Nance Pond Wildlife – A Pictorial

I went down to the pond today to swap out the gamecam card, and just as I was off the hill a young buck bolted out of the underbrush to my left. He crossed the path and then stopped. I took his picture and continued on. After I swapped the card out, I noticed aContinue reading “Nance Pond Wildlife – A Pictorial”

Brahman and Wealth – The Twins

A dear friend long ago referred to money as ‘fun tickets’, assisting our way through life’s needs and wants with symbolic paper and plastic. A simple enough economic arrangement – in order to earn and save money, we must provide a service or create a product that others want. The greater the perceived benefit, theContinue reading “Brahman and Wealth – The Twins”

Brahman in Action – Manifesting Cosmic Reality

Once Brahman is lived, once Totality is lived, competition, courage, and completion are the three chief elements needed to manifest cosmic life, to move the immensity of space-time in a desired direction. The aspect of competition seems like an odd choice for such a spiritual task, born of total surrender. Yet there is always theContinue reading “Brahman in Action – Manifesting Cosmic Reality”

Brahman Lives on the Event Horizon of Totality

Brahman lives and manifests completion. Simply by Being, and moving Being through space-time, through cosmic life. The spiritual evolution is complete, incorporating all spiritual tasks and goals, all refinement. The light established within radiates into all corners and vistas of our consciousness, first inside ourselves, every avenue of thought and action, every karma brought toContinue reading “Brahman Lives on the Event Horizon of Totality”

My Letter to a Friend in India

“…Yes, there is such a huge amount of information we gain from cosmic life and a pure heart, yet almost no one to share it with. Even my wife who has been meditating a long time, does not have the same experiences I do. Perhaps I mastered consciousness because of that lack of a resourceContinue reading “My Letter to a Friend in India”

My 45 Years of Transcendental Meditation

I remember the TM Center in Corvallis, Oregon where I learned the Transcendental Meditation technique – a neat two story bungalow set on a quiet suburban street with a well-tended front yard. Set in the Willamette Valley, Corvallis was a pretty town, a river meandering through it, with many streets planted with plum and cherryContinue reading “My 45 Years of Transcendental Meditation”

Winged Victory Global Update for November 18, 2020

Thank you, All, for the continued and growing global interest in Winged Victory, my blog about living full enlightenment, Brahman, Totality, as a householder. It is very much appreciated! All continents (except Antarctica) are now represented, with ten new additions (in italics), bringing the total countries and territories to 48: Africa – Kenya, Mauritius, andContinue reading “Winged Victory Global Update for November 18, 2020”

Making Friends with Divinity

To make friends with anyone is the same process – we find a common interest, invite interaction, and support each other. It is exactly the same process with divinity, all of the divine beings responsible for maintaining our world, the cosmos. Many people pray to God or their own gods or goddesses, and that isContinue reading “Making Friends with Divinity”

Always Tending The Garden

The work I do now reminds me of tending about 14 acres of strawberries near Kansas City, Missouri, when I worked for the organization responsible for teaching Transcendental Meditation (TM) during the early 1980’s. The plants were in the ground and thriving. These were organically grown so no herbicides were used, and that meant goingContinue reading “Always Tending The Garden”

Living Brahman – A United World

When nature operates, it does so in terms of such vast cooperation, with such dynamic management finesse, it is almost beyond our comprehension – An entire galaxy, or even this single planet, all of its systems intertwined to creatively grow and change forever, harmoniously and sustainably. Even our most powerful optical and radio telescopes, orContinue reading “Living Brahman – A United World”

“Take It Easy, Take It As It Comes” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Such deceptively simple words of wisdom from a master of life and living. I recall when I first heard the phrase, “Take it easy, take it as it comes”, I could both immediately recognize the sage advice to move as life moves, neither resisting nor fantasizing, and at the same time my mind would oftenContinue reading ““Take It Easy, Take It As It Comes” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi”

Our Transition Here in the USA

When I visited Lassen Volcanic National Park recently, as we drove through the forests above 5,000 feet, most of the mental and electronic noise of the world vanished and even the pure silence deepened. There is a baseline of such energy, a soup of prevalent emotions, our collective mind, ever present in any country. OursContinue reading “Our Transition Here in the USA”

Living Brahman – Coming Through the Fires; Cosmic Empowerment

A primary characteristic of living Brahman, Totality, is to continuously and progressively transcend. As the cosmos ever expands, so do we, always moving upwards, bringing to completion more and more as we go. Rebuilding ourselves again and again, to integrate the inner and outer boundaries of our more infinite awareness. From that first unmistakable glimpseContinue reading “Living Brahman – Coming Through the Fires; Cosmic Empowerment”

Living Brahman – Living a Safe and Stable Life

Beyond all the celestial glitz of living full enlightenment or Brahman, the same human needs continue to apply. Two that come to mind during these fast moving times are safety and stability. Safety, or the need to feel protected, and stability, the desire to feel grounded and able, regardless of the situation faced. With theContinue reading “Living Brahman – Living a Safe and Stable Life”

Living Brahman – Supporting Nature to Prevent Calamity

This morning I replied to my friend in Norway, regarding changes in the weather here in California. Here is a slightly edited version of my letter: “I hope that you are well! So much has happened since I last wrote. We had reports of a bad windstorm coming, especially for the northern part of theContinue reading “Living Brahman – Supporting Nature to Prevent Calamity”

Living Brahman – Healing the World Body

From a Cosmic perspective, the world body is seen as little different from the human body, in the way it operates, gets unbalanced, and heals. Of course in order to heal, the global body must recognize itself as a coherent entity. This is helped along by living Totality. The very act seeds global awareness withContinue reading “Living Brahman – Healing the World Body”

Living Brahman – Manifesting Perfect Health

It is a gradual realization and experience that after transcending for many years, the physical body becomes quite flexible, recognizing its cosmic substance. Over the years I have had confirmations of this, and recently two striking examples: First, I have been affected with tinnitus (ringing in the ears) for awhile – It began in 1996Continue reading “Living Brahman – Manifesting Perfect Health”

