What Is the Relationship Between Enlightenment and Brahman?

Stargazer Lily in Paradise

Brahman IS Enlightenment. Everything else is getting there. πŸ™‚ Once Brahman is lived, the reality contains everything else. It is Totality. This includes all perceptions and all abilities.

The question often arises – What about the sutras taught during the TM-Sidhis course, the personal focus, the mapping of the nervous system to the Cosmos? Examples of such abilities include flying through the air, making the body huge or tiny, materialization of objects, being two places at once, levitation, refinement of all senses, omniscience, strength of an elephant, omnipresence, blah, blah, blah. Innumerable Yogic abilities to sharpen the mind, heart, and body for a fuller experience of this life we live. The Sidhis allow us to assemble the body of Brahman, although the intention for such a completion remains ours alone.

One caution that is frequently cited regarding practice of the Sidhis is that one should be careful not to get lost in the worlds revealed; that the practice can become a distraction along the way. True enough, and this circles back to intention. If the intention is towards fullness and living Totality, then the Sidhis are seen as exceptionally useful tools given to us, to grow towards living Brahman. If not, then they are worthless, no matter how grand, or invisible. As a result, we may find in our journey [onto Brahman] that some Sidhis are very useful, while others do not draw much of our attention.

Also once Brahman is lived, such extraordinary powers are seen as select building blocks of the Totality revealed – the perspective is reversed. The process of manifestation while living Brahman always incorporates the fullness of Divinity, something the Sidhis prepare us for, but do not directly reveal.

The purpose of enlightenment, Brahman, is to live a better life, and if we already do, then to assist others. Enlightenment provides the practicality to fulfill greater intentions; live the fullness of love, the fullness of prosperity, kindness, knowledge and health.

A brief word on health, mental and physical. The most toxic element that can be found in the body is the mind. Also the most brilliant, life supporting, and sustaining energies can be found in the mind. Everything else is common sense.

There is a huge industry around physical purification, something that is available to everyone simply by intention. The intention to be clean, to serve Divinity adds infinite effectiveness to all the diets and programs and practices out there. Just go for the target.

Personally I used to pray to God, then Jesus, then Guru Dev (β€œMy Lord”) to relieve me of my emotional pain, and continue to always give thanks. A prayer doesn’t have to be fancy or time consuming – Just a few brief seconds to acknowledge the source of whatever bounty is being recognized, and perhaps send some blessings to loved ones. Just these few seconds of intention become a good habit, culturing our relationship with Divinity.

During this global transition to Heaven, particularly for those who have cultured subtlety and reflection through Sadhana, it may seem as if our prayers go unheeded, but they are all heard, even the quietest ones. We find allies we didn’t know we had.

This is the true purpose of Enlightenment, Brahman, living Totality – To Live It, and by doing so, bring Enlightenment into the three worlds, touching everyone through a seamless relationship with Divinity.

This is the capability of true Enlightenment, Being enough to bring Heaven on Earth.

Nance Pond Wildlife – A Pictorial

I went down to the pond today to swap out the gamecam card, and just as I was off the hill a young buck bolted out of the underbrush to my left. He crossed the path and then stopped. I took his picture and continued on. After I swapped the card out, I noticed a red-tail hawk circling above me and took another picture. I also found pictures of a small deer herd and a few coyotes on the gamecam. Here are five pictures from today and last week. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

looking for breakfast
A buck and five does
five deer going for a drink
young buck on the trail today
red tail hawk today

Brahman and Wealth – The Twins

Sunrise panorama – late October 2020

A dear friend long ago referred to money as ‘fun tickets’, assisting our way through life’s needs and wants with symbolic paper and plastic.

A simple enough economic arrangement – in order to earn and save money, we must provide a service or create a product that others want. The greater the perceived benefit, the more wealth we accumulate.

When this is established cosmically, enough wealth is always there, providing security and options, and nothing to worry about. So how is this achieved? The same way, by providing a service.

In this case, by living the seamless relationship with divinity that accompanies full enlightenment. This humble ongoing attempt at aligning with divinity is well rewarded, given a stipend if you will, though a much more generous one than we are used to.

Several actions on our part can fulfill this desire for effortless wealth. By living according to spiritual dharma, not doing anything we know to be wrong, no stealing or making money dishonestly – this is not so much a moral admonition, a more fundamental karmic one. When earning through wrong actions, non-life supporting actions are made concrete through money, and the money carries that energy back to us.

Just the opposite actions, transcendental meditation, vigorous activity and good habits dissolve past karmas, so that we may live in the present, allowing us to tread more lightly upon the earth. We breathe less, fewer heartbeats, we eat less, better rest, and we remain strong, better health. We are no longer exclusively material.

Once we are thinking clearly, service to the divine is an obvious choice, as cosmic life pays the highest dividends of any action here on earth. This shouldn’t be seen as exclusive to having wealth. This is an old mistaken idea taken from the time when those living Brahman stayed in the forests and snow fields with few formal material needs.

Living prosperity and living enlightenment is a sign that cosmic dharma has come into play. This doesn’t negate the ongoing responsibilities of life, cosmic life, only that after doing a hard day’s or night’s work we are always rewarded with a soft place to land, and refresh ourselves for another day – the cosmos ensures this. πŸ™‚

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Happy Holidays 2020!

from the gamecam 2017
This large male was standing in the side yard – early October 2020

Today loosely marks the beginning of the holiday season, one month until winter, and already shorter days, with the sun rising further south. A good time for rest, health, and harmony before the sun returns full-force. Happy Holidays to All! πŸ™‚

Brahman in Action – Manifesting Cosmic Reality

Nance Pond reflection, with image rotated 180 degrees – June 2020

Once Brahman is lived, once Totality is lived, competition, courage, and completion are the three chief elements needed to manifest cosmic life, to move the immensity of space-time in a desired direction.

The aspect of competition seems like an odd choice for such a spiritual task, born of total surrender. Yet there is always the persistence of what has come before, when foundational change is considered, so our competence for success, catalyzed from experience and confidence, is critical. Bringing to bear strength, stamina, clarity and persistence. Doing our best, for as long as it takes.

Courage, the ability to overcome any unforeseen obstacles inside and out, to accomplish one’s unwavering objective, is also necessary. We must continue until we are done, the paradox of surrender while living Totality. No giving up.

Then, completion, the dharmic result of clear and pure intention, is of course the only acceptable end result, made evident through concrete establishment and evidence of cosmic law.

These elements are consistent, no matter what it is we take on, guiding our thoughts and actions throughout the Totality of Brahman. When something big like a fire or a national election comes up, we take it on, and when something local like home care and nourishment comes up, that is also included with equal consideration.

For much of the spiritual journey, there has been an uneasy relationship with the ego, our sense of self, or Self, our identity and sense of ownership. It changes according to our growing perceptions, until it appears absent, subsumed to Oneness in our supremely Self-centered state of Unity.

Then we transcend, and rise to Brahman, Totality. In that divine paradox, we are both in total and abject surrender to Mother Divine’s Heavenly Host, and like those innumerable Beings, the architects and supporters of Her consciousness, we find our place, our context in such a Totality, anchored here on earth, and go about our business, according to our preferences and personality, just like anyone else.

We never lose our humanity. In fact, we live it to its fullness, taking on challenges we never thought possible. Through the pervasive electronic technologies we are immersed in, along with a comprehensive spiritual regeneration, alignment and perception of the collective consciousness is now possible in a practical way, no matter its boundaries (local, regional, national, continental, global, and cosmic) .

Tendencies can be sensed and synchronized, all by a profound knowledge of the laws evident and governing any phenomenon. It sounds impossible, yet it is the same technology found within our bodies, simply exported to the outside – for example, first the pathways of the human nervous system are mirrored in computer networks, then suffused with cosmic intelligence.

Everything begins to turn around and come about quickly; equality, compassion, ease, and peace, even in the midst of Totality, pulsing with cosmic energy, and cosmic efficiency. The cosmos as immeasurable, as incomprehensible, as dynamic as it is, is always consistent.

In 2001 the Genesis spacecraft was launched into the Lagrange point (equal gravitational pull) between the earth and the sun, to collect solar wind particles. Long story, short, the composition of the contemporary samples of solar wind matched collections from the moon, about 100 million years old. Cosmic consistency.

Along with the families of the divine supporting us, any task is shouldered. There is no arrogance or comparison in this, for we are naturally humbled by the infinities, the abilities of the least of life, the many peaceful particles assembling and disassembling creation at any moment, guided by the watchful, compassionate, and persistent gaze of Mother Divine.

So we seek and find the quietest, most intimate and subtle domains of life, of love, safety, and peace, and protect and nourish them, just as we then take on larger and larger venues, with the critical cooperation and infinite assistance of all who sustain and guide us, globally and cosmically.

Living Brahman with every breath and pause of breath, manifests cosmic life, manifests Totality.

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Brahman Lives on the Event Horizon of Totality

Sunrise – November 23, 2020

Brahman lives and manifests completion. Simply by Being, and moving Being through space-time, through cosmic life. The spiritual evolution is complete, incorporating all spiritual tasks and goals, all refinement.

The light established within radiates into all corners and vistas of our consciousness, first inside ourselves, every avenue of thought and action, every karma brought to completion. The senses refine and show us both divinity and hell; a suffusion of light and wisdom, and its absence. After some time in this state of both established Being and finest perception, we begin to sense the world as ourselves, an intimacy eliminating much judgment and fear.

Our consciousness emanating into the world now resembles a sphere, with our core of Being radiating awareness from its center, capturing all impressions in the context of its warm cosmic embrace – “The world is as you are”.

Unity consciousness. All relationships become known in terms of ourselves, and our knowledge of the world grows more unbounded. Waking, dreaming, sleeping, Being within, Being established in activity, finest perception of Reality, and then Unity; all of the seven states of consciousness have been achieved.

Unity lives by virtue of our core identity of Being. But what is this core? It is a fluid concentration of cosmic impulses by which we carry out our ongoing merge with Mother Divine. We love it so much and find it so useful to our cosmic purpose that we use this essence distilled over innumerable lifetimes as our identity, the core of our Unity. However, just as we transcend all prior states of consciousness in order to live Unity, so is Unity transcended in order to live the Totality of Brahman.

It is key to realize that all of the tools and responsibilities gained through Unity are retained. The only thing that changes living Brahman is our identity, and our subsequent assumption of Totality. Totality, completion, cosmic living, all remove the constraints of Unity, that we must perceive everything in terms of our subject-object relationship, even if it is so intimate as to be perceived as one. A singularity still remains in Unity that almost goes away completely in Brahman.

We move beyond this ownership of Being, this identity of Being, moving to reside on the event horizon of Totality. Totality is ever expanding – a never-ending expansion, and we along with it. At the same time, there is a re-forming, a comprehension, an integration and completion of Totality at each moment. Call it the cosmic pulse of Mother Divine’s consciousness.

First to emerge from Her essence are the gods and goddesses, each with huge responsibilities in various domains of human life and development, and as such very long lifespans, way beyond a detailed comprehension of the intricacy and sheer enormity of their knowledge and actions.

These fundamental Beings then manifest this infinite creation and we participate within, evolving our consciousness into a dynamic totality, tethered in ever-expanding completions, and sustained there by the source of the source, Mother Divine. This is living Brahman, the completion of spiritual growth, and the endless dawn of Totality. πŸ™‚

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

My Letter to a Friend in India

Angels in St. Petersburg, Russia

“…Yes, there is such a huge amount of information we gain from cosmic life and a pure heart, yet almost no one to share it with. Even my wife who has been meditating a long time, does not have the same experiences I do. Perhaps I mastered consciousness because of that lack of a resource for those who are sincere and open. The same reason I became a manager in business, because I didn’t think any of them were much good. So we begin doing most of our work alone.

I went for over thirty years before even mentioning my spiritual experiences to others, here in the world. When I did it was unsatisfying, so I kept working on my awareness and its interface with others for another decade and more, until I could have successful communications with my audience, whatever their state of consciousness. (Trees, rocks, people, a hawk, angels, doesn’t matter – though my own species is of greatest interest to me…).

Regarding the maya you now experience as worldly life – Yes, it alternates in our life – first, the surface material life is real, then we discover the light of God and all the divine realm, and spiritual energies become real and the material one fades. But then it comes back, with greater depth and meaning, once we have let go of it.

Also to keep in mind that after we have suffered abuse and trauma, especially in a deep way as kids, such profound stress can sit there in the awareness, almost unseen, yet coloring everything. My way of dealing with it was to feel quietly quite angry at the world for a long time, for the hurt and disappointments, which I masked with a faux feeling of superiority, and arrogance. Just to be clear I am not seeing this in you, yet just bringing it up as something to be aware of.

Our dreams will manifest easily once we are fully established in Totality. We have thoughts, especially those tied to deep yearnings of the heart, which the divine hears and runs off to fulfill. It becomes a new way of thinking and being, profoundly altering the psychology from one of doubt and effort, to one of confidence and ease. Of course it is a process, and our most difficult student is ourselves – ha ha.

All the best and all blessings to you,
Jai Guru Dev”

My 45 Years of Transcendental Meditation

A painting from Bali (early 1960’s) of a puja ceremony

I remember the TM Center in Corvallis, Oregon where I learned the Transcendental Meditation technique – a neat two story bungalow set on a quiet suburban street with a well-tended front yard. Set in the Willamette Valley, Corvallis was a pretty town, a river meandering through it, with many streets planted with plum and cherry trees, free for picking when ripe. Corvallis is home to Oregon State University. I was there to earn a degree in education.

A good friend’s mother had learned TM, and was pretty enthusiastic about it. So I stopped smoking weed for two weeks, went down for my introductory lecture, liked the feel of the place and took the course, for $65 – the fee for a full-time student.

I was told to bring an offering of fruit and flowers, and a clean white handkerchief, which I did. Then I went through a brief initiation, mostly listening to the puja ceremony honoring the tradition which has re-spawned the technique of transcendental meditation. I then quietly received my mantra, and was told to meditate for about ten minutes.

My experience was simply one of ease and completely letting go. Walking on the carpet afterwards felt like thick plush clouds. Probably my best experience for the next five years! πŸ™‚

Because of the mechanical and reliable nature of the technique, with little emphasis placed on transient experiences, it was easy to adopt. More so because no necessary allegiance was expected to the teaching organization, only that the technique be done correctly. As someone both very independent and spiritually-oriented, I have found it a good fit. Also the time requirement of twice a day for twenty minutes per, is simple to integrate.

I then worked for the TM Movement a few times, first in Livingston Manor, New York, during the year of 1978, and on to Waverly, Missouri, 1979 to 1980 for my TM-Sidhis course. Seemed like a fair trade.

Next I plunged headlong into worldly life, married, had a child, began a career focused on data communications, first engineering, then managing technical training organizations and consulting. As that was taking off, I continued to do my TM-Sidhis, from 1980 to 1993.

In early 1993, I began having visions of Guru Dev, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, the teacher of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation Movement. The hem of His robe, His feet, and along with that, seeing myself outside the planet earth as it rotated.

I was probably praying and reading the Bhagavad Gita also, in addition to going on 13 years practicing the sidhis program. Then in April, 1993, Guru Dev came to visit me. His darshan was nearly overwhelming, though I was able to contain it, while carrying out all my worldly obligations and interests. We have become quite close, since.

I have written about this in other parts of my blog. I bring it up now, since it was quite an accelerator for my experience and spiritual growth, and quite efficient as the sidhis became superfluous at that time. I no longer did them, as they began to rapidly ripen by themselves at that point, and continue to.

All along has been a journey I never could have expected, always learning so much, with most of it to my liking. πŸ™‚ Strangely, so unburdened now, I feel quite a bit younger, and certainly more confident than when I began meditating at 21. Looking back I was guided to make good decisions, while charging ahead full-bore into the ever unknown, yet eventually discovered. It only gets better – I can’t wait for the next 45 years. πŸ™‚

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Out My Back Door – A Pictorial

We are just starting to get rain in Northern California, more clouds and wind. Here are nine recent pictures, mostly of the sky. Please enjoy! πŸ™‚

The gazebo in the rain through the window screen
I was drawn to the center cloud launching itself outward
I saw a bolt of lightning arcing horizontally across the spray of cloud at the top
Morning traveler
The sun’s rays breaking through
Sunrise clouds
Telephone pole at dawn
Turkey vulture among the clouds
Venus and the crescent moon

Winged Victory Global Update for November 18, 2020

A ‘mountain range’ of clouds today – November 18, 2020

Thank you, All, for the continued and growing global interest in Winged Victory, my blog about living full enlightenment, Brahman, Totality, as a householder. It is very much appreciated!

All continents (except Antarctica) are now represented, with ten new additions (in italics), bringing the total countries and territories to 48:

Africa – Kenya, Mauritius, and South Africa

Asia – China, Hong Kong SAR – China, India, Israel, Malaysia, The Maldives, New Zealand, Pakistan, The Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey (also in Europe), and Vietnam


Europe – Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, European Union, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia (also in Asia), Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom

North America – Canada, Mexico, and the United States

South America – Brazil

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Making Friends with Divinity

Sunrise on November 17, 2020

To make friends with anyone is the same process – we find a common interest, invite interaction, and support each other. It is exactly the same process with divinity, all of the divine beings responsible for maintaining our world, the cosmos. Many people pray to God or their own gods or goddesses, and that is it – like leaving fruit and flowers on someone’s doorstep, but never ringing the bell.

Rest assured that divinity is always waiting for our contact, our connection. We are so beloved, yet so blind to the simplicity of such a relationship. These relationships with divinity have become so shrouded in dogma or completely mythologized by modern thinking. Free will, the ability for us to do anything, right or wrong, has come into vogue in the world, with divinity often an afterthought, at best.

Fair enough, as Mother Divine does grant us free will, but it is always Her creation, Her rules, and Her consequences. So we are blessedly able to act and think heedlessly, and even deny the results, or try to blame someone or something else when the fruit of our labors is not to our liking.

So the first step to making friends with divinity is always taking responsibility for our actions, recognizing that we always get exactly what we deserve. And when I say “we”, I mean in terms of our immortal selves. In other words, if the castle of our consciousness has been neglected for centuries, clean it well first, until it gleams.

Divinity’s friendship though always nearby, is only granted as we begin to mirror such values – responsibility, humility, peace, focus, success, completion, and harmony. In other words, we make our best attempts at becoming someone worthy of divinity’s attention.

Then, after so much sadhana (purification) has been done, we naturally begin to pray all the time in our hearts for divinity to manifest, while standing naked before God. ‘Naked’ because it is our immortal infinite Being that stands at the door, patiently waiting to be recognized. This takes patience, humility, and an overcoming of doubt, all of which serve us well on this endeavor.

After some time, divinity is there, that we may prostrate ourselves in surrender to the personal embodiment of divinity who comes to greet us and warmly embrace us.

This surrender is a continuation of our prior reflection onto ourselves, and learning how to further the divine values maturing within our Being. If the prior work hasn’t been done, it will be difficult to sustain a seamless relationship with the one who has come to teach and assist us, and such an experience may then be short-lived, transient.

Assuming there is an abiding mutual attraction, we then begin to find ourselves with more confidence among the entire family of divinity. A strange process, and largely invisible from the outside, we gain the ability to bring in the divine beings, through friendship, and naturally make our desires known to them. They then act in the world, and help life to go on in a smoother, more peaceful, more responsible direction for everyone.

It is divinity’s greatest joy to be recognized, and to have us breach what has up until recently been seen as impossible. It sounds like a cliche, but there is an awful lot to discover yet for us as these relationships blossom. Though divinity is too diverse to be obvious, its effects are multiplied infinitely through our love for, and our relationships with such exquisite Beings.

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Always Tending The Garden

Rain on the window screen – November 13, 2020

The work I do now reminds me of tending about 14 acres of strawberries near Kansas City, Missouri, when I worked for the organization responsible for teaching Transcendental Meditation (TM) during the early 1980’s.

The plants were in the ground and thriving. These were organically grown so no herbicides were used, and that meant going up and down the rows, plucking out every errant weed and blade of grass by hand. The work was continuous, so once the two large fields were weeded we just began again, as new weeds had sprouted in the meantime.

Such is the work here in the US – A change of leadership is due here on January 20th, 2021, similar to the harvest of strawberries we anticipated on the farm. However the work to maintain a clean, abundant field, ensuring the harvest, is ongoing, every day.

