and animals. The three worlds all leak in easily – too easily. Research indicates 20 percent of the population has this ability to varying degrees, and in varying domains.

Here are a few quotes from The Empath’s Survival Guide, by Judith Orloff, MD, a researcher, author, and empath, to more clearly describe this life:

“Empaths feel things first, then think — which is the opposite of how most people function in our over-intellectualized society. An empath can experience other people’s sorrow and also their joy. We are supersensitive to their tone of voice and body movements. We can hear what they don’t say in words but communicate nonverbally and through silence. There is no membrane that separates us from the world. This makes us very different from other people who have their defenses up almost from the time they were born…” .

 “Most people are intuitively tuned in to a narrow bandwidth of frequencies in the everyday material or “real world.” Their ability to “see” is limited to linear time. But don’t mistake the material plane for the only reality. Once your sensitivities can reach beyond it, you will enter a playground of subtler energies and fascinating “nonlocal” realms (a term used by consciousness researchers), which defy the laws of classical physics.

People I call intuitive empaths are especially able to receive nonlocal information. These super senses enrich their lives and connect them to the divine, putting them in touch with the magical timing of moments of synchronicity as well as experiences such as déjà vu, spirit guides, and angels. Some believe that these empaths are old souls, those who have seen much over the eons and have come into this life with highly developed intuition.

Intuitive empaths differ from highly sensitive people in the area of intuition. Though both have a heightened awareness of touch, smell, sound, and light, intuitive empaths can sense further than local reality to contact extraordinary knowledge. They know things that other people don’t because their channels are wide open.

Some have visions that predict the future, and some are able to communicate with animals, plants, and other elements of nature, even spirit guides. Some are powerful dreamers who receive guidance in their dreams. Intuitive empaths can access the mysterious, nonlocal aspects of human consciousness, which mainstream science doesn’t yet understand…”

Here is also a quote from the book from Carl Jung on the subjective life of an empath:

“As a child I felt myself to be alone, and I am still, because I know things and must hint at things that others apparently know nothing of, and for the most part do not want to know. Loneliness does not come about from having no people about one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible.”

All of this made my realization of some of the TM-Sidhis sutras very powerful right from the beginning. Also this tendency hastened my relationship with Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, Guru Dev.

Even more critical, the awareness of Totality, Divinity and the three worlds [Heaven, Earth, and Hell] that comes with living Brahman, is the fulfillment of an empath’s existence. At last, a comprehensive understanding of What Is. Establishment in Being; Establishment in Divinity – Totality, Brahman, an embrace of and surrender to this achingly beautiful, and agonizingly painful Grand Creation.

“The world is as you are, live unbounded awareness” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Outrunning Time and Space by Living Brahman

A cloud circle forming in Paradise

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi often spoke about changing the trends of time through the global practice of TM, specifically aimed at the achievement of World Peace.

TM, or Transcendental Meditation, leads to the establishment of Being, the deep and permanent connection to our Infinite nature. This soothes the environment inside and out. We gain the support of the Cosmos as we identify with it more and more, leading to practical success locally, and radiating outwards.  

However, living Brahman there is no ‘outwards’ (or inwards either). Although such a distinction is recognized with respect to the human body we inhabit, even such a body lives in paradox. Brahman is paradox, unbounded awareness is paradox. This is a necessary condition of Brahman, as all polarized values are resolved and integrated, yet also recognized as themselves.

Both the reason and the solution to the paradox of Brahman is that living Brahman, we inhabit the Cosmos, we become the Cosmos. So if our body is so large, there is fundamentally no time and no space, or put another way, global time and space are easily transcended.

Living the Cosmic body we can continue to have innocent thoughts guided by our purity, our devotion and our surrender, always guided by Divinity to fruition. Large or small the goal is always the same, to make a more perfect world and bring more lasting happiness to all – elevating the context of life for everyone.

Paradoxically, Brahman is a continuation of the process of purification that begins when we first start to meditate. We first think of the body as our identity, our limitation, the sum of our capability. Then living Brahman it remains so, as our identity shifts to Cosmic life. We continue as we always have, except that we now have the ability to look through the book of time, forwards or backwards, and adjust as necessary, much as we wrinkle our nose at vinegar, and inhale deeply in the center of a rose.

Personal desires for the well-being of others and the world continue as they always have. Except living Brahman there is nothing to figure out. Any subject, any situation or issue, has a solution instantly waiting for it. Living Brahman the personal mind gains Cosmic status too. This brings up another paradox – that of outrunning time and space.

The question comes up, if we are able to hold the reins of time and space living Brahman, solving issues instantly, why isn’t the world made perfect almost overnight? Because the world continues on world time, the global procession, the glory of each of us to lift ourselves up by our own efforts. Brahman makes this process inevitable through clarity and intention, while also surrendering to Mother Divine.

The world continues for each of us, with our individual lives, hopes, and desires. Nothing changes, except that awakening the practical role of Divinity on earth makes our choices and consequences that much more obvious. It is easier and more rewarding to choose doing good now, and release the bad.

“The world is as you are; live unbounded awareness” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Sri Ramana Maharishi and Living Brahman

red-shouldered hawk close-up

Here are some selected quotes I came across recently from a great Indian Saint, Sri Ramana Maharishi (1879 to 1950). I don’t know much about Him, though His status living Brahman is obvious. I especially enjoy His practical advice for life, summarized in the two quotes below:

“You need not aspire for or get any new state. Get rid of your present thoughts, that is all.”

“The degree of freedom from unwanted thoughts and the degree of concentration on a single thought are the measures to gauge spiritual progress.”

This is very similar to Sri Guru Dev’s [Brahmananda Saraswati’s] perspective. It is spoken in two simple sentences, one as the path, and one as the result.

However, the only awareness that rids one of their cluttering thoughts, driven by the unknown, is unbounded awareness, life in the three worlds, Brahman, Totality. The entire path and reward of spiritual development, covered in two brief sentences. This is precision!

Please enjoy these other gifts from Sri Ramana Maharishi:

“Silence is also conversation.”

“Time is only an idea. There is only the Reality. Whatever you think it is, it looks like that. If you call it time, it is time. If you call it existence, it is existence, and so on. After calling it time, you divide it into days and nights, months, years, hours, minutes, etc. Time is immaterial for the Path of Knowledge.”

“It is the Higher Power which does everything, and the man is only a tool. If he accepts that position, he is free from troubles; otherwise, he courts them.”

“The greatest error of a man is to think that he is weak by nature, evil by nature. Every man is divine and strong in his real nature. What are weak and evil are his habits, his desires and thoughts, but not himself.”

“Think of God; attachments will gradually drop away. If you wait till all desires disappear before starting your devotion and prayer, you will have to wait for a very long time indeed.”

Winged Victory Global Update for January 12th, 2020

Mendenhal Glacier, Alaska

Many thanks for the continued and growing interest in these descriptions of Brahman, Totality, Full Enlightenment, as brought to us by the knowledge and dedication of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Sri Brahmananda Saraswati.

Today is Maharishi’s birthday, and He always celebrated a perspective of Brahman for the coming year. I remember most clearly 1978, when I was first working for the TM Organization in Livingston Manor, New York, and Maharishi declared it, “The Year of Invincibility”. Like a carrot on a stick. 🙂 Perhaps 2020 is the year of Global Redemption.

2019 closed out with 23 countries viewing Winged Victory (in order of views): United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Slovenia, India, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Australia, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Pakistan, Poland, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Denmark, South Africa, Thailand, France, New Zealand, and Romania.

So far in 2020, there are seven countries reflected on Winged Victory early in this new year (in order of views): United States, India, Canada, Slovenia, Australia, Lithuania, and the UK.

Here are three quotes from the Bohemian-Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke (1875 – 1926):

“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.”

“Believe that with your feelings and your work you are taking part in the greatest; the more strongly you cultivate this belief, the more will reality and the world go forth from it.”

“The future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens.”

Living Brahman, Surrendering to What Is

bow shot, Pacific Ocean

We all surrender to our reality, no matter what it is. Without thinking much about it, over time the sense of self, the ego, has enjoined with the mind to create a complex story of identity, made up of what works, and what doesn’t. Very rarely does this superficial approach lead to complete joy.

So we are left trying to sustain our fulfillment, such as it is, which then focuses our attention on the less satisfying areas of life. If we are honest with ourselves, this then challenges the stories we have lived with. We come to realize we have placed our security, our identity, in the “known”, even though we may know very little about it.

As we continue our introspection and transcendence, both lead to a deepening of knowledge about ourselves, along with purification; an increase in our Divine connection. We then express this in activity. If we know something about ourselves, this translates into some success in life. If we know more about ourselves, more success, and if we live Brahman, every success in life.

These are mechanical results based on Newton’s oft-quoted third law of thermodynamics: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” We shine brightly within, and our world reflects that sustained intensity outwardly. An equal and opposite reaction, from the inside out, along with the ongoing karmic results this action initiates.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi often used the analogy of the bow and the arrow to show the effects of Transcendental Meditation and the effect of the mantra in achieving such an effortless deep dive – Due to the natural tendency of the mind to be seduced towards Divinity, the further and more precisely the arrow is pulled back, the surer and further it flies on release. Each thought finds its target.

In order to live unbounded awareness, we must know What Is, and we must know it intimately enough to innocently take it into account whenever a thought, a discrimination occurs. This is the deepest dive, where the essential foundation of Being, now established, continues to refine in its Silence.

As our senses are purified, our discrimination perfected, and our heart fully opened, the Silence so carefully nurtured and strengthened within, now begins to blossom with life. Personifications of every aspect of the Grand Creation become known.

This is a voyage of truth, courage, stamina, humility, ongoing transcendence, and ultimately a complete surrender to What Is, unbounded awareness, Brahman, Totality, the three worlds [Heaven, Earth, and Hell].

As a result, we are seduced by Divinity to surrender ourselves in service. The reason I use the word, ‘seduced’, is because the laws of the Cosmos are so structured that any service to Divinity no matter how small, returns huge positive results. Beyond the Bliss.

If Divinity were a casino, they would be beyond broke, but with the limitless treasury of Mother Divine instead, there is always more. After a few such personal bets, when we took a courageous chance on our, or someone else’s, better nature and were so rewarded, we become as if seduced by God, Divinity, the Heavenly Host, Cosmic law. It is as they say, a “no brainer”. 🙂

The Purpose of Brahman, Making Divinity Noticeable

Mt. Lassen summit in sight – (3,189 m. or 10,463 ft.)
about 100 meters (300 feet) from the top
looking south from the summit

The mind is a very curious machine, a concentrated and loosely organized clearing house for thoughts, taking inputs from all of the senses and the heart. Each thought and feeling has its chance in the mind – to be noticed, appreciated, and perhaps taken to a further step towards action. This happens whether the mind is clear or clouded.

Attempts have been made nearly forever through books, essays, speeches, slogans, and countless exhortations to change people’s minds, including our own – introducing an outside energy in the hopes it will synchronize as a key in the lock of the mind and open lasting change, or solidify a direction. Regardless of intent, it works sometimes, uncovering a commonality for good, or not.

