My Letter to a Friend in Iceland

A double-delight rose in Paradise

Note: My letter was written in response to several questions received, the gist of which can be understood by these answers. Please enjoy!

Hi! Such a cornucopia of topics to choose from…

Regarding the integration of BC, I was having almost daily revelations regarding all the aspects of Totality, and logically I thought, “Wow, the TM Movement needs to hear about this – this is completion”, and soon after you contacted me, I began a process of assessment and contact with several Governors, and joined a couple of social media groups, etc.

Now that the dust has settled, I recognized that this knowledge is a bit too much to be shared publicly and am content to simply be with it. Regarding the chasms bridged, it has to do with the settling of this life of supreme brahman and its union with every aspect of relative life. yes, I estimate there are about 100 living BC on the planet, the majority in India.

Yes, it is the twilight of the Age of Enlightenment. And the hologram of enlightenment means that when Totality is lived, everything is seen and lived through a lens of enlightenment, seamless divinity, much as the segment you quoted put it –

“…the state of perfect enlightenment, which requires full one-hundred percent harmony of the Absolute with all fields of relative existence, along with the full knowledge of God, the Lord presiding over both.”

The difference between the two states is the end of Unity brings temporary contentment, whereas the fullness of Brahman brings eternal fulfillment – big diff.

One aspect of Brahman/Totality that I think can be confusing is one doesn’t have to be a scholar of the Veda to live BC – it is true that we understand everything and can see all the dynamic links of manifestation from the Absolute through all relative permutations, and it is all divinity, dharma and perfection. But cognizing the Veda is a minor part for a householder. The one thing that does happen is sanskrit terms will spontaneously come to mind if I am thinking in that direction.

Instead of life constantly reaching decision trees and branches, instead it transcends these and moves in smooth arcs, and radiating completions, like the intersecting shapes and circles formed when raindrops sprinkle the surface of the ocean.

Thank you for passing on the website link to those who are genuinely interested! Much if not all of my public writing on BC is complete, though I need to assemble a second book, the Science of Brahman, from the 60 or so posts I have written on the topic since the first book was done.

Summer is approaching quickly, and I have been working outside a lot – quite a nice time with the birds and other critters – I have noticed that birds own their earth shadows and can have their shadow pass over me with precision, like tapping me on the shoulder from the air, so I notice them. magic.

Please enjoy Iceland! What a wonderland that must be.

All the Best!

Jai Guru Dev

Published by Jim Flanegin

it shows up in the pictures...I am a US citizen (born in California), though spent my childhood through high school living primarily in SE Asia, giving me a deep view of both East and West.

11 thoughts on “My Letter to a Friend in Iceland

  1. . . .”arcs, and radiating completions”. . .

    The bird shadows❤ Noticed this the past few days. Intetesting you should mention.

    Thank you for sharing 🌸🌺💜


  2. Have been sitting under my chockecherry bushes reading Tony’s book the last couple of weeks.  It’s wonderful and has the same aliveness as your book.Early last week I look down at my hand and it’s glowing gold, and then notice it’s all of me.  I look closer and there appears tiny golden threads running through my skin.  A permeating feel to it, like my entire physicality is the same.  Bliss waves included.  Also notice my aura is also this gold. I go back to reading the book and all the type is gold and the pages and the edges are an otherworldly lavender blue.  Now every time I read the book, the same.  Also expanded to other objects.I have remained the gold glow no matter the light or where I am.  Have you heard of this?Seems as though both of you and your texts are transmitters as well.  Shaken up the TM mainstreem as well.Jai Guru Dev❤🙏🌿🌸🙏❤Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device


  3. Sounds beautiful! It is subtle perception of the senses, emphasizing sattva, a reflection of your nervous system externally.

    Yep, there are six divine gunas of the Absolute that become accessible and grow to fullness [living supreme brahman]. One of these is Shakti, which is the radiant part of a nervous system in completion. It is essentially divine healing energy.

    Also as the divine gunas express themselves as a whole, Tejas or divine sovereignty also manifests which is a supreme catalyst for change, in the nicest possible way. 🙂 Jai Guru Dev! Jim

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  4. Yes, beautiful and both soothing like a favorite blanket (enveloped) and dynamic radiance simultaneously. Also very trippy. Thank you so much! Perhaps this is why some ancient wisdom texts were written or decorated in gold, as in illuminated manuscripts.


  5. The halos in the Renaissance paintings, the gold outlines on the Avatar prints and paintings in India and the colorful temples. Holy ______, it’s from direct experience and it’s real. . . Mindblowing!
    Life altering! So infinite! So humbling!
    Jai Guru Dev


  6. Jai Guru Dev
    Yes, all accurate and real. Our scientific instruments are too crude to measure such energy so it is often relegated to myth and imagination. We focus on our surroundings without thinking about it, and the same is true of any level of creation – we just focus there and see it – no difference. 🙂


  7. Dear Jim,

    Very nice. The longing for Iceland is always there, after all my forefather Eirik The Blood Ax, the son of King Hårfagre concoured the the land and made it a part of Norway.

    Maharishi asked some icelander (Sturla) in Seelisberg; who are Iceland most connected to, Norway or Denmark ? And the foolish fellow said Denmark. No wonder 15 years later he was kicked out of Purusha, haha.

    Over here new initiatives are developed that looks promising using video presentation of interiors with music 🙂 And finally more work is coming in. All is good.

    Jai Guru Dev



  8. Dear Morten,

    Thank you – a wonderful update from you! I was vaguely aware that Iceland was once part of Norway, though I have yet to visit. Funny about the Purusha guy – I am sure Maharishi knew his geography!

    I am reminded of the Nordic countries whenever we watch ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ competitions, where these fellows pull buses and do push ups with automobiles. Very inspiring! They are typically from the Baltic countries though also including Iceland and the UK and even the USA.

    Good news on the real estate front for Oslo!

    All the Best!
    Jai Guru Dev


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