This constant attention is not due to fear or obsession, but done instead out of duty and service. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi once likened the job of those practicing TM as the washing machines of the world, eliminating stress, and allowing for more of humanity’s potential to flourish. The emphasis was on group practice during Maharishi’s time, to establish a deep foundation of pure consciousness, cosmic awareness, from which to act, ensuring both vitality and harmony in the world.

Although the regular practice of TM is always there too, the focus of Brahman or full enlightenment is on dedicated activity, with the aid of both unbounded awareness and our seamless relationship with Divinity. In this way, intentions and prayers can be fostered and carried out without much fuss.

The Divine heart naturally guides the awareness to actions that will be the most effective, and we do them innocently, taking responsibility yet offering up all actions to God, the Heavenly Host, that any actions reach completion as quickly as possible.

Whether we see it and feel it directly, or not, this planet and all of its inhabitants are members of the cosmic family. It is through the recognition of this, and consequent actions that we move from a disconnected existence lost to ourselves, to one in which we claim our destiny for the world, favoring peace over violence, harmony over discord, and an abundant harvest for us all.

Sometimes the work seems fruitless or agonizingly slow, but this is just due to all of the overshadowing going on in global consciousness. If the awareness is not established at its source, it can be destabilized, running toward or away from perceived threats, whatever comes to mind, living in fear, anger, and dread.

Life always challenges us to adopt a more and more comprehensive way of being. If we do this intelligently by mechanically and gradually expanding our awareness, it is easy, and life matches this depth and momentum, both in terms of fresh opportunities and new solutions.

Such progress cannot be made though, if we rely on our gross nature without the benefit of this cosmic connection. This would be like someone watching the sunset and declaring that the sun will never rise again, based on the obvious evidence.

Thankfully and graciously we are beyond such an ignorance living Brahman, Totality, making it our commitment instead to radiate the truth of life, that progress is always supported for all, simply by knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, our true nature. Such a life makes failure on any level unthinkable, and fulfillment no matter how vast, inevitable.

In that spirit, it is time for us to pull a few more weeds. πŸ™‚

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Living Brahman – A United World

Close up of The Pleiades, a star cluster about 410 light years from Earth – November 3, 2020

When nature operates, it does so in terms of such vast cooperation, with such dynamic management finesse, it is almost beyond our comprehension – An entire galaxy, or even this single planet, all of its systems intertwined to creatively grow and change forever, harmoniously and sustainably. Even our most powerful optical and radio telescopes, or electron microscopes, cannot find an end to this orderliness in the midst of endless activity.

It seems inevitable on such a seamless and deep background of cosmic order, cosmic law, that Mother Divine would introduce Beings, us, capable of free will. It is not enough that the artist develops a perfect creation machinery, always running, always intact. So human beings came as part of the package, beings uniquely capable of acting as we choose, acting with free will, with the possibilities both of losing sight of ourselves, and gaining a most profound view of our redemption.

The cosmos always drives towards completion – something, a thought, a cell, a breeze, the nucleus of a raindrop, grows, lives its arc and then transforms into something else – constantly, infinitely.

So imagine, or sense the same cosmos within each one of us, perceptible, driving us to completion individually, and as a whole. This is the inevitable direction chosen for us, first having the perception of a change, inside or out, and then living the spectrum into its result, resulting in a clearer and more fulfilling wholeness, from which to further diversify. Always forming a greater and greater circumference of consciousness, which then gains its internal coherence before broadening and deepening, transcending again.

Each of us is capable as human beings of animating the entire cosmos within ourselves, each creating a universe to then fuse with all of the others, into unity. A soup of eight billion ingredients, times itself, and counting. πŸ™‚

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

“Take It Easy, Take It As It Comes” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

A turbulent sea of clouds – November 6, 2020

Such deceptively simple words of wisdom from a master of life and living. I recall when I first heard the phrase, “Take it easy, take it as it comes”, I could both immediately recognize the sage advice to move as life moves, neither resisting nor fantasizing, and at the same time my mind would often race to find a result before it happened.

This expression speaks to any time when we find ourselves between desires, big and little, being recognized, and life forming around their fulfillment – in other words, constantly. There is a gap there, an uncertainty. A good example is a job search, transitioning from one place of employment to another. A desire for advancement first forms, and we do all that we can to make this obvious to the environment, and eventually achieve a result consistent with our skills and effort.

However in our global social fabric, we may become aware of a desire expressed by an entire nation, for a change in leadership for example – seemingly way too big to influence individually. This desire is so large that unless we are a principal player in the political dynamics of such a change, we are reduced to casting our vote, and then watching and waiting.

On the other hand, perspective is everything. If we take the common approach to such national and global initiatives, defining ourselves as an isolated individual, a national or global citizen, our influence is limited to one individual vote. But if our awareness gains unbounded status, while at the same time expressing our individual desire, then we have a vantage point of cosmic fullness, of completion. This allows us to leverage every vote, every mass desire in favor of our own, so that the cosmic result becomes active within all individual desires. A cosmic perspective, for a macro result.

Such a cosmic awareness cannot be directly seen by the intellect, hastening to make sense of every change, discriminating constantly between favorable and unfavorable conditions. But it can be apprehended by the quiet unity inherent in our hearts. Such a cosmic influence settling in like a clear lubricant over and within the earth, allows the values of harmony, prosperity and compassion to seep into every being, every decision, unifying and cleansing us through our experience and choices.

This cosmic awareness, this seamless connection with the protection of Divinity, the source of cosmic awareness, provides a view of even our deepest global desires, and anchored in this, we can now take it easy, and take it as it comes. πŸ™‚

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Our Transition Here in the USA

Venus at dawn – November 5, 2020

When I visited Lassen Volcanic National Park recently, as we drove through the forests above 5,000 feet, most of the mental and electronic noise of the world vanished and even the pure silence deepened.

There is a baseline of such energy, a soup of prevalent emotions, our collective mind, ever present in any country. Ours has been noisy and discordant lately.

Rajas or motion is dominant now in the USA (and every country) due to the expansion of space and the acceleration of time, the result of infusing our lives with billions of microprocessors. The computers are always slicing and dicing, effortlessly keeping up, mechanistically tracking and amplifying our collective consciousness into a dynamic and media-driven reflection of ourselves.

During our current iteration of government, we have encountered a daily chaos, simply due to an innocent incompetence of leadership. In today’s times of speed and precision, dharma becomes more important than ever. The right person in the right place, transcending individual desire in favor of the whole.

We are also such a young country, a teenager perhaps, when set against the great civilizations of the world, and like a youth we believe we can do anything, heedlessly at times. But if this is not carried out with wisdom, who knows where we end up? Free will needs a foundation, and must always deal with its consequences, regardless.

Along with our brashness comes a parallel contraction, towards xenophobia, sexism and racism. Whenever any of us feels we are going too fast, that the pace of change feels threatening, it is a natural reaction to hold more tightly, driving some towards a fearful and angry conservatism, permeating the political spectrum.

Polarization can occur, especially leaving an age of stasis, tamas, and inertia, where karmas slowed down to such a sluggish pace that even great evil or simply monstrous ignorance could be perpetuated without visible consequences, and good was always struggling to keep up, both resigned to a hopeless sine-wave of suffering.

So the old ways don’t want to change, but they must, this effort supported by a huge and life supporting infusion of sattva or purity, the enlivening of the source of life within each of us.

Sattva acts like a social lubricant, its fullness and forgiving nature absorbing great amounts of stress and tension, while its bridge to Divinity also provides a pathway, a transformation of stagnant and confused initiatives into something fresh and vibrant. This allows the redemption of the collective consciousness whenever it becomes fraught and in need of direction. Divinity is invisible, yet always supportive, and like a kind teacher allows our lessons to be learned quickly and smoothly, that we may continue – no more roadblocks to unity.

We are at a blessed crossroads here in the USA, looking forward to clearer skies ahead. Along with healing ourselves within, may our healthier outlook be passed on to all of the countries in the world, and may we become friendlier, more considerate and approachable.

There is no stopping this global civilization from rising, nor the growing sovereignty of each culture and nation. May we all continue to travel comfortably and smoothly towards our ever brighter future, together.

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Visiting Mount Lassen Today – A Pictorial

It was a beautiful day today, so we took the truck up to Mount Lassen. I summited the mountain in September 2014, and want to again soon. Here are my ten favorite pictures from today, showing several of the peaks in the park – Please enjoy! πŸ™‚

Mt. Lassen
Looking west from 7,500 feet
Sulfur Springs shown lower left
Basaltic rock of the Cascades
The path up Mount Lassen. Those are full size trees in the lower left, 20 ft/7m tall
Eagle Peak – 9,222 ft/2811m
Helen Lake, named for the first woman to summit Mt. Lassen (1865)
Another rugged mountain near Lassen
Peak and valley
Bristlecone pine and peak behind it

Living Brahman – Coming Through the Fires; Cosmic Empowerment

Full moon early Sunday morning – November 1, 2020

A primary characteristic of living Brahman, Totality, is to continuously and progressively transcend. As the cosmos ever expands, so do we, always moving upwards, bringing to completion more and more as we go. Rebuilding ourselves again and again, to integrate the inner and outer boundaries of our more infinite awareness.

From that first unmistakable glimpse of spiritual light within, we have been burning it brighter and brighter ever since, fed by an inexhaustible supply of past impressions, and thriving on the pure oxygen of Divinity.

We grow lighter and clearer within, reflecting this awareness through personal successes and completions on our personal karmic journey. As we continue developing the intelligence and direction of the light within, it naturally reaches for its furthest reflection in our outer life; a desire for empowerment, cosmic empowerment.

Cosmic empowerment begins its path to fruition by our inner flame made manifest in our lives. Small tasks lead to success, and we continue, ever challenging ourselves, ever meeting the light within and the light expressed outside, in the middle – a balance anchored in the silent inexorable cosmic direction and dynamic path assigned us by Divinity.

As our spiritual lives take on momentum and are well established with regards to personal relationships and needs, the obvious location of our next set of tasks is the world at large. This is simply because we grow too big in terms of comprehension and reflection, to limit our awareness to anything less. At the same time our daily local engagement continues of course, led in a compassionate and wise way.

Spiritual ability grows like anything else – gradually. Just like they say of any creative endeavor, it is one percent inspiration, and ninety-nine percent perspiration. πŸ™‚ However, just as Divinity guides us on our path, She also provides for whatever we need at the time. On such a path of cosmic rigor, there will inevitably be times when we are left empty, bereft of anything that served us previously. It is at these times we will be shown a way forward, a way through the fires, no matter how fierce and even terrifying they appear.

This inevitable and critical assistance then builds our confidence so that along with the awareness of Totality, we can successfully tackle anything, even the direction of global time. This is not acting in a vacuum though, for every person living Brahman has the same aim, and we intercept this cause for global enlightenment wherever it happens to be at the moment. Blessedly the saints are always with us, working endlessly for this Yoga between humanity and Divinity.

It is because of so much prior loosening up of the planet’s awareness, affecting humanity and every living thing, that bringing such an enlightenment forward is even possible by the householders in every country. Enlightenment has come through the fires, and is standing in the global doorway, for an invitation into all of our hearts. Let us welcome it in.

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Living Brahman – Living a Safe and Stable Life

Plumas National Forest, Sierra Nevada – October 30, 2020

Beyond all the celestial glitz of living full enlightenment or Brahman, the same human needs continue to apply. Two that come to mind during these fast moving times are safety and stability. Safety, or the need to feel protected, and stability, the desire to feel grounded and able, regardless of the situation faced.

With the saturation of collective consciousness affecting each of us, it can be an easy thing to capitulate into either fight or flight, destructive engagement, or distracting out. The waves that flow through us according to ever changing world events and the ever shifting context of them, tests each of us to our core. There is no escape from this enforced unity brought about by social media.

Not that there’s anything wrong with it, either. πŸ™‚ We cannot tell exactly how the fabric of global creation will manifest moment to moment – even Mother Divine does not know this. However we can encompass all of global consciousness within our own awareness. Just know thyself, and multiply by eight billion. πŸ™‚ In this way, there is no other, no fear, and the only question remaining is our degree of personal involvement, our choices, and our momentum.

We can only bring in the collective awareness within us once we have established our infinite and universal nature, beyond question. Otherwise it is like ingesting our own snarl of judgments, fears, and limitations, and cannot be accomplished cleanly and completely. However, by continuously transcending our limitations, remaining open to all of cosmic life, we can find a way to shut nothing out, while remaining resolute, calm and making progress, whatever the circumstances.

This comes not from control, but instead with more and more openness. As more of our everyday life is revealed to us, our thoughts, emotions, perceptions, and actions, then solutions make themselves evident, greater possibilities appear. Discovery cannot be accomplished by closing ourselves off to ourselves, only by an attitude of patience and acceptance.

Human beings are meant to live in this way, always transcending our greatest challenges and abilities. The process never stops, and is the straight road to incorporating the collective consciousness of the planet within our own awareness.

Then we are always safe within our infinite selves, and as stable as the cosmos. Despite the many stories to the contrary, humanity remains firmly in control of a brighter future, and it is up to each of us to fully engage this inevitable journey to greater fulfillment. πŸ™‚

~Jai Guru Dev ~

Living Brahman – Supporting Nature to Prevent Calamity

Close up of the Plumas National Forest – October 29, 2020

This morning I replied to my friend in Norway, regarding changes in the weather here in California. Here is a slightly edited version of my letter:

“I hope that you are well! So much has happened since I last wrote. We had reports of a bad windstorm coming, especially for the northern part of the state. The National Weather Service had been warning of high wind, more destructive fires, and even that we should leave our homes.

In due course, I contacted a powerful nature Being through my awareness and focus – A huge fellow, made of clouds, a fearsome weather and wind entity – and for just a split-second after getting so involved I asked myself, “What have I gotten myself into?” – ha, ha, but it passed and I began to just plainly β€˜speak’ with him (mostly done telepathically). No ceremony or yagya needed – just a heart-to-heart exchange.

I said how we are so sorry for ignoring him and after so many years his loneliness, alienation, and anger are understandable. I didn’t try to change his mind, but just plainly stated my case how we are all so bone-tired of the fires and could the wind blow instead not so hard, a little more water in the air and so on, and still accomplish the weather dharma? I have found it never hurts to ask… πŸ™‚

Then I let it go. About a half-day later I checked in and the Being was not enraged anymore – A little attention, compassion, and recognition for any living thing goes such a long way – and he was now simply angry. I just took this into my heart and let it sit, so that the anger could be dissolved by Divine love. Then a few hours later, the Being became calmer and more content. I did nothing except continue a sattvic response, which greatly encourages Divinity.

Up here in the Sierra Nevada foothills though they did cut our power again, the strong wind never materialized. Now across the state the few fires created have been extinguished, and Cal Fire has cancelled Red Flag Warnings for all of California – the first time since August, at least.

What a quick turnaround! Maharishi said we should take credit for such things, so I will offer it back to Him. πŸ™‚ Non-attachment and Brahman go together, like the sun and its light.

Now I am working on politics here in the USA, to culture a smoother transition. A different process altogether. Plenty to learn and plenty to do. Please wish me luck. πŸ™‚

Wishing you All Blessings,
Jai Guru Dev

Living Brahman – Healing the World Body

Sunrise this morning from 400 feet up – October 28, 2020

From a Cosmic perspective, the world body is seen as little different from the human body, in the way it operates, gets unbalanced, and heals. Of course in order to heal, the global body must recognize itself as a coherent entity.

This is helped along by living Totality. The very act seeds global awareness with unity, oneness and all of the changes this brings about. The growth back into unity, completion, can look as chaotic as the growth towards disorder, with the difference being that Divinity favors an orderly and harmonious environment, mirroring it everywhere in the natural world, favoring natural laws.

With this favor apparent, then even great positive changes can occur rapidly in our headlong rush towards unity – just a slight increase in our link to spiritual evolution, a subtle voice a bit louder, multiplied by the billions, humanity amplified into Cosmic integration, with the Blessings of Divinity.

Just as any body develops its points of strength and weakness over time, so do these show up in our world body much the same way – weak countries and powerful countries, more orderly countries and less orderly ones, all a combination of every human emotion, justification, dream, desire, ego trip, and consciousness. It seems just like a big mess sometimes, with our little minds and bodies wishing we could be more influential.

This desire is realized in living full enlightenment, Brahman. Not because we become more powerful ourselves – only that our machinery is very clean, and highly sensitive. We use this ability to first perceive, and then develop a seamless relationship with Divinity, and increase our perception of commonly unseen Cosmic life. This increases our wisdom, tunes our focus, our ‘divine sight’, so that we can leverage this power of the Divine Heart to do the most good, as we see it.

Life moves so quickly and requires that we stay alert and wholly present, accepting Totality as the eternal fresh canvas that it is, allowing us to accomplish anything, through Divinity and our growing wisdom, together.

In this way, the world body is healed, and healing. Once Brahman is lived, this can be said with confidence, as even the largest objects now fit easily into awareness, consciousness, in all depth and detail, and can be flooded with light, from any angle.

Unbounded awareness is the reality, and the earth is just the right size to continue as a worthy challenge – Anything smaller would be inconsistent with humanity’s potential, and downright boring! All Blessings to Everyone! πŸ™‚

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Living Brahman – Manifesting Perfect Health


It is a gradual realization and experience that after transcending for many years, the physical body becomes quite flexible, recognizing its cosmic substance. Over the years I have had confirmations of this, and recently two striking examples:

First, I have been affected with tinnitus (ringing in the ears) for awhile – It began in 1996 intermittently, and has sometimes reached such a pitch it has interfered with my hearing. For the past few years it has been a massive chorus of crickets all the time. I never found it all that bothersome, though always noticed. Recently, it had gotten strong enough for me to briefly consider a hearing aid.

Last Tuesday, after chatting for a minute, my wife Gail then went into another room for a Skype call. A minute or two after she left, I heard faint music coming from her room, sounding Indian and very soothing with tablas and sitar. Also after about an hour and before she returned to the living room, the same music again. When she came back I said I really enjoyed the music. She looked confused and said she hadn’t played any CDs while she was gone.

I didn’t notice at the time, but to hear something so subtle and sublime my tinnitus must have been gone by then. It is very different hearing everything these days and nights. Quite enjoyable and very good to know that such a condition, and many others can be released with regular transcending, and a seamless relationship with Divinity.

Second, my wife has been having weakness in one hip for awhile. For years I have been healing the area, reducing the inflammation and soreness by taking the object into my awareness, and removing anything but its perfection.

Lately the process has become comprehensive and even more effective. Because anyone living Brahman has access to the cosmic templates of perfection for anything, once I begin working on a skeletal or muscular structure, for example, the pure uninjured image will enter my awareness, and I simply align the patient’s structure to it.

Easy enough, though it is key that the patient continue to meditate and transcend daily so that the point of weakness is eliminated. Otherwise, any accumulating stress will seek the body or mind’s weakest point, and begin the process of imbalance again.

None of this was anticipated as I began to live Brahman, though it all makes perfect sense, and neatly and completely closes the gap between medicine and consciousness.:-)

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Upper Nance Canyon – A Pictorial

The smoke has died away and we have clean healthy air, though we remain in a severe fire warning condition. The nearby fire is 95 percent contained, however if the wind comes up there is still plenty of fuel left to burn inside the perimeter. The wind has been lighter than forecast, but a proactive power blackout is predicted in two days and we just had one yesterday for about 12 hours.

I continue to say my prayers – not out of desperation, but as a normal part of integration with the natural world; recognition and respect. In the meantime I took a walk in the upper canyon today and took some pictures. Also harvested the gamecam. Please enjoy! πŸ™‚

~ Thank You! ~

Living Brahman – Dwelling in Akasha

Sunrise – October 15, 2020

Akasha means space – transcendental space. The first and finest element, the pregnant emptiness of consciousness; pure knowledge of itself. The cooperative Cosmic glue which holds us all together, each single form, and all harmoniously; the carrier wave of creation. This akasha is mirrored by physical representation, as in ‘outer space’, though it permeates everything. Physical manifestation is only a partial picture, capturing akasha in equal measure, though the transcendental space remains undiminished and unbroken.