The hidden weapon in this global battle of mental influence is our ability, inherent in every human being, to gain Full Enlightenment, Totality, Brahman. Accomplishing this has two very powerful effects:

First, Brahman operates from Totality, the three worlds [Heaven, Earth, and Hell] are neither opposed nor sought – they are simply seen in all their clarity and relationship. This brings peace simply through clear recognition – with no opposition and brightly illuminated, evil has no power other than the subsequent effort needed to disengage its claws (our service to tamas continues nonetheless; our humility). Divinity also operates more brightly illuminated.

Second, living Brahman the favoring of good is expressed Cosmically. All good thoughts are, from anyone, with the distinct advantage that Divinity, inhabiting Heaven and earth, feels this favoring of good through Brahman as a result of an active relationship, and takes heart. Just as the key that finds the lock, so does Brahman release Divinity to be noticed in the world.

How is Divinity noticed? Not by triple rainbows or double suns (!), but by strengthening the Divine recognition in the global population at the level of feeling. So that each of us, no matter the circumstances, can more easily make a decision favoring good. Infinite thoughts, infinite decisions, Infinite Divinity, Infinite good.

The vast majority of thought waves in our global sea, ever guided by the Divine, do translate into good actions. This moves the world in a direction of good, supported by Brahman, the growing Full Enlightenment within each of us, Totality. This brings Heaven on Earth.

Brahman and the Choice to Do Good

Roses under a full moon in Paradise

First off, doing good for ourselves and others is not a choice living Brahman. However, how is this even possible, doing good, with all the choices made on a daily basis, big and small? Depth, clarity, and experience solve the problem – all ways.

Living Brahman, we continuously have access to the three worlds, and this is a great practical advantage in living a smoother, more successful life. Prior to this, we may always have a sense, a conscience about what is good or bad, but more clarity on this can only help. Rather than try to solve any problem solely by reason, by others, book study, or mental gymnastics, all we need to do is recognize our Divinity and move towards it, towards expansion, truth, and light.

The process begins with establishing ourselves in Being, a foundation of Infinite Potential, of innocent connection with all life. Once this Being clarifies and purifies itself into Divinity within, we now have a compass to choose good over bad. Good serves Divinity, and bad doesn’t. Simple.

Depth is needed for the awareness to be Cosmic, clarity is needed to see what is really there, and experience is needed to refine the discrimination over time. An added bonus is that whatever karma we generate is positive too. Some say that due to non-attachment there is no karma generated, but the body vehicle continues on the earth, and for such a practical purpose the individual karma does return in Infinite good measure. Otherwise, relative progress would be impossible.

This being the case, with Divinity established within, and sailing us forward in the world, doing good becomes a joy. Why wouldn’t it be? It is devoid of beliefs or expectations, and yet provides a rich source of confidence and fulfillment, to endlessly serve. The world is seen subjectively as a different place, as a place of opportunity and large dreams.

We can begin to reach deep within to our lifetimes of soul desires, and take them on. The world now serves as the stage for our fulfillment, not simply rationalized in analogous terms or for a fleeting series of moments, but permanently, infinitely. This is because as servants of the Divine, as we clearly and deeply recognize the active value in doing good, we are given more and more tools to achieve this, until the very reins of time and space are proffered, and we accept them in all humility, responsibility, strength, and dignity.

The difference between doing good in the context of Totality, and the humble supplications of the past, is the strength of Brahman. Seeing the three worlds always with eyes open, always in complete surrender to the Grand Creation, neutral, yet always innocently favoring the good, doing good, allowing Divinity to be expressed.

There is no doubt or weakness acting in this way, as all thought and action is sure of its direction and its success, under any and all circumstances found on this planet, and in this Cosmos. Totality knows itself, and it is by definition and existence, unstoppable.

Brahman chooses good on the background of Totality, and by making a conscious choice, an active choice, brings Heaven on Earth.

Brahman and World Peace

a budding rose in Paradise

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation, spoke often of the “Laws of Nature”, the invisible dynamics of karma, creation, and dharma, enveloped within the rising and falling Yugas; the massive tides of Cosmic consciousness.

We are in such an upswing of Cosmic consciousness now. We are moving towards a more peaceful world. Even as the deadly machinery of war remains ever ready – ‘defense’ we call it… The Yugas, each thousands of years in length, operate like tides across the cosmic oceans, allowing our global consciousness to rise and fall over time, with the positive greatly outweighing the negative.

Now is such a rising tide, an up-welling, triggered and sustained by the many souls on the planet awakened to their Infinite nature.

Another global dynamic has come into play now too, accounting for the many directions we seem to be going in, simultaneously. Coming from an age of inertia and lethargy, tamo guna dominant, into an age of motion and energy, raja guna dominant, activity is furious in all domains now. In terms of global change, Heaven on Earth, this transition is critical, because a sattvic (Divine) environment cannot emerge directly from tamas (inertia, stasis) – it must go through rajas (activity) first. It is the Law. 🙂

So, as Maharishi said, “All is well and wisely set”. Even though appearances around the globe may seem to still reflect the past, or cause us to be fearful of the future, it is something of a mirage, proven over time to be so.

Like an old man waving a rusty saber or plotting in a back room, the past will seek to sustain itself, but the light is here and growing. Light doesn’t act in opposition, though a blast of it in complete darkness can be startling. After the initial shock though, it remains to bring truth, clarity, and peace.

With light we can see others as ourselves. By diving deep within we discover commonality, and peace. This changes the global psychology from one of beasts fighting for territory and spoils, to a simple recognition that there has always been more than enough for all. We find peace within and bring peace into the world.

Just as sin and evil have had ripple effects in our world for too long, so do peace and acceptance. If such ripples of peace are deep enough, and they are, nothing can overcome them. Such is the world we are creating, of manifest peace, manifest strength, and manifest fearlessness. It is easy. After all – we already have the Cosmos on our side. 🙂

There is no need for grand gestures – give a little money to someone sleeping rough, be kind, express your heart, find your joy and silence too. Live a peaceful and compassionate life from the inside, out. Bring Heaven on Earth one person at a time. Then, simply Radiate. Thank you.

Computer Technology and Brahman

contrail between two clouds in Paradise

Computer technologies, multiplying our abilities and extending our senses, are now critical to our safety, health, longevity, prosperity, and sense of connection to ourselves and each other. By providing so many avenues for fulfillment, computers also create a faster, larger world for all of us, without any secrets or boundaries. Our responsibility as global citizens is magnified.

This has implications everywhere – every avenue of human endeavor is being exposed, and reconsidered, rebuilt and reconfigured. The toppling of edifices of secrecy and exclusion occurs globally now, leaving fewer and fewer spaces to hide anything. It is impossible to silence the light of billions of voices expressing themselves now – locally, communally, nationally, regionally, and globally.

At the same time, personal and social life continues at a furious pace, driven by interconnected networks running the fastest processors and switches, backed by an estimated 3 exabytes* of data stored on-line, and growing exponentially (*one exabyte [EB] is 1K petabytes [PB], one petabyte is 1K terabytes [TB], and each terabyte equals 1K gigabytes [GB], and one gigabyte is a billion bytes of data).

The four largest brokers of our personal data now store, sell, and mine an estimated 1.2 exabytes of data between them, with software capturing up to six thousand parameters on every person on-line, a database populated at last count with 1.2 Billion of us.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for all of us to use the lever of social media to raise the earth up. Enlivening our collective spirituality based on Archimedes’ principle of the lever, using the fulcrum of consciousness. Raise the consciousness, and raise the planet closer to our Divine values.

Words and thoughts are comprised of focus and energy, leading to manifestation. Simply by producing a deep and accurate description of Reality, Totality, through social media is all it takes. Advertising provides ample evidence of this to sell dog food and toothpaste, and the same is true with “selling” Reality.

Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the endless blending of cultures, ideas, initiatives, proposals, power plays, intentions, arts, sciences, fears and joys expressed on-line, our Silence, the Divinity within us seizes the opportunity to express the truth of life, the potential of life, Totality, now globally. Supporting this engine of Divine expression are the silent meditations of millions, collectively releasing the purifying effect of billions of mantras into the global consciousness.

Rather than becoming lost in the rainbow and chaos of so many voices, the natural organizing power of the Self, of Being, of Divinity, of Brahman allows the voice of itself to be heard in any environment, harmonizing with the global chorus.

With the intense global interest shown in every form of spiritual endeavor, a foundation of Silence, of Being has been growing for some time in the collective consciousness. This continues to allow spiritually oriented ideas and feelings, birthed from Being, to permeate the cultures of the world, Oneness begins to take hold.

Just as our lives have grown from Being within to Unity in the world, so now we enliven a deeper yet complementary spectrum, moving from the Divinity within each of us, to a seamless relationship with Divinity in our world. Moving into the future, we go back to our beginning, bringing Heaven on Earth through our Selves, our Being, our Divinity, and the gift of communications technology.

This nascent process of marrying communications technology for the realization of Brahman, Full Enlightenment, was begun by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and it now quickly finds its global fruition. He did not see the future, He created it. 🙂

Full Enlightenment, Brahman – Like an Extra Scoop of Ice Cream for God

rainbow and reflected sunset in Paradise

Everyone likes ice cream, and for the fussy ones vegan options are available. But what is the connection between dessert, and God?

The all-powerful, omniscient, omnipresent God is the immanence of the Divine in our world, and could be included in any relationship we form. If we form a kind, loving and helpful relationship with another person, the Divine values are included, and God comes along.

There is absolutely no difference between such a human relationship and the way we form a relationship with the Divine – with the understanding that any relationship with Divinity is transcendent and transformative for us, because the Divine is already at our core, already residing in the foundation of our Being, is our Being.

The approach and the actions and reactions are the same in a Divine relationship and a human one. However unlike with solely human relationships, we are unable to fool, manipulate, or deceive Divinity, leaving the singular ability, the fortune to create a relationship that is honest, open, loving, courageous, mighty and practical.

It is practical because it serves as a template for all of our relationships here on earth, those we choose to have. Those who are seduced by evil are always noticed, but viewed as if inert. The actions of Divinity have no place in their lives, allowing instead the compassionate machinery of the Cosmos with its unerring lessons, its karmic resilience, to gradually lighten their hearts.

Although Divinity is by its very nature the abode of Bliss, any relationship with humanity is cause for rejoicing. These ever humble servants, architects and sculptors of Mother Divine celebrate whenever each of us recognizes, acknowledges, and surrenders to the Grand Creation and all of its workings – more Bliss, more creative expression, and more happiness for all.

Totality is not static, nor is it bound in any way. Totality sees the three worlds, and Brahman ever reaches for the Heavens, and the Heavens delight; everyone gets an extra scoop of ice cream. 🙂

Fulfilling the promise of every religion, we are not separate from Divinity on this earth, and the more strongly this dynamic relationship is expressed, the more clearly such values can be manifest, bringing Heaven on Earth, now.

