Our Decisions Made Towards Living Supreme Brahman

The map of human consciousness

Viewing our spiritual evolution in the context of the three distinct realities or flavors of Brahman – Perishable, Imperishable, and Supreme (shown above on the map of human consciousness), we can see that there are formal introductions to each of these three realities.

First, for Perishable Brahman, everyone on earth gets a ticket, as the introduction into Perishable Brahman is our physical rebirth. This is the main evolutionary vehicle for this reality, and covers waking, dreaming, sleeping and the inconsistent experience of turiya, transcendence.

Second, for Imperishable Brahman, the formal introduction is our beginning and sustaining the practice of Transcendental Meditation or TM, as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

This leads to our realization that we are not simply bound to a limited material and mental existence, but can also live the eternal freedom of transcendence and the higher states of consciousness available to us as human beings. This systematically awakens Transcendental Consciousness, and Cosmic Consciousness.

Both of these states occur automatically as a result of our choice to begin and continue the sadhana of Transcendental Meditation. The integration of infinite values into our daily lives happens easily with the alternation of meditation and activity, and benefits accrue simply as a result of this continued process.

Moving further into Imperishable Brahman, we can next choose to increase our knowledge and experience of more powerful and eternal values of human life through the TM-Siddhis program.

Through sutras to expand our experience, the TM-Siddhis program opens the door of Imperishable Brahman all the way, allowing for the manifestation of God Consciousness, or perception of the finest relative life – extension of the senses, and then onto Unity Consciousness, the prevailing perception that we are all One, that our individual differences are subsumed into a unity of both source and purpose.

I emphasize both of these practices, TM and TM-Siddhis, because they act as hinges to reliably unlock our experiences of higher consciousness. Otherwise, we are faced lifetime after lifetime with the vast impenetrable blankness of Perishable Brahman, bondage and ignorance.

Only when these hinges of first TM and then the TM-Siddhis program are applied to this apparently blank surface, do the doors of higher consciousness appear, and swing wide open for us. The choice to perform and sustain this sadhana remains ours though.

Although the numbers of those who have taken up this Blessed sadhana of TM and the TM-Siddhis programs are impressive (and substantial enough for the purpose of bringing about a global age of enlightenment), in terms of the world population they are small. I only mention this to emphasize that such actions are choices.

Third, as we begin to transcend Unity Consciousness, the doorway of Supreme Brahman yawns wide. 😊 This experience in and of itself is so vast to begin with that we don’t recognize it as a fundamental reorientation of our identity, having now gained active Cosmic status. What does ‘active Cosmic status’ mean?

Prior to encountering Supreme Brahman, the eighth state of human consciousness, we were content to enjoy the benefits of our growing enlightenment, on the power and ability of our ongoing sadhana, the innocent growth of sattva in our lives and its perceptible benefits. A softening of the heart and a sharpening of the intellect accompanies this purification.

What is occurring through all of this practice is that we are becoming as God made us, an image in His or Her likeness. There is only one ultimate purpose for this more and more intimate integration with Divinity: To become worthy of Divinity taking form and extending the hand of God directly to us, both cementing a bond which will easily take us the rest of the way on our human journey, but also forging a deep and abiding friendship, granting us Divine comfort, knowledge, and invincibility.

However, unlike the benefits accrued earlier, this invitation into Supreme Brahman comes directly from Divinity itself. Although we have made the choice to evolve into this eighth state of consciousness, its success depends solely on our ability to closely mirror the character of Divinity, and hence create the conditions that will make an invitation from same a reality.

Practically speaking, this means that our victory over the ShhaDarivarga, the six internal enemies that reside within us, is absolutely essential. These internal enemies act as roadblocks to our elevation of character and create all of our external opposition. It is through victory over them that we can be assured of our complete realization of the six Divine gunas, earning the right to serve alongside Divinity. This is the fulfillment of our active Cosmic status.

This desired victory over the six internal enemies is a choice, just like our adoption of the TM and TM-Siddhis programs was. However there is no formal instruction for tackling and eliminating the influence of such enemies, other than it being a gradual personal progression of awareness, rehabilitation, and further Divine integration. With Divinity as the final arbiter, the conclusion of this process is obvious.

All of this choice involved in our steadfast march towards Totality may come as quite a surprise, and a deviation from the instructions surrounding our earlier sadhana up through Unity Consciousness. However it is all handled easily and comfortably, guided now by our powerful attention, and refined ability to see contrasts within our consciousness. This devotion and surrender will be enough for complete success, for realizing the eighth state of our human consciousness, Supreme Brahman.

May we always have God’s presence and Blessings! 😊

~ All Glory to Lord Krishna, Devarat, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, and His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ~

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it shows up in the pictures...I am a US citizen (born in California), though spent my childhood through high school living primarily in SE Asia, giving me a deep view of both East and West.

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