What is the benefit of akasha to practical life? It is the emptiness that cosmic energy inhabits, the enlivening signature saturating each object of consciousness, magnified by sattva, or purity, into shakti, life-force. By creating a sattvic environment within our ever expanding awareness, encompassing any and all objects of consciousness, the energy of anything can be seen clearly, and set to balance. The gross materialized form serves as an infinitely diversified container for akasha, and is an obvious manifestation of its individualized energy.

By dwelling in akasha, we find a fundamental place from which to effect improvements – anywhere, and for anyone. Akasha is where we can exist without disturbance, an all pervading space where anything can be seen in each of its component parts. Then, depending on the need and the responsibility, improvements are made, solely in terms of the object. No interference or attachment ever occurs. It would be too gross, and is both cosmically disallowed and well known as a boundary.

Although dwelling in akasha gives us access to anything and everything, we also always listen to the whispers of Divinity within our hearts. We only take action with intention, cosmic purpose, and compassion. It is a self-reinforcing ascending spiral of refinement, ability, and knowledge – as we complete each task, our clarity and purity increases (or perhaps it is the other way ’round…).

All of this occurs in the context of our personalities, whatever comes naturally. Just like any time we are given a new tool, some may build a house using it, others a water wheel, and others produce a lovely carved mandala. It just depends on what we are drawn to.

This is in no way a denial of ordinary physical life. Instead, it is the way to ensure that life supporting dharma, with the critical and conscious assistance of Divinity, always prevails, building an invincible edifice of equality, prosperity, and peace for all.

~ All Glory to His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Sri Brahmananda Saraswati ~

Accomplishing Anything – A Seamless Relationship With Divinity

The rising crescent moon at dawn today – October 15, 2020

Think for a moment about all of the ways humanity honors and worships God, the compassionate source, the fullness of Cosmic life. We see prayers mouthed in earnest silence, ceremonies performed, temples built, scriptures read and written, festivals enjoyed, holidays sitting in transcendence, religious devotion, living surrender, and service done graciously.

All of these ways we reach out from our ordinary lives, beseeching and giving thanks to the Almighty.

Now, we can take one gigantic step further, and develop a seamless relationship with Divinity and all of Her companions. I have written about my own discovery and use of such relationships – never for personal aggrandizement – and how they are critical for fulfilling desires that reach far beyond even our most developed individual capabilities.

Life is always lived in wholeness, in completion. The gunas (sattva – purity, rajas – activity, and tamas – inertia) remain balanced, and dharma proceeds. However, if we do not have a simple and direct way of checking in with the powers that be, we may leave something undone, which can then follow us for resolution; karma, a drag on life. Even worse, our deepest and most urgent desires have no conscious link to manifestation.

Until now, humanity has become accustomed to an impractical hierarchical model for reaching God; operating through intermediaries, as expressed by religion. This is fine, to introduce us to the idea that there are cultural mechanisms whereby we can educate ourselves about our fundamentally transcendental nature.

But as a longer term practice, this dependence on a go-between manifests at best like the game of ‘telephone’, whereby an original message is successively passed along from one consciousness to another, resulting in some large misinterpretations and dead ends. A little bit of Divinity always remains, some practical value, though a direct relationship is best, for fast, ongoing success in Cosmic life.

There is nothing unnatural about a direct relationship with the vast populations of Beings that inhabit Heaven, or the Beings that guide the weather, or the Beings who nourish us in illness and comfort us in sadness. Living full enlightenment, Brahman, means that all of this comes along and deepens as naturally as the refreshing feeling during meditation, or even a good night’s sleep. It is inevitable, and needn’t be seen as the least bit unusual or strange. This ability is something we all have, however often smothered under the blankets of our slumber.

During this time, this rising age of enlightenment underway, is a new opportunity for Earth’s entire humanity to reliably and directly contact Divinity. What once seemed mysterious and cloaked in ritual and dogma, becomes as easy as wishing another a good morning – easy and familiar, though with uncompromising respect. We never forget who we are, in relation to the Beings who truly run our world, and are hiding in plain sight. Sometimes we are fortunate to sit at the same table with them, though always in grateful service.

Once we purify ourselves through regularly transcending, and gradually gain ‘divine sight’ as it is referred to, and cross what is largely a psychological barrier to communicate directly with all of life, obvious or not, then we can go on doing what we must, as urgently as possible.

Direct Divine relationships are not primarily a sign of special abilities – instead they are simply a requirement for being successful in this day and age, living in fullness and living Cosmic life.

Jai Guru Dev

~ All Glory to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Sri Brahmananda Saraswati ~

Living Brahman – Controlling the Mind

Sunrise last Saturday – October 10, 2020

I was frankly astonished when I first began to read about controlling one’s mind as a means to more finely focus on any element of Totality, to live a more practical life.

I would read it in the writings of Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, Guru Dev, and I couldn’t relate to it at all. After all, I was on a journey of endless expansion and discovery, with every aspect of the three worlds [Heaven, Earth and Hell] laid bare. Why would I ever want to constrain my attention, my mind, in my quest to find and live Cosmic life?

The simple answer is found in one of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s most well known expressions, “Knowledge is structured in consciousness”. Our consciousness creates our context, and this informs our actions. So consciously controlling the senses and mind during daily activity does not become a useful process until Totality is established, Brahman, full enlightenment, Cosmic life.

If we try to do this at an earlier point in the process, we will end up in a prison of repression and false renunciation. Controlling the mind is not a process of avoidance or judgment, but instead a resolute focus on our intention, on the background of total familiarity, acceptance, and compassion – for everything and everyone, without exception.

It is a natural thing that once we truly discover the Cosmos, the endless reaches of Heaven, or a drift through endless galaxies, or feel the cozy warmth and safety of a bevy of angels around us, whatever the experience, at first we are somewhat overshadowed by the very immensity, joy, and variety of this – Wow, what a place!

Our sense of wonder and awe only grows, though as we are fundamentally transcendental Beings, we integrate all of it, bring it within as ourselves, becoming as full within as anything discovered in the depths and distances of our travels.

As the largest global goals and the deepest human dreams come easily within reach, we can now work diligently for them, resolute and confident that the Cosmos has our back. This is why we focus, to accomplish these tasks as quickly as possible, no matter their apparent size.

The goal is simply to engage and wake up every living cell on the planet, as fully as possible. Purification and growth are the result. A vast field made fertile and nourishing. Sowing peace and compassion, harvesting unity and harmony. Pure sunlight for all of us.

Jai Guru Dev

Near Sunset in Paradise – October 8th, 2020

All of our evacuation orders and warnings have been lifted in Butte County, and the nearby North Complex West Zone fire is about 90 percent contained (not out, though no longer growing). The skies are much clearer and we have even had the windows open all day – haven’t been able to do that since early August. Anyway, the sky was beautiful this evening. Please enjoy these four photos! πŸ™‚

Living Brahman – Perfecting Self Regulation

Sunrise – October 8, 2020

Going for my appointment at the dentist this morning at 9 o’clock, I confirmed an effect of living Totality, and decades of meditation. But before I get to that, allow me to first share a definition:

Torpor (n) – A state of decreased physiological activity in an animal, usually by a reduced body temperature and metabolic rate. Torpor enables animals to survive periods of reduced food availability. The term “torpor” can refer to the time a hibernator spends at low body temperature, lasting days or weeks, or it can refer to a period of low body temperature and metabolism lasting less than 24 hours, as in “daily torpor”.

When I checked in at the dentist, wearing my mask, they took my forehead temperature to check for a fever, as standard practice during the pandemic. It was an electronic non-contact thermometer.

Click! No reading… again… and again. They changed batteries, and verified the unit on themselves, then me again, and a number came up… 94F, then 92. They told me I was hypothermic! Averaging 93F/34C. I just laughed and noted my obvious health. They were quite confused, and I remained in good spirits. After a few minutes reconciling that I was “hypothermic” with their own observations that I was in no way ill, they allowed me in.

Fast forward to the end of the appointment. I asked them to take my temperature as I left, and it was normal for me, 97.4F/36C. They also gave me a print-out on ‘torpor’, the definition copied above.

As I read about it, a lot began to make sense regarding my metabolism. I am not a tiny person – 6’2/1.8m and 220 lb/100 kg. and am quite active, yet I eat just one meal a day. This isn’t a diet – I simply don’t get hungry. I have been perplexed by this, even feeling guilty about it, yet nothing suffers as a result, nor am I losing inordinate weight.

It is simply physiological efficiency and flexibility. Apparently my body adjusts to its energy requirements on the fly, allowing a ‘hypothermic’ state to occur during normal activity, and probably even more so during sleep and meditation.

Incidentally I calculated that a reduction of 10 bpm in pulse rate (for example, from 70 to 60 bpm) equates to 262 million fewer heartbeats over 50 years.

It is funny in a sad way that the scientists do not yet recognize this integrated capability of torpor in human beings, just animals. They will though, as such functioning becomes commonplace.

There is nothing at all unique in my experience. Nothing at all. There is a very simple Cosmic law for human beings: The purer the consciousness, the greater the ability. Full stop. πŸ™‚

The Cosmos doesn’t discriminate. The same road is available to anyone who puts in the time. A reward for service. And choosing the best tools is critical. We don’t live here forever, and digging a hole with a dull pick is a waste of time.

We become less physical in a way, less thick is the way it feels, less defined by materiality. Once the consciousness of all our cells and connections recognizes itself, we become more like that, more like consciousness – lighter, pun intended. So we eat less, use less, burn less, sleep deeper, last longer, and remain stronger as a result; an automatic result.

From an impersonal perspective, daily torpor is also a sign of aligning with the engine of life – along with every other living thing. Observing nature, efficiency is everywhere – water flows downhill, and the sun always rises in the East. This alignment isn’t as big a deal for humanity as it may seem, and it keeps getting easier, more efficient too. πŸ™‚

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

“All Is Well, and Wisely Set” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Rising sun – October 4, 2020
Sunrise – Sunday, October 4, 2020

If the world appears in chaos, does that mean that we too must be in chaos? Our choice is not between acceptance of all that appears wrong, or its denial. Acceptance, or distraction? Instead we can simply see our world for what it is, in terms of Brahman, Totality, our Cosmic stature.

This is not accomplished by a trick of the mind, or an assertion by the ego. Instead it is the natural, and innocent expansion of awareness to fullness, a dynamic completion of continuous transcendence, and its practical result in life. By setting such a process in motion, do we surmount all of our fears, past, present and future.

By transcending in silence do we meet every aspect of ourselves – a calm radiance, punctuated by that which must be resolved. We come across such needs easily, and are able to come to clarity within. Sometimes additional action must be taken in the world to bring such needs to completion, that we may continue on.

We inhabit a vehicle of obvious physical limitations, that at the same home contains the Cosmos itself – stars, galaxies, inhabited planets, and of course the families of humanity, and Divinity. This gives us the ability to deal with anything comprehensively, and redeem ourselves and others completely.

For example, if we find ourselves in a space with a member of our family, a young undisciplined child, or several, causing a commotion, we don’t need to become as the child is – wild and fearful. Instead we assert our quiet dignity, radiating all that we are as human beings, in concert with the Divine. Harmony is the inevitable result, established and made inviolate through Divinity.

“When you begin attracting the attention of the Omnipotent towards you, then what is not possible for you?”Sri Brahmananda Sararswati

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Nance Pond in Early October – A Pictorial

Yesterday, I walked down the hill to swap out my game-cam chip at the pond, and look for visitors’ pictures later on the retrieved one. A lot of wildlife is stopping by, including a bobcat hunting at one in the morning (though I must adjust my night/infrared settings to post pictures of the cat…)

The ducks are gone, and there weren’t many bullfrogs visible either. We do have a lot of deer, no doubt thirsty in the smoky air, and the coyotes. Two bucks came by at the same time, and a doe later. Please enjoy the photos! πŸ™‚

Two bucks
Buck one
Buck two
A doe
Coyote at morning twilight

Living Brahman – Transcending and Speeding Things Up

Landscaping in Paradise – October 2, 2020

Please imagine, if you will that we have all been living in slow motion – until now.

In concert with the increasingly swift, clear, and deep reflection of ourselves and our world, provided by social media and pervasive news, the growth of sattva, or purity in the global consciousness, now allows the sustainable return of karma to each of us, and all of us – the entire spectrum of humanity.

What does this mean? With the computerization of global society, comprehensive change is driven much faster. This can go either way. If we simply rely on the old consciousness of limitations, or tamas – inertia and ignorance, we go away.

Blessedly, this is no longer a global option, due to the work done over the last decades to establish a reliable global pathway, an opening to the full range of consciousness, Cosmic life, cosmic awareness active on earth. Active Divinity.

There are no magical or unknown forces at work here, merely the natural amplification and integration of cosmic life here on earth. We truly are not alone. πŸ™‚ So in order to bring us into orbit with the rest of the Cosmos, a very large place, we need to become responsive once again to our most fundamental nature, the quietest subtle voice within, that always knows the truth.

If we work on purifying and surrendering ourselves, we can develop relationships with all of life, both heaven and earth, to effect the values of love, compassion, safety, invincibility, and harmony within all, for everyone.

We are now in a time where the karmas of the past return more quickly, and depending on our acceptance of them, more forcefully, or more Blissfully.

Dear Earth, we are so honored by your acceptance into Cosmic Life. A warm welcome to All. πŸ™‚

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Living Brahman – Living Wealth and Abundance – A Teaching from Sri Brahmananda Saraswati

Sunset – September 28, 2020
Sunset on landscape – September 28, 2020

I have long been in awe of this principle, expressed in such detail here by Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, the Guru of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

That by simply following God, prosperity and wealth accrue on their own. Of course we must look after our livelihood and live our dharma, though again and again wealth, success, and public respect will even begin to chase us, as described so beautifully here by Guru Dev. The reason for this accrual will probably surprise you, it did me.

The one aspect which really stands out for me about this discourse, is the evident familiarity Guru Dev has for the Gods and Goddesses, and through this familiarity, He reveals that they act very much like we do. He effortlessly exposes the Cosmic Reality of life; no filter, no separation, no problem.

Also, the many references to bhajans to Bhagavan refer not only to hymns sung to God, though more to our seamless relationship with God, ever in service.

This passage is taken from the book, The Sweet Teachings of the Blessed Shankaracharya Swami Bramananda Saraswati by LB Shriver, with translation by Dr. Cynthia Ann Humes.

Here it is in its entirety. Thank you, and Jai Guru Dev:


If you want peace and happiness in both this world and the next, then take refuge in the omnipotent Paramatma

You will indeed get release, but you will also get wealth, fortune, and respect, too.

Do not think that by the bhajans of Paramatma you will only receive moksha – realize from the bhajans of Bhagagvan, you will get liberation as well as wealth and respect.

The reason for this is that by performing Bhagavan’s spiritual practice, one climbs the first step of listening; the second step is singing the glories of Bhagavan; the third step is remembrance; and the fourth step is foot service, meaning contemplating the lotus feet of Bhagavavan’s ceaselessly in one’s mind.

[The Goddess] Lakshmi fears the day and night servant of Bhagavan’s feet [thinking], “let not Bhagavan’s love for his devotee become too great.” A woman never wants her husband to love anyone else. Therefore, to break a devotee’s concentration on Bhagavan, Lakshmi appears in the form of an obstacle as wealth, fame, respect, and prominence, by which she may ensnare him in this worldly trap so that he will abandon Bhagavan. Thus, Lakshmi swarms around devotees of Bhagavan in the form of obstacles.

Today the wealth for which you worry and scheme about day and night, and on account of which you skulk about to obtain cash, fame and prominence, will come to you without effort if you but turn towards Bhagavan.

The path of liberation is verily the bhajans of Bhagavan, but if you want worldly treasures, then you should also surrender to Bhagavan. When a spiritual aspirant does tapas, then the Lord of heaven occupying the seat of Indra will become fearful and he will place right before him obstacles to his tapas in the form of many temptations.

In the same way, to interrupt remembering Bhagavan, Lakshmi brings before one worldly treasures. This resembles something you might do if a dog came running to bite you: if you toss him a morsel of bread, he will get distracted. In the same fashion, Lakshmi tosses a piece of gold, thinking, “It would be good if this devotee leaves my husband and doesn’t come back.”

Remembrance of God not only imparts liberation, but will also jolt Lakshmi. Therefore, do those actions that will maximize your profit. By this we mean that by bhajans to Bhagavan all the ends of life can be attained. When you begin attracting the attention of the Omnipotent towards you, then what is not possible for you?

In these times, people leave their houses and are pushed around at the homes of the wealthy merchants. They have faith in the wealthy, yet none in the Omnipotent. Thus they stumble from door to door. Today samsara is stumbling after him who has faith in Bhagavan. So if you must praise someone, praise Bhagavan, who will provide for both this and the next worlds.

Reduce your worldly desires and increase your love for Paramatma. The use of a human body is to contemplate and set off on that path on which all manner of opportunity will be obtained.


What He said! πŸ™‚

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Living Brahman – In the Thick of It – The 2020 Fire Season Continues

Smoke cloud over Butte Creek Canyon – September 27, 2020
Looking west at the sunset above the Mendocino range, where the August Complex fire is burning – September 27, 2020
Fire NE of Paradise last evening. The town is under a power shut-off, so all of the light is coming from vehicles evacuating – September 27, 2020
A turkey vulture soaring over the house – September 27, 2020

Another busy few days – We heard about the approaching ‘wind event’ and safety power shut-off a few days ago. The good news is the North Complex West Zone as our big local fire is known, was at 75 to 80 percent containment before the wind began.

I changed the oil and filters on the backup generator, and started waiting. This is a wearisome time for so many, always one eye open and one ear cocked, waiting to run from the flames.

So I said my prayers and added that so many are tired, if we could please allow all the weather patterns to do what they will, except slightly gentler? My desire was for the wind building in the northern Pacific Ocean to moderate just a bit.

This extreme weather is all karma built up as a result of us losing touch with the forces of nature, no longer giving them the dignity of recognition. This is not a new message, though it is affirmed through direct communication with such Beings. No mysticism here, just Totality, Cosmic life.

When I went to bed early this morning the wind had abated and I could rest. The power outage did happen, only it was reduced from a projected 90,000 customers to 65,000. We were scheduled for a power cut, until the time arrived, and we were somehow spared. The rest of the town is blacked out, but our community of thirty homes have all retained power.

The same thing happened with the current evacuations and evac warnings. Even property a few hundred yards away was under the warning, but not us. It doesn’t call for complacency, but does give us an extra measure of safety. Last, we heard today that despite higher than average winds and low humidity, no containment boundaries were breached by the local fire.

So we continue, watching and waiting, and I can’t wait for the rain this year! πŸ™‚

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Living Brahman – Managing Ourselves, Managing the World

Nance Canyon (L) and Butte Creek Canyon (R) facing west – September 24, 2020

The simple experience of consciously seeing our morning mug of chai or coffee, or glass of juice, reaching for it, bringing it to our lips and drinking it, shows us that the entire operation occurs within, defined by our desire and our perceptions.

Another experience, one of seeing a politician on the TV, and we respond emotionally, pro or con, and this too all happens within us. There is no way to have the experience without first perceiving the object, internalizing the experience, and responding.

The chai and the politician, for example, both exist in consciousness, and specifically in our aggregation of it, the Cosmos within. This is what we call “ourselves”, our karmically induced collection of impressions and reflections, acted upon to live our dharma, the Dharma of Being; Cosmic life, Totality, Brahman.

Inside and out are both Cosmic, and always have been. The unique characteristic of living Brahman is that there is no unknown within. There is nothing in shadow or darkness or confusion which allows doubt to creep into any of the infinite actions and objects encountered in consciousness, from the most sublime and invincible Divinity to the most powerful Asuras, or demons.

Living Brahman, the consciousness of the Cosmos is our consciousness too, so that any situation or dynamic on earth is known intuitively, and we act decisively, to strengthen the influence of Cosmic life here, using everything in our toolbox to effect the strongest change possible, as quickly as possible.

With all of our global influences flooding in from a very busy world, how do we smooth out the sometimes jarring influence on ourselves and others? Certainly it is beyond anyone’s power to do this by controlling the external world directly. Even the most mighty dictator could not achieve such a thing. Nonetheless, each of us can bring ease into the world.

When Totality is the canvas, then we have everything in Creation to draw from, including the source. So when we see conflict or even worse, hatred in the world, we just perceive it within ourselves, observing without touching – allowing it to rest easily and dissolve. Rinse and repeat.