Upper Nance Canyon – A Pictorial

The smoke has died away and we have clean healthy air, though we remain in a severe fire warning condition. The nearby fire is 95 percent contained, however if the wind comes up there is still plenty of fuel left to burn inside the perimeter. The wind has been lighter than forecast, but a proactiveContinue reading “Upper Nance Canyon – A Pictorial”

Living Brahman – Dwelling in Akasha

Akasha means space – transcendental space. The first and finest element, the pregnant emptiness of consciousness; pure knowledge of itself. The cooperative Cosmic glue which holds us all together, each single form, and all harmoniously; the carrier wave of creation. This akasha is mirrored by physical representation, as in ‘outer space’, though it permeates everything.Continue reading “Living Brahman – Dwelling in Akasha”

Accomplishing Anything – A Seamless Relationship With Divinity

Think for a moment about all of the ways humanity honors and worships God, the compassionate source, the fullness of Cosmic life. We see prayers mouthed in earnest silence, ceremonies performed, temples built, scriptures read and written, festivals enjoyed, holidays sitting in transcendence, religious devotion, living surrender, and service done graciously. All of these waysContinue reading “Accomplishing Anything – A Seamless Relationship With Divinity”

Living Brahman – Controlling the Mind

I was frankly astonished when I first began to read about controlling one’s mind as a means to more finely focus on any element of Totality, to live a more practical life. I would read it in the writings of Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, Guru Dev, and I couldn’t relate to it at all. After all,Continue reading “Living Brahman – Controlling the Mind”

Near Sunset in Paradise – October 8th, 2020

All of our evacuation orders and warnings have been lifted in Butte County, and the nearby North Complex West Zone fire is about 90 percent contained (not out, though no longer growing). The skies are much clearer and we have even had the windows open all day – haven’t been able to do that sinceContinue reading “Near Sunset in Paradise – October 8th, 2020”

Living Brahman – Perfecting Self Regulation

Going for my appointment at the dentist this morning at 9 o’clock, I confirmed an effect of living Totality, and decades of meditation. But before I get to that, allow me to first share a definition: Torpor (n) – A state of decreased physiological activity in an animal, usually by a reduced body temperature andContinue reading “Living Brahman – Perfecting Self Regulation”

“All Is Well, and Wisely Set” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

If the world appears in chaos, does that mean that we too must be in chaos? Our choice is not between acceptance of all that appears wrong, or its denial. Acceptance, or distraction? Instead we can simply see our world for what it is, in terms of Brahman, Totality, our Cosmic stature. This is notContinue reading ““All Is Well, and Wisely Set” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi”

Nance Pond in Early October – A Pictorial

Yesterday, I walked down the hill to swap out my game-cam chip at the pond, and look for visitors’ pictures later on the retrieved one. A lot of wildlife is stopping by, including a bobcat hunting at one in the morning (though I must adjust my night/infrared settings to post pictures of the cat…) TheContinue reading “Nance Pond in Early October – A Pictorial”

Living Brahman – Transcending and Speeding Things Up

Please imagine, if you will that we have all been living in slow motion – until now. In concert with the increasingly swift, clear, and deep reflection of ourselves and our world, provided by social media and pervasive news, the growth of sattva, or purity in the global consciousness, now allows the sustainable return ofContinue reading “Living Brahman – Transcending and Speeding Things Up”

Living Brahman – Living Wealth and Abundance – A Teaching from Sri Brahmananda Saraswati

I have long been in awe of this principle, expressed in such detail here by Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, the Guru of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. That by simply following God, prosperity and wealth accrue on their own. Of course we must look after our livelihood and live our dharma, though again and again wealth,Continue reading “Living Brahman – Living Wealth and Abundance – A Teaching from Sri Brahmananda Saraswati”

Living Brahman – In the Thick of It – The 2020 Fire Season Continues

Another busy few days – We heard about the approaching ‘wind event’ and safety power shut-off a few days ago. The good news is the North Complex West Zone as our big local fire is known, was at 75 to 80 percent containment before the wind began. I changed the oil and filters on theContinue reading “Living Brahman – In the Thick of It – The 2020 Fire Season Continues”

Living Brahman – Managing Ourselves, Managing the World

The simple experience of consciously seeing our morning mug of chai or coffee, or glass of juice, reaching for it, bringing it to our lips and drinking it, shows us that the entire operation occurs within, defined by our desire and our perceptions. Another experience, one of seeing a politician on the TV, and weContinue reading “Living Brahman – Managing Ourselves, Managing the World”

Flying Butte Creek Canyon – A 7.5 Mile/12 Kilometer Flight

Here is a video flying my UAV (DJI Mavic Pro 2) in Butte Creek Canyon, from the overlook on Skyway. I began the flight at a ground altitude of 1,100 ft/335 m, and backed into the center of the canyon, then turned the craft WSW and headed nearly a mile down the canyon towards Chico,Continue reading “Flying Butte Creek Canyon – A 7.5 Mile/12 Kilometer Flight”

Approaching the Equinox in Northern California – A Pictorial for 2020

Images accumulate over time in my Nikon as the year advances. Here are a favorite eight showing us moving into Fall, as the weather cools and the current crop of fires wane slightly. Enjoy! 🙂

Living Brahman – A Spectrum of Miracles

When we think of miracles, we are drawn to the flashy examples, perhaps of flying through the air or manifesting jewels from the akasha. Even the spiritual redemption of the earth is often described in terms of sudden spectacular events, the descent of an Avatar for example, purging the world of darkness instantly, in aContinue reading “Living Brahman – A Spectrum of Miracles”

Living Brahman – Life Goes On

I spent yesterday cleaning inside, and pulling weeds outside. I have noticed many times working outdoors the sun will come out and get brighter as I am working, or cool off behind a cloud instead if that is what is needed. Anyway it felt exquisite to be outside working among the dirt and plants. TheContinue reading “Living Brahman – Life Goes On”

“Once In A Lifetime” (1980) by The Talking Heads – from their album ‘Remain In Light’

