Maharishi Describes Proximity to Guru Dev

The pouring rain outside reminds me of the pouring out of grace, love, support, friendship and compassion that comes from Guru Dev, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati. Though any view of Him is possible, these days He appears so brightly, so much light flooding out of Him that His physical form is evident, though mostly clear almostContinue reading “Maharishi Describes Proximity to Guru Dev”

“The Fantasy of the Free World”

Another article from Foreign Affairs magazine, this one confirming the reality that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is not universally condemned by the world’s democracies, most prominently India. Freed from the frozen postures of fear and aggression put in place during the Cold War, the world is remaking itself. An excerpt: “GRAND ILLUSIONS Many countriesContinue reading ““The Fantasy of the Free World””

The Irony of Ukraine – We Have Met the Enemy, and It Is Us

All my adult life I have had an interest in global politics; how countries talk with one another and sort things out for mutual benefit, the objective being to do it as cooperatively and peacefully as possible. Unfortunately, my beloved country, the United States, has had a long list of failures in this regard. HereContinue reading “The Irony of Ukraine – We Have Met the Enemy, and It Is Us”

Welcome to Spring 2022!

Nature powerfully transcends four times a year, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, each changing the earth completely, and adding momentum to our intentions. Spring itself, the entire season, can be harnessed as the expression of Virya, or wholesome momentum, a primary component of Divine life, one of our six Divine gunas. So that every thought,Continue reading “Welcome to Spring 2022!”

Bringing Coherence, Peace, and Orderliness

Coherence, peace, and order are established not by force or control, but rather purification – like dirty water, nothing is accomplished by spraying it violently, or keeping it contained. Only by filtering it does it become pure again, and fully life supporting. This is similar to the way peace is brought about, by the steady,Continue reading “Bringing Coherence, Peace, and Orderliness”