There is absolutely no reason to engage with any negativity that comes our way, but that doesn’t mean pretending it doesn’t exist. Living Brahman, any negativity when it manifests become fiercely apparent, and whispers the silent challenge, “What is stronger than you, why does this bring a shadow to your mind and heart? Where is the weakness, the lack of Cosmic life within?”

This is a good question to always ask about that which we feel helpless against, knowing that we are the perceived object, in addition to our perceived selves, and that solving the conflict is entirely our responsibility. Otherwise it becomes an absurd game of us wanting others to change our perception of them. wtf? That is clearly insanity. So we manage within to manage the world.

Once we are living Totality, Cosmic life, because of the clarity and depth of perception, we can effect changes nearly without limit. Not in a vacuum but through our seamless relationship with Divinity, our innate and established working relationships with the entire hierarchy, bringing our prayers and humble supplications, and responsible conversations, where they will be the most effective. Always strengthening Cosmic life for all.

Why do we do this? Because we can. πŸ™‚ Mother doesn’t bring us to Brahman so that we can sell peanuts. πŸ™‚

~ Jai Guru Dev. All Glory to His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, and All of the Saints and good souls of this world ~

Flying Butte Creek Canyon – A 7.5 Mile/12 Kilometer Flight

Here is a video flying my UAV (DJI Mavic Pro 2) in Butte Creek Canyon, from the overlook on Skyway.

I began the flight at a ground altitude of 1,100 ft/335 m, and backed into the center of the canyon, then turned the craft WSW and headed nearly a mile down the canyon towards Chico, passing over the covered bridge site. Next I turned 180 degrees, and began flying north towards Paradise.

As the UAV heads north, look for the now extinguished Doe Mill fire (850 acres), visible off to the left above the canyon. I then followed the middle ridge up the canyon to about 1,400 ft/427 m altitude until the battery reached mid-power, and I returned to the take-off point.

Flight Statistics
Weather: Clear with light wind – 5 mph/8 kph
Distance flown: 7.5 miles/12 km
Flight time: 18 minutes
Max. altitude from take-off point: 335 ft/102 m
Max. altitude above sea level: 1,400 ft/427 m
Average speed: 31 mph/50 kph

The soundtrack is ‘Prism 1’ and ‘Prism 2’ from the album ‘Light’ by Alex Theory. Video duration is 16:44. Resolution is 4K/UHD. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight! πŸ™‚

Approaching the Equinox in Northern California – A Pictorial for 2020

Images accumulate over time in my Nikon as the year advances. Here are a favorite eight showing us moving into Fall, as the weather cools and the current crop of fires wane slightly. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Crepe Myrtle
Crepe Myrtle with Chinese Pistache tree in background
Sun rays through smoke and clouds to the east
Southeast breeze clearing the air
Air support helo flying over the end of our street on the way south
Fire retardant tanker headed south from firebase Chico
Flock of 16 turkeys across the canyon
The familiar orange moon

Living Brahman – A Spectrum of Miracles

A mandala of clouds, sky, trees, and the cabana – designed from a photograph taken facing east on September 18, 2020

When we think of miracles, we are drawn to the flashy examples, perhaps of flying through the air or manifesting jewels from the akasha. Even the spiritual redemption of the earth is often described in terms of sudden spectacular events, the descent of an Avatar for example, purging the world of darkness instantly, in a blinding blaze of light.

However such expectations must be balanced by our understanding of what exactly a miracle is. I would say a miracle is a juxtaposition of time and space which cannot be predicted by current science, leading to a positive result. Or from the Oxford Languages Dictionary:

“A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by … scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.”

Neither of these definitions speaks to a spectacle of sound or light initiating any miracle, yet this is the common expectation. The reason for this is lack of exposure to, or experience with what might be called the realm of miracles, our interactions with Divinity.

As with anything we are unfamiliar with, the most obvious experiences catch our attention and are sustained through the collective consciousness, the tips of the iceberg so to speak – though this misses most of what is going on beneath the surface of our ocean of consciousness. It is also difficult to see a sustained and coherent system at work by focusing on a few disparate symptoms, like attempting to map all the deep currents of the sea by studying just the tallest waves.

This is all perfectly natural given humanity’s current place in Cosmic time, a period when the direct light of Divinity is typically muted for most, the Kali Yuga, the briefest, and darkest, eon of Cosmic consciousness, spanning about a half a million years.

Regardless, we are where we are, and a seamless relationship with Divinity can be cultivated, simply dependent on the purity of the nervous system. This is an organic purity, like the rating of a gemstone (though the human condition is far more mutable…), from which all thoughts and actions emanate, and where all impressions accrue.

Sadhana (purification through Yoga; union with Divinity) is the key, endlessly. Who are we to say when we are complete? πŸ™‚

The Cosmos never ceases blossoming, and by joining hands and hearts with the Saints and angels, we can more easily listen and observe quietly, not just catching our eyes, minds, and ears on the loudest and flashiest fireworks, but down to the manifesting wonder of Infinite life itself, learning the dynamics, the intimate whispers of the forces of nature, a drop, a breeze, the first mote of light reliably roaring into the full sun of day, and a spiral upwards through night, bringing about the real miracles and life changing events for all.

This happens on Cosmic time. Not the remote cold untouchable time of “outer space”, but the inner space within each of us, the Cosmic space and time within us, aligning ourselves with Beings who reflect the best of us, the universal values of equality, love, compassion, responsibility, justice, strength, beauty, harmony, and integrity, to name a few. πŸ™‚

We also have an active part in this seamless relationship with Divinity. This relationship is not just the well meaning sending of endless prayers upwards. Those are great and come innocently from the heart. But there is a very practical side too, where our relationship with Divinity deepens, and we do not focus on our needs as much as we do simply watching Divinity at work. This aids our natural desire to help out, and we can’t always predict the ways in which such assistance will manifest – after all, the possibilities are endless, at every moment.

Over time and through diligence, a dynamic picture emerges, not only of God’s hand in everything, but too the concrete desires of every heart to manifest more and more of Heaven on Earth, and how that begins to make active these deepest currents of transformation within each of us, becoming outwardly more and more evident.

We will always have our gift of free will bestowed by Mother Divine, yet once we truly see the Cosmic ecosystem at work, and align ourselves with it and its constituents here on earth, nothing else can come close in terms of satisfying our hearts and minds.

Such a perfume then quietly permeates the minds of all, seducing us in the direction of our Cosmic nature. This is the other, silent global pandemic at work now, one of rising consciousness; alignment with Divinity, relentlessly exposing the full spectrum of miracles within each of us.:-)

~All Glory to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, all of the Saints, and all of the well meaning souls of this world! ~

Living Brahman – Life Goes On

Yesterday evening looking west – 1900 – September 16, 2020

I spent yesterday cleaning inside, and pulling weeds outside. I have noticed many times working outdoors the sun will come out and get brighter as I am working, or cool off behind a cloud instead if that is what is needed. Anyway it felt exquisite to be outside working among the dirt and plants. The plants and trees also release oxygen and that is quite wonderful to be around. The air is not pristine, but not too smoky either.

As with all the changes happening in the world, there is no option but to go along. Then as we have treated ourselves and others, we reap the results. Once we have cleansed all past impressions from our awareness, we no longer have any unfortunate events trailing or leading us, so we can begin for the first time in many lives to truly act independently.

What this means is we can make fast permanent progress in our lives and the lives of others. The work is sometimes difficult and challenging, nearly overwhelming, but at the end of the day, we prevail, always. It is something learned through both experience and wisdom, so that the next task we take on, no matter what it is, can be faced with confidence.

Living Brahman, everything resolves to completion, Cosmic life. No half-measures or ineffectual actions. The process begins with having a clear singular thought, and simply moving towards it. Nature organizes such activities for success, as this is our intention and we can work in perfect partnership with the Cosmos, both being of the same mind, working with the same perceptions and abilities.

With this unbridled ability to get anything done, it behooves us to choose our largest and deepest desires for fulfillment, including dealing with anything that stands in the way. Frequently, just a little time will solve the problem. Our thoughts are sufficiently powerful that once the goal is set, life configures itself for success, every time.

So if there is torrential rain or fire and our heart wishes for clear skies, it happens. Nothing can stand in the way of Cosmic intention. A peaceful and harmonious world for both humanity and nature is not asking for too much. πŸ™‚

~ All Glory to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, and all of the Saints of the world ~

“Once In A Lifetime” (1980) by The Talking Heads – from their album ‘Remain In Light’

Songwriters: Brian Eno / Christopher Frantz / David Byrne / Jerry Harrison / Tina Weymouth. Once In A Lifetime lyrics Β© Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group

Ahead of its time forty years ago, and still current today. The name of the album says it all. Lyrics are posted below the link. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Once In A Lifetime

And you may find yourself
Living in a shotgun shack
And you may find yourself
In another part of the world
And you may find yourself
Behind the wheel of a large automobile
And you may find yourself in a beautiful house
With a beautiful wife
And you may ask yourself, well
How did I get here?

Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
Into the blue again after the money’s gone
Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground

And you may ask yourself
How do I work this?
And you may ask yourself
Where is that large automobile?
And you may tell yourself
This is not my beautiful house!
And you may tell yourself
This is not my beautiful wife!

Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
Into the blue again after the money’s gone
Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground

Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was

Water dissolving and water removing
There is water at the bottom of the ocean
Under the water, carry the water
Remove the water at the bottom of the ocean!
Water dissolving and water removing

Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
Into the blue again into the silent water
Under the rocks and stones, there is water underground

Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
Into the blue again after the money’s gone
Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground

You may ask yourself
What is that beautiful house?
You may ask yourself
Where does that highway go to?
And you may ask yourself
Am I right? Am I wrong?
And you may say to yourself
“My God! What have I done?”

Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
Into the blue again into the silent water
Under the rocks and stones, there is water underground

Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
Into the blue again after the money’s gone
Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground

Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was
Look where my hand was

Time isn’t holding up
Time isn’t after us
Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was

Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was
Letting the days go by
Same as it ever was

And here a twister comes
Here comes the twister

Letting the days go by (same as it ever was)
Same as it ever was (same as it ever was)
Letting the days go by (same as it ever was)

Same as it ever was
Once in a lifetime
Let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by

Fire Season 2020 – ‘Living Underwater’ – Remaining Within

World reflected on the pool surface – 1012 – September 14, 2020
Mandala of ashes at front door – 1007 – September 14, 2020 (original image is bottom right)

Now that the fire has stabilized a bit, and the wind has moved off some of our smoke, we are settling in for smoky air for awhile longer. The North Complex West Zone, as the fire is now called, is estimated to be contained in late November – this doesn’t mean the fire will be out, only stopped from spreading. It is like living underwater. Feeling the similar might of the ocean in this massive forest fire nearby.

Just the same height and depth of atmosphere is always here, but it typically supports life 100 percent. When it doesn’t, as now, the feeling of being blanketed by something heavy and oppressive becomes obvious. Tons of pressure overhead and on all sides – “bathyscaphe earth’? πŸ™‚

Anytime I go outside I gauge the air immediately. Today is much clearer in pockets. The sun went from a red ball through the murk to white light as it rose, even a few errant rays of corona, much more quickly than last week. We need a couple of masks to go out, one for smoke, and one for the virus. Sometimes just as I awaken in the morning I can feel this darker mass above me for thousands of feet – very unnatural.

The effect it has is to make me more inward facing, and reflective, just as I would be if living on the bottom of the ocean. We keep descending further, going deeper. Solving all problems by looking within, and allowing solutions to arrive more easily.

This is a taste of the future for all of us, a more introspective world. Not quite as distracting as before, more peace and quiet. A greater opportunity to know ourselves, and what it is that we each are truly responsible for.

Quite a sea change, living ‘underwater’, left more often to the stillness of thoughts, ever refining the desire for global freedom for all; bringing harmony, cooperation, and Cosmic life everywhere, no matter the circumstances. πŸ™‚

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

On Kissing – From a Small Book Given to Me in 1996

Good morning! – 0930 – September 13, 2020

The book is called appropriately The Kiss, by Running Press (c) 1992. One of those tiny ones found in the check-out stand at the book or drug store. As we are spending most of our time indoors, I read it this morning. These are my favorite quotes from the book – Enjoy! πŸ™‚

“There is the kiss of welcome and of parting; the long, lingering, loving, present one; the stolen, or the mutual one; the kiss of love, of joy, and of sorrow; the seal of promise and the receipt of fulfillment.”
– Thomas C. Haliburton (1796-1865), Canadian humorist and jurist


” A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.”
– Ingrid Bergman (1915-1982), Swedish actress


“…we embraced each other with – how to say it? – a momentous smiling calm, as if the cup of language had silently overflowed into these eloquent kisses which replaced words like the rewards of silence itself, perfecting thought and gesture.”
– Lawrence Durrell (1912-1990), English writer


“I don’t know how to kiss, or I would kiss you. Where do the noses go?”
– Dudley Nichols, author of the screenplay, For Whom The Bell Tolls, based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway


“Give me a kiss, and to that kiss a score;
Then to that twenty, add a hundred more;
A thousand to that hundred; so kiss on,
To make that thousand up a million.
Treble that million, and when that is done,
Let’s kiss afresh, as when we first begun.”

– Robert Herrick (1591-1674), English poet


“…my first kiss… I actually asked her permission. She sighed, as in resignation, and then with some impatience she closed her eyes, puckered her lips, and then opened them only long enough to say, ‘Okay, but make it quick,’ whereupon we engaged in the briefest and driest moment in all erotica.”
– Phil Donohue, b. 1935, American talk-show host


“Lips only sing
when they cannot kiss.”

– James Thomson (1834-1882), British poet


“…we kiss.
And it feels
like we
have just
shrugged off
the world.”

– Jim Shahin, 20th century American writer and editor

Living Brahman – How We Return to Global Dharma

Another smoky sunrise today – 0735, September 12, 2020
A mandala I created from a picture of the pool steps a week ago (actual image is the upper right quadrant)

Our global consciousness is acting like someone driving an automobile in an unfamiliar place, and we have missed our turn-off. So before anything else, we must bring the auto to a complete stop, and then reverse the entire vehicle, and then turn towards the correct destination. Although it is just a course correction, the magnitude of the enterprise is global and Cosmic.

Given the endless number of activities we engage in on the planet, this happens gradually, and in stages. First the evident bankruptcy of our past ways of living become more obvious, fueled by climate extremes, political unrest, economic inequality, and widespread disease vectors. A squabble in the family. πŸ™‚

Next, our attention becomes immersed in these large imbalances, and we messily work our way into a more enlightened perspective globally. This isn’t so much an awakening of consciousness at first, vs. being manipulated by Cosmic might into doing the right things, like a compassionate Mother being firm with Her children.

If we extrapolate our future from the cataclysmic events now occurring, we can join the throngs of those predicting calamity for our earth and it’s population. But these are distorted visions, failing to take into account the lively conscious engagement with Divinity also now occurring on earth, and it’s effects.

This is very widespread, this en masse engagement, a deep thirst for relief and safety, and the ability to thrive. Especially on the backdrop of such huge events as are now occurring world-wide, many recognize the need to find refuge within, to varying degrees.

What has changed? The practical knowledge and action of Totality has emerged. Where we once had endless threads of knowledge leading in disparate directions, now we have the leadership of Cosmic life, enlivened within so many, bringing us forward together, even despite our efforts to the contrary. πŸ™‚

This newfound responsiveness of Cosmic life, and Divinity brings unification and completion into all of our efforts. Bringing a strong infusion of sattva, allowing us to spiral upwards, instead of relentlessly chasing ourselves around a deteriorating track or worse.

Thankfully our major issues manifest as environmental, coming from our interactions with the natural world and within ourselves, and are not primarily motivated by political consideration. So an escalation of finger-pointing around the globe is blunted in favor of cooperation to solve our planetary concerns; a growing awareness of our ‘spaceship earth’.

A Oneness in the midst of dynamic diversity begins to emerge from our difficulties, leading to enduring and practical solutions. As redemption and completion take hold, balancing ourselves one by one, we begin to regain ownership of our Dharma and our global future.

Thank you, all πŸ™‚

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Fire Season 2020 – Getting to Know Natural Fire

Current fire and smoke map over the western USA. My location is the light blue dot on the West Coast. The smoke plume is moving out over the Pacific Ocean, though many fires continue to burn. September 11, 2020
Current size and location of our closest big fire, the North Complex Fire (was the Bear Fire). Holding steady at 11 miles/18 km away

Since this fire tripled in size a month ago after a dry lightning storm, I have spent a lot of time studying it, along with the terrain it inhabits, smoke conditions, and wind speed and direction. We are exposed to the West zone of the fire – 70,000 acres and five percent contained. It is holding at 11 miles/18 km away, to our southeast.

The focus by Calfire and the forest crews is saving lives and structures. Unfortunately even with the light winds the smoke is so bad in our area that retardant and water drops have been severely hampered, so it is all ground crews now. Fortunately the heavy smoke does dampen the fire, robbing it of oxygen.

It is an odd kind of familiarity that grows, an awe really, having something so huge, mighty, and completely transformative as a massive natural fire so close by. Our smoke levels change constantly during the day and night, sometimes ash falling, visibility a few hundred yards, and a strong stinging smoke, and then a few hours later it can reach relatively clear air, visibility out about a mile, with a much reduced smell of smoke.

Doing anything prolonged outdoors is out of the question. I do a little maintenance but then back indoors. It is a strange way to spend a hot, sunny summer, with clear blue skies somewhere far above the smoke! I generally feel safe in challenging conditions like this, though getting used to a regular fire season as a way of life has been a quick sometimes slippery learning curve.

Up here nature is much closer than before our immense fire in 2018. I sense it in the animals – they are more independent, prouder somehow too. We humans are by far the minority around here now. In fact I just saw a four foot diamondback rattler stretched out next to the pool, before the sun went down. Probably lives under the nearby boulder where we have a huge pampas grass plant. I used to have a deal with the Rattlesnake King (met in the strata of the devas; nature spirits) where He wouldn’t let snakes inside the fence, but as mentioned, nature is bolder now. πŸ™‚

It is fine, I am not afraid of the snakes and they generally keep to themselves. However, “always look down while walking outside” is a maxim to remember here, similar to “never turn your back on the ocean”. Simply, done.

What tomorrow will bring is unknown. With such a large fire, and so many others, rain is the only hope of completely extinguishing these giants, and that could be weeks away.

In any case I am getting to know this one, clear-eyed, and humbly, formally ask for calm, though mostly just take my desires inside and ensure that I have no flames within – “Thy Will Be Done” πŸ™‚

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Sometimes It Is the Little Things That Matter Most

Hummingbird this morning – 0847, September 11, 2020

The wind is down this morning, and with it the fire danger is much less. However the smoke is still spreading from the nearby large blaze, and our air is cycling between Very Unhealthy and Hazardous levels – our AQI is around 350 now.

I had been feeling increasingly anxious the last couple of days, feeling as if I was entombed, and couldn’t figure out why. Meditating regularly and getting enough rest. No immanent fire danger. Then it hit me – check the air filters for the house. We are basically sealed in, so if our filters are clogged, the air is getting bad.

Sure enough, the filters were the color of brown cardboard, normally bright white. I put new ones in and now about an hour later, I feel normal again! …and just a little sheepish… πŸ™‚ Nothing like learning from experience… Anyway I have ordered a bunch more, and back into the global fray. πŸ™‚

Keeping a constant lookout for fire is tough enough, but the bad air made it intolerable. I am thankful there was an easy solution!

Fire Season 2020 – Living Within the Intelligent Precision of Nature

The sun at 0931 – Thursday, September 10, 2020

If I imagine the smoke from the Bear Fire to be fog this morning, it almost looks normal outside. Much brighter than yesterday. This morning’s sun is looking far friendlier too! πŸ™‚

Our Air Quality Index (AQI) is 252 (Very Unhealthy) down from a peak of 397 (Hazardous) at 1 AM. It is fine if we stay inside, running the AC. We are back on the electrical grid today. Time to do maintenance on the backup generator too, as we ran low on oil a few days ago, and the spark plugs, air and oil filters now need changing (every 200 hours).

The air is forecast to be very smoky for awhile now, though the wind is gone, allowing for possible retardant and water drops, which have been impossible during the rapid spread of the fire and strong winds.