Songwriters: Brian Eno / Christopher Frantz / David Byrne / Jerry Harrison / Tina Weymouth. Once In A Lifetime lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group Ahead of its time forty years ago, and still current today. The name of the album says it all. Lyrics are posted below the link. Enjoy!Continue reading ““Once In A Lifetime” (1980) by The Talking Heads – from their album ‘Remain In Light’”

Fire Season 2020 – ‘Living Underwater’ – Remaining Within

Now that the fire has stabilized a bit, and the wind has moved off some of our smoke, we are settling in for smoky air for awhile longer. The North Complex West Zone, as the fire is now called, is estimated to be contained in late November – this doesn’t mean the fire will beContinue reading “Fire Season 2020 – ‘Living Underwater’ – Remaining Within”

On Kissing – From a Small Book Given to Me in 1996

The book is called appropriately The Kiss, by Running Press (c) 1992. One of those tiny ones found in the check-out stand at the book or drug store. As we are spending most of our time indoors, I read it this morning. These are my favorite quotes from the book – Enjoy! 🙂 “There isContinue reading “On Kissing – From a Small Book Given to Me in 1996”

Living Brahman – How We Return to Global Dharma

Our global consciousness is acting like someone driving an automobile in an unfamiliar place, and we have missed our turn-off. So before anything else, we must bring the auto to a complete stop, and then reverse the entire vehicle, and then turn towards the correct destination. Although it is just a course correction, the magnitudeContinue reading “Living Brahman – How We Return to Global Dharma”

Fire Season 2020 – Getting to Know Natural Fire

Since this fire tripled in size a month ago after a dry lightning storm, I have spent a lot of time studying it, along with the terrain it inhabits, smoke conditions, and wind speed and direction. We are exposed to the West zone of the fire – 70,000 acres and five percent contained. It isContinue reading “Fire Season 2020 – Getting to Know Natural Fire”

Sometimes It Is the Little Things That Matter Most

The wind is down this morning, and with it the fire danger is much less. However the smoke is still spreading from the nearby large blaze, and our air is cycling between Very Unhealthy and Hazardous levels – our AQI is around 350 now. I had been feeling increasingly anxious the last couple of days,Continue reading “Sometimes It Is the Little Things That Matter Most”

Fire Season 2020 – Living Within the Intelligent Precision of Nature

If I imagine the smoke from the Bear Fire to be fog this morning, it almost looks normal outside. Much brighter than yesterday. This morning’s sun is looking far friendlier too! 🙂 Our Air Quality Index (AQI) is 252 (Very Unhealthy) down from a peak of 397 (Hazardous) at 1 AM. It is fine ifContinue reading “Fire Season 2020 – Living Within the Intelligent Precision of Nature”

Fire Season 2020 – In the Smoke Today

It is 0845 and still dark outside, with a red sky. Ash is blowing in too. Yesterday the SE fire sparked hundreds more, so vast areas are on fire now and we have several plumes on top of us. The wind is slacking slightly. Our closest fire is still 13 miles away. Thankfully the skyContinue reading “Fire Season 2020 – In the Smoke Today”

California Fire Season 2020 – Fire Southeast Today – A Pictorial

After my meditation early this afternoon, I noticed a big plume of clouds to the east-southeast. The entire north state is under a red flag warning due to high winds, low humidity, and dry brush, so I was alert. The devastating Camp Fire in 2018 also came from the east. The wind was relatively strong,Continue reading “California Fire Season 2020 – Fire Southeast Today – A Pictorial”

Living Brahman – Talking with the Gods and Goddesses

“Dear Fire, please do not consume any more. I apologize for the lack of water to nourish the earth, making your appetite nearly insatiable. Yet, if you are content with what you have eaten so far, and continue to eat all that you have touched now, perhaps it is enough. Perhaps it will be enoughContinue reading “Living Brahman – Talking with the Gods and Goddesses”

Living Brahman – Dispelling Global Darkness

We are all experiencing a global pandemic, intense climate strain, along with global culture, trade, and cold wars – sounds about on track. Locally, we haven’t seen a truly smoke-free sky since the dry lightning storm of August 11, sparking thousands of fires. Today the sun is again free of its corona, a red hotContinue reading “Living Brahman – Dispelling Global Darkness”

Living Brahman – Recognizing the Context of Cosmic Life

“The world is as you are, live unbounded awareness” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This well known phrase, and one I have been guided by for many years, is a one sentence formula for living Totality, Brahman. First, we see the world as we are; all of our accomplishments, desires, and challenges. Each of these existContinue reading “Living Brahman – Recognizing the Context of Cosmic Life”

Living Brahman – The Spiraling Expansion of Compassion

It is well known that during His lifetime, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation (TM) and the leader of bringing Heaven on Earth, would ask His students for reports on global events and conditions, those dedicated souls creating the nascent template of a world government, established in pure consciousness, established in Being. However, ifContinue reading “Living Brahman – The Spiraling Expansion of Compassion”

Flying Butte Creek Canyon – A Four Mile Flight (UHD video)

I flew the UAV in Butte Creek Canyon yesterday morning, and was quite pleased to be able to render the video in 4K/50 fps., the same resolution and frame rate as the source video. After painstakingly evaluating several video editing software programs yesterday, Filmora9 by Wondershare is the ONLY one that can edit and exportContinue reading “Flying Butte Creek Canyon – A Four Mile Flight (UHD video)”

My Letter to a Friend This Morning – “The Angels Win This Time!”

“…Such a delight to hear from you, always. Your truth is always so open, like a field of flowers being discovered, each after the last, on and on in wonder and safety, no constricted awareness. And no fear of any challenges. This is what makes the difference, especially with challenges to ourselves, our idea ofContinue reading “My Letter to a Friend This Morning – “The Angels Win This Time!””