Knowing this, kindly enjoy the promise of this ascending year. 🙂

Happy New Year, January 1st, 2020!

ripening blood oranges
deer across the canyon
a covey of California quail
Sandhill cranes above Paradise

Wishing Everyone in the world a very Happy, Healthy, and Blessed New Year, bringing prosperity, joy, and equality for all of us. May your deepest dreams be realized! 🙂

Winged Victory Global Update for December 30th, 2019

Pacific Ocean en route to Hawaii

Thank you for your continued and growing interest in these descriptions of Brahman, Totality, Full Enlightenment, as brought to us by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Brahmananda Saraswati.

Welcome most recently to Spain, bringing the total countries to 22. Also big recent spikes of interest from Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia, and India.

In order of most views: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Slovenia, India, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Australia, Austria, Turkey, Switzerland, Pakistan, Poland, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Thailand, France, New Zealand, and Romania.

How Is a Seamless Relationship with Divinity Established?

Morning Fog in the Canyon, Looking East Towards Paradise

The first step is the recognition and acceptance of Divinity, the Heavenly Host – the Infinite world of Sattvic Beings who are here to guide and support us as servants of Mother Divine, always working on the principle that the more we give of ourselves, the more we receive. This speaks to the Cosmic Law of surrender, crystallized by the expression, “Whatever you put your attention on, grows.”

In today’s world with such a multitude of opinions, this initial recognition of Divinity can clash against many dogmas, many insistent stories that such Divinity does not exist, regardless the reach of Enlightenment. Or that Divinity exists in a very specific way, as each of the religions sees it. Or that Divinity can only be seen as a reflection of the highest values and manifestations expressed here on earth (which is getting it backwards…). So many ways to avoid the direct experience. These are all reactions to this lost relationship, with no way until recently for it to be regained by householders.

Refinement and purification are the keys in creating this opening to Divinity. Once the realization dawns that the world of Divinity eclipses our own in terms of practical involvement in our life, we can begin to seek such a relationship with confidence. We learn as we go, always gaining more than is surrendered.

Being aware that such involvement with the Divine exists solely in the realm of Sattva, Purity, means that we must purify our mind, bodies and hearts so that Divinity can approach us also, and we can respond with clarity and gratitude.

Although this is a gradual process, it is also an all or nothing proposition, and is the pathway to and completion of Brahman. What I mean is that such a relationship with pure Beings, those closest to Mother Divine can be intimidating, and make one feel quite inadequate and more aware of one’s temporal nature to say the least. All we are and have been enters the compassionate fires of purification, of surrender to Divinity.

Not for the faint of heart, for the sacrifice of awareness is total, as we are filled with the innocent Cosmic desires of Divinity and shown the way in which such desires are carried out here on earth. We surrender ourselves completely to Cosmic life.

However to call it surrender is almost laughable. We surrender our leavings, we surrender our meanness and churlish emotions, we surrender our limitations, we surrender our isolation, we surrender our poverty, we surrender our doubt, we surrender the jail cell and move onto Paradise, we surrender our mortality, we surrender nothing worth keeping.

This is the promise of the seamless relationship with Divinity. As Infinite Being is first established as our Silent foundation, then Heaven descends with surety and intention to make itself known. If this conflicts with the belief system, simply discard the belief system – as the expression goes, “end of story”. 🙂

How Living Brahman Brings Redemption to the Earth

Moon-rise above clouds with Orion, in Paradise

Redemption is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as, “the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.” Sin and its egocentric cousin evil are actions against Totality, Brahman. Brahman is by definition sinless; you can’t get there from here. An earlier post addresses this in detail (“How and Why Does Brahman Live a Sinless Life?”).

Although Brahman must be lived personally in order to be realized here on earth, and this process allows earth’s redemption, it is not the individual living Brahman responsible for this redemption, and there is no credit to be taken. The chief function performed by the ripening of Brahman is the establishment of the seamless relationship with Divinity here on earth. The actions of Divinity then bring about our redemption.

Once this relationship is firmly established and maintained, the visible activity of living Brahman towards redemption consists of simply paying attention. With the interplay of the three worlds there is much to be aware of, though it all works under the guidance of the Divine, ensuring progress and success without any strain.

Living Brahman, Full Enlightenment, we stand on the bridge of the vast ship of time and space, always guiding the bow towards Cosmic life, our redemption, and the earth’s redemption.

Brahman is an instrument or a key component of the Divine machinery to bring Heaven to planet Earth, living in both worlds and joining them together in awareness, making the link conscious. This is an innocent honoring of all of those who have heralded this intimate call to Mother Divine.

All the past words and actions pointing to this time are coming to fruition. It is a time for diving deep within and coming out into action, into recognition, into responsibility, and into joy.

“The world is as you are, live unbounded awareness.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Peace on Earth, Goodwill Towards All

Nine snow geese at sunrise in Paradise

As half the earth enters the Silence of winter, we move inward. The fortunate among us also move indoors, to safety, comfort and warmth. Kindly be aware of those who cannot, those left in the cold.

Don’t be taken in by those who tell us the poor are lazy, the homeless are violent, and the less fortunate somehow deserve their poverty. What a horrible lie.

As the globe becomes increasingly One, it is easier to keep our hearts open and judge each person on their merits, regardless of circumstance. This releases us into the lap of Mother Divine, allowing us to help bring peace and equality to all, quickly and seamlessly.

Just a slight lift in consciousness, a tweak, a nudge upwards, an elevating Silence, is all it is taking to bring Heaven down to Earth, and bringing Earth up to Heaven.

“Do nothing and accomplish everything” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Brahman and the Elimination of Shadows

Sunrise and clouds in Paradise

By the time Brahman is lived, the identity is no longer able to form attachments to anything but truth and Reality. Nothing else is capable of existing in the environment of Brahman. There are a few reasons for this:

The physiology is purified to a high degree, in terms of strength, flexibility, and refinement. The mind is clear, uncluttered, and fearless. Finally, the seamless relationship with Divinity is established.

Just as Being is established prior to Brahman, so is Divinity established as the foundation of Brahman. This element is the one that most distinguishes the experience of Brahman. Although this exists as a reality, there is a bit more to the establishment of such a relationship than is obvious.

Not only must we open our hearts to whatever higher power we can reach, also, once such a relationship becomes active, we purge our minds and hearts of doubt in order to become a vessel capable of maintaining Totality. This is not done overnight. 🙂

So many times such Divine revelation is portrayed in an unrealistic manner, as if we are flooded with this and that, and changed instantly. Pure Hollywood. Please excuse me, but does an apple tree grow fruit from a seed in a single day? I rest my case. 🙂 Although we will certainly have huge experiences of God to wake us up, jolt us from our everyday reality, the payoff is in the ripening of human life, living Totality. (What is the use of settling for less?)

The growing relationship with the Divine occurs in human time, with gradual results. With such a source of perfection and compassion available within us, and externally in the form of Divine Beings, it presents an ideal space for deep reflection and even conversation with ourselves about all our troubles and dreams, and perhaps pain we acknowledge of ourselves and others; the shadows that lie embedded like secrets within ourselves. Nothing can withstand the pure light of Being, the onslaught of the angels.

As the experience of the Self grows, it gains the opportunity to find its fulfillment in Divinity, surrender, and Brahman. As I have said too many times, the payoff is always worth the relinquishing of those obstacles that stand in the way of our spiritual destiny, Totality.

This is a choice available to us at any time. The choice is between the attachment to ignorance that beckons each of us, or the absence of such attachments in order to live true freedom. Not a conditional freedom based on anything, but true freedom; the ability to live unbounded awareness, the seamless relationship with Divinity, the ownership of all time and space, and the compassionate command of the Heavenly Host.

This path to Brahman has always been available, but never so widely. The marriage of Brahman and communications technology, first used by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to further the popularity of Transcendental Meditation, brings the promise of Brahman, Totality, to householders globally. This spread of Brahman is appropriate for these fast moving times, to elevate the Self to Divinity, and bring Heaven on Earth.

Winged Victory Global Update for December 19th, 2019

Hong Kong, June 2019

Thank you for the continued and growing interest in these descriptions of Brahman. Fortunately, Totality can be described in myriad ways.

Welcome to Norway, Switzerland, and now Italy, making 21 countries total!

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How and Why Does Brahman Live a Sinless Life?

star trails with Polaris, the North Star at the center – October 2016 – Paradise

Let’s get the big question out of the way – What is sin? Sin is action against Totality. Sin is that which prevents the living of Totality. When sin is contemplated and then acted on, it is a corruption first of the intellect. The mind and ego override everything for the fulfillment of selfish needs, leading to suffering, contraction and secrets. There is a shutting down of reason and responsibility. Once this is acted upon, it creates karma, which ensnares the person and begins to erode their ability for pure discrimination.

Sadhana or the Yogic means of purification can reverse this mental cancer, as we are all redeemable, though it is only possible with a fundamental dedication to our inner light, our universal truth.

More difficult when under the sway of sin is the ability to remain open-hearted, as once the intellect is ruined, it becomes impossible to surely feel our way to Divinity. Healing the heart only comes with surrender, and with surrender comes the overwhelming responsibility of our actions. Without a complete surrender to our karma, and the means to transcend and resolve it, all is lost.

Why should this matter? If we are not conscious of what we are doing and are not acting maliciously, we may be able to live a reasonably comfortable life anyway. However, the one element that will always elude us is the seamless relationship with Divinity that can fulfill our dreams way beyond what most of us settle for. Developing this seamless relationship begins an elevation from mediocrity, staleness, and doubt, into a world of perfect fulfillment, of living Brahman, of living Totality.

The good habits we build up over a lifetime continue to serve us well. In fact they find their fulfillment in every activity – instead of working hard for mixed results, we continue to work hard, with guaranteed success. Brahman is not a cake walk – life continues to have innumerable challenges for expansion and change, and yet within the fabric of wholeness and Totality. We move from complete fullness to more fullness – living Brahman is a process without failure or conclusion, instead marked by endless expansion, immortality, and Cosmic success.

This seamless relationship with Divinity, Mother Divine and Her children, the angels, gods, goddesses, and Saints, is only possible because Brahman cannot occur without it. The desires of Brahman cannot be fulfilled without it. Sin cannot stain any part of it – Divinity is spotless and we too always wear a fresh and clean garment.

All of this is critical to fulfill the integral desire of Brahman, the raison d’etre – Bringing Heaven on Earth, as first introduced by Brahmananda Saraswati, and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Thank you. 🙂

Brahman, Cosmic Dharma, and the End of Global Exploitation

Table Top Mountain – Spring 2019

Now that the earth is beginning to shed the plague of countries fighting among themselves like dog packs, and economic prosperity is becoming more widely available, the next issue to tackle is that of global economic exploitation, and the subhuman abuse of women and children. As human beings we contain at once, both the diversity and Oneness of the Cosmos. As the expression goes, the devil is in the details.

How does living Brahman directly assist this greatest of balancing acts for the planet, the dissolution, the welcome banishment of exploitation?