Even the name ‘wildfire’ conjures up images of chaos. These fires are also often described as being out of control. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nature is so intimately connected with us, there is really no demarcation point.

Although we may ascribe human conditions like chaos, confusion, and senselessness to these events, we do best to remember that all such expressions are intelligent and precise, ruled by our relationship to the forces that guide them.

When we see natural events as separate from us, or even antagonistic, it does the entire Cosmos a disservice, and is a testament only to our limited vision. As we find our deeply nourishing inner nature, and reflect that in the world, so will the world nourish us in return, gratefully and without question.

PS Yesterday, after a day in very heavy smoke up here, we drove down to the valley in the evening to buy “essentials”: a six pack of sparkling wine (Californian “champagne”), two quarts of Sierra Nevada “Trip In The Woods” Ale, coconut water, tonic water, ice cream (two kinds), sharp cheddar cheese, and orange juice. All set. πŸ™‚

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Fire Season 2020 – In the Smoke Today

It is 0845 and still dark outside, with a red sky. Ash is blowing in too. Yesterday the SE fire sparked hundreds more, so vast areas are on fire now and we have several plumes on top of us. The wind is slacking slightly. Our closest fire is still 13 miles away. Thankfully the sky is not wavering in color, so no fires close by. Here are several pictures of our daylight today. A good day for restful alertness πŸ™‚

California Fire Season 2020 – Fire Southeast Today – A Pictorial

After my meditation early this afternoon, I noticed a big plume of clouds to the east-southeast. The entire north state is under a red flag warning due to high winds, low humidity, and dry brush, so I was alert. The devastating Camp Fire in 2018 also came from the east.

The wind was relatively strong, about five mph, gusting to fourteen. I sent up the UAV (first photo), but received a high wind warning from the unit, so landed immediately and took the remaining pictures with my Nikon. The sequence is from about two o’clock in the afternoon, until seven this evening. The fire is roughly 24 miles away, a safe enough distance.

Despite this fire, and others, clear wind came from the north today, a welcome relief. Our air quality has improved from a particulate index of 156 (unhealthy) this morning to 32 (good) currently. We are now on back-up power for safety, and should be back on the grid tomorrow evening. Here are eight photographs from today:

Living Brahman – Talking with the Gods and Goddesses

Hummingbird in Atlas Pine – 1158, Tuesday, September 8, 2020

“Dear Fire, please do not consume any more. I apologize for the lack of water to nourish the earth, making your appetite nearly insatiable. Yet, if you are content with what you have eaten so far, and continue to eat all that you have touched now, perhaps it is enough. Perhaps it will be enough for now. Even so, we welcome your process to purify the earth, and are aware of your mighty force. We ask humbly that it be moderated through our continued recognition of your rightful place in our lives.”

“Dear Wind, we love the freshness and cooling breeze you often bring, moving your environments of air over the earth. Please be gentle today, that your cousin fire not be pushed. Please harmonize with us, bringing clean air. There is no harm in doing your Bliss.”

“Dear Water, although this is a time of year that you remain in the lakes, wells, streams and oceans, I ask humbly that you invigorate yourself in the air also, adding a little moisture, for we are always thirsty for your nourishment now.”

“Dear Sun, please continue to ever shine, pushing your light gently upon us, that we may absorb it and learn to grow it within ourselves, so as not to overtax your solar environment on earth. We ask that you bring ease upon us, calm winds, even seas, and the controlled fires of cleansing and transformation.”

“Dear Moon, thank you for your orb managing the tides of earth’s oceans, and giving us an intimate view of the silence of the heavens; your waning and waxing a potent sign of both your hidden and obvious potential.”

Dear Earth, thank you for keeping us alive, and able to thrive. We bow down in recognition of all that you provide; our food, shelter, clothing, and the vast networks we have evolved for our sustainability and comfort. We apologize for taking you for granted.”

“Thank you all for who you are, the unique roles you play in our lives and hearts. Please accept our recognition and our humility, that we may work together in harmony.”

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Living Brahman – Dispelling Global Darkness

Bottle-brush blossom yesterday morning – 0903, Sunday, September 6, 2020

We are all experiencing a global pandemic, intense climate strain, along with global culture, trade, and cold wars – sounds about on track.

Locally, we haven’t seen a truly smoke-free sky since the dry lightning storm of August 11, sparking thousands of fires. Today the sun is again free of its corona, a red hot sphere floating in a brownish yellow grey sky. Thankfully the wood smoke smell is light this morning, though the air is thick and still.

For the region, our air here at home is remarkably good. We are ringed by canyons, causing the surrounding air to flow upwards, creating currents which often keep the heaviest wildfire smoke at bay. Typically we will see some blue sky as the day moves on, and into night with few stars and an orange moon.

There is an enduring weariness in always watching out for fires during the season. When it gets especially bad as it is this year, already ringed by so many wildfires, especially to our east, west, and south, it is like always sleeping with one eye open.

With an ingrained sensitivity to each alert of the newest conflagration, the questions and research run automatically – When did the report come in? How close is the fire? How big? How many resources are on the line? What are the wind conditions? Any visible plumes? Then listening for helos and planes, and noting their type (spotters, retardant drops, or water carriers), and flight direction… This occurs daily during fire season, worked into the routine as necessary.

On the Youtube video I posted on August 19 (When and Why Does Lord Krishna Come? – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – 1968), Maharishi discusses the conditions that bring avatars to the earth’s population.

He specifically mentions at 6:11 on, the timing of the building up of strain in the world atmosphere, leading to indications of global breakdown, such as violence, extreme climates, and epidemics. Maharishi estimated then, that such peaks of very active global stress release occur every twenty to thirty years.

So this very active time we are encountering globally is coming at about the predicted interval. Through my casual analysis from the USA perspective, as a country we have engaged in at least one significant war every twenty to thirty years since our inception, also of course brought about by war. This is also not a unique national story.

To be able to state this so easily validates the systematic nature of these horrors, national and global. The earth, a collection of people and other living systems, cannot endlessly accommodate the ceaseless application of blind free will upon itself. Even though free will is a condition of human evolution, it is never truly free of cosmic law and will, karma.

So a grand desire has commenced over the last half-century or so, established with a plea to Mother Divine – If humans can reattach to the Cosmos, re-establish that connection to infinite, ineffable Being, will this modify and diminish, even reverse for a time, this inevitable cycle of global strain leading to increasing cataclysm?

The answer given to Maharishi, thankfully was and is, “Yes”. Of course this may sound like foolhardiness, given worldly, even local, conditions. Though the problems of today have never truly reached a point of utter destruction, nor will they. There are many scientific principles, material and spiritual, from the laws of physics, to mechanical principles of leverage and displacement, and of course the interactions of the gunas (tamas, rajas, and sattva) to explain how this global reversal is coming about, transforming all of life from near endless tragedy, to growing vitality.

But the biggest driver, the critical and catalytic component of this global change is awareness, our consciousness. This is not just thinking, but also comprehending, feeling, and acting. Taking practical steps to reorganize the planet for harmony, inside and out. We can stop playing the zero-sum game of greed, and instead appreciate the greater joy of giving.

As we grow more responsible to ourselves and others, more responsive, it lessens the atmospheric strain imposed by so many attempting assertion without the necessary assumption of consequences. It does no good to attempt control by any kind of thought imposition, rather the successful nurturing, the heating and quenching of Being becomes our sole resource, our link to cosmic will.

The practical effect of this broadening of our global awareness, leads to an enlivening of karma itself. No longer constrained by the tamasic influences of ignorance, karma, the assumption of cosmic responsibility, comes more fully alive and grants us each its bountiful result, justly as always, though more quickly now. As if time itself has sped up, providing more touch points, and a more responsive environment for all of us.

The fail-safe nature of our expansion of consciousness does not always produce smooth results, depending on where we find ourselves, though it does ensure a growing and powerful alignment with cosmic will, law, and life, available to us all, inevitable for us all. This is then lived individually as Brahman, Totality – ever resourceful, ever successful, and always invincible.

With such influences in the world, this growing familiarity with Being, building a foundation worthy of all of earth’s inhabitants, begins to result in clearer thinking, better choices and actions innocently in the direction of all of us, Oneness. Just by doing as we are doing, a better world results. Thank you. πŸ™‚

“Do nothing, and accomplish everything” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Living Brahman – Recognizing the Context of Cosmic Life

Six views of Sirius, the dog star, as it rapidly changes colors through the atmosphere – 0551 on September 1, 2020

“The world is as you are, live unbounded awareness” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

This well known phrase, and one I have been guided by for many years, is a one sentence formula for living Totality, Brahman. First, we see the world as we are; all of our accomplishments, desires, and challenges. Each of these exist because this is who we are. Nothing happens to us, unbidden – all of it is karma, the results of both our long past and recent thoughts and actions returning to us.

Unfortunately karma is often seen as veering negative, though this is due to the broad distortions of our Kali Yuga, our eon, and not an accurate reflection of the neutral and loving Cosmic intentions of the mechanism of karma, “As you sow, so shall you reap”. It would be unthinkable to exist in a Cosmos which did not operate this way! No human evolution would be possible.

If we live in a big house, or a small one, if people are friendly with us, or angry at us, if we have enough, or if we never have enough, this is the life we have solely created through our karma. Whether it is a chaotic sphere of limitations, or a vast ocean of ripening possibilities, it is our starting point from now.

Maharishi next says, “live unbounded awareness”. Where? How?

The closest we seem to get to reaching this ideal in the material world is by our voyeuristic satellite journeys through the solar system and beyond. Fair enough, and certainly inspiring, though finding the practical, transformative value for each of these expensive and intricate excursions takes some searching. In any case such endeavors, and similar, are not a solution to the question of how to live unbounded awareness in every thought and action.

Obviously the easiest place to find unbounded awareness is at the source of awareness, where it retains its unbound status, prior to manifesting into karmic boundaries; within ourselves. This is certainly not a new idea, though as we delight ourselves with an ever more data-filled, and intricate world of ceaseless activities, it becomes easy to forget that we can change our reality simply by radically changing our perspective; meditate and transcend.

OK, case closed. πŸ™‚ Now, we fast-forward several years or decades of sadhana (spiritual purification), to a point where there is cosmic clarity, perception, and success, inside and out. Thinking, acting, and living Cosmic life. Although our life is truly an infinite canvas at this point, there is no choice, really, on how to proceed.

Let me explain: Living Brahman, we are technically at a point of all possibilities; past karma is resolved and we are free from any negative influences. However, we always use the infinite choices before us, at any point in time, the choice made, the action taken, the words spoken or withheld, naturally and seamlessly, to further our Cosmic existence.

We always act with good intention, and the Cosmos’s good intention – they become the same thing. Every action is guided so easily and calmly by Cosmic intention. We continue to act from our own free will, according to our preferences, according to the sum total of this incarnation on earth. We live as Cosmic citizens first, earth citizens second.

Not as aliens, or in judgment, but simply because every cell in our body, creating organs, blood, muscle and bone, has woken up to its cosmic value and intelligence.

This then builds life from the ground up in every fraction of a picosecond (one-trillionth of a second), to put it crudely, and we exist as both inheritors of all the Cosmos has to offer and forever in such a place of abundance, dignity, and strength.

Because of this profound integration with Cosmic energy, we can accomplish anything. Obviously not alone. In fact we discover there is an endless and deeply pervasive population of Divinity, so structured as to assist with any task. Unlike the lack of resources we have all experienced on planet earth, such poverty is unknown with regards to Divine assistance.

We must only know enough to be recognized by Mother Divine, the source of the source, and then, energetically prostrating ourselves, ask for everything. πŸ™‚ Our humble service results, with inevitable success, no matter how grand and vast the transformation. The bigger the better.

Cosmic life for all is the timeless goal. To quote the loved and recently lost chef and foodie author, Tony Bourdain, “Shouldn’t you be doing something?…” πŸ™‚

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Living Brahman – The Spiraling Expansion of Compassion

The full moon setting on Wednesday morning 0621 – September 2, 2020

It is well known that during His lifetime, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation (TM) and the leader of bringing Heaven on Earth, would ask His students for reports on global events and conditions, those dedicated souls creating the nascent template of a world government, established in pure consciousness, established in Being.

However, if He was omniscient (and He was), why was there a need to ask them about the world, or about anything else?

Living Totality makes the world (and the Cosmos) a very porous place. πŸ™‚ Once the vessel is clear and attention functions without distortion or attachment, anything is known simply by focusing on the object, whatever or whomever it is. The object is known both in its Totality, and from its own perspective, its own consciousness, in terms of itself.

It is an innocent attention coming from one living Cosmic life, always listening and looking for the same thing, Cosmic integration on earth – whispers of Divinity and glimpses of perfection, more joy, equality, and the signals of coherent compassion, leading to a better life for all.

So some interaction with humanity, with the environment, is critical, simply to know what to do next. The questions are asked to further the innocent path of Totality to know more and more about itself, in terms of all of its constituent parts. Just to help, and move all of us forward.

After everything is known, once Totality is lived, the only thing left to do is to help. Being of service is no longer a choice. It is the only task that remains. πŸ™‚

Attempts at solving any problem, large or small, have the potential to fall short prior to the vision gained through living Totality, or Cosmic life. When Maharishi spoke about doing nothing and accomplishing everything, He meant that if we establish ourselves deeply and fully in Cosmic life, become living proponents of Brahman, Totality, ever surrendered to God in every thought and action, then even the deepest, seemingly intransigent issues of humanity arrive in our hearts, for light, compassion, acceptance, and healing.

Living Brahman, the heart is of Cosmic stature and so naturally enlists all Divine assistance. It doesn’t matter if it is nearly every soul in every country on the planet seeking to enlighten themselves (and it is). We are up to the job; Totality means everything.

Once enough support is shown, failure ceases to be a possibility. So even Sri Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, knowing far more about the world and ourselves, asks the simple questions, so that He can see more clearly the level of consciousness expressing itself, and assist more fully on a global scale. We are all “in it to win it”. πŸ™‚ Thank you!

~ All Glory to Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, Sri Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, all of the Saints, and all of the good, open-hearted souls in the world ~

Flying Butte Creek Canyon – A Four Mile Flight (UHD video)

I flew the UAV in Butte Creek Canyon yesterday morning, and was quite pleased to be able to render the video in 4K/50 fps., the same resolution and frame rate as the source video.

After painstakingly evaluating several video editing software programs yesterday, Filmora9 by Wondershare is the ONLY one that can edit and export videos in 4K/50 fps, and is rock solid. All other programs cannot handle the buffering requirements of 4K resolution, and quickly become unstable.

My furthest flight way-point was exactly 10,897 feet (3321 m) out, about two miles out from take-off, and my cruising speed was 31 mph/50 kmh. I have been working up to this flight for awhile, studying terrain maps and wind forecasts, and that helped orient me. The canyon is 800 to 1,000 feet deep, with the rim and geologic formations at about 1,200 feet above sea level. Flying behind any formations and losing line-of-sight transmission with the UAV could cause an issue, possibly a crash.

The video is posted on Youtube, and should automatically choose the highest resolution for your device. You can also manually select 4K (2160p50). I recommend full-screen, 16:9 format. The music is “Maha Puja” by David Parsons. Duration is twelve minutes. Please enjoy! πŸ™‚

My Letter to a Friend This Morning – “The Angels Win This Time!”

Sunrise – September 1, 2020

“…Such a delight to hear from you, always. Your truth is always so open, like a field of flowers being discovered, each after the last, on and on in wonder and safety, no constricted awareness. And no fear of any challenges.

This is what makes the difference, especially with challenges to ourselves, our idea of ourselves. If we have courage and strength and the ability to face anything within ourselves, then we will be cosmically successful, and once we deeply integrate it, our furthest dreams will wondrously blossom like flowers in our lives.

This is the big ‘secret’. Made obvious by every teacher – ‘Know Thyself’, and yet I find spiritual adherents confounded by this, scared away by the heights they have reached thus far and afraid to surrender it all to God, again and again, that they may continue.

You have no such boundary and can go as far as you like. I suggest Sri Brahmananda Saraswati as the measuring post – ha ha. Seriously, we will never reach His heights, but by reminding ourselves of this, and at the same time trying to catch up in such an atmosphere of spiritual safety, allows our progress to be far faster than anyone limited by a sense of self (ego domination).

There is no need to chase God, though we sometimes (often?) pray to Him, or Guru Dev (almost the same exercise…). Instead we culture a sattvic presence and He shows up, asking what we want! πŸ™‚ This is the way to live – always making progress, asking for nothing and gaining everything.

And yes, not to be done as recluses. Even today I feel as you do, like I had wings in the clouds before coming here this time, and peering down to earth, I fell in love with it, all the color and variety, and couldn’t possibly see it as difficult, having forgotten the challenges of past lives. So I incarnated again, and wow!

I continue to impose my heavenly values here – lol – but also have come to love the exquisite appearance and sensory delights of this world and the people and the language and cultures. Perhaps this is how my blog title, ‘Winged Victory’, makes sense. The angels win this time!

All Blessings to you…”

Living Brahman – Creating Channels for Divinity

The naked sun without its corona; pure heart energy – Sunday morning, August 30, 2020

These weeks of local smoky skies are a good metaphor for the fog of apparent obstacles that beset our planet. Yet, even in the midst of the fire and smoke, day and night, the sun always shines. This too is an accurate symbol of living Totality – Divinity is always available, leading life.

Clearing our internal obstacles is always the way to ourselves, to freedom, more choices and better outcomes. Once we are clear within ourselves, the blocks within others become apparent also. Just as living Totality will illustrate for us anything our hearts’ desire, such a profusion of knowledge is only ever acted upon appropriately.

In the case of living in this Kali Yuga, much of what is realized is turned inward for further maturation – heat and pressure applied until our essential nature is accessed as pure and undistorted. Once the process is complete, such a clarity and light becomes an endless sattvic energy source for us – setting an environment where not only are the angels welcome, they flock to such an invitation.

I took advantage of this yesterday, as a loved one was consciously releasing some past energy. It is easy enough to open a channel to Heaven once we live fluently and practically within the three worlds [Heaven, Earth and Hell].

Then anything to be permanently rid of, is gently given to the angels and other Divine Beings for instant energetic resolution, from tamas (inertia) into sattva (purity). An automatic process of purification occurs as these karmic remains are brought upwards, and surrendered. In other words, this activity frees the one releasing such an influence, for good, for all time, from any further harm.

Past karmas build up into solid energetic blocks within us, an innocent process of simply not having the most effective tools for cleansing ourselves inside. These serve as virtual partitions within, preventing the clear light of Divinity from being seen, or felt, to be evenly radiating over all of our life and within life itself.

These karmas lodge in place, like several pages from the book of one life left behind. Assume all the thousands of pages of a past lifetime are lived and resolved, before the next incarnation… except for a few key pages that tie the whole story together. Multiply this by the innumerable lives each of us has had, inevitably resulting in a sizable karmic book of debts to be paid off. For each of us. No one has any less, or more. This is Cosmic equality. πŸ™‚

The position of our hands formed in prayer, palms together, with fingertips and thumbs pointed heavenward, is useful both as a mudra in the moment, and also as a complete symbol of our offering up of ourselves to the Divine for purification.

By living Totality and using our knowledge of life, we can release identified karmic debts directly to the Heavens. We do this by first creating the favorable environment described earlier, sattvic and pure. Then as our Divine companions arrive and make themselves known, we delicately surrender our karmas, now that they have been identified. Cosmic healing, with no side effects πŸ™‚

On a global scale, the same process is taking place, with people everywhere transcending the familiar into a larger reality. It is the establishment of these seamless relationships with Divinity, invisible, pervasive, and energetic, that serve as humanity’s unerring compass of transformation, silently signaling a more obvious and rewarding relationship with Mother Divine. πŸ™‚

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Discusses the Avatars Jesus Christ and Lord Krishna

A dear friend who spent many years with Maharishi sent me Youtube links today, for recently posted videos of Maharishi speaking during the late 1960’s (audio only).

Maharishi covered many diverse topics during this time before refining His global message to above all, learn and practice Transcendental Meditation (TM), something He nonetheless touches on here also.