Living Brahman – Creating Channels for Divinity

These weeks of local smoky skies are a good metaphor for the fog of apparent obstacles that beset our planet. Yet, even in the midst of the fire and smoke, day and night, the sun always shines. This too is an accurate symbol of living Totality – Divinity is always available, leading life. Clearing ourContinue reading “Living Brahman – Creating Channels for Divinity”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Discusses the Avatars Jesus Christ and Lord Krishna

A dear friend who spent many years with Maharishi sent me Youtube links today, for recently posted videos of Maharishi speaking during the late 1960’s (audio only). Maharishi covered many diverse topics during this time before refining His global message to above all, learn and practice Transcendental Meditation (TM), something He nonetheless touches on hereContinue reading “Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Discusses the Avatars Jesus Christ and Lord Krishna”

Wildlife Near Nance Pond – A Pictorial

Today at noon I flew the UAV over Nance Pond and spotted one of the ducks, a very welcome sight. I haven’t seen all four ducks for awhile, and suspect the coyotes or another predator may have taken at least one. When I last hiked in the canyon, I found two ribs of a deerContinue reading “Wildlife Near Nance Pond – A Pictorial”

Living Brahman – Being the World vs. Thinking About It

Everybody wants their desires to come true, for love, health, friendship, goodwill, safety, wealth, and joy. But in turbulent times it is easy to forget who we are, where our strength and power comes from. So many messages of nonsense, chaos and conflict, creating a non-stop din, a mental and emotional flood nearly drowning outContinue reading “Living Brahman – Being the World vs. Thinking About It”

Flying Nance Canyon Today – A Three Mile Flight

The weather is a little cooler today (94 F/34 C), and a lot less smoke, so I went down the hill into the canyon around noon and found a good take-off point. I flew the UAV (DJI Mavic Pro 2) straight out for about a mile and a half and returned, with a cruising speedContinue reading “Flying Nance Canyon Today – A Three Mile Flight”

Selected Quotes for Today from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The sequence of photos is from this morning. I chose quotations of Maharishi’s that are especially helpful to me during these challenging times. All quotations are from the link below, with minor edits. Thank you! 🙂 Purpose of Life “The whole purpose of life is to gain enlightenment.Nothing else is significant compared to thatContinue reading “Selected Quotes for Today from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi”

Helicopters Headed to the Fire and a Smoky Rising Sun – A Pictorial

Here near Paradise, we are on the flight path for many helicopters headed north and east, especially the fire crews. A flight level of 1,500 feet clears us by less than 200 feet, so they are close. Nance Pond, behind our house, is a listed Calfire water resource though they have only dipped those orangeContinue reading “Helicopters Headed to the Fire and a Smoky Rising Sun – A Pictorial”

Aligning with Nature – A Pictorial

Both our strength and our flexibility come from our Cosmic identity – there are many more resources at one’s disposal, inside and out, once we enliven Grace, our birthright and choice. This resulting inner strength, and outer success, means we tread on the Earth more lightly. More satisfied within, we ask less of our environmentContinue reading “Aligning with Nature – A Pictorial”

The Wildfires, a Global Virus, and the Resolution of Our Collective Consciousness

Here are four pictures from yesterday, August 21, 2020: Another day of smoky air. A little ash in the yard, better visibility than yesterday, possibly a little clearer. Locally, we have 24 clustered fires north and a big one south of us (1,600 plus acres). Each of the closest areas burning is about 15 milesContinue reading “The Wildfires, a Global Virus, and the Resolution of Our Collective Consciousness”

The 2020 Fire Season in California

So very smoky up here today, with a red sun! It has been nearly two years since the Camp Fire overran and destroyed the town of Paradise. Our community abuts the town’s western border. Last year’s fire season wasn’t bad, with a lot of late rain and cooler temperatures. This year we hit a patchContinue reading “The 2020 Fire Season in California”

Living Brahman – Always Persevering

Discussing the positive local, national, and global changes underway with a friend, they replied with this sentence, which perfectly captures the spirit – “It is like having wind in the sails, on a wild sea.” As the world is tossed about through momentous changes daily, we are undiminished. No matter how many doors are slammedContinue reading “Living Brahman – Always Persevering”

A Star Trail Video with Meteors

Here is a star trail video (10 s.) from last night, showing a total of eight meteors (the video title is incorrect). Several are just single points of light, or quite faint, though the most dramatic one, a red streak through the center can’t be missed. I ran the video through an editor and auto-leveledContinue reading “A Star Trail Video with Meteors”

Living Cosmic Life – Observing the Full Cycle of Karmic Completion

We have all long heard about the law of karma: “What goes around, comes around”, or “As you sow, so shall you reap” – By all of us being subject to the same [Cosmic] laws, life remains in balance. This is taught as a tenet of faith in all religions and is also a keyContinue reading “Living Cosmic Life – Observing the Full Cycle of Karmic Completion”

Supporting Cosmic Law – Living the Courage of Our Convictions

I recently revived my relationship with a long-time acquaintance via email, and was surprised by the rudeness of the reply. I had received similar responses at times over the years, and this just baffled me. I responded, and received more of the same. Then I did some digging to past correspondence and found a politicalContinue reading “Supporting Cosmic Law – Living the Courage of Our Convictions”

Winged Victory Global Update for August 9th, 2020

Thank you, All, for the growing and continued global interest in Winged Victory, a blog about living full enlightenment, Brahman, Totality as a householder. It is very much appreciated! All continents (except Antarctica) are now represented, with two new additions (in italics), bringing the total countries and territories to 39: Africa – South Africa AsiaContinue reading “Winged Victory Global Update for August 9th, 2020”

Three Perseid Meteors

The Persied meteor shower is occurring now in the NNE sky until the end of August. This is how I hunt for meteors: At roughly 2300 on a clear night, I set my camera on its tripod at a best guess angle and direction, and initiate the Nikon P900 “Night sky” program. Then I simplyContinue reading “Three Perseid Meteors”

One Layer Down: The Cosmic Law of Non-Attachment

I was looking at this lovely vase of roses before I moved them to the window for a photo, and observed that the red of the rose is not absorbed by the rose petals, and therefore the red is reflected back to me as the color of the petal. We see and identify as ourContinue reading “One Layer Down: The Cosmic Law of Non-Attachment”

