The Stillness After the Flood – What Next?

A double-delight rose from the garden

The analogy of a flood describes well my last two and a half years. Just as the biblical flood washed the earth clean, so has the tsunami of knowledge I have been faced with recording over these last thirty months done the same thing with my consciousness, laundering it clean and clear.

During these past 900 or so days, I have written about my experience as Brahman has unfolded before me, both in its innumerable qualities and abilities, the engineering and expression of Totality, and the incomparable beauty of this eighth state of human consciousness, Supreme Brahman, soaring far beyond the seven states of consciousness, into limitless freedom and success, living the Cosmic imprint here on Earth.

When I began writing, all I really knew was that I was living a state that did not conform to the seven states revealed publicly by Maharishi. It couldn’t be constrained into such a model. Although Unity Consciousness, or having a dominant awareness of Oneness, is a precursor to Supreme Brahman, it falls short of the self-sufficiency, ability, and invincibility lived in the 8th state.

This was my clearest indication that things had changed for good. I had a deep and abiding sense that instead of focusing on situations where I could develop my consciousness by participating in group sadhana, like the TM-Siddhis program, I was aligning myself directly with Divinity and using that ability as a force multiplier. I continue to do my TM-Siddhis program privately, as instructed.

Please note as I often do, that working with Divinity is a personal choice from Divinity to us. If the invitation from Divinity has not occurred, keep surrendering and meditating through group programs. To do otherwise, Maharishi has warned that living the dharma of another brings great danger. It also results in mood making, magical thinking, and wasted time. There is a world of difference between having a seamless and robust relationship with Divinity, and pretending to do so.

Every day or two, a new facet of Supreme Brahman would stand solitary and complete in my awareness, just waiting for me to write it down. It wasn’t anything like automatic writing or channeling – more like carefully examining an object of incomparable beauty, vastness, and power; Totality within my awareness, and attempting to describe it fully and accurately.  

Just as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Sri Brahmananda Saraswati always emphasized the practical value of spiritual evolution, I have tried my best to do the same thing. Rather than build fragile edifices of imagining and flowery phrases, I have remained grounded in my assessment of this Supreme Brahman.

After sharing about 125,000 words on the subject, here on the Winged Victory blog, I have reached fruition. I hope to put my last 35,000 words posted into book form at some point, as they cover the complete structure of Brahman, and the mapping of human consciousness. (Many of those posts are still available here on the blog.)

Thank you to all of my friends for comments and suggestions that quickly and easily helped this exposition along towards fullness! Oftentimes it was just a phrase, privately or publicly, and off I would go, spawning another post. If the global interest wasn’t there towards living this 8th state of human consciousness, Supreme Brahman, the description would not have reached fulfillment.

Each of the three phases or flavors of Brahman, Perishable, Imperishable, and Supreme, is its own world, with its own time, space, and dharma. At this point I am in the stillness after the flood, greatly appreciating and enjoying it – What next? 😊

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Published by Jim Flanegin

it shows up in the pictures...I am a US citizen (born in California), though spent my childhood through high school living primarily in SE Asia, giving me a deep view of both East and West.

4 thoughts on “The Stillness After the Flood – What Next?

  1. Hi Jim.
    Maybe next step is a full descent of omniscience and omnipotence down to the physical body😀!


  2. Hi Bojan, Thank you. Actually, it is not possible to describe Supreme Brahman with such accuracy and detail if not living it already. Since all of the knowledge revealed is Self referential, there is no way to write about it without actively living Totality. Writing it down isn’t the first step – it is the last one, once it is already lived. 🙂


  3. Thank you Jim for sharing your thoughts with us. It’s very inspiring to have someone living Totality and be willing to describe, (as much as such descriptions pale against reality), our true nature and where we are headed on our (imagined) journey.
    At MIU, we didn’t hear Maharishi speak much about evolution beyond Unity consciousness. Sure, the word Brahman popped up from time to time but always, to me at least, in very abstract terms. I suppose that make sense because 40-50 years ago, few people could have related to the things you are saying today about that reality.
    Anyway, I would like to express my gratitude to you and others who have renewed my dedication to this path introduced to me through Maharishi and Guru Dev.


  4. Thank you so much Bob! oddly you have come to mind the last couple of days, so your message does not entirely surprise me. Yes you hit the nail on the head regarding this knowledge being withheld by Maharishi, until it could be appreciated.

    We come full circle living Supreme Brahman, attuned naturally to truth, morality, justice, compassion and all the values derived from the six Divine gunas. If this cosmic code is attempted even in part without the accompanying consciousness, we end up with religion instead – doesn’t work, nor is it natural at all.

    So now is a great time for all the long time meditators and sidhas to continue evolving towards Supreme Brahman. Just knowing of its existence is enough.

    I invite you to contact me on if you like.

    Jai Guru Dev


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