First, Brahman is devoid of attachment, so Totality always acts in a way that all effort can be devoted to solving the issue at hand. Just as Mother Divine ever gives of Herself, Brahman too acts as an unpaid volunteer, ever in Her service. Unpaid, because who can add water to the ocean? So there is maximum effect, maximum focus, and all without attachment to results. Her children can never claim credit for the actions of the Mother.

Also, the life of Totality is by definition a life of dharma, of balance, and by virtue of expression, supporting and strengthening Cosmic Dharma. What this means is that the mind is innocently fixed on two things – Bringing light by the use of the attention and discrimination, and bringing universal love, to attract the attention of Divinity – summoning the troops, so to speak.

Brahman needs to be expressed in order to come into Being. Otherwise it cannot be granted Cosmic status. There is nothing to grant Cosmic status to unless it is expressed personally by a human being. Brahmananda Saraswati and Maharishi both expressed Brahman and the results are obvious. How were just two men so successfully able to change the direction of the world?

First they had and have Cosmic time on their side. Mother Divine is generating a time in which exploitation will cease, or perhaps simply dwindle to those few so inclined to continue such worthless and debasing activity. This is a cycle of incarnation on earth where teachers [of Brahman] are able to appear under favorable conditions and have their message heard. Now is the time.

What this means is that living Brahman begins to radiate Reality, even into the darkest corners of human existence. Because of the lack of attachment and the purity of attention, Totality, there is no place for ignorance to remain, and it stands unmasked for all. No more secrets.

No more exploitation of the weak, the poor, women, and children. These unique recognitions of Brahman, of Totality, then begin to establish themselves in the collective awareness. This is the unstoppable march of Totality, supported by Divinity and bringing Heaven on Earth.

Living Brahman

rainbow source looking east

After describing the mechanics of Brahman here – the Cosmic access, with Divinity at hand for the fulfillment of every desire – I haven’t spoken much about what it feels like to live in complete Reality, complete Totality.

Every thought finds its completion, whether through fruition or additional knowledge. Nothing is hidden – either of ourselves or others or anything or any being. All of it informs the present. In addition to all of our daily concerns, moving life forward in a concrete way, the context within which life operates is much larger living Brahman than the common experience.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s expression, “Do nothing and accomplish everything”, is not hyperbole or fanciful thinking – it is actually a precise spiritual prescription of the way to approach activity in Brahman. The common experience for success begins with intense focus on an objective, with all elements being shepherded forth manually, a lot of hands on. Even so, there remains little direct control over the outcome, as more and more factors including the vagaries of human behavior, insert themselves into the machinery, the ecosystem, of the desire’s fulfillment.

As the mind becomes reliably stronger through the alternation of activity and Transcendental Meditation, our clearer focus and expanding consciousness begin to make success easier. However our expanding consciousness also summons forth deeper and larger desires at the same time. Nature provides more powerful tools for our anticipated engagement with these larger desires.

All of this culminates when living Brahman, with the grateful and unified support of Divinity towards every desire. The thought comes into awareness, and like an Instagram sent to the Heavenly Host, the mechanics of Creation, the steps for fulfillment begin immediately. As living Brahman is only possible through the resolution of all past karma, there is nothing in the way of fulfillment. As no attachment is possible living Brahman, no karma accrues either, so this further clears the way for success. Less and less effort is needed to complete larger and larger desires, “Do nothing and accomplish everything”.

With personal desires fulfilled so easily living Brahman, the mind turns towards the largest desires, Heaven on Earth and so on. Nothing else quite captures the full passion of the Cosmic heart. And of course these are goals first supported by all local, familial, social, economic, and loving success in life, not some dreamy escape from one’s immediate problems.

Life in Brahman is life in fullness, taking on whatever challenge seems appropriate. With all of the Cosmos to play with, and Reality present at all times, living Brahman is a continuous and exhilarating adventure. Inherent in Brahman, the work has already been done so that sin and theft no longer find a place in the mind. There are no limitations, no compromises, and no settling for less. Total knowledge, total responsibility, and total fulfillment work together in harmony, and practical efficiency.

This is what living Brahman feels like, and I highly recommend it, not that I have any choice in the matter!

Living Brahman in Three Worlds to Further Success in This One

The sunset reflected off rain clouds, looking southeast in Paradise

Creating success always carries with it an element of risk, of uncertainty. It is the realization of something greater than what we had before, engaging a greater universal space, whether inside, outside or both. This is true independent of context, whether we are focused on more Being, acceptance, prosperity, or vitality as possible goals of our success.

So it behooves us to understand and take into account ALL of the world as we live through it. Seems obvious…

But what does “the world” mean? If we take the ancient wisdom of the yogis and rishis at face value, they understood the profound implications of Oneness, that everything sensed on the outside has a direct correlation within. These sages further understood that such a unified perception is not always obvious, and that certain techniques enhance and purify our ability to know about the entire world within, and external to us.

It is critical to understand that this complete Reality, this Oneness, does not become fully integrated without the long-term dedication and time put into the process – always measured in decades. This process also establishes a very resilient foundation of Being that allows for coherent investigation and integration of whatever is discovered, with little reaction or distortion over time.

With the incorporation of a larger world than most even know exist, we begin to dance on the edge of immortality, and to quote Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, “Doubt is the enemy of immortality”. So we need to rigorously purify ourselves, mentally, emotionally, bodily and spiritually in order to eliminate any element of imprecision or confusion that may arise, as we investigate and integrate these three worlds.

So onto some nuts and bolts: The three worlds are Heaven, ours, and Hell. Each world can be described in terms of energy, though each can be seen too. Heaven is the pure representation of Light and Creation, and Hell is the pure abode of wrong action. Both need to exist to give us our world with its many perspectives of dark and light, and the ability to evolve rapidly.

Of course the attention of a householder spends most of its time in our world, though it is helpful to know that these other worlds co-exist with ours, in order to understand how to facilitate both of them for our spiritual and worldly progress.

The need for a relationship with Heaven seems almost self-explanatory, and the relationship with this world is unavoidable. So this leaves the interesting question, how does Hell become at all useful?

To one living Brahman, Hell is a profound source of humility, a constant reminder of our basest human choices and actions, the darkest places humanity can inhabit, and the greatest injustices and pain we can inflict upon one another. That is what the knowledge of Hell gives us, this is what the sight and sense of Hell brings us. Hell brings humility to Brahman, ever reminding us of the distance to go.

Having said that about Hell, it is more a vital place on the map vs. a frequent destination. Thankfully when living Totality, Heaven is equally accessible and a far more practical place to build relationships that are useful in this world. I have written on this blog about relationships with Divinity and other practical benefits that living Brahman brings to life, so I won’t repeat them here.

However there is also an interesting relationship between the three worlds, Heaven, ours, and Hell, and the three gunas, the motive forces for all of Creation, sattva (purity), rajas (activity), and tamas (inertia). As explained in His commentary on the Bhagavad Gita, Chapters 1-6, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi notes how the gunas have two combinations that are never found in nature. These are the combinations of sattva primary, with tamas secondary, and tamas primary, with sattva secondary.

Like oil and water, sattva and tamas can never compliment or merge with each other, unless through the intermediary of rajas, or activity, even the activity of the mind. By the same token, Heaven is never found in Hell or vice versa, though both elements are indeed found here in this world, and both can be appreciated when living Brahman. In turn, this awareness enhances our daily success, our steadfast goal of bringing Heaven on Earth.

How Brahman Brings Heaven on Earth

Man Mo Temple and skyscrapers, Hong Kong

“Bringing Heaven on Earth”, was a phrase most recently popularized by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation.

What does it even mean? Heaven is usually portrayed as the abode of the Divine, with angels floating about on soft puffy white clouds, through endless sunshine – someone’s sattvic dream of God Consciousness.

Maharishi however was introducing a quality unique to Brahman, the global and Cosmic realization of the Divine Radiant Being shining within each of us, realizing Heaven on Earth for the individual first. Just as we begin our spiritual life within as a candle that does not flicker in a windless place, our light grows and grows, illuminating first all of our Being, which then takes action here on earth. The science is proven that by alternating effortless meditation with vigorous, fully engaged daily activity, life improves, life gains a foundation of Being.

In the same way, by the profound relationships established in Brahman (both worldly and Divine), the foundation of Being is elevated to Heaven on Earth. Both Being and Brahman begin locally with the vehicle of expression, the individual. What Heaven on Earth means is a perfection of desires locally, then more and more widely. Responsibility and reward both begin at Home.

For those of you who have read the popular spiritual tome, “Autobiography of a Yogi”, by Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, there is the story told of a simple man who gained some measure of enlightenment and through the fulfillment of one of his desires was granted a palace, the instant ownership of which fulfilled him.

If this tale can be translated into the daily householder life of Brahman, it is analogous. Any desires, one time or ongoing, for love, acceptance, connection, wealth, knowledge, relationships, truth, health, freedom, and so on are perfectly fulfilled, no longer a drag on life. An overflow of abundance in every domain of life. The cup lost in the global ocean. Simply the reverse of what we are used to, or have settled for.

Just as life in general needs the fullness of Being in order to reliably improve, so does Heaven on Earth need to be lived personally first to also realize the global process of bringing Heaven on Earth.

As Brahman is often seen in terms of paradox, even in the face of the entire Being saturated with ongoing fulfillment, there is no attachment or grasping or worry or greed associated with any of it – simply a deep surrender and desire for everyone to enjoy such abundance.

That desire remains until fruition, that desire for Heaven on Earth IS Brahman – Divinity’s hidden agenda, Mother Divine’s desire for her children to enjoy. 🙂

When Maharishi often spoke of Heaven on Earth, it was in terms of His profound global consciousness. So He proposed some very grand schemes to begin to shake up boundaries and institutions. Once He communicated this to His organization, I believe it created a false impression of Heaven on Earth descending in some overarching unnatural fashion, perhaps with some celestial events or something.

In any case the transformation continues in the same way as our individual spiritual transformation does – gradually, powerfully, harmoniously, and for the most part invisibly. Kindly enjoy the ride!

Recreating the World by Living Brahman

from the altar of a church in Sweden

This world we live in is an amazing place, and I love it. But we have picked up some bad habits, some tarnish along the centuries. This manifests as suffering in life, inequality, crime, and war. Even unethical and cruel thinking. Sin also destroys the intellect.

How is this all put back together, how is the world brought back to Reality?

By living Brahman.

Brahman means universality inside and out, living as a proponent of Reality. What is a proponent of Reality? Someone living the local Veda, walking the local Totality, expressing the Cosmic Reality.

This is how the world is recreated by those living Brahman. Each action reestablishes Reality for that particular focus, and this propagates, according to each action taken. The actions themselves are of some importance but their effect is much more so, bringing Reality back to life.

Is this effect obvious by watching a proponent of Reality? Yes, to another living Brahman. It really is not meant for public display in most cases, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi being the well-known exception, in His role as both teacher and one living Brahman.