Attuning to Brahman: Riding the Cosmic Slingshot

As our mental and physical perception reaches Cosmic proportions, our consequent push and pull through the three worlds, the Cosmos, then brings about the establishment of Totality, living Brahman. This process is what I have come to call riding the Cosmic slingshot. 🙂 The way we attune ourselves to Brahman, Totality is a two stepContinue reading “Attuning to Brahman: Riding the Cosmic Slingshot”

My First UAV Night Flight

Last night the moon was nearly full, and forming a triangle with Saturn on its left, and Jupiter on the right. So I decided to take the Mavic Pro 2 up to 390 feet (just below my maximum ceiling), hover, and take some pictures. Here are three photos, moving from southwest to southeast. The photosContinue reading “My First UAV Night Flight”

Living Brahman – Brahman Leads and Completes All Religions

A good friend invited me to watch the live Amma meeting, which began at 0430 here, Saturday, occurring at 1600 on Sunday in India. Thank you. My first impression was how similar the whole thing was to my attendance at the Episcopalian church of my youth, both in Bethesda, Maryland (a suburb of Washington, DC),Continue reading “Living Brahman – Brahman Leads and Completes All Religions”

Last Pictures of Comet NEOWISE and One Each of Saturn and Jupiter

Here are my four final pictures of the Comet NEOWISE taken July 18th, before it left us for awhile, due back in 6,800 years (all 60s. time exposures using the Panasonic LUMIX). Last night I was also able to take my clearest photo of Saturn yet. I had the Nikon set manually (f/8 and ISOContinue reading “Last Pictures of Comet NEOWISE and One Each of Saturn and Jupiter”

Living Brahman – Global Resolution Beyond Faith

Many of us are pummeled these days by the fear, uncertainty, and doubt of our global mindset. Leadership is absent amid a sea of conflicting voices, and each news story trumpets a further immersion into chaos. From a legitimate Cosmic perspective this seems quite strange. Sure, there is a time now when we are learningContinue reading “Living Brahman – Global Resolution Beyond Faith”

UAV (Drone) Flying Nance Canyon

Here is my first video (3:43) flying in Nance Canyon with the Mavic Pro 2 drone (shown below), with Gail as spotter using binoculars. After about 400 feet out, even against a clear sky, the drone is impossible to see unaided. The video is 4K quality and too big to upload directly, so I haveContinue reading “UAV (Drone) Flying Nance Canyon”

Living Brahman – Walking the Talk

Cosmic life, living Brahman, has two components; full Cosmic perception and ability, and full earthly life and ability. The two are inseparable, and when living Brahman, both are lived to completion. Unlike times past, when spiritual knowledge was the exclusive province of the monks and recluses, hidden to maintain its purity, nowadays spiritual knowledge isContinue reading “Living Brahman – Walking the Talk”

Photos: A Deer Looking in the Window, Coyotes on the Game Cam, and Starlink Satellites Crowding the Sky

Here are six recent photos from Paradise – A buck looking in our window yesterday, coyotes from the game-cam at Nance Pond, and a composite shot from last night showing several Starlink (Space-X) satellites in orbit. It is always magic to see the larger animals around here, and celestial objects. About seventy years ago, theContinue reading “Photos: A Deer Looking in the Window, Coyotes on the Game Cam, and Starlink Satellites Crowding the Sky”

Living Brahman – Why the Ego Sees Brahman as Death

The ego, our sense of self sees Brahman as death, because it is in a way. A dissolution of the sense of self into Totality. Of course the ego, anybody’s ego, is necessary as a manager to prioritize what to do next, informed by our state of consciousness. However, guided in time by spiritual evolution,Continue reading “Living Brahman – Why the Ego Sees Brahman as Death”

Living Brahman; Coming Full Circle

A long time after we begin to grow curious about ourselves, we are sub-atomic particles, perhaps electrons, maturing to then inhabit an entire atom, further on, to a molecule of… water, a warm excitation rising to form with unimaginable numbers, a great cloud above the earth, and then we fall, for thousands of feet asContinue reading “Living Brahman; Coming Full Circle”

Living Brahman – Defeating Ignorance, and Cherishing Our Cosmic Potential

To defeat ignorance we just see right through it. By definition, ignorance hides in darkness, the somethings we do not yet know about ourselves – we are not yet a complete Reality. So we watch our consciousness move and notice what has changed, in service to know more about ourselves, how to better serve ourContinue reading “Living Brahman – Defeating Ignorance, and Cherishing Our Cosmic Potential”

Living Brahman – Surrender and Expansion Changing Places

Living Brahman, living Cosmic life, is beyond the progression of ‘higher’ states of consciousness. Totality is lived beyond the expansion of spiritual, universal light glimpsed first within, beyond the infusion of light into vigorous activity, including the ultimate refinement of the senses, and the awakening of the deepest values of the heart. Expansion marks theContinue reading “Living Brahman – Surrender and Expansion Changing Places”

Two Photos of Saturn and a Later Rising of Jupiter

I was pleased to be able to take the Saturn photographs, 830 million miles away, as it is tricky to get the right light and focus, even with a tripod (Nikon P900 – ISO 400, 1/60 s., F 6.3, manual focus). My Jupiter and four moons rising video is 2:26 tonight, as I caught JupiterContinue reading “Two Photos of Saturn and a Later Rising of Jupiter”

Living Brahman – Mastering Time and Space

Unlike the depictions in comic books and movies, mastery of time and space doesn’t require a cape, or even a dhoti. 🙂 Even as we transcend our individual universal natures, our Selves, Totality remains itself and Brahman or full enlightenment, lives on the event horizon of Totality. Once we identify with Totality, Cosmic life, andContinue reading “Living Brahman – Mastering Time and Space”

Living Brahman; Balancing Totality

Brahman sustains balance automatically, by bringing the elements of Grace, focus, compassion, flexibility, strength, patience, wisdom, humility, and stamina to every thought and action. However, living Brahman we don’t become automatons, and are ever works in progress. Through every thought and action we take, our awareness and capability of Totality grows ever larger and deeper,Continue reading “Living Brahman; Balancing Totality”