Here are the two videos I viewed earlier:

Did Christ Suffer? (27:54)

This talk covers religion, and whether or not Jesus Christ truly suffered.

and When and Why Does Lord Krishna Come? (26:54)

Topics include why Avatars arrive on earth, variations in human consciousness during Kali Yuga, and why variations in the purity of consciousness occur in a perfect Cosmos.

Wildlife Near Nance Pond – A Pictorial

Today at noon I flew the UAV over Nance Pond and spotted one of the ducks, a very welcome sight. I haven’t seen all four ducks for awhile, and suspect the coyotes or another predator may have taken at least one.

When I last hiked in the canyon, I found two ribs of a deer carcass just off the trail – all that remained in that location. Based on scat, it looks like we have a local mountain lion, which is actually good news.

Here are five pictures of some of the animals who visit the pond. Included is one of the duck and pond, from 110 feet up – Please enjoy! πŸ™‚

hummingbird all puffed up
a thirsty buck
buck and doe feeding around the pond
Nance Pond aerial view from 110 ft/33.5 m. with duck center-right
racoon family – a mother and four kits

Living Brahman – Being the World vs. Thinking About It

Sunrise – August 27, 2020

Everybody wants their desires to come true, for love, health, friendship, goodwill, safety, wealth, and joy. But in turbulent times it is easy to forget who we are, where our strength and power comes from. So many messages of nonsense, chaos and conflict, creating a non-stop din, a mental and emotional flood nearly drowning out our perennial sense of simplicity, goodness, endless opportunity, and sharing.

We are told by everyone with an agenda to follow them, and do as they do. Endlessly. Yet we exist in the world without any intermediary. There is actually nothing between us, and anything else that anyone else in the world has access to – nothing. Once we know the world well enough, we can ask it for anything within ourselves and it will always be delivered.

There is no program or formula or book to follow, simply be ourselves, the Totality, in terms of the Cosmos, in terms of Reality. As Maharishi Mahesh Yogi famously said, “Do nothing, and accomplish everything”. This finds its fulfillment living Brahman.

We can always at any moment be still, and quickly assess what is going on around us, and act efficiently and simply, to achieve what it is we want. We continually reinvest and silently nurture the desire, until the dividend arrives.

Everything in life has a Divine component – everything. Some actions and objects reflect a lot of Divinity, and by strengthening them in our lives, they act as a force multiplier for the fulfillment of our desires. Obvious examples are prayer, doing Transcendental Meditation (TM), listening to and reading the words of the Yogis, and simultaneously destroying corruption, ignorance, and delusion within ourselves.

It is a sad state to lose this invincibility, to fall prey to every outside influence. Maharishi called this, “Football Consciousness”, where one goes like a football, thrown here and there, without the dignity, resolve, and foundation of our human nature.

We always have Totality available. Totality; everything understood, integrated and ready to be offered. Living Brahman, the only apparent limitation is time, which paradoxically spurs the intention to become yet more effective and efficient.

Living Brahman, Totality has absolutely no downside, accomplishing every dream and highest ideal for humanity, by simply being the world, and being engaged. πŸ™‚

~ “Thy Will Be Done, on Earth as It Is in Heaven” ~

Flying Nance Canyon Today – A Three Mile Flight

The weather is a little cooler today (94 F/34 C), and a lot less smoke, so I went down the hill into the canyon around noon and found a good take-off point. I flew the UAV (DJI Mavic Pro 2) straight out for about a mile and a half and returned, with a cruising speed of 31 mph/50 kmh. [Note: Updated from the original post after I checked my flight record].

The video is edited, dropping it to HD – 1080p (until I upgrade my editing software…). The video is eight minutes long, and the music is “Maha Puja” by David Parsons, from his ‘Yatra’ album. I recommend watching in full-screen. Please enjoy! πŸ™‚

Flying Nance Canyon – three mile flight – DJI Mavic 2 Pro – August 27, 2020

Selected Quotes for Today from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The sequence of photos is from this morning. I chose quotations of Maharishi’s that are especially helpful to me during these challenging times. All quotations are from the link below, with minor edits. Thank you! πŸ™‚


Purpose of Life

“The whole purpose of life is to gain enlightenment.
Nothing else is significant compared to that completely natural, exalted state of consciousness. So always strive for that. Set your life around that goal.
Don’t get caught up in small things, and then it will be yours.”


“Decide what you want and don’t think of the intermediary conditions. When Nature works for us we should want what we want and Nature will work it out for us. Keep your desire turning back within and be patient. Allow the fulfillment to come to you.

Gently resist the temptation to chase your dreams into the world; pursue them in your heart until they disappear into the Self, and leave them there. It may take a little self-discipline, be simple, be kind, stay rested. Attend to your own inner-health and happiness.

Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you. Allow your love to nourish yourself as well as others. Do not strain after your needs of life – it is sufficient to be quietly alert and aware of them. In this way life proceeds more naturally, effortlessly. Life is here to enjoy.”


“Doubts are death.”
“Doubts are the dry rot of life.”


“If we think of defeat, that’s what we’ll get. If we are undecided then nothing will happen for us. We must just pick something GREAT to do, and then DO it.
Never think of failure at all, for as we think now, that’s what we’ll get.”


“If you want to pay off your debts, it pays to increase your earning power.”


“Do not base your life on the likes and dislikes or whims of others. What you are in life – whether you enjoy or suffer – it is your own responsibility. Be regular in your meditation and do not postpone for a later date your striving for God consciousness.”


β€œBe as delicate as possible. If communication accomplishes something on the gross but damages something on the level of feeling then it is a spiritual loss! The feeling is more important for life. Nourishment of the feeling level is the basis for growth of the spiritual holistic value.

Delicate behaviour on the surface should be such as to nourish, uphold and enhance the Transcendental value where feelings merge into a common source. Do not oppose. Opposition is dangerous to immortality.”


“It is the focus on the highest ideal day after day that saves life from being wrapped up in small whirlwinds.”


“When you are appreciating creation as much as the Creator, then the Creator will ask, ‘Who is appreciating my creation as much as me. Let me see this person.’ “


“There is nothing in the cosmos, either in the material plane or the spiritual plane which cannot be directly cognized.”

Helicopters Headed to the Fire and a Smoky Rising Sun – A Pictorial

Here near Paradise, we are on the flight path for many helicopters headed north and east, especially the fire crews. A flight level of 1,500 feet clears us by less than 200 feet, so they are close. Nance Pond, behind our house, is a listed Calfire water resource though they have only dipped those orange buckets in a couple of times over the years.

Many fixed-wing and rotor aircraft fly directly over our property. Here are pictures of several helos from yesterday afternoon, and the smoky rising sun this morning. Please enjoy! πŸ™‚

Aligning with Nature – A Pictorial

Both our strength and our flexibility come from our Cosmic identity – there are many more resources at one’s disposal, inside and out, once we enliven Grace, our birthright and choice.

This resulting inner strength, and outer success, means we tread on the Earth more lightly. More satisfied within, we ask less of our environment and enjoy it more. A cleaner relationship with everything and everyone.

Without any overreaching or overreacting, we live a more relaxed life – integrated and nestled within, vs. scraping the surface. A small shift in such an equation makes all the difference. Nature provides us with many perfect examples of these facets of ourselves.

Please enjoy these eight recent photographs of natural life. Thank you! πŸ™‚

crescent moon
waxing moon
the jackrabbit again

The Wildfires, a Global Virus, and the Resolution of Our Collective Consciousness

Here are four pictures from yesterday, August 21, 2020:

Another day of smoky air. A little ash in the yard, better visibility than yesterday, possibly a little clearer.

Locally, we have 24 clustered fires north and a big one south of us (1,600 plus acres). Each of the closest areas burning is about 15 miles away, which is a healthy distance. Other than that, there are big fires (up to 100,000 acres) 30 plus miles away, in all directions.

There is slightly less oxygen in the air, but thankfully it is still clear near the ground here. No power interruptions. The feeling is of not doing much, relaxed, but ready to go at a moment’s notice. Full tanks in the truck and RV. As someone said on-line, we know we are safe, but ringed by fires, we remain alert.

We are better prepared collectively than prior to the awful season of 2018. There is more local, state, and federal awareness, cleared land, and much better on-line resources: In addition to the Calfire maps, there is a new federal site at fire.airnow.gov, which gives us detailed satellite and ground data in near real-time, on smoke plumes, fires, and air quality for our immediate area (though coverage is for all of the US, southern Canada, and northern Mexico).

Timing is everything. Late last week, just before the lightning strikes that set the state ablaze, we were able to get wildfire insurance again, after ours was cancelled following the 2018 Camp Fire. So more peace of mind, though there is little chance of our community getting tagged this round – on the other hand, fire season has just begun.

All three of the meta-events going on now, the thousands of climate-change fires burning in California and elsewhere, the global and national geopolitical contests, and this worldwide virus, feel connected – accomplishing the same purpose. All of them drive us towards a more comprehensive self-awareness, and as a result, a more awake collective consciousness.

It may seem on the surface, particularly during our political challenges, that the heavy handed and the underhanded always win, or that ‘the meek’ will never inherit the earth. However, ‘the meek’ are those now established in Being, living Cosmic Law …and none of them are truly meek at all… πŸ™‚

Just as a magician does not reveal his or her tricks, the Cosmos too brings about vast changes with subtlety. Although it looks like a battle between two equally matched opponents, the trends of time now support the good, Godliness.

The foundation and cosmic laws favoring the acts of resolution, redemption and righteousness have become powerful and active again, now that the ability to reliably and directly discover our spiritual source has again been provided to humanity. No longer must we rely on the well meaning but weak and confused measures of the religions. Instead, we can act directly, and bring about the world we long for, and that which we are all growing to deserve.

So the battles for the good of humankind are being won in our favor, not by vanquishing or destroying the majority of those who would think evil thoughts, but by establishing an aggregated global leadership that favors equality, compassion and an end to suffering, speaking to all of us in ways that are intrinsically human, and taking life-supporting actions that can be readily adopted, benefiting all. Transcending political systems, nationalities, gender, race, and economies. Then evil doesn’t just die, it suffocates.

The fires here in the West (California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado), the floods to the East, and the destructive winds in the Central and Southern United States are all examples of our loss of stewardship over the immense bounty we have been granted. Immersed for over two hundred years in the dedicated exploitation of our natural wealth, our people, and our resources, we need such radical and painful events to shake us from our slumber.

Cosmic life is never needlessly wrathful, though it is also undeterred. Mother’s job is to always raise her children, no exceptions, nor time wasted. Cooperation for the good of all, for the good of the planet is the clear message, or else we can no longer participate in our present form. Thankfully, there is time to right our excesses.

This global COVID-19 virus is also affecting all of us personally, drawing the line clearly between what is important to us as a species, as a single human unit, vs. the many ways in which we oppose and alienate ourselves.

All of these challenges present a choice to each of us, confronted by the full magnitude of our world’s natural power, do we seize the time for favorable change, reconnecting to Reality, our foundation, or not? It is the easiest choice it has ever been, taking one moment, one hour, one day at a time, towards an inevitably brighter future.

It doesn’t matter any longer what setbacks may be apparent, our karma becoming more obvious, in a faster world beyond any single person’s control. All we need do is listen to the depths of ourselves, the many voices who have been heard these past years, sharing and exposing the truth of life, that we all must live better in order for any of us to do so.

Inordinate wealth, weaponry, physical distance and fortification, or even the heights of our lonely egos cannot keep us from the issues that beset us today. It isn’t a time to give over to the cheap and plentiful emotions of fear and anger, exclusion, or distraction. No need. The only need is to be true to ourselves, living Cosmic life, and living in harmony and success. It is literally much easier to do than we think. πŸ™‚

~ All Glory to Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, all of the Saints, and all of the good people in this world ~

The 2020 Fire Season in California

Sunrise this morning, August 19, 2020 (Nikon 900)

So very smoky up here today, with a red sun! It has been nearly two years since the Camp Fire overran and destroyed the town of Paradise. Our community abuts the town’s western border. Last year’s fire season wasn’t bad, with a lot of late rain and cooler temperatures. This year we hit a patch of triple-digit temperatures a week ago that is persisting (105 F./40 C. and above). On top of that, a mostly dry lightning storm blew through a few days ago. 1,500 strikes were counted in our northern counties, sparking many fires.

Thankfully, we have just one big fire here in Butte County – currently at 900 acres. I know the area burning and it is lightly inhabited, and confined to a series of canyons. I sent the UAV up after sunset last night to look for any smoke or flame nearby, and it was clear. The local sky still has a lot of smoke in it, though not near the ground. There are six major fires in the counties around us, but no immediate issues here.

We installed an automatic backup generator after our big fire and it hasn’t yet run this year. Our cleared perimeter is larger than it used to be, having lost most of our tall trees in the back. As a result of the fire we have two active fire safety programs in our community, clearing dead trees and brush out of the common areas, ongoing. Calfire also inspects us once a year. Last, there is a big Calfire airbase at the Chico airport fifteen miles west of us, in the valley.

The town of Paradise is still burned up. When we go to our one local supermarket five miles away, we drive along mostly empty roads flanked by devastation. Concrete slabs and weeds where houses and businesses stood. Many of the business signs survived though, standing proudly and colorfully outside empty lots; MacDonald’s, Thrifty Car Wash, Safeway, Ridge Shopping Center… it is surreal.

The town’s primary water system has been restored and decontaminated. The electricity is on too. Some building is happening, with about 500 new homes being built, though these are few and far between. The cost for new residential construction is now $300 per square foot, pricing many out.

The current population of Paradise is roughly 2,000 people, down from 27,000 before the fire, with an additional 25,000 displaced from the surrounding area. 19,000 structures burned in the town, and 85 dear souls lost their lives. The one area left pristine in the middle of town during the firestorm was the cemetery, with no trees or lawns catching fire.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) trailers promised to us for temporary shelter by the Federal Government never arrived. Everyone was left to largely fend for themselves after the fire, with limited local assistance, and a lot of community support. Although Northern California tends to be politically conservative, we were punished for the state in general not voting for the current President. What a sin. Some are squatting on their lots now in RVs, with the Town of Paradise trying to force them to get building permits. Most survivors have moved away, and will not return.

Though fire is always a concern here, the natural beauty and access to nature is a treasure. One silver lining to the horrific fire one year and nine-plus months ago is that the wildlife is coming back, and the skies are clearer than they were. I heard our small pack of coyotes yipping and howling near dawn this morning before so much smoke blew in, using different voices than they do at sunset, higher and quicker, more excited, vs. the longer almost mournful tones heard in the evening.

Living Brahman – Always Persevering

An approaching storm – July 17, 2020 (Nikon P900)
Hummingbird facing the lightning – August 17, 2020 (Nikon P900)
Crescent moon lit by the sun just before dawn, with ghostly full moon showing above it – 0552 – August 17, 2020 (Nikon P900)

Discussing the positive local, national, and global changes underway with a friend, they replied with this sentence, which perfectly captures the spirit – “It is like having wind in the sails, on a wild sea.”

As the world is tossed about through momentous changes daily, we are undiminished. No matter how many doors are slammed shut, or entrances opposed, it makes no difference. Through the decades, enlivening the cosmic potential of the planet, our billions of souls, we are now revealing this foundation, and remaining steadfast.

It is just this intention for empathy and equality, thought deeply and comprehensively across all of consciousness, infused everywhere in calmness and confidence, that makes all the difference.

First so many of us followed the wisdom of Divinity, discovering the true immensity of consciousness, and how one is just like another. These are not beliefs or intellectual convictions. This wisdom is so deeply integrated and enlivened that those living Cosmic life simply live it, and express it always.

This is the simple line drawn – On one side sits the nourishing, compassionate, Infinite nature of Cosmic life, personified by Brahman, Totality – recognizing and encouraging those same values in everyone. On the other side is suffering in all its guises. An easy choice, an easy battle, won not through direct opposition, but through infiltration and dissolution of limitation in all its forms.

The Saints tell us that doubt is the enemy of Immortality, and it is. Doubt prevents us from fully acting as ourselves, robs us of our profound potential, and smothers our creative solutions. There is no need to fear anything these days, despite the rapid pace of change, though we must act as necessary, as we always have, and endure.

Then by the grace of God, we are safe, the world is safe and we can work in harmony. The foundation for global equality and compassion is established. It is just a matter of continuing to reveal its extent.

~ All Glory to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, and all of the good people of the world ~

A Star Trail Video with Meteors

Here is a star trail video (10 s.) from last night, showing a total of eight meteors (the video title is incorrect). Several are just single points of light, or quite faint, though the most dramatic one, a red streak through the center can’t be missed.

I ran the video through an editor and auto-leveled it. The picture is more granular now, though the star trails show up clearly. I recommend watching it full screen. Enjoy!

Living Cosmic Life – Observing the Full Cycle of Karmic Completion

Star trails above the pool. Just above the pampas grass, center left, the small tick of light among the star trails is a meteor. August 11, 2020 (Nikon P900)

We have all long heard about the law of karma: β€œWhat goes around, comes around”, or β€œAs you sow, so shall you reap” – By all of us being subject to the same [Cosmic] laws, life remains in balance. This is taught as a tenet of faith in all religions and is also a key spiritual principle.

Yet it often appears on the surface of life that those who transgress against us, and others, pay no penalty for it. Even so, we can also see that such challenges to us are an appropriate component of our journey to enlighten ourselves, and others, even the entire world.

I have long been aware of life’s innate balance and that we all are balanced by it, according to the Cosmic schedule. Progress for all life carries forward no matter what. It is obvious in the big picture.

Though personally, just as I am glad for another’s well-deserved good fortune, I have wanted one who hurts me or others, to also encounter such an appropriate karmic result.

Accepting this on faith alone was difficult, without seeing evidence of such a process in action. Also on a simpler level, we all enjoy those stories depicted in the movies and even in scripture, where the bad guys get their due at the hands of the good guys.

Faith can move mountains but personal satisfaction, without incurring any negative karma is also important. It is not retribution or revenge we seek, it is completion, so that we can let go, and continue on. Balance endures.

Our satisfaction comes through purification and knowledge. By this I mean the dynamics of action become clearer in whatever situation we are curious about. For example, I have shared previously about taking on the toll of the last twenty years in order to resolve the family karma of my pedophile father-in-law – I wanted God to take care of the remainder after his passing, and to no longer be bound by the experience. Soon after that, as a result of my fluency in the three worlds [Heaven, Earth, and Hell] I was able to see his karma come due, reborn into muskrat life for awhile.

Because of the revelation of this new knowledge, I was able to fully let go of this long-term challenging experience, and even come to absolutely forgive my antagonist, seeing more deeply into his life’s journey, and the horrific abuse he had suffered as a child. Nonetheless, he propagated much suffering in his inability to deal with it, and after his passing, was demoted from human life to serve his appropriate sentence.

Without this clear experience β€œbeneath the surface of life”, my long-term struggle would’ve probably overshadowed me for a long time, perhaps even defined who I think I am. However, seeing the entire sequence in its totality and completion, it educated me instead. Rather than being a barrier to progress, this significant slice of my life was transformed into a massive gift towards full enlightenment, with any accompanying pain and anguish fast receding in the rear-view mirror.

True, life is all Lila, a Divine play as viewed from our Cosmic immortal perspective – our surrender to Mother Divine – and at the same time we must immerse ourselves in our karmic burdens and results without holding back, and as if our progress depends on it, because it does.

We gain the full benefit of arduous experiences not by avoiding them, or obsessing on them, but by dealing with them in the context of Totality, of Brahman. Resolution is then complete, and we move on clearly and confidently, traveling without baggage, to whatever is next required of us. πŸ™‚

Supporting Cosmic Law – Living the Courage of Our Convictions

Star trails circling Polaris, with a Perseid meteor trail visible upper center right – August 10, 2020 (Nikon P900 – “Star trails” program)

I recently revived my relationship with a long-time acquaintance via email, and was surprised by the rudeness of the reply. I had received similar responses at times over the years, and this just baffled me. I responded, and received more of the same. Then I did some digging to past correspondence and found a political cartoon I had sent years ago, and Aha! It could’ve been objectionable as it portrayed a distinct point of view, but having received no response at the time, I carried on as if all was well. It wasn’t.

Reconstructing where the whole thing went south, the issue was no response from my friend to an expression of perceived offense at the time, instead choosing dysfunction. I then wrote my friend and pointed this out, to speak up and have the courage of one’s convictions. Otherwise confusion ensues. (Although I am using this example of another’s behavior to illustrate this particular issue, I certainly have acted similarly in the past).