There is also nothing to be taught about Brahman, though it can be described in great detail. As such proponents of Reality become more plentiful, the perspective of the spiritual community will rise also, tuned towards Totality, not simply the Self. No sense trying to sweep the kitchen clean with a dirty broom. 🙂

Fear, and the Absence of Fear by Living Brahman

A red-tail hawk in Paradise

Fear is nature’s teacher, always available when we need to proceed with caution. When something alien is presented to us that we cannot immediately integrate into our world view, our response is fear. This alien something can be potentially affecting our bodies needing immediate attention, or a strong thought that occurs in the mind, seen in such a way that it generates fear. They can also be linked, in the case of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

So there are two parts to fear, one response to the outside dangers we must be aware of, and another generated by thoughts and feelings that interfere with the fulfillment of our desires.

Although fear is a natural response in both cases, it can also be a crippling limitation. How do we transcend it in order to truly live unbounded awareness? What is the point of the universe revealing itself to us inside and out, if we cannot activate ourselves in that context?

Obviously the way to transcend fear is to continue to transform ourselves until our agility, knowledge, perception, open-heartedness, courage, and universality do not allow the possibility for fear to arise. Living Brahman, Totality, is such a path.

Brahman eliminates the possibility of fear in life in two ways. First, by living a life wholly supported by the Divine Host, the world of Divinity that creates and supports our own – Being tight with management so to speak. 🙂

Although the mechanics of this can be appreciated directly, as a householder most of the time it is just business as usual. The practical benefit is having no obstacles occur except transient ones that are successfully dealt with. Time and space are used to maximum efficiency. After all, we don’t live forever. So the environment is always fertile for success in Brahman due to the relationships we form, worldly and Divine.

Although we act as individuals, Divinity clears a pathway for our success. As mentioned in a previous post, this changes our psychology by the reliable repetition of ‘miracles’ (the ultimate efficiencies of time and space). After awhile we find ourselves with far less fear, relative to what we are accomplishing. Success builds on success.

The second way in which fear is eliminated is by our surrender to Totality, total surrender. This is not a mental state. This is the willingness to undergo anything in order to fulfill the desires of Brahman, Totality. What this means is we already have the knowledge for any solution within us. It simply needs to be expressed with a combination of discrimination, and letting go. Maharishi called it, “The Science of Being and the Art of Living”, the title of one of His books.

We are not static creatures, nor do we live in isolation. The universe awaits each of us to go on humanity’s greatest quest, to live universality within and express it unfettered in our world. The process is continuous, as is the progress. Ultimate surrender to our true nature transcends fear, and leaves it as an instrument no longer necessary for the fulfillment of life.

All of diversity is united and supported to fulfill Brahman, and each of us carries that birthright as human beings. Once Brahman is lived, fear is lovingly left behind to serve those who continue to find it useful.

“The World Is as You Are, Live Unbounded Awareness” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, student of Brahmananda Saraswati, Guru Dev

Shooting Stars, Even Wavy Ones

meteor trail from last night November 21, 2019

My camera has a 150 minute setting for night skies. it takes an exposure every few seconds for the duration, then stitches them all together for a video. I knew the Leonid Meteor shower had occurred recently, and that most meteors or ‘shooting stars’ come out of the northeast sky.

So I set up my camera around 9:30 PM, and this morning retrieved and viewed the chip on a larger screen. I scanned the video once to see any trails, then began working towards this one until I could pause right on it, full screen. Then screenshot, a bit of editing and here it is.

The Wavy Trail of a Shooting Star – When I first saw how clear it was last night, I went back outside without my camera to see a shooting star, as I often see them once night falls. I first saw a couple of what I call ‘blinkers’, where the meteor head is directly or nearly overhead and the head hits the atmosphere, lights up very briefly, and blinks out.

Then looking to the northeast, about 45 degrees up, I saw a meteor traveling horizontally, producing a wavy trail, like an illuminated snake or dragon. it looked as if the meteor had dipped into the atmosphere on a very shallow trajectory, then curved back out and fell back in several times, skipping along, and creating a long wavy trail of light. It was spectacular.

Winged Victory Global Update for November 20th, 2019

ripening grapes in Paradise, California

Thank you all for your global interest in Brahman, no matter how imperfectly I may convey it. I am very grateful to see such interest in these topics and experiences informed by Totality.

Please feel free to comment on my posts too.

18 countries now, adding Poland.

(In order of most views) United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Germany, Slovenia, Lithuania, Australia, Austria, Turkey, Poland, Thailand, Denmark, The Netherlands, Pakistan, Romania, France, and New Zealand.

Self-Healing, and My Spirit Animal



As a result of doing some heavy lifting yesterday I injured my back in way that has happened before. The sensation is below the shoulder blades, as if there is a crack horizontally across the back, muscles and bone. Very unpleasant, but not too bad this time, allowing me to continue to be active for the rest of the day.

Typically when I do my TM a nice rush of energy begins at the spine and moves upwards. It is pleasant and very refreshing, though I hadn’t really given it much thought.

So evening meditation began, and that same rush of energy began, and as it rose through the spinal column it moved the affected vertebrae back into place, gently but firmly, click, click, click. Turns out there were three of them, all in the neck, one at the base which was causing the referred pain mid-back, and two other tweaks needed. All pain vanished.

With the hassle of going to the doctor, I try to fix as much as I can by myself. Of course the key is not getting injured in the first place. 🙂

My Spirit Animal – The Elk

Not that I was looking for one…

The last people to inhabit the land where I live were Native Americans, their indigenous nations with a profound connection to nature. They were given the names of the local animals as their totems, their spiritual representation in the natural world.

“In certain spiritual traditions or cultures, spirit animal refers to a spirit which helps guide or protect a person on a journey and whose characteristics that person shares or embodies.”

Although I knew of this tradition, I am mostly of Northern European heritage with no American DNA at all, so I did not see a personal connection.

Then last night (after self-healing my back) I drove into Paradise to get something. It was 7:30 or so, and dark. As I topped my street, there he was facing me. I stopped the truck in front of him, and just looked at this huge elk buck. At least twice as big as a mule deer. He was just standing there majestically in the middle of the dark and empty road, and completed unfazed by my truck. Couldn’t have cared less.

He had a huge head, much larger than a deer, antlers though not a big rack, the dark brown collar, and tan fur instead of the grey of the mule deer. He turned his right side facing me, and kind of gave me a side-eye, again very calmly, and then walked slowly to the roadside. As soon as he was out of the headlights I couldn’t see him any more.

There are three types of elk in California, Tule, Roosevelt, and Rocky Mountain. After comparing lots of pictures online my best guess is he was a Rocky Mountain elk. They have a range a little further north in the Cascades.

From several websites on Native American legends:

This spirit animal is the symbol of strength and stamina… It symbolizes endurance and patience, as well as your relationships with other people.

The animal spirit of Elk is one of strength, nobility, pride, survival, and stamina.

In some Pacific Northwest tribes, elk are also considered to be particular protectors of women, and in some legends elk lead women who had been captured by enemy warriors back to their homes.

The elk as a totem animal is known as a symbol of the community.

If the elk appears in your life, either waking or dreaming, it is a good sign. The Elk as a spirit animal is a symbol of success in a future period, so you don’t have to worry.”

Why and How Brahman Is True Freedom

Surya, the sun god

Brahman is Totality. Freedom from fear, and the ability to ride the horse of consciousness anywhere. It is a good start. 🙂

But the development to Brahman occurs largely within the test tube of our Selves. Even with the relationships with Divinity that form, Brahman is the signaling of completion, the emergence of our full potential. Brahman only knows Brahman.

However, just as we must recognize Brahman in order to bring Brahman into the world, so must Brahman by its very nature render every concept, every belief, every idea, ideal, institution, assumption, memory, organization, structure, dream, dread, feeling, sense, nonsense, experience, perception, and relationship of ours, inside and out, transparent; see-through.

Nothing changes, however all of life can be read as clearly as a book. What this means is that the long-held assumptions, life views and world views, and stuff we have been told and accepted most of our lives, the perspectives taken by others and adopted by us as truth, our relationships, all of it is laid bare. We are now wandering through the live museum of ourselves, open 24 hours a day, free to examine any exhibit at length.

This is not an exercise in ruthlessly excising or examining aspects of ourselves. Rather it is done in complete freedom, openness, joy, and acceptance, with discrimination but not judgment.

What is the practical benefit of this complete access to the book of ourselves in Brahman? Established in Brahman, there is no impediment to any action we wish to undertake; the intellect is sharp, the heart is full, the consciousness is unbounded, and the Heavens await our every thought.

As Brahman acts in the world we may find through this innocent examination that there are some changes in the way we live and see reality; Totality. We don’t really change much ourselves, nor need to take any drastic action, though the reassessment of our lives may call for new directions in order to fulfill the desires of Brahman.

True freedom, with total support. In keeping with Cosmic law, the return is always far greater than the sacrifice.

I used to think ‘live unbounded awareness’ was a pleasant but not literal expression. I have since learned otherwise. 🙂

True Magic – How Miracles Change Our World View

five views of the Andromeda Galaxy on a colorful night

I use the word ‘miracles’ to describe positive, sometimes dramatic events in our lives for which there is no rational explanation. Once these happen often enough, the entire psychology begins to shift, from one satisfied with the eventual fulfillment of routine goals, to moving into a larger, richer and deeper sphere of life where anything is possible without qualification.

If we simply experience a special event in our lives, a large gift or a narrow escape or an unexpected spiritual fulfillment, we can chalk it up to providence or good karma, and continue unchallenged. But if the events keep on occurring, we begin to reassess our world view, and wonder quite hungrily if perhaps something more is available? 🙂

As resigned to it as many of us have become, human beings are not meant to live in spiritual, material, or emotional poverty. When the hunger for more is there, we feel it within, and recall the eternal promise of its transformation into inner and outer wealth – This desire drives us for lifetimes…

In a previous entry quoting Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on the glory of being near to Brahmananda Saraswati, Maharishi noted that the Guru will bring experiences to the student so that a rapid advancement to Brahman, to Totality, can occur. This is a very personalized experience, tailored to the student, moving inexorably through our gates of doubt and disbelief, mercilessly destroying our ignorance and the shaky edifices relying on its support.

Of course some preparation is necessary to engage in such a relationship and to travel quickly through such gates as set us free. In order to prep my senses and strengthen myself I did the TM-Siddhis program for 13 years daily. I would’ve continued the program, but the Sidhis continued to develop instead under the precise tutelage of Brahmananda Saraswati. My efforts were no longer necessary. This is the REAL Course On Miracles. 🙂

Most noticeable at first was the deepening of my sense of sight. Even as I took the course I was able to see into my body, at first my forearm and all the sinew and muscle and veins and arteries. For some reason the first images were viewed as through a green filter. This later resolved.

I mention this filter not because of any significance it had, but to point out that such experiences are highly personalized according to one’s physiology at the time. Even though the practical effect may be similar for another, the subjective experience will fit the person.

This experience of subtle sight has continued, purified, and expanded, to using this ability in conjunction with clearing inflammation which presents for example as soreness, arthritis, and on a social, national and global scale, stress. Without thinking about it, these abilities easily integrated themselves into my life. I mentioned the recent addition of seeing the direct interplay of the Divine in the fulfillment of such experiences. The progression, though it sounds flashy has occurred over twenty six and a half years so far.