Living Brahman – Fighting for Our Lives

I learned two days ago that a dear close friend passed away of a broken heart. During the day, I heard about two others who had gone earlier in the year, same cause. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and anemia were the medical reasons, though knowing them each so well and their circumstances, each would haveContinue reading “Living Brahman – Fighting for Our Lives”

Living Brahman, Always Bringing Completion

There are many elements that distinguish Brahman, Full Enlightenment, in life. For example living the abiding paradoxes is one; enabling and containing the immensity of Cosmic life, all time and all space. Transcending the Self, the atman, is also a critical watermark of such a life. The practical benefit of this awareness and ability ofContinue reading “Living Brahman, Always Bringing Completion”

Independence Day – Drone Flights

I have recently taken an interest in drone photography and video. These are stills from a flight this evening out to Butte Canyon, and over Nance Pond in back. The equipment is a DJI Mavic Mini, flying close to 400 feet max altitude from a take-off point 1,300 feet above sea level. Speed is aboutContinue reading “Independence Day – Drone Flights”

Brahman and Interdependence

I walked down to the pond yesterday to complete a task I started a few days earlier, picking up bits of broken glass from a bottle broken on the rocks at least several years ago. The glass is quite thick, so not recent. While doing so, I found another broken bottle a few yards awayContinue reading “Brahman and Interdependence”

Living Brahman – Facing All Problems With a Tsunami of Light

The process of full integration with ourselves, inside and out, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, occurs quickly and inevitably living Brahman, Wholeness, Completion. Courage, creativity, compassion and knowledge reach their peak when living Brahman, so even the deepest embedded fears and traumas are isolated in the ecosystem of full enlightenment and healed quickly. This increasesContinue reading “Living Brahman – Facing All Problems With a Tsunami of Light”

Living Brahman – Enabling Cosmic Engineering

To state a defining characteristic of Brahman, it is an abiding paradox. This seems obvious, as Brahman is manifest Totality, and as such dynamically converts all duality into completion, apparent conflict into resolution. This is the paradoxical nature of Brahman. In terms of global dynamics, Brahman enjoins all the power of the Divine to accomplishContinue reading “Living Brahman – Enabling Cosmic Engineering”

Living Brahman, Living Unlimited Shakti

Shakti, or life force, is simply the power of the Cosmos, manifesting. The subjective feeling is one of power and Bliss, both sustenance and completion together. Shakti is the force enlivened by sattva, or purity. As our life moves from earthly life to Cosmic life, Shakti becomes stronger, until the vessel is pure and emanatesContinue reading “Living Brahman, Living Unlimited Shakti”

Living Brahman, Stretch Goals and Miracles – My Gratitude to Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma)

Living Brahman we live in the three worlds [Heaven, Earth, and Hell], as a practical matter. As fun and blissful as it is, Totality is available so that we can accomplish our tasks, ever transforming Earth life into Cosmic life for all. Devotion to Brahman is a prerequisite for this work. Otherwise our immaturity willContinue reading “Living Brahman, Stretch Goals and Miracles – My Gratitude to Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma)”

A Heartfelt Thank You to All the Saints Today

Today I want to express my thanks and gratitude for all the Saints, known and unknown. Those whom I have come to know and those yet to meet. Their purity and influence are not to be underestimated, as they safeguard the very soul of our planet. It isn’t an agreement or conspiracy, simply what needsContinue reading “A Heartfelt Thank You to All the Saints Today”

Living Brahman and Removing Obstacles

Removing obstacles to what? The obstacles to Totality, the fullness of life. These become painfully obvious, like a dam on a river during constant rain – the pressure for release from confinement becomes clearly apparent; Totality always gets its way. Just as any living thing grows from its source, outwards, so it is too withContinue reading “Living Brahman and Removing Obstacles”

Our Emotional Climate Change – When Inequality Becomes Unacceptable

A caterpillar emerges from its cocoon, a green walnut ripens to brown and cracks open, ice melts into nourishment, a global Spring emboldened begins to blossom. Life rises and our global family along with it. This transition is nothing unfamiliar, though we are not used to thinking of ourselves in natural terms, in our CosmicContinue reading “Our Emotional Climate Change – When Inequality Becomes Unacceptable”

Living Brahman As a Householder – My Personal View

As I consider the vanquishing of the six internal enemies (the aantarika shhaDarivarga, as defined and outlined by Sri Brahmananda Saraswati) living as a householder in the modern world, I notice that living Totality, any concession to the internal enemies is immediately felt. Cosmic life returns its bounty or punishment quickly and efficiently regarding personalContinue reading “Living Brahman As a Householder – My Personal View”

Living Brahman As a Householder

Even spiritually focused for all of our adult lives, very few of us live completely away from the modern world as recluses, seeking the truth and Reality of life in that way. Blessedly the same gifts, techniques, and knowledge have recently become available to the householders of the world, the same path of discrimination andContinue reading “Living Brahman As a Householder”

Developing the Personality of Brahman

What is it like to live Brahman, Totality? What comes first and foremost is the purification of the vessel, ourselves. This is accomplished through the dynamic and transcendent values of the four elements: Through earth to purify desire, air to resolve all karma, fire to burn the awareness clean, and water to flow with acceptance.Continue reading “Developing the Personality of Brahman”

Living Brahman, Scouting the Spiritual Revolution

Living Brahman is living transcendence, Cosmic Dharma, nothing that can be held back on Earth. Just the contrary, as more of Totality reveals itself to us through our quiet observation, acceptance and humility, we can see a little further up ahead. The inevitable sequences of time, space, and the dynamic and unifying dimension of love,Continue reading “Living Brahman, Scouting the Spiritual Revolution”

Rainer Maria Rilke Quotations

Inside during a brief rain today, I found myself wandering through an extensive list of quotes of Rainer Maria Rilke, a poet who captures so many of our states of consciousness. I selected a page of favorites. Please enjoy: “It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.” “EverythingContinue reading “Rainer Maria Rilke Quotations”