This is how life is conducted – in the present. So many of us have unresolved conversations with others, those with whom we share a short or long-term karmic bond. To muddle this is to create a world of delusion, making up endless stories in our minds to absorb some of the pregnant energy held hostage by the fear of what might happen if we spoke up, and challenged the status quo.

Granted we always want to approach such interactions constructively, to avoid what is called a pissing contest, one-upsmanship, the reassertion of the ego into delusion, or any ill-thought out response. Nonetheless, it is imperative that we act, as we think, in every situation.

No hypocrisy. No doing one thing and thinking another. This creates distortion in our consciousness, and instead of improving an ever evolving life, as hypocrites we dwell in Hell, lost and separated from Cosmic life. We can no longer interact clearly with others, or ourselves; Dharma cannot be found.

It is common in our fast modern lives to have interactions with others where our point of view needs to be expressed, whether to express a positive sharing, or to express a challenging one. This doesn’t need to be dramatic, only that it occurs at all. Karmic resolution; completion. We don’t live for others, and we have a unique purpose to fulfill.

Sometimes these interactions illuminate flaws in how we see ourselves, and locate unintentional crutches we may use to inappropriately castigate other people, cultures, and organizations in order to shore ourselves up. This doesn’t have to be obsessive, but to be mindful of such traps can help us act with integrity, and establish such a habit of spiritual self-sufficiency – not equating to a reclusive life but simply taking full responsibility for one’s thoughts and actions, no excuses.

Having resolved our past challenges and moving forward unencumbered, it becomes natural to act with conviction, and uphold Cosmic law in any situation. Our minds clear of conflict, we find endless possibilities in how to act and think in a balanced and calm way.

Always starting from now, and taking life one moment at a time, living then regains its freshness, its immediacy, its Divine gifts. Rather than miserably tracking a script for the ego director, we live in fullness and freedom.

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Winged Victory Global Update for August 9th, 2020

Disintegrating Perseid meteor this morning – August 9, 2020
Perseid meteor passing Polaris to the right, with the constellation Cassiopeia shown far right. August 9, 2020

Thank you, All, for the growing and continued global interest in Winged Victory, a blog about living full enlightenment, Brahman, Totality as a householder. It is very much appreciated!

All continents (except Antarctica) are now represented, with two new additions (in italics), bringing the total countries and territories to 39:

Africa – South Africa

Asia – China, Hong Kong SAR – China, India, Israel, Malaysia, The Maldives, New Zealand, Pakistan, The Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Turkey


Europe – Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia (also in Asia), Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom

North America – Canada, and the United States

South America – Brazil

Three Perseid Meteors

The Persied meteor shower is occurring now in the NNE sky until the end of August.

This is how I hunt for meteors: At roughly 2300 on a clear night, I set my camera on its tripod at a best guess angle and direction, and initiate the Nikon P900 “Night sky” program. Then I simply wait while the camera completes its shooting sequence of roughly one frame every ten seconds, for two and a half hours, hopefully coinciding with the speedy arrival of a meteor through the atmosphere. This results in a five second video, which I load into a video editor to capture the still frame of any entering meteors.

Here are three meteor captures from Thursday and Friday nights. All three are shedding material as they enter the atmosphere, showing puffs of light at regular intervals along the tail. One meteor very close to the horizon [image 2] appears to enter at a steep angle and begins to fragment along its trajectory. The light coming in from the right, or East, in each still frame is the rising Moon. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

One Layer Down: The Cosmic Law of Non-Attachment

18 red roses in the window this morning, August 7,2020

I was looking at this lovely vase of roses before I moved them to the window for a photo, and observed that the red of the rose is not absorbed by the rose petals, and therefore the red is reflected back to me as the color of the petal.

We see and identify as our object of perception that which can never be absorbed by the object itself. A perfect model of non-attachment, built into everything we see.

In 1980, I earned and learned the TM-Siddhis program, and then moved to Santa Barbara, where I first glimpsed the head and bust of Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, Guru Dev, reliably activating Divine sight. Such perceptions grew as I continued a regular program of the TM-Siddhis program for another 12 years, until a continuous relationship or companionship was established with Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, and the TM-Siddhis program was no longer necessary. With His presence, the siddhis have continued to manifest and ripen, including many not tied to any sutra taught in the program.

However during this time of practice, I found myself doing a group program in Frederick, Maryland, in a comfortable old farmhouse, with five or six other sidhas. We always did our TM first, and coming out of that particular meditation, I saw as I first opened my eyes, a person seated in a chair, across and to my right.

Except that my sight was tuned one layer down, finer perception, so that the surface texture and color of the objects was missing. The precise form was there, except the consistency was that of infinitely small but distinct shiny dark grey metallic spheres, each a series of atoms constructing a molecular structure; a very dynamic, granular surface, both solidly in place and rapidly in motion.

After a short time, my eyes adjusted further to the person in the chair, and soon the surface of appropriate color and texture was visible, of fabric, skin, hair, and wood, covering the molecular mass underneath. Any light not absorbed by the clothes, the person, or the chair was now reflected back to me as identifiable objects, each a verifiable example of the non-attachment that underlies even our physical laws.

Each rose is also an example of non-attachment. Though the rose still has the responsibility for being itself, growing through the stages of blossoming, beauty and dissolution, inevitably reflecting this in outer appearance and inner reality, all changes driven by the unattached and ever untouched source within.

So are we also unattached expressions of the source of ourselves, responsible for yet impossibly separated from, all that we show of ourselves.

The nature of Reality becomes obvious, once we spend enough time looking for it. πŸ™‚

Attuning to Brahman: Riding the Cosmic Slingshot

A meteor from the early morning of July 5, 2020, looking ENE (Nikon P900 video still)

As our mental and physical perception reaches Cosmic proportions, our consequent push and pull through the three worlds, the Cosmos, then brings about the establishment of Totality, living Brahman.

This process is what I have come to call riding the Cosmic slingshot. πŸ™‚ The way we attune ourselves to Brahman, Totality is a two step process – assuming continuous, spontaneous Sadhana (purification) and regular transcending, the hallmarks of one established in Being:

First, God or one of His representatives will introduce us to a peak Divine experience – So many kinds: of sight, of filled with Bliss, or energized with Shakti, meeting a Saint, or whatever it is. This is a spiritual experience according to our level of purity and clarity, our established Sattva. We enjoy and learn from this, perhaps even chase it a bit at first. It becomes the object of our greatest charm.

Second, because we have previously established the awareness of Unity Consciousness (Oneness) and God Consciousness (finest mental and sensory perception), establishing Divine sight (Note: a bit of a misnomer, as Divine “sight” incorporates all of the senses), our consciousness wants to live this in everything. If there is any impurity accompanying this subjective expansion of consciousness, it will be uncovered and resolved, leading to an often unpleasant episode, or β€œstress release”. This occurs just as clearly and powerfully as the peak Divine experience does, in order that all areas of consciousness can be cleared and resolved into the Totality of Brahman.

Then we transcend again, closer to Cosmic life, and what was formerly a peak Divine experience becomes normalized, sustained. Through our continued desire for Yoga, Union with God, we experience another peak Divine experience, greater than previously, along with the parallel purification, also greater than previously, and on it goes, bringing Cosmic light and law into every perception – from the most wondrous abodes of Heaven to the sulfurous and airless pits of Hell – until rapidly, all areas of life clearly reflect Totality. We are then able to sustain the balanced and confident life of Brahman; full enlightenment, all possibilities.

So, following this increasing Divine charm, our awareness is compassionately and instantly traversed from one end of the Cosmos to the other, and back again, in every domain of life, personal, social, and global. We experience all of the polarities in consciousness from a Cosmic perspective, until it all becomes fluid, merging into Totality, living Brahman, living in the three worlds and grounded in this one.

This is a natural and fundamental process of gaining full enlightenment. Here are a few words from Sri Brahmananda Saraswati from the book, The Sweet Teachings of the Blessed Shankaracharya Swami Brahmananda Saraswati (authored by LB Shriver, with translation by Cynthia Ann Hume), on this point:

β€œThe righteous person will experience peace in both this and the next worlds. He who acts immorally will not have peace in this world, much less the next world. Don’t look at the faults of others; examine yourself, and discover the areas that are lacking and try to improve them. If you continually examine and improve yourself, one day you will be greatly benefited.”

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

My First UAV Night Flight

Last night the moon was nearly full, and forming a triangle with Saturn on its left, and Jupiter on the right. So I decided to take the Mavic Pro 2 up to 390 feet (just below my maximum ceiling), hover, and take some pictures.

Here are three photos, moving from southwest to southeast. The photos were taken close to 2200, and the slim orange band on the western horizon is the remains of the setting sun. Please enjoy! πŸ™‚

Living Brahman – Brahman Leads and Completes All Religions

A doorway in Stockholm, Sweden (2018)

A good friend invited me to watch the live Amma meeting, which began at 0430 here, Saturday, occurring at 1600 on Sunday in India. Thank you.

My first impression was how similar the whole thing was to my attendance at the Episcopalian church of my youth, both in Bethesda, Maryland (a suburb of Washington, DC), and Manila, Philippines, where I served as an altar boy.

At Amma’s service, hymns (bhajans) were sung beseeching and praising God, and the personifications of God, Krishna in this case, instead of the Christian Jesus. Then a sermon (satsang) was given, as Amma told a story of upholding Dharma, regardless of circumstance; living life according to Divine principles.

Upholding Dharma is the career of Brahman, established unshakably in Being, in Cosmic life and duty.

All sermons, all prayers, and all scripture find their fulfillment living Brahman, full enlightenment. The mind is ever fixed on Mother Divine, the relationship and focus being so complete, so seamless that no outward signs are necessary. The fulfillment of all religions dwells within, living Brahman.

We carry the treasured goal of all the great temples, churches, cathedrals, and mosques within – light as a feather, and unburdened by the need or desire to pay formal obeisance, unless it springs naturally from the heart at any time and place. Living true freedom of religion. πŸ™‚

Living Brahman/Totality incorporates and allows all avenues of faith to blossom so completely that we transcend our position of following them, into leading them, silently and invisibly. This is living all compassion, all knowledge and all love for the Divine, and unseen, relentlessly leading every religion to its fruition, its goal, its transcendent Reality.

~ All Glory to Sri Mata Amritanadamayi (Amma), Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and Sri Brahmananda Saraswati (Guru Dev) ~

Last Pictures of Comet NEOWISE and One Each of Saturn and Jupiter

Here are my four final pictures of the Comet NEOWISE taken July 18th, before it left us for awhile, due back in 6,800 years (all 60s. time exposures using the Panasonic LUMIX).

Last night I was also able to take my clearest photo of Saturn yet. I had the Nikon set manually (f/8 and ISO 400) and kept playing with the shutter speed until I could get a focused shot at 1/30 s. without a lot of sun glare. Also took a very clear picture of Jupiter with a star halo and three moons. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Living Brahman – Global Resolution Beyond Faith

UAV (Mavic Pro 2) photo from 400 feet (~1700 feet above sea level), looking West. From left, showing Nance, Humboldt, and Butte canyons.

Many of us are pummeled these days by the fear, uncertainty, and doubt of our global mindset. Leadership is absent amid a sea of conflicting voices, and each news story trumpets a further immersion into chaos.

From a legitimate Cosmic perspective this seems quite strange. Sure, there is a time now when we are learning and moving very quickly, our lives propelled incessantly by the logarithmic acceleration of ubiquitous microprocessors. Decisions, decisions, the hallmark of modern life, made in billionths of a second, uncontrollable.

However, when we consider the greater environment we inhabit, from the soil to the stars, and that this entire blueprint resides within us, the capability to appreciate and use as a resource this entire Cosmos – all the levels of life, all of the dynamics, all of the clarity, knowledge, and primordial Silence of endless potential – it seems odd to be overwhelmed by either ourselves, or our planet Earth, a single entity whirling about in the countless Infinitude.

Compared to our seven billion plus egos here, the greater power by far resides in the Cosmos, regardless of the issues we face in our human neighborhood. By setting our goal as simply as possible, “Know thyself”, according to the timeless wisdom of the Yogis, we can focus on this to resolve anything in earthly life.

This is not some vague resource we carry within, but something inherent in us, the ability to solve all of the problems facing us both individually and collectively, by paying attention to what we see, and how we conduct ourselves; living Cosmic life.

As we are all brought together and made ever more deeply aware of our collective consciousness, this does challenge our ideas about ourselves and where we live. But Cosmic law always triumphs, and we can have confidence that such values of equality, compassion, creative solutions, and togetherness will prevail, now that they are awakened here on Earth, our precious little wet and salty blue sphere. πŸ™‚

Living Cosmic life we are immersed in human life and earthly life, yet always aware of the fundamental laws that guide us here. It is not a mood, a mental fixation, magical thinking, or an empty wish. It is a concrete perspective, beyond thought, and lodged firmly in the heart, of the invincibility, intelligence, and compassion of Cosmic life, to guide us through any and all problems, no matter how insurmountable they seem. So we work as hard as we can, with not a moment to waste, knowing that global progress is being made by all, even though the picture is not so clear yet.

Living Brahman we are primarily guided by Cosmic life, and not at all concerned about the progress of earthly life. This requires our strenuous involvement, even deep sadness at times, but no doubts.

As Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said [of living Brahman] many decades ago, “All is well and wisely set”. Meaning we have everything we need, and more, to guarantee humanity and each of us a bright future.

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

UAV (Drone) Flying Nance Canyon

Here is my first video (3:43) flying in Nance Canyon with the Mavic Pro 2 drone (shown below), with Gail as spotter using binoculars. After about 400 feet out, even against a clear sky, the drone is impossible to see unaided.

The video is 4K quality and too big to upload directly, so I have embedded the Youtube video (4K) below the drone photo. Please watch full-screen.

I picked out this spot to fly because the land slopes down rapidly to the west, making obstacle avoidance easy. The entire flight was at a height of only 20 to 30 feet above the take-off point, and I just flew straight out from there. Please enjoy!

Mavic Pro 2 (the tile is 18″ square). Small and quiet, with a gimbal-mounted Hasselblad camera.

Living Brahman – Walking the Talk

My boots

Cosmic life, living Brahman, has two components; full Cosmic perception and ability, and full earthly life and ability. The two are inseparable, and when living Brahman, both are lived to completion.

Unlike times past, when spiritual knowledge was the exclusive province of the monks and recluses, hidden to maintain its purity, nowadays spiritual knowledge is available everywhere, and Totality can be a tangible Reality, even while living an active and worldly life.

As householders, spiritual practices are here to enhance our daily lives, leading to better health, closer relationships, and enough wealth. As we progress spiritually, waking up to our universal and immortal nature, we see correlates in our earthly life. Our lives tangibly improve, not by us feigning an indifference, but by conventional measures.

For example, physical and mental health are optimized. This means basically no issues, we understand our bodies for what they are, and have the knowledge to constantly nourish and even heal them. Physical deterioration is minimized, and mental acuity is maximized. Emotions are fully available, and balanced.

With such a capable foundation established, we can now interact reliably, successfully, and compassionately with all those in our lives, past, present and future. Living Brahman this means the full integration of all Cosmic energy, the three worlds.

Although this sounds like a big deal, it isn’t. Once we have full perception living Brahman, how long does it take for our hearts to swell as big as life itself and give unending thanks to Mother Divine, or our teacher, or anyone else we love dearly? A few seconds. Who needs to know? No one except the object of our gratitude. What are called the spiritual elements of life can be profound and catalytic, yet so well integrated that they are nearly invisible to anyone else, nor do they take much time.

The point being that even the most stirring examples of Totality can be lived within any normal life. If they don’t blend in, how can they serve daily life? If spiritual living remains somehow isolated from daily life, it simply makes life less effective, less efficient, less successful. A lot of pie in the sky.

This becomes obvious once we interact with the world, all the people, all the doing, and all the results. This is when we learn how integrated we are.

We have no option living Brahman. All of life is lived to completion. All desires are lived to completion. Cosmic completion. This means all relationships are harmonious, and enough wealth is always available. Our relationship with ourselves is already healthy and established in success. This carries over to our partners, our families, our friends, our wider social circles, and on.

No matter what the challenge is, it is met with success, because living Totality, any knowledge at any time is always available. We then are able to make correct choices to resolve any ignorance or tension within our relationships. We always walk our talk. All problems are dealt with seamlessly and Cosmically, leaving no wake.

So the symptom of Brahman, full enlightenment, Totality, is success in every action, every relationship, every domain, and every challenge. This lets us know that we are living Totality, or not – no ambiguity. Unlike the temporary states of consciousness lived prior to Brahman, there is no excuse for a lack of completion when living Brahman. It is an impossibility.

If every action does not lead to success, it is not living Brahman. Just as the Moon appears absent, then as a sliver, and eventually full, all while remaining the fullness of itself, Totality has no partial states, as illustrated by our personal lives.

Brahman unlike any other prior states, always walks the talk – no exceptions or confusion. It is earthly life made completely successful, ever informed by Cosmic life, mentally, physically, environmentally, and globally. πŸ™‚

Photos: A Deer Looking in the Window, Coyotes on the Game Cam, and Starlink Satellites Crowding the Sky

Here are six recent photos from Paradise – A buck looking in our window yesterday, coyotes from the game-cam at Nance Pond, and a composite shot from last night showing several Starlink (Space-X) satellites in orbit. It is always magic to see the larger animals around here, and celestial objects.

About seventy years ago, the science-fiction writer and scientist Arthur C. Clarke theorized that if a satellite were launched into orbit at an altitude of 22,300 miles, its position would be geostationary, orbiting synchronously with the earth – continuously hovering above the same patch of geography, and could be used reliably as a transmission station for any data transfer within its footprint. This is our current reality for most global transmission, with undersea cables tying the multiple satellite footprints together.

An alternative is to send thousands of smaller satellites into non-geosynchronous low earth orbit (LEO), about 300 miles up, to orbit faster than the earth and serve as cell towers in space, facilitating communications for whatever area of the earth they are passing over.

Although this allows a corporate monopoly on such a transmission network, and removes the latency encountered with satellites in geostationary orbit, it requires a HUGE number of satellites. Sixty of them have been launched so far under the Starlink plan, with 1,600 more planned as a first phase. The full Space-X build out is for 12,000 satellites, with 30,000 more approved after that. This is just one corporation’s effort, with others ready to go.

Although the small size of these 500 lb. satellites allows multiples to be launched at a time, this requires far more rocket launches, interferes with observations of deep space due to the large number of reflective objects transiting the night sky, and due to the far shorter lifetimes of LEO sats, this results in a near constant “rain” of space debris back into our atmosphere.

I personally hope we can find an alternative to these mega-fleets of mini-satellites.

Please enjoy these photos! πŸ™‚

Starlink satellites are circled, moving west to east. These were in two groups, about 20 seconds apart.

Living Brahman – Why the Ego Sees Brahman as Death

Golden eagle in the pine tree yesterday evening – July 21, 2020 2027

The ego, our sense of self sees Brahman as death, because it is in a way. A dissolution of the sense of self into Totality. Of course the ego, anybody’s ego, is necessary as a manager to prioritize what to do next, informed by our state of consciousness.

However, guided in time by spiritual evolution, the ego is asked to step aside and take on a new perspective, a quantum perspective, that of existing only when attention is placed on it. A mature level of functioning is being requested of ourselves, in which we recognize our sense of self or Self as useful, yet not primary.

This is living Brahman, to adapt to any aspect of Totality so that the goal of Brahman is always carried out. By reason alone, it is obvious that this sense of self, this ego cannot always be in charge. Even with the very best intentions, living mature Unity Consciousness, the sense of self, even in the universal guise of the Self, must take its rightful place as an object of attention if Brahman is lived. Just as we are raised by our parents and then develop our own identity in life, so must this sense of self be made secondary in order to progress, to live Brahman, Totality.

Nothing goes away, just the perspective changes, from being primarily self-centric to a more normal reality where we are simply an object of our own attention, no more and no less. We don’t go away, but we equalize with our environment while maintaining the fulfillment of our global desires.

Life moves from us absolutely being the center of our world, to this Totality where we only occur when necessary. All objects are seen in terms of themselves. There is no longer a need to see everything in terms of ourselves. Although this is an exalted goal on the path to, and upon the achievement of Unity, a more subtle reality beckons.