As these abilities matured I didn’t get carried away and open a shop for my practice. I will still take an ibuprofen for my muscle soreness if I want to. The whole thing becomes part of life. There was a phrase we used as teenagers, “don’t peak too soon”, and it has always stuck with me. If we hold off on defining our lives by our abilities and grow the abilities to the max, we can then live our eternal dreams. Miracles show us how, not necessarily by following them, but by clearing our minds and hearts of doubt.

“Doubt is the enemy of Immortality” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Most recently I have had experiences of levitation (lifting up horizontally while lying on my side in bed, not the frog hopping…), super-human strength, and direct intercession of the Divine. Apparently this is what The Boss thinks I need to get ahead. So be it, and I never, ever argue with The Boss. 🙂

Somehow such barriers are necessary to be broken down, if for no other reason than to be done wondering about them, expand our horizons, and continue to work diligently and clearly for a better world, for all. Brahman is always the goal.

Here Comes The Sun

dawn overtaking the full moon yesterday morning

It may seem a strange title, given the events in the world. On the one hand, pervasive global political, environmental, and economic upheaval, and on the other, “Here Comes The Sun”???

Along with all the seeming chaos though, over the last fifty years or so has emerged a profound global interest in consciousness, or the practical study of who is really doing what to whom? 🙂

One of the benefits gained through the systematic exploration of consciousness by those actively undertaking such practices, is we know a lot more about our own nature than was available without such practices. This simple act of shedding light on the multiple layers of awareness, the mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual aspects of ourselves, brings such components into Being, into our world. For example, see the endless stream of self-help books on just these topics. Fundamentally we become more and more universal, with regards to both time and space.

Once this universal nature within each of us becomes widely recognized in whatever way our given culture reflects it, the entire way humanity conducts itself begins to change. I emphasize begins to change. This global transformation is not based on the dramatic entrance of a supernatural being, or a cataclysm that descends leaving just the virtuous. This is the unhurried though unstoppable process of us waking up to our common nature, what makes us all more alike than different, the ability to unite in the face of our natural and multiplying diversity as humans.

It happens gradually, not buoyed by airy ideas, or on a foundation of ideologies, religious, political or economic. No, this transformation is occurring from the core of each of us. Not flashy, nothing to write about in the media, because it happens like all spiritual growth does, as an integrated process with holistic benefits. On a global scale, the Self, the universal nature is emerging, and this supports all proponents and students of our universal nature too.

The tide is turning in favor of faster karmic returns, so that if we act in accordance with our universal nature, success follows. If we are fully established in our universal nature, we no longer need be preoccupied with returning a good result from our actions. This leads right away to less fear, and a more peaceful world.

Here comes the sun 🙂

Winged Victory has gone global (November 11, 2019 update)

total views as of November 11,2019

There is now nearly an unbroken chain of countries circling the globe viewing this blog. Thank you.

(In order of most views) United States, UK, Canada, Germany, India, Slovenia, Lithuania, Australia, Austria, Turkey, Denmark, Thailand, New Zealand, France, Pakistan, Romania, and The Netherlands.

Alignment to Brahman

A late ‘Double Delight’ rose in the garden yesterday

Both of the physiologies of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Sri Brahmananda Saraswati are perfect; Totality. Simply perfect, as Mother made them. So that just by living life and their Dharma, all each of them could do was teach the royal road to Brahman; Totality. Just by Being; endlessly reflecting Brahman.

Every gesture, every word, every action, and speech and breath of Maharishi and Sri Guru Dev leads to Brahman; the total body of knowledge – Cosmic ability – just as both Maharishi and Guru Dev are each the body of Supreme Knowledge. There can be no other result.

It is not really a matter of strenuous or so-called one-pointed devotion to either of these great saints, simply a matter of paying attention to everything that they are and taking their words literally, while continuing naturally with daily life.

Here is a quote of theirs I spent years on, attributed to Maharishi: “The world is as you are, live unbounded awareness”. ‘The world is as you are’ takes the reader to UC, Unity Consciousness, and ‘live unbounded awareness’ is Brahman. There are endless similar examples in their many discourses.

With their perfected holistic physiology they can be anyplace that we are. Rather than work to bring them forth, all we need do is follow their example so closely that they will be with us more and more, as we also perfect our physiology into Brahman.

It is alignment. This does not mean following their lifestyle, or every yogic practice. This will bring confusion and strain. Maharishi and Guru Dev arrived for the householders of all cultures. This means being ourselves.

With the strength of intention that TM brings, such a goal begins to manifest with that fervent desire in the heart for Brahman. Then it simply happens over time.

“The Means Gather Around Sattva”; Success Follows Purity

the growth of Sattva

Success follows purity. True. The greater the purity, the greater the success in eternal life. True.

In the most practical sense, how do we increase Sattva or purity in our lives? Many practices are found in Yoga. TM is very helpful and the Sidhis too, both of which are aimed at purifying and strengthening the mind. The mind drives the body, either with clarity and immortality, or with confusion and self-destruction.

Every one of us has different spiritual needs, though as an active householder I have always tried to get any practice down to the greatest efficiency possible, and TM wins hands down; 20 minutes twice a day. Finito. And the practice adapts to any environment. Sidhis take longer with a bare bones program – about an hour twice a day. Doable with planning.

The other element that I consider a practice towards spiritual growth is prayer. It is how I got to know Guru Dev, Brahmananda Saraswati so well. Not the simple prayers of I want, but also asking and listening. Particularly with such a strong and clear relationship, I began to notice that I am being sought out over time as well by the target of my prayers.

Once some silence is established within, this is the form of prayer that innocently bridges the gulf between the personal and impersonal God, allowing the gradual descent of Divinity. This completes the fullness of Brahman; Totality.

Cosmic law says that we must surrender in equal measure to that which we are seeking. It is quite a simple principle though mind-blowing in practice, for although we may surrender everything including the lint in our pockets, we are always returned a million-fold in exchange for whatever we lay down and give up.

It sounds too good to be true, until that law of equal measure is remembered. What happens if we are non-doing it right, is we create an empty vessel of ourselves, surrendering our limitations an unlimited number of times, again and again and again, until the unbounded path for expansion and success is revealed.

As long as we keep surrendering and tossing away the ever enlarging vessels as examples of ourselves, we are in good shape (not literally tossing them away, transcending them spiritually and holistically). And when there is no place left to toss the vessel except back into our lap, we are done.

The Cosmos does the rest. Once this Cosmic law is fulfilled, then we can choose our success in whatever way we want, true freedom, with an ever expanding horizon of Mother Divine’s presence and presents awaiting each surrender, each rejoicing, each giving back.

Camp Fire One Year Anniversary 2019

The Camp Fire exploding behind the house the morning of November 8, 2018
Escaping in my truck from the fire, taken from a security cam November 8, 2018. Note the pitch darkness during a sunny mid-morning.

Today we mark the one year anniversary of the Camp Fire disaster, November 8, 2018. Honoring the 85 dear souls who lost their lives in the horror. Remembering the robust community of Paradise that is now cleaned down to dirt, to just a few homes and businesses; 50 thousand lives scattered like leaves.

Personally I feel so very fortunate to have made it through. It has allowed me to spend the year helping out, reorganizing and repairing, rebuilding and restoring, as much as I can.

I spent some of yesterday reflecting and just working through the layers of shock, sadness, grief, loss and pain that we have all endured here since the fire, and finally releasing that deepest fatigue, the bone-tiredness stored during this grinding, year-long, slow-motion crisis.

Rest and relief have never felt so good – before the next push.

We are finally through the worst of it, and that makes all the effort worth it. Today we are coming together as a community to remember, and to look forward to rebuilding our town according to its motto: “To be everything its name implies”.

We are Paradise Strong. May God Bless Paradise.

The Glory of Being Near Guru Dev by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1974)

this is the picture that so attracted me to Brahmananda Saraswati, Guru Dev

From a talk about Guru Dev which Maharishi gave in Hertenstein, Switzerland around 1974:

“…. The priceless transcendental nectar in which saints and seekers lose themselves and forget everything during their deep meditations in silent barren places – when that same nectar, that very same experience is had in nearness to the lotus feet of Guru Dev, in an unmoving and stable manner, with the eyes open and in a completely wakeful state, the incomparably blissful transcendental torrent floods the inside and outside, and the mind is drowned in ecstasy.

Certainly this state in the nearness to the lotus feet of Guru Dev is much more desirable and enjoyable than the state where we forgot everything in samadhi. In that state at the lotus feet of Guru Dev, wave upon wave of the bliss of samadhi rises in myriads of forms and channels in complete wakefulness. That is the experience of jivan mukti, by the grace of the lotus feet of Guru Dev. The experience of the unshakable bliss of samadhi, when we are completely awake, is the jivan mukti, drowned in which the great Mahatmas become Brahman.

At this time in this silence, in the nearness to Guru Dev, that is the experience. There is an inexpressible happiness, a feeling of huge elation, the heart is overwhelmed by ecstatic feeling like the heaving of an ocean of love, an ocean of bliss, as if the blissfulness of pure consciousness is rising in powerful torrents to surface from somewhere deep inside; and outside, Guru Dev’s wordless, enchanting, inviting, nectar- like love is an infinitely large ocean.

Torrential waves are rising from this limitless ocean on the outside, and diving deep inside and having struck the deepest depths, are rising outwards again and again, and then falling at the lotus feet of Guru Dev in voiceless ripples softly heaving and vibrating in ecstasy. The hand and feet and ears and all the senses, together with the heart and mind and intellect, are bursting with the fullness of that ecstatic feeling.

Every tiny atom of the body is enveloped in that unbounded transcendental bliss of Brahmananda, and is melting into that experience as if into an indivisible, everlasting union with pure radiant love, untouched by time, space, or any other constraint. The limitless ocean of the heart bursts forth in wave upon torrential wave of invincibility and freedom.

That unchanging, eternally stable, and timeless bliss, which is beyond the senses and transcendental in every way, is being experienced at the surface value of life at one single time simultaneously by all the senses, by every part of the physical body, and by the entire heart, mind, and intellect – all this by the grace and love of Guru Dev. The whole of life, the gross physical body, the subtle body, the transcendental inner phase of life, is throbbing and heaving with ecstatic feeling that is only bliss, just ecstasy and the nearness of Guru Dev.

Outside on the terrace, it is as if the gentle ripples of the lake are nudging the sides and sleeping vegetation to awaken them to enjoy the tender moonlight. And there, on the terrace, the divine illumination of the lotus feet of Guru Dev is giving the power of life to the brilliant, inexpressible, transcendental sun of pure consciousness, to allow its waves to shake the heart of the ignorant disciple, to bring enlightenment and jivan mukti. The disciple is awakening from sleep. He is rising up. His ignorance and doubts are being erased. The fog facing him is lifting and the long journey is being quickly completed; the goal is becoming visible; it is right in front. Reaching it is all that is left. The other shore barely appears, and Guru Dev, the captain of the boat, throws a chain around the docking post to hasten his disciple’s arrival.