The Three Components of Reality – Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas – and Our Current Global Picture

All of Reality, all of consciousness, is composed of three elements or gunas; sattva or purity, rajas or activity, and tamas or inertia. All three are necessary to construct, observe, and interact with our world; sattva for direction, rajas for action, and tamas for persistence. Each can pair with another, though the combinations of tamas/sattvaContinue reading “The Three Components of Reality – Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas – and Our Current Global Picture”

Dharma – The Constant Companion of Totality, Full Enlightenment, Brahman

There is no participation in conflict living full enlightenment, living Brahman. Everything of life is accepted, because it makes sense. Cosmic life is simple, and not so foreign as we may think, as all of our laws, natural and human, derive from it. Dharma, or balance, then comes into play with every thought, every consideration,Continue reading “Dharma – The Constant Companion of Totality, Full Enlightenment, Brahman”

Living Brahman, Renewing Life on Earth

The purpose of living Brahman is to renew life, all of life, so that it is clean and bright and in perfect working order. Renewing the Cosmic template personally through globally. This renewal occurs regardless of what may be going on here on Earth. Doesn’t really matter, as Brahman, Totality is perfectly adaptable, open, andContinue reading “Living Brahman, Renewing Life on Earth”

Living Brahman – Freedom for All of Creation, and Freedom from All of Creation

‘Freedom from All’, or non-attachment, is a word heard often with regards to spiritual freedom. The unencumbered nature that seeps into our lives as a result of reliably transcending towards our core identity inside and out – Totality, Brahman, allowing our hearts and minds to breathe the world anew. During these times of heightened yetContinue reading “Living Brahman – Freedom for All of Creation, and Freedom from All of Creation”

The Milky Way, Meteors, and Jupiter

Just as here on Earth, the Heavens have been quite lively lately. Here are four photos from last night; a video-still of a meteor streaking in, and three exposures of the Milky Way. Every time I step outside during these clear nights, I see several meteor trails. The video-still image is one exposure of aContinue reading “The Milky Way, Meteors, and Jupiter”

A Trip to the Feather River Canyon

Two days ago I took a road-trip to the nearby Feather River Canyon. I traveled through it as a child by train, from Reno, Nevada, to Sacramento. It is also where the Camp Fire began in late 2018, hence the numerous burned trees in the area. Here are my favorite seven pictures of the recentContinue reading “A Trip to the Feather River Canyon”

Global Enlightenment: Comfortably Bathing in Cosmic Life

One of my favorite experiences is a visit to a mineral hot springs, or barring that a dip in a Jacuzzi tub, jets full on. So relaxing, and always accompanied by some purification – the warm water soothing my skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and internal organs – opening meridians or energy channels in the body,Continue reading “Global Enlightenment: Comfortably Bathing in Cosmic Life”

Stamina and Intention: Creating a Symbiotic Environment for Living Brahman

This one takes some doing. 🙂 Because Brahman, Totality, consists of Totality inside and out, a suitable place for living Brahman is an agreement between us, whatever our personality looks like, and our environment. Living Brahman, the relationship of us to our environment is instantaneously symbiotic, effects are seen much faster than the sluggish speedContinue reading “Stamina and Intention: Creating a Symbiotic Environment for Living Brahman”

A New Resident, the Golden Eagle

After the Camp Fire in November 2018 our landscape changed, with fewer live tall trees and a shift in the bird population, adding several species I hadn’t seen here before. Our most prized new arrival is a golden eagle, seen hunting in the canyon and also perched in the burned pine tree in our lowerContinue reading “A New Resident, the Golden Eagle”

Winged Victory Global Update for May 14th, 2020

Thank you everyone for the growing and continued global interest in Winged Victory, a blog about living full enlightenment, Brahman, Totality. It is very much appreciated! All continents (except Antarctica) are now represented, with four new additions (in italics), bringing the total countries and territories to 37: Africa – South Africa. Asia – China, HongContinue reading “Winged Victory Global Update for May 14th, 2020”

Living Deathlessly, Living Brahman

Even living Cosmic life, the life that sustains and orders the galaxies, the far shorter span of our human life must also be considered. Sort of an understatement really, as this is our current vehicle for evolution, essential for anything we must learn and accomplish. What does it mean to live deathlessly? It means livingContinue reading “Living Deathlessly, Living Brahman”

Free Will and God, the Abiding Paradox of Brahman

Everyone goes through the same process, first learning the difference between life supporting action and it’s opposite. Then, making a choice of which to favor. Life supporting thoughts and action lead steadily to a closer relationship with Divinity, with God. But this is not a matter of blind obedience or heedless faith. Surrendering to MotherContinue reading “Free Will and God, the Abiding Paradox of Brahman”

Who Is the Author of ‘Winged Victory’?

After writing under a pseudonym taken from a defunct forum I started several years ago, I have decided to start using my birth name, James Leland Flanegin, on this blog. I go by Jim. I am named after my great-grandfather, James Jr. (1824-1912), a Civil War soldier, and his son (my grandfather), Leland (1870-1959), anContinue reading “Who Is the Author of ‘Winged Victory’?”

