What Happens When We Die After Attaining Cosmic Consciousness (CC)?

A red-tailed hawk above Paradise

I was recently contacted by someone wanting clarification around Maharishi’s statements that once Cosmic Consciousness (CC), the fifth state of consciousness, is reached, and we are enjoying the endless diversity of relative life supported by the deep continuous silence of the Absolute, that no more earthly lifetimes would be provided, and even the taking of an individual body would not be possible. Someone else has even asserted that Maharishi meant that all spiritual evolution beyond CC is unnecessary.

Clearly there is some confusion on this topic. Hopefully I can eliminate it:

Regarding CC, I also recall Maharishi saying this, that we lose the body after death.

Though this loss has to do with our identity, not the bodies we inhabit. As we move into CC and beyond, especially towards [Supreme] Brahman, we lose the identification with the gross body and begin to identify with the transcendental one. We also grow to see the cosmos in its entirety as the Self.

This doesn’t mean we lose the ability to have a localized form. If that were so, I would not have been able to have a relationship with Guru Dev, as I wouldn’t have been able to find Him. Also, Supreme Brahman is here for everyone – it isn’t a lottery, depending on the state of consciousness attained before death – Everyone gets to live eternal fulfillment here on Earth. If they don’t now, then on a return trip.

This planet is a powerful place to resolve our karma, the lessons we need to advance through all states of consciousness including the eighth state of Supreme Brahman. God leaves nothing on the table.

Further, the six internal enemies, the ShaaDarivarga, continue to be active until we are established in [Supreme] Brahman. Prior to [Supreme] Brahman we are not living fully the six divine gunas, the birthright of human life, full establishment in the Absolute. We continue to reincarnate until Supreme Brahman, eternal fulfillment, is lived.

The consciousness of Supreme Brahman is also cosmic consciousness, the Totality of cosmic consciousness. At this point, human life is fully integrated with cosmic life, and we are living a seamless relationship with Divinity.

We are all equal in the eyes of God, and there is plenty of room at the table for Everyone! 😊

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

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