Life Is Bliss – The Journey from Imperishable Brahman to Supreme Brahman

Sri Brahmananda Saraswati
A honey bee collecting pollen in the Spanish lavender

“Bliss becomes blissful with practice. In our own bliss the desire, desirer and process of desiring are united – they are one. Desire is fulfilled at its source.”
— Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

I remember hearing this expression, “Life is Bliss”, very early on in my practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM). I also found such a Reality to be quite elusive, for decades. Maharishi used the analogy of selling pencils one at a time to eventually build one’s limitless fortune. This is very accurate. 🙂

All of us have had that transient experience of a deep, settled meditation that then follows us into activity, lending a temporary serenity to life. Even better are the stories of those who have encountered Maharishi or another and been given Shaktipat, Divine healing energy. This intense experience can cause strong feelings of Bliss, and some energetic purification.

In addition to our wonder and gratitude associated with such experiences, the bottom line is the practical benefit to our own life’s journey; the continued elimination of, and sustained victory over, the six internal enemies, the ShhaDarivarga*.

[*the source of all difficulties in life, the repository within each of us of anger, jealousy, greed, intoxification, delusion, and lust.]

How is this victory accomplished? First and foremost, we continue our sadhana, our practice to regularly contact the foundation of life, the unchanging, eternal Absolute, beyond duality, ever transcending deeper into this value. Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Siddhis programs accomplish this perfectly. Although the six Divine gunas* forming the values of the Absolute are not yet seen initially, they flavor any experience of the Absolute that we have during this time.

[*God’s Truth (vijnana), Perfect Health (bala), Cosmic Wealth (aisvarya), Wholesome Momentum (virya), Divine healing Energy (shakti), and Cosmic Sovereignty (tejas).]

We then emerge after Transcendental Meditation into the world of activity, feeling the contrast between the Shhadarivarga on one hand, and the growing influence of the six Divine gunas on the other.

This extreme contrast can cause many experiences, resulting in choices to make. I have always appreciated Maharishi’s guidance here, as He says, “Never do anything you know to be wrong”, and the old favorite, “Take it easy, take it as it comes”. This is all that is necessary to continue our smooth purification.

In the meantime, there is no need to chase these temporary bouts of Bliss, nor attempt to extend them. Such activity actually moves us further away from our goal, the full manifestation in daily life of the six Divine gunas.

In addition to doing the TM-Siddhis program, the key to “Life Is Bliss” is to focus on our victory over the ShhaDarivarga, our six internal enemies in daily life, and to be aware of their effect on us. When do we find ourselves in the grip of each of them?

It is through such awareness that we find victory. There is no value in ignoring or repressing our awareness of such negative tendencies within ourselves, though at the same time, we are gentle with our resolutions of such influences.

What we find in time, is that each internal enemy has usurped our desire for higher values. For example, while seeking the legitimate value of Aisvarya, or Cosmic Wealth, we can get immersed instead in the false shortcuts of greed, jealousy, anger, or even the whole bag of tricks. The key is in an honest recognition of such enemies within us, then a sincere resolve to do better next time, and on we go.

The goal of such a gradual process is to integrate more and more of the six Divine gunas into life, innocently displacing the six internal enemies. This brings greater success in all ventures and the quick fulfillment of all desires. There is however no other relationship between the ShhaDarivarga and the six Divine gunas, except that the complete victory over the six internal enemies automatically results in a clear view, and complete access, to the six Divine gunas. It is all, or nothing.

Then once the storms of the ShhaDarivarga are eliminated, we find a natural foundation and seat in the center of the six Divine gunas, now clearly evident, and radiant. This location is also where the generator of Bliss lives, so this too becomes our daily experience.

Through this process of purification, integration, and devotion, we find that Bliss forms the basis of all activity, and life is indeed, Bliss. 🙂

~ All Glory to Lord Krishna, Devarat, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, and His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ~

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