Great good fortune is needed to be able to experience the unbounded grace of Guru Dev and to continue to drink of that infinite ocean of bliss…

The point being brought out here is the blissfulness experienced in nearness to the true Master. The point to notice is how the Guru, by giving his disciples and other seekers the experience of the different and varied aspects of Brahman strengthens every disciple’s progress on the path of evolution and carries him to the pinnacle of perfection. The thing is the same, pure consciousness, but the Guru gives the disciple experiences of it in such a variety of ways that remove every shadow of doubt that could become an obstacle to the disciple’s progress.

This is the glory of being near Guru Dev.”

Here, Not Here

I had an early and intense education from birth to 17 years old on fitting in and rapid cultural integration, by changing the country I lived in every two to four years. At three months old I left the USA for Malaysia (Malaya then), Spain, Indonesia, The Philippines, and Hong Kong, in that order, with trips back to the US periodically. Always exploring the far reaches, as my father preferred.

It was a rapid learning process finding the familiar in everyone, and certainly learning to respect all cultures, and both genders. It wasn’t something I put a lot of thought into, as the challenge to fit in and keep moving forward with life was constant, in addition to simply enjoying the whirlwind of change, country to country. With so much exposure to every facet of humanity, prejudices were impossible to form – I knew too much already about how alike we all were.

Given such an active childhood, and the many things I hadn’t yet figured out, I gained greatly from learning TM when I was 21. I needed something to put it all together, not that I expected it to take 40-plus years! That was *definitely* not in the brochure or introductory lecture. 🙂

All of the being around the world for so long made it easier to accept Maharishi when I was exposed to Him and His teacher, Brahmananda Saraswati. South East Asia has a lot of similarities to India, except the Himalayas. 🙂 Maharishi never struck me as foreign or exotic, simply Indian. When I was growing up I was always in the racial minority, so a brown face is always more familiar than a white one.

After taking me to temples all my life and having a house filled with Hindu icons and a prominent painting of a Puja, my parents could not have been too surprised when I learned TM.

Coming back to the US is still an education. I am a US citizen though I am always looking in from outside – the rhythms, cultural norms and assumptions, and certainly the look and feel of this place is so completely different from South East Asia. A Japanese fellow I knew said I was a hard boiled egg, yellow (Asian) on the inside and white on the outside. An accurate observation.

I was climbing around Borobudur in Jogjakarta before I had heard of Disneyland, and living by kerosene lamp while my peers in “the states” were watching TV. I saw coconut palms and flame trees before oaks and maples. Fried rice was a staple. I tasted mango, rambutan and papaya long before I ever had an apple, or saw an orange.

This was one of many disconnects I experienced in school using American textbooks – I wasn’t familiar with many of the references, adding to my confusion and boredom with school. I was bright enough to get near perfect grades and even skipped a grade at one point, but for the most part after learning the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic around 11 years old, I was done and found it a dry and stifling experience.

I read voraciously though middle and high school, churning through many of the well known authors. Out of all of them, John Steinbeck is probably my favorite and I read all of his books, along with Herman Hesse, Hemingway, Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Kafka, JRR Tolkein, Robert Ludlum, Robert Heinlein, Kahlil Gibran, the late great Richard Brautigan, and many others. As an aside I find reading Shakespeare as tough as reading the Vedas – sitting on a brief paragraph until it overwhelms me. His is cosmic writing.

The United States was always observed from afar as the promised land, typified by me as a young boy by those glossy full color menus available in the diners and casual chains. The variety and color was amazing! I would get lost in the possibilities. Having had no access to much except water buffalo, chicken and fish until I was about 15, I still consider a cheeseburger as high cuisine. People here always find that funny. That is a full day’s meal right there. Cheap and delicious too. I guess this means I am not a vegetarian either :-)… Why would I be??

I have no plans on leaving this strange and wonderful country again, and now my task is to embrace it and love it and heal it, along with the rest of the world.

As the joke goes, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time 🙂

My magical self-healing camera (Nikon P900)

Many of the pictures here are and will be taken with my Nikon P900. I bought it for astrophotography, though it also takes great pictures of the planet.

About two years ago maybe a bit longer, after owning the camera a short time, I dropped it five feet onto concrete, straight down, striking the left front lens housing as it hit. I was expecting to pick up a very expensive percussion instrument, broken glass inside the metal housing, but the camera remained mostly intact, in itself kind of a miracle.

The flip-out screen went black and was unusable for both picture review and photography, though the viewfinder still worked. Also the setting for multiple shots would cause the camera to go into error mode once the pictures were taken. The pictures would be retained, but the camera needed to be turned off and then on, to clear the error.

Both problems I could live with, so I didn’t attempt to get the camera fixed.

Then, about a year ago, after regular and daily use of the camera, the flip out screen began working again, just like that – reliably, no loose or intermittent connections. Also in the last month or so the multi-shot function has returned, without crashing the camera.

Both features are completely restored, like new. I think the camera just needed a rest after such a traumatic fall. 🙂

the Nikon P900 captures a resting peacock

The Heavenly Host acting on Earth


I will try to keep this as experiential as possible:

One of the advantages to living Brahman is that subtle phenomena, the foundations of life, can be perceived accurately and in context. Although the lenses of perception can be cleansed, purified, and focused by the time that Maharishi’s God Consciousness [perception of the finest relative] comes along, the reference point is still too limited to work with and through the Heavenly Host —  although a great deal can be observed.

This Divine interaction requires the awareness of Brahman, the transcendence of Unity Consciousness, which is the transcendence of consciousness, though certainly not of awareness. 🙂

The way it was shown to me culminated in an experience after life circumstance had wiped away all of my past attachments, including any aspect of myself. Although daily life continued, this rapid emptying out occurred over a few years, gaining steady intensity until nothing was left. Although there was naught to do but continue, in total honesty it was in many ways an excruciating experience.

The purification and discipline required prior to embracing Divinity as working on Earth is no picnic. I add this to illustrate that in order to achieve anything no matter what, takes dedication, focus and a fair amount of blood, sweat and tears. No matter what path we take. In this case, we always get back far far more than we surrender, though the commitment is beyond total. No pussyfooting 🙂

One evening, after the very last shred of myself had departed, allowing an opening for Divine presence, an angelic Being, presenting as a female blue angel, the perfect color of healing, revealed Herself. After basking in Her radiance and comfort for awhile, I began to grasp that the same blue color shown to me could be memorized and projected by me for healing.

I had spontaneously gained the ability to see and gradually work with energy once I took my TM-Sidhis course 40 years ago. Over a short period of months the use of this healing continued to reveal itself. With this newfound knowledge of ‘blue’ I began using it bodily and regionally and nationally and globally, also picking up red as inflammation, yellow/green as sickness (body only), black for violence/poison, and gold transmuted from black as victory. I was at one point transmuting energy for far away cities, and seeing and directing assemblies of angels even thousands of miles away in other countries.

Apologies in advance, but it is apparently not my Dharma to spend my time directing angelic energy. 🙂 Thank God too, because it takes a lot of steady focus leaving little time for anything else. Like air traffic control, only on the ground.

 Instead, the process matured to reveal that all action undertaken [in Brahman] is the same as going through the conscious process of working with the Heavenly Host, though it is not required to see and direct the details. As revealing as they are of the underpinnings of life, such interactions are really not practical for daily life as a householder, no matter how beguiling at first.

At the end of the day, we all want a more peaceful and loving world, no matter how that comes about or what part we play. This was simply a breathtaking and spectacular display of Divinity working here, now, more and more as we become aware of the subtle impulses that come directly from Mother Divine, and respond favorably, and in an inviting way to them.

“No one wants your mind in this world…”

This is a quote by Brahmananda Saraswati, Guru Dev, I came across recently. I have always appreciated His no-nonsense yet endlessly compassionate expression:

“Nobody wants your mind in this world, and the mind is not satisfied with anything of the world. The mind is not fit for the world, or the world for the mind. When the mind realizes God, it is permanently established there and does not desire other things. From this we can understand that God alone is fit for the mind and nothing else.”Swami Brahmananda Saraswati

He says find the Divine in everything, realize your highest potential. He is not advocating a retreat from life or being endlessly preoccupied with rituals, rather a complete embracing of all Creation, at its most sublime. Recognizing our source.

Green Tara – close up of a Tibetan poster I found in Hong Kong the day before the demonstrations began this year (2019)

Brahman and its place in the Sacred Architecture

mid-morning winter clouds

What is a Sacred Architecture? It is the dynamic blueprint for life emanating from Mother Divine, the source of the source as She is sometimes referred to. It is Her direct emanation creating all. She is the longest living Being in Existence; Mother Divine IS Existence.

Even encompassing such vastness; us, earth, galaxies, time, space, universes, gods, goddesses, all form and formless, activity and negation, there is a connection to be formed, a dynamic relationship to be comprehended, a way to get along better with Mother Divine, for better practical results in life.

Where does Brahman fit in? Or more precisely, where does the endless and infinite creation of Brahman fit with regard to Mother Divine?

First, Brahman is fully aware of all consciousness; Totality, Universalities. However simply by virtue of the awareness of Brahman, Brahman transcends consciousness, even as it incorporates it.

Second, the source of the source is realized. This is not God or Goddess Realization as the Gods and Goddesses are easily available to everyone. Rather it is a fullness, a Sacred Architecture visible from the vantage point of Brahman. Mother Divine is the fulfillment of Divinity. Divinity is the fulfillment of Mother Divine also, and living Brahman we can live closely with Divinity.

This is the practical benefit of Brahman, and why such abilities are available; the proximity to the source of the source. We can use the entire Heavenly Host to achieve our [very large] desires.

At one point I had the experience where the granularity of waging Heaven on Hell (purity vs. stress), so to speak, was shown very clearly to me – how to assemble angels like a military campaign for use in a particular location, energy as color, micro to macro, etc. I will probably write about all the details later, but the reason I bring it up, is to illustrate the direct link from Mother Divine through the Heavenly Host; Divinity into practical action, by living Brahman.

Despite being the flashiest stuff imaginable to encounter, the benefits are meant to be nothing but practical, simply working at a larger and more comprehensible scale.

In terms of human consciousness, Brahman sits with all of human consciousness on one side, and Mother Divine on the other (though we too find ourselves in the laps of both 🙂 ) . This is the Sacred Architecture.

The Unlimited Ignorance of Brahman

the crescent Moon, and Jupiter beyond with several moons visible

There are two types of ignorance, a willing, abiding ignorance, and an unwilling version. The willing ignorance of Brahman is an acknowledgement of Mother Divine and our place in Her midst, even living Brahman or Totality.

It is a limitless and unbounded ignorance, even a blissful ignorance, eager to surrender to the challenge of becoming ever more, bringing ever more light, heat, and pressure to ourselves, in order to radiate like diamonds, and continue to discover and engage all that we can. A truly incomprehensible and never ending ignorance, practically speaking. 🙂

Though there is the same mechanism of discovering the unknown both in Brahman and on the way there, unwilling ignorance means there is less, a less pleasant and satisfying reality, and this spurs the awareness towards Brahman.