If we dedicate ourselves to the ultimate transcendence, that of going beyond our core identity, and have it assume a relative vs. absolute reality in our lives, we can live Brahman. On the other hand, if we cannot make that leap to ultimate liberation, we remain in Unity, lost in the universality of the Self.

What is the difference in everyday experience? UC remains by virtue of fear, an excellent consciousness for earthly life, promoting peace, acceptance, and love for all, yet refusing to make the leap into the arms of the Divine for itself. This is both the blessing and tragedy of Unity Consciousness, the exaltation and maturity of the Self.

So UC is not enough, and Brahman always waits on the doorstep. In order to unlock the power and capability of Brahman, we must willingly surrender to Totality. If we are on the right track, this will feel like a relief, far greater than our initial awakening to Self, far greater than our first feeling and glimpse of the Divine, far greater than anything we can realize by ourselves. Only by gaining the ultimate objectivity of Brahman, seeming ego-death, can we unlock the secrets to everything. No more veils, no more lack of perception – we live in this world, yet with the knowledge and coordination of Cosmic life.

This is a level of synchrony and integration unobtainable if the ego is structured as it is in Unity Consciousness. UC we get a full one hundred percent, live the full journey of atman to ParamAtman, yet the atman remains the center of the universe. This is not Totality.

Faith, strength, knowledge, memory, dedication, and surrender above all, are necessary to shift the ego’s place of apparent functioning – from primary, to a necessary cog in the machinery, activated innocently by attention, and otherwise remaining completely unobtrusive. This is Totality. The quieter and more appropriate we are, the more knowledge we gain, the greater the experiences we have access to.

It is the difference between always placing oneself as the center of attention vs. remaining unseen, while seeing and appreciating all the Cosmos has to endlessly offer us. Totality and Brahman bring complete success for our global desires, and that is the goal of everyone.

Paradoxically by attempting even the subtlest control simply through perspective, Brahman remains hidden, and Totality fractures. To correct our view, the ego sees itself as dying, forever losing its sense of self or Self, even its sense of Self before God.

But this is an illusion, a test set up by the definition of Totality, Brahman, so that having such a seeming great obstacle to surmount, the sense of Self, will drive a dedication to either more ego, remaining in UC, or a surrender for the “Big Prize”, all the marbles, the whole enchilada, Grand Jackpot, Totality found and lived everywhere.

Totality exists only in terms of Itself, and Brahman lives Totality.

This is Brahman enjoyed innocently in fullness, ever driving towards our goal, our responsibility, our uncompromising mission, that of establishing Cosmic life on Earth by example. Everything is verified, tested, and confirmed in the laboratory of life.

This is identifying and strengthening Cosmic law, not by imposition, control or manipulation, only by surrender, getting out of our own way, and bringing Heaven on Earth as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi referred to it. An easy choice. πŸ™‚

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Living Brahman; Coming Full Circle

Three views of Saturn on July 17th, 2020 [Nikon P900]

A long time after we begin to grow curious about ourselves, we are sub-atomic particles, perhaps electrons, maturing to then inhabit an entire atom, further on, to a molecule of… water, a warm excitation rising to form with unimaginable numbers, a great cloud above the earth, and then we fall, for thousands of feet as rain down upon a seed in the dirt, sprout, live and die, next to become an egg-formed animal, then onto four legs, a live birth, growth of fur, bone, and warm blood.

Up we then spring into the bodies of a human being, and continue our revolution through time, lifetime after lifetime and the steady, painful and critical accumulation of human knowledge, experience, and eventual wisdom.

As we gradually refine ourselves through trial and error, we gain spiritual Self knowledge and the growing certainty that all we have experienced, we have been before – all the depth, all the breadth, all the light, all the memory – of the hollow of a tree stump, charcoal black from fire, to the same vastness of the stars and galaxies burning in every direction of the night sky. All of it becomes us, and we joyfully unite with all of life, past and present, timelessly, endlessly.

Now, circling back for another look, we glimpse our origins, what we were, what we have become – perhaps taking notice of molecular motion as it builds and sustains manifestation in space-time, or dwelling in primordial Samadhi for a bit, our solid and ineffable foundation, forged into success in whatever earthly endeavors we undertake next. The spiritual journey completes us, even as it beckons us ever further into its charms, puzzles, and mysteries.

Where is this leading? Who has set in motion this upward spiral of knowledge and experience, of expansion and responsibility, of success and growing Bliss? Growing from the nascent awareness of an electrical charge, to Brahman, what happened?

If there were a scale large enough, we could place all of our past, lifetimes and lifetimes of all kinds, on one side, mountains of experience, and oceans of change, and on the other side, we stand by ourselves, solitary, and embracing Cosmic life. A perfect balance.

We complete our journey living true freedom, liberation, invincibility, and immortality, for we now begin anew as the willing and worthy servants of Mother Divine. We immerse ourselves in endless gratitude.

We now consciously live all of what She has given us, endlessly through our many lives, clothing us in form and senses, always feeding and sheltering us, allowing our continued journey across eons, in every manifestation yet deeply intimate, our essence built with one meta-thought in every mind we have ever been, to serve our Mother, in whatever capacity we can. To be good to all we have been, and fully thrive in everything we are.

We have come full circle to live Brahman, live the Reality of Cosmic Life. We now simply surrender, surrender, surrender, to Mother Divine, as She continues to care for and nurture us, as She always has, and always will. πŸ™‚

Living Brahman – Defeating Ignorance, and Cherishing Our Cosmic Potential

Comet NEOWISE on July 18, 2020 – 22:42

To defeat ignorance we just see right through it.

By definition, ignorance hides in darkness, the somethings we do not yet know about ourselves – we are not yet a complete Reality. So we watch our consciousness move and notice what has changed, in service to know more about ourselves, how to better serve our transcendental nature, our Mother’s silent wish.

If anything appears to be in the way, the pathway to God wins out. To defeat ignorance we move right through it – we see it as unsubstantial, a distortion, a calcification, a dogma or collective lie, a density gradually and surely dispelled by living Cosmic life.

However, we must be honest about our own ignorance when it appears, confront it, grow angry against it, pitting one ignorance against another, and have neither prevail. Though once is enough. πŸ™‚ Won, and done.

The sooner the lesson is learned, the better to move on – why go through another pyrrhic victory for the upstart ego, only to certainly transcend it in humility later? This then clears the way for wisdom to lead, to take point, painstakingly setting the stones in place for our pathway along the Infinite, no worries. In this way, the momentum towards Cosmic life builds.

What do we face along this Royal road, first of expansion, then unending surrender? We don’t know.

Aside from the surety that all of life will be faced, heart and head-on, we revel in the unknown, the mystery of Cosmic life that awaits us in every moment, the unending creative opportunities to bring transformation and completion to all our undertakings, satisfying our heart, our mind and our Grace.

Facing our limitless Cosmic potential is not the same as confronting ignorance. Rather than being a chaos in search of distraction, it is an Infinite banquet attended by our refined senses, allowing us any taste, any sample of delicacies from the Divine. Deliciously unknown, yet eagerly anticipated with every sunrise, and sated at each sunset.

Living Brahman, life becomes Cosmic life, a daily menu of our potential, of our satisfaction, and our compassion for all. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Living Brahman – Surrender and Expansion Changing Places

The Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn during the early morning of July 17, 2020

Living Brahman, living Cosmic life, is beyond the progression of ‘higher’ states of consciousness. Totality is lived beyond the expansion of spiritual, universal light glimpsed first within, beyond the infusion of light into vigorous activity, including the ultimate refinement of the senses, and the awakening of the deepest values of the heart.

Expansion marks the growth from one state of spiritual consciousness to the next, from that first glimpse of light within, to its establishment, including the refinement of the senses and the careful building of what Sri Brahmananda Saraswati calls Divine sight.

If this refinement, this “perception of the finest relative”, as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi refers to God Consciousness or GC, has not completed, then Unity Consciousness or UC, is imperfect and cannot progress to Brahman. It is impossible, not ready for Cosmic life – like proclaiming that one owns the entire house, by occupying just one large room.

This mistaken tendency to skip this critical step of first gaining Divine sight, direct perception of Cosmic life, then causes confusion. I have heard of a prefix of “para” being affixed to Brahman to account for this complete and practical living of Totality, once perception is fully refined. This is meant to illustrate a similar process of the transcendence of the atman or individuated soul into Paramatman, the undifferentiated Reality of God.

But “para” Brahman is not real. There is no place for Totality to develop further than what it is. This apparent ‘stage’ is borne of the confusion brought by additional refinement of the senses and the heart, during the time when the mind is able to comprehend [partial] Unity. Unlike the gradual subjective growth of spiritual light ascribed to higher states of consciousness, Brahman is birthed whole; a complete and dynamic expression of Totality. In Reality, there is no further stage of human expression, either in this world or the next.

Brahman is Totality, incorporating full knowledge of the three worlds [Heaven, Earth, and Hell], and living Cosmic life, including a seamless and critical relationship with Divinity. Brahman is always lived in fullness, the pinnacle of human spiritual development.

Declaring Brahman as completion is not a result of ego or complacency. We continue to grow and evolve just as we always have, though we recognize that the context and perspective of Brahman, that of transcending the fullest expression of the Self, aka Unity, does not change – there are simply no more stages in human life once Cosmic life is lived. What a relief! Life at last is lived in silent dignity. No more hopping around. πŸ˜‰

Brahman and Totality continue to grow and learn by virtue of complete surrender. The body machinery is refined and clean enough to operate always in terms of Cosmic life, with all perception, capabilities, and responsibilities enjoyed therein. Although expansion continues, the awareness and perspective of Totality or Brahman remains full and undisturbed, ever lost in surrender to Mother Divine.

Brahman lives on the event horizon of Totality.

Two Photos of Saturn and a Later Rising of Jupiter

I was pleased to be able to take the Saturn photographs, 830 million miles away, as it is tricky to get the right light and focus, even with a tripod (Nikon P900 – ISO 400, 1/60 s., F 6.3, manual focus). My Jupiter and four moons rising video is 2:26 tonight, as I caught Jupiter further from the horizon. Please enjoy!

Living Brahman – Mastering Time and Space

pink crepe myrtle at dawn today
and fuchsia

Unlike the depictions in comic books and movies, mastery of time and space doesn’t require a cape, or even a dhoti. πŸ™‚ Even as we transcend our individual universal natures, our Selves, Totality remains itself and Brahman or full enlightenment, lives on the event horizon of Totality.

Once we identify with Totality, Cosmic life, and live it, any awareness, any manifestation, any Cosmic law, becomes familiar, understandable, coherent, and useful. Relative life in the context of our personality, our soul journey continues though. Just like any living thing, there is no need to constantly exhibit or investigate our fully developed senses. A hawk doesn’t idly look with laser focus at the ground unless it wants to eat, for example. Natural life.

However a certain minimum is required should we be at ease with Totality, the three worlds, and the Divine Venn diagram of the Earth in the center of it all. Simply the ability to make it useful in practical life is Totality’s only requirement. To no longer treat the accompanying worlds of Heaven and Hell as blurry images glimpsed at arm’s length, through a small keyhole, into a dimly-lit room.

This takes some dedication, some purification, an investment in ourselves, to transcend into a larger, more fulfilling Reality, where life retains its familiarity and yet contains so much more. So just as we do when learning in school, we trade time, focus and space to learn who we are, and are not.

One counter-intuitive aspect to mastery of time and space is that success rests on surrender. Any aspect of bloated ego, narcissism, will bring everything crashing down. To paraphrase, a fool and his enlightenment are soon parted. Any gift used for self-aggrandizement does exactly as intended, and no more. We become locked in place.

So the trade-off is a simple one that takes some time – Give up everything, and regain Cosmic life. Live Brahman, full enlightenment. Once Brahman is lived, desires continue, and as life becomes Cosmic, our desires become Cosmic.

Rather than leave us in this endless state of suffering, Mother Divine through the agency of the Saints finds a way to bring us to Cosmic fulfillment, especially our global desires for all.

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Peace of the Rising Moon

The sky has been so clear lately as the Summer season quickly dries out the land, creating fewer clouds. Even a half-moon casts so much light. The last photo is a video still of Jupiter and four of its moons from early this morning. Enjoy!

Jupiter, with moons Europa and Io to the left, and Ganymede and Callisto on the right

Living Brahman; Balancing Totality

lizard resting on one of three rock towers I put up

Brahman sustains balance automatically, by bringing the elements of Grace, focus, compassion, flexibility, strength, patience, wisdom, humility, and stamina to every thought and action.

However, living Brahman we don’t become automatons, and are ever works in progress. Through every thought and action we take, our awareness and capability of Totality grows ever larger and deeper, and must dynamically find its balance within us, within Cosmic life, that we can continue to express ourselves, and live according to what we know.

Taking action, whether by thought alone or including visible interaction, immediately disrupts our equilibrium, causes an expansion of awareness, an opening, a unique point in time and space. Living Brahman, Totality, the goal is always to further Cosmic life, and to manifest such light into every sphere of human activity.

Sometimes, it gets messy. πŸ™‚ Given all the variables of the householder’s [non-recluse; out of the cave] life, we find ourselves ever suspended in countless webs of relationships, all dynamically driving towards balance and completion.

From the mundane, like trying to figure out a drone component with no documentation, to the practical – during this disruption/revolution of social norms, when will I next see my daughter? to exquisite puzzles of Cosmic integration, the lively challenges of the Saints: Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Mata Amritanandamayi, Anandamayi Ma, and Ramana Maharshi.

Always so much to do, tirelessly hiking in the mountain ranges of the unknown and the hidden, facing the complete mystery of the next moment, and yet inevitably moving from perfect balance, to perfect balance. Totality continues to find itself through expansion and acceptance, and the inexorable progress of Cosmic life, regardless of what is found.

Brahman brings completion, Cosmic life to everything, or dissolves it in the process, allowing for Cosmic creativity to fill the gap; God looks in. In this way, our human life is not only subject to our Cosmic context, but also takes a direct and dynamic role in bringing balance to our global family.

Thank you, All πŸ™‚

~ All Glory to Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Mata Amritanandamayi, Anandamayi Ma, and Ramana Maharshi ~

Living Brahman – Fighting for Our Lives

Sunset on July 7th, 2020 over the Tuscan Ridge [Mavic mini drone video still (1080p, 48fps) from about 60 feet up from take off]

I learned two days ago that a dear close friend passed away of a broken heart. During the day, I heard about two others who had gone earlier in the year, same cause.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, and anemia were the medical reasons, though knowing them each so well and their circumstances, each would have benefited greatly from a balanced life, inner and outer. I express this out of compassion and sadness, not judgment.

I too know the truth about our temporary stay here and that we continue on, gaining ever more useful vehicles and environments. Nonetheless I cannot help but grieve for those three who left. I miss them all terribly, even while fully aware of the ever radiant Grace of Mother Divine.

Perhaps it is a blessed state to feel we can never do enough for those we love – not in a co-dependent way, but that our heart bursts open again and again, trying to embrace all.

All of humankind is now beginning to recognize its deepest desires, the current dissatisfaction with inequality in all its guises, and the relentless drive for balance, for dynamic equilibrium, for unconditional love, and to recognize and uphold the dignity of each of us, no matter our superficial differences.

Brahman, Totality always wields both the weapons and wisdom of Cosmic life, so the effortless path is to fight for our Cosmic lives, always. Synced up. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi expressed the goal in its simplicity:

Live the highest, first.

The highest in this case, living Brahman, living Totality is the full enlightenment for all, globally. If we are not yet living Brahman, it is still a good thing to keep in mind, ever aware of our brethren in every country.

Each precious human life is Divinity, manifest. Because of this we work tirelessly, effortlessly, and peacefully to bring Cosmic values and Cosmic balance to all, whether here, or someplace else – all of life.

Living Brahman is also seen as waging battle, because Reality, Totality has no compromise. Nothing is half-real, it doesn’t exist. Simply living such recognitions and acting on them, is enough – the strong clear sunlight of truth easily defeats the virus of ignorance. πŸ™‚

Thank you to all of you.

~ All Glory to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Sri Brahmananda Saraswati ~

Living Brahman, Always Bringing Completion

Jupiter and its four Galilean moons (Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Calisto), 380 million miles away – July 5, 2020 (Nikon p900 on full zoom)

There are many elements that distinguish Brahman, Full Enlightenment, in life. For example living the abiding paradoxes is one; enabling and containing the immensity of Cosmic life, all time and all space. Transcending the Self, the atman, is also a critical watermark of such a life.

The practical benefit of this awareness and ability of Brahman, Totality, is to bring completion to all aspects of Cosmic life here on earth.

We begin at home with ourselves, endlessly purifying and integrating until the world is seen purely in terms of itself, no interference, judgment or context. Each object of the senses is seen in its entirety, standing in the dignity of its own awareness. This applies to any and all manifestations of the Cosmos.

Innocently having this vision and ever moving towards completion, Brahman first completes itself in Totality, then moves on to every configuration of social intercourse, enlightening the partner, family, community, town, city, state, country, and world.

Although we act mostly locally, the imperative of Cosmic completion is unerring and unstoppable. Non-local actions are undertaken too, made possible by our seamless relationship with Divinity, and the leverage of the angels, Saints, Gods and Goddesses to joyfully carry out our desires.

We are fulfilled within ourselves, and action is no longer driven selfishly. We continue to act with precision to support all good actions and acknowledge and bring any ignorance or willful evil under the nourishing light of God, the pure expression of Mother Divine, Cosmic life for all.

This is how Brahman brings even our largest global problems, our seemingly insurmountable tasks to fruition – To illumination, transformation, and completion. This is the nature of Brahman, inimitable and resolute. πŸ™‚

Independence Day – Drone Flights

I have recently taken an interest in drone photography and video. These are stills from a flight this evening out to Butte Canyon, and over Nance Pond in back. The equipment is a DJI Mavic Mini, flying close to 400 feet max altitude from a take-off point 1,300 feet above sea level. Speed is about 18 mph in this flight configuration. It can handle wind of 20 mph and remain stationary. I have had a lot of experience with toy drones, so piloting this one is similar.

I did lose contact with the drone at the edge of the canyon, about half a mile away, getting a little cavalier about the line of sight requirement, but the unit just hovered until I adjusted my antenna and instituted the ‘Return To Home’ command. It uses both GPS and wireless for positioning and control.

At one point earlier during the heat of the day, the iPad overheated and I was flying blind, but the controller still functioned, so once I saw the drone I could guide it in for a landing.

Another drone, the Mavic Pro, with a better camera and higher resolution will arrive soon too – Stay tuned! Enjoy πŸ™‚

It looks like a bear’s face in the pond from this height
Note the four ducks in the clear area
Skyway near Butte Canyon
My closest approach to Butte Canyon

Brahman and Interdependence

I walked down to the pond yesterday to complete a task I started a few days earlier, picking up bits of broken glass from a bottle broken on the rocks at least several years ago. The glass is quite thick, so not recent. While doing so, I found another broken bottle a few yards away and cleared those shards too. The animals don’t have the capacity to deal with broken glass and if injured by it, would suffer. The female duck, her ducklings and the frogs all seemed to warm to my presence, allowing me in as a companion vs. a threat.

Living Brahman we live in our world as the animals do, well integrated as children of the Divine Mother, source of the source. However, even with excellent health and any resources available, we still need to depend on others, naturally. For social integration, humility, and efficiency.

Growing up in South East Asia, I did not have regular medical care, just a huge number of vaccines injected before living in various countries (ouch), and first aid as needed. So I didn’t develop the sense that I needed a doctor to remain in excellent health, and only see them on an urgent or emergency basis.

I was picking a few weeds in our garden about a week ago, spontaneously, not wearing gloves, and I must have almost crushed a carpenter bee, as it stung me at least five times on my left hand below my thumb. I had very little swelling at first and did not realize the number of stings. So I toughed it out with antihistamines and aspirin at first. By the next day though my hand had ballooned up and was continuing to swell.

Thankfully we now have a clinic in town again after the fire, and I headed up there. They were very helpful and I received a steroid injection to stop and reverse the swelling. All is well now – my left hand is almost back to normal. I so dearly appreciate the expertise of medical personnel.

The self-sufficiency, the invincibility, the truth of Brahman is there, nonetheless, though these days we no longer live in the cave. πŸ™‚