Butte Creek Canyon and the Sutter Buttes Today

I haven’t really been off the property in weeks, so I really wanted to go into the “big city” down the hill (Chico, population 100,000) and get a take-out breakfast. It is a ten mile drive, and along the way is an overlook for Butte Creek Canyon. Not in any hurry today, I stopped andContinue reading “Butte Creek Canyon and the Sutter Buttes Today”

Two Different Perspectives: Divinity and Humanity

Divinity is a place composed of light, where the universal guidance counselors and architects of our world reside. A place of enlightened thought, feeling, and manifestation. A residence of dynamic perfection, ever guided by Cosmic Dharma. These are souls grounded in service to Mother Divine, the source of the source as She is known. AllContinue reading “Two Different Perspectives: Divinity and Humanity”

Karmic Resolution; Fighting a War Without an Enemy

I have always appreciated my Transcendental Meditation* or TM practice, for its suitability for an active life. *not a sales pitch, just my long-term personal preference and experience – Thanks 🙂 Twenty minutes twice a day; something sustainable for a lifetime. Of course any organization offering a product or service wants the consumer to purchaseContinue reading “Karmic Resolution; Fighting a War Without an Enemy”

Serving the Highest First, Living Brahman

Living Brahman the compass always points East towards the rising sun, Surya. Sri Brahmananda Saraswati remains always available, always established in the foundation of primordial cosmic Silence. The Divine Host serves every desire. The heart rests in purity – the tender pink and promising glow of the coming dawn, and the crown ever shines cleanContinue reading “Serving the Highest First, Living Brahman”

Living the Future, Living Brahman

Living Brahman we are organized to live timelessly, less wear and tear. Healthy mental and physical habits, fewer desires, not out of restraint but from balance, and a harmless karma that even translates to one’s physical possessions, weird as that seems… Life is mostly gentle, even, and long lasting. The most powerful driver for thisContinue reading “Living the Future, Living Brahman”

Manifesting Our Fears – “Invaders From Outer Space”

Fear is our response to an influence or influences in which we have neither trust, control, or confidence. This fear shows up in our collective artistic expression and social entertainment as a series of tests, both for ourselves individually, and for the planet as a whole. So many of our TV shows and movies areContinue reading “Manifesting Our Fears – “Invaders From Outer Space””

Man on the ‘Mune: Earning My Sidhis in Rural Missouri, 1979-80

…I applied for the job and was hired. I was 25 years old. The deal was to work and live on-site for a year, building a facility for in-residence courses, and farming strawberries to bring in additional income. The official name was ‘The Kansas City Capitals Project’, or KCCP. In exchange, after six months ofContinue reading “Man on the ‘Mune: Earning My Sidhis in Rural Missouri, 1979-80”

Business As Usual While Living Brahman

World events, or even local events, do not set the narrative or agenda for our lives while living Brahman. At the same time, choosing engagement in any aspect of life is total and complete, played out according to Cosmic life, Infinite life. There are no aspects of human life which can eclipse Totality or Brahman.Continue reading “Business As Usual While Living Brahman”

Surinamese Memoir: Visiting Kourou, Cayenne, and Devil’s Island

I enjoyed Paramaribo (the capital of Surinam), a very laid-back place, during my visit around the time Richard Nixon resigned his presidency, in August of 1974. I had recently turned 20. Dad was serving there as US Consul-General, prior to, and during the transition of Surinam, a former Dutch colony, to it’s full independence. DadContinue reading “Surinamese Memoir: Visiting Kourou, Cayenne, and Devil’s Island”

Living Brahman Brings Global Balance

The hallmark of Unity Consciousness, the highest attainment and development of the Self, is to perceive the world as one’s Self. Universality, Oneness, Unity. We see the universal nature of ourselves reflected in our Reality. However, much as a planet introduces a gravitational bend into open space, so does a subtle distortion occur in UnityContinue reading “Living Brahman Brings Global Balance”

Brahman and Living in Accord with Cosmic Law

Living in accord with Cosmic Law means always choosing good, the least harmful option in every case. As the Cosmos is vast, this cannot be accomplished intellectually, aside from the simple choices we make to avoid the most egregious criminal activity. Most of us are not making consciously bad choices in life, and still theContinue reading “Brahman and Living in Accord with Cosmic Law”

The Mandala of Brahman; Living Past, Present, and Future Success

Living Brahman can be seen and experienced as an ever expanding mandala of Totality. It can then be viewed in two different ways: Initially, the mandala of Totality viewed head-on represents now, the present, and all the richness available to us, emanating from a single source, Mother Divine. This is the creation of space. Next,Continue reading “The Mandala of Brahman; Living Past, Present, and Future Success”

The Path to Brahman: Internship for Cosmic Life

Brahman is all about action. Action in liberation, innocence, and freedom. Just as doctors must go through a rigorous internship, on-site, with little sleep, working on the front lines of peoples’ lives, so do those who live Brahman also go through an internship. A doctor does this to ingrain their medical skills and knowledge, soContinue reading “The Path to Brahman: Internship for Cosmic Life”

Philippine Memoir: Exploring Luzon

”…The climate in Manila was actually hotter than Indonesia, and quite a bit more humid. Just as the sun cracked the horizon, you could feel the strong heat on your skin. As in Indonesia, there were just two seasons, the (hot) dry season, and the (not quite as hot) rainy season, or monsoon. We wouldContinue reading “Philippine Memoir: Exploring Luzon”

Brahman and Building a Reservoir of Silence Within

The culturing and establishment of cosmic Silence, our universal potential accessible within, is a relatively new idea, particularly in the West. With the individualistic paradigm always underpinning our social context, it can be difficult to simply surrender to the growth of consciousness, awareness within, as has been done for generations in India, for example. ThisContinue reading “Brahman and Building a Reservoir of Silence Within”

Indonesian Memoir: Monkeys, Bali, and the Cold War

“…During that trip to Borobudur, we were driving along a forest road again in central Java, and began seeing monkeys swinging in the trees on both sides of the car. We stopped and put bananas on the roof of the car, and rolled up the windows. Soon the monkeys were swarming the car, eating theContinue reading “Indonesian Memoir: Monkeys, Bali, and the Cold War”

Brahman and Surrender

Brahman is surrender, and Brahman is also abiding paradox. Brahman surrenders Totality and all aspects of Totality. However this is not the simple release of relative life we feel when we wake up to our universal and infinite nature. We retain our responsibility for completion, even as we surrender ourselves in Brahman. Life is oursContinue reading “Brahman and Surrender”

The Cottage Near Bogor, Indonesia

From 1959 to 1964, I lived with my family in Djakarta (Jakarta), Indonesia, in a white house with a red tile roof, and a flame tree in the front yard. I was there from the time I was five, until we were evacuated back to the US during a serious rebellion, at the age ofContinue reading “The Cottage Near Bogor, Indonesia”