So to say that ignorance diminishes during our life is speaking from the perspective of those who do not yet live Brahman. Living Brahman it does both, as the ignorance of what Brahman is grows smaller, and yet the new realities that are sought and uncovered are due to the unfathomable ignorance of Brahman, of Totality. I wonder what Shankara would have to say about that. 🙂

The main point being that ignorance leading up to Brahman is a distortion of life, like looking just through one eye at the world, whereas ignorance in Brahman is simply a loving act of surrender and humility.

Funny that so many setting out their shingle as spiritual guides focus on getting rid of ignorance and yet they miss the larger point, the ignorance borne of a recognition of Mother Divine, and that this ignorance is the same knowledge necessary to get them to Brahman.

The knowledge of the guides not living Brahman is like a bus route that only gets the passengers halfway there. The passengers sit on the bus wondering what is next, and the guide cannot tell them. But if the spiritual guide is established in Brahman, they will always act in Brahman, eliminating the confusion of the passengers, for the bus is always headed to Brahman, supported by the Supreme Ignorance borne of the recognition of Mother Divine.

Happy trails!

So What Happened After The Visit From Brahmananda Saraswati (Guru Dev)?

a mirror bevel reflecting pink oleanders outside

This visit happened after I had been doing TM for 18 years and the sidhis for 13, so there was enough experience with spiritual practice to avoid trying to recreate it, or chasing it in any way. I do recall finding myself at my parents’ home in the DC area and sharing it with them through a mixture of rapture and tears. They didn’t call the men in the white coats and were pretty understanding, considering.

Prior to this visit I had wanted to relocate West, being in tech and all. But the only way to do that was catch the eye of a company in the San Francisco Bay Area and have them move my household. Having a family I wasn’t going to wing it. One of my good friends and my supervisor at the time had landed just such a position with Cisco, and moved away. A few months later, I bought a book on the communication protocol that moves the Internet, TCP/IP. Details aside, I sent a cover letter and resume to every company in the index, about 85 of them as I recall, and one hired me, and we relocated to the Bay Area. So that was a big practical step.

I also naturally wound down the sidhis practice. After The Visit I was evolving through so much so quickly that the sidhis were no longer useful. Even after quitting the practice, the sidhis continued to rapidly evolve by themselves. One of the more useful techniques that has stayed with me for years, was the ability to look within the body. The energy seen in various colors can also be applied geographically to regions, countries and planets, though that development came about quite recently with the advent of Brahman.

All of these abilities are explored purely for their useful value and not ever as any kind of idle pursuit or manipulation. They often serve as an outer confirmation of inner development, the Cosmic version of putting one’s money where one’s mouth is. Feet on the street. 🙂

So life continued without any particular emphasis on spiritual development. Family and career took front and center. I have noticed over time that a certain invincibility has taken hold, that no matter how challenged I am, things always come through. I have continued my practice of TM, even now, as it does exactly as Maharishi described and blows the dust off after sleep and then after an active day. The excavation continues even in Brahman, making for smoother personal transitions and continuing to clear the atmosphere.

I did see Guru Dev again while running in a remote canyon in Northern California, only this time He was wrapped in green vines looking like Shiva. Now He remains a constant companion, though in a later post I’ll cover some more ground between then and now.

Brahman kicks our butt until we learn to dance with Grace

Monarch feeding in Paradise

This was written this past June 2019, and speaks to the integration that takes place when living Brahman as a householder:

Responding to a buddy recently, I wrote as part of my reply that, ‘Brahman apparently kicks our butt, once acknowledged, until we learn to dance with Grace.’

Quite a miracle of metaphysics that we can start out so small in terms of Totality, the vastness of our world, and reach a point of actually finding a dynamic synchrony with it, a thriving within all that there is.

What a huge dynamic range too, to be active and thriving all the way from elements of a personal nature, daily activities, resulting in personal satisfaction, balance, and happiness, up through our familial, social, professional, regional, state, national, and global awareness and obligations, all the way out to the furthest reaches of the Cosmos.

THAT is a lot of integration, my goodness. Even if we are not roaming the stars, or always diving deep within, we must instill all of this, to simply keep up and live a practical life, as Totality asks of us.

Once Totality is recognized, there is no return to any boundaries of any kind. Certainly we remain sane and intact with all that we have learned of life, but there is no need any more to set or reinforce boundaries to limit our learning, influence, and doing.

Through recognizing Totality as the core element of our experience, we set ourselves free in a way that brings all potential within our immediate grasp. Then it is simply a matter of following our personality to live ever more of that which is freely given, though cannot be owned, Brahman.

Once such a pact of recognition is made, a commitment to ourselves, then we can learn as quickly as we are able, though it is by necessity a personal journey, and whether waking, dreaming or sleeping, we are now always in the glare of self-awareness, and the blinding sun of Brahman.

So the unavoidable dance lessons are not always enjoyable, sometimes downright embarrassing, painful, and awkward. Though after sufficient practice and once Grace takes our hand, it gets easier, more powerful, and more creative, as we soon make our way confidently, comfortably, and endlessly throughout the Cosmos, Totality, and the ceaseless infinity that is living Brahman.

Brahman no longer apparently kicks our butt…(from personal experience) it turns out I was just drunk on the dance floor, intoxicated with my stories and attachments, acting like any uncoordinated fool – that’s the Big Lesson isn’t it? Live and learn, full on.

Brahman allows us to relax into un-bounded-ness; performing the greatest action within the greatest Infinity. The most enduring security is in knowing that there is nothing to hold us back, as long as we learn our lessons, and learn to dance with Grace. Totality is ever our only partner; Brahman.

Fear is quickly gone, as we know every dimension we experience is infinite, inside and out. How can anyone be afraid of Infinity, when it asserts itself everywhere? Once we are set in such an existence, there is nothing left to do but thrive, all along and within that huge dynamic range from personal joy to Cosmic action.

How to find Brahman

a bridge to Paradise

For me the name said it all – Brahmananda Saraswati, Jagad Guru of Jyotir Math. Brahmananda, love of Brahman.

I don’t recall being particularly aware of Guru Dev the first few years of practicing transcendental meditation or TM as it is called. I do remember seeing a black and white photograph of him with a particularly resolute posture and expression, on the inside cover of the paperback Bhagavad Gita – (Chapter 1 to 6, translation and commentary by Brahmananda Saraswati’s completion, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) Brahman fulfilled through dynamic global action. His eyes and focus caught my attention as unique and they inspired me greatly.

Past lives have not been a strong interest of mine. Sometimes I will find something out, but for example I do not recall any association with Guru Dev prior to this life. My spiritual interest this time around came from a childhood of constant travel around the world and the country, leading to a strong desire for some inner discovery, to balance all of the outer discovery. So I began to meditate in the hopes that it would make me calmer, more organized and more successful. I was not terribly interested in getting closer to God, though religion was my focus when I was younger.

But religion seemed full of vague proclamations and essentially bridged everything with faith, being a carrot and stick approach in practical terms. Too much effort for uncertain rewards. The only ones getting off were the church leaders.

I was familiar with the process of prayer, the centering and focus of silence, with the attention on the object of prayer. That I continued, as it seemed a pleasant way to spend a moment at the very least, someplace to acknowledge my deepest desires. I would pray when I was young to Jesus, having served as an altar boy, though didn’t really establish a relationship with his energy.

After learning the sidhis sequence as taught by Maharishi’s TM organization in 1979-1980, I began having spontaneous visions of Guru Dev, just His bust and face. When I was out riding my bike past the lemon groves in Santa Barbara, His face would appear in my third eye. Nothing intrusive, but it began to build a desire to be with Him more.

I don’t recall thinking about it much as life went on, and soon it was over a decade later, during the Spring of 1993, after some really good experiences of approaching Guru Dev’s feet and the hem of His garment, even riding like a satellite around this planet, that I had an experience that focused my direction more carefully on Brahman.

There was no contact with any spiritual group or organization during this time. I had enough on my plate that it wasn’t time to share it for quite awhile. So during that Spring of 1993, I was visited by Brahmananda Saraswati, just blasting Shakti and putting me in a state of transcendent bliss for two or three days.

As an immediate lesson in integration of the Divine, while this was going on and I was just bathing from a fire-hose day and night in His Cosmic energy, I continued to work a demanding career, also married, with a toddler. No one else noticed, though I am confident I didn’t sleep a wink during those nights. Wasn’t tired at all.

Two experiences from those few days stand out – One, where He took me into the unending spaciousness of the galaxy – I have no idea where we were, except *Very Out There*. I was sitting as if on a comfortable invisible support with Guru Dev at my side, looking out at the vast star fields and inky blackness of space. Despite the apparent lack of support and the unfamiliar surroundings, I felt totally at peace, just taking in the view. I don’t know how long we sat there. Second, there was a sunny day where I walked outside with His presence beside me, and it was like having my very best friend, mentor and father with me. Without any judgment or separation. In an instant I understood Him so well, and was encouraged to become closer.

This is a good place to close for today, and a good narrative to continue later. Be well!

October 29, 2019

Dragonfly on sundial ready for take-off, May 2019

“The world is as you are; live unbounded awareness”

-Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

I was looking for a good piece of writing to kick off this blog, but decided to start fresh. This format is a bit different. Instead of moving within a matrix of expressed thoughts and posts, some of which are contributed by others, I am going solo. Don’t quite have my sea legs yet, but we’ll be rolling along soon enough.

The local situation is still very frontier-like a year after the Camp Fire. Paradise has done a good job of clearing 19,000 lots down to the soil and removed any hazardous chemicals that could cause future problems. All the debris is gone.

There is a temporary town set up about halfway up the hill to Paradise on a defunct golf course known as Tuscan Ridge, housing and feeding about a thousand workers. First it was PG&E crews restoring power and gas, then all the debris haulers and their rigs, and now construction workers for the rebuild. It will possibly become a residential development after that.

The town water system is still widely contaminated from products that burned a year ago, so that is a slow replacement of lines. Chico now wants some of our water (from PID – Paradise Irrigation District), and PID wants to sell it to stay in business. But the agreement will have to be carefully written to avoid a conflict of interest as Paradise grows, especially if we hit another drought.

With the near continuous blackouts now it has slowed things down up here – any business that wants to stay open needs a generator. Most are still recovering, and FEMA never did come up with the promised trailers. Chico managed to fight them off. Many displaced people are living in Chico and the surrounding towns, all of which grew 20 percent or more.

Our community is hanging in there. No one has actually begun rebuilding, and everyone wants to sell their vacant lots. The power cycling is causing some havoc with the entrance gate, well pump and septic, but we keep going.

If there is a silver lining to all this, it is that we had our disaster early up here, a year ago, and have climbed out of that hole, so no more worries during this fire season. It does instill a sense of confidence that you will know what to do next time, and are capable of doing so.