A Recent Clarification from Maharishi to Me

The crescent moon last night

I had an unusual but perfectly fitting experience yesterday – During all of this time from when I began TM in November of 1975, I have never gotten a feeling from Maharishi that I could serve Him directly. I didn’t know what this lack of support was, and the more I tried to show Maharishi my devotion to Him, the more of it there was – like a complete indifference. Even working for the Movement, I felt like a fish out of water.

This contrasts with my other interactions with Him in consciousness, always friendly and supportive, especially now, after mapping out the content and architecture of the Absolute field. And I always drank in Maharishi’s teachings like sweet fresh nectar. Every drop. Still do. 😊

Then yesterday, I got it. I could feel myself below Maharishi as usual, where I have always placed myself, and it felt a little cramped. Then I realized I could sit up straight, at eye level with Maharishi. He has been indicating to me that just like Him, I too am a disciple of Guru Dev. We are on the same level of both being disciples of the same Saint. Beginning in April of 1993, I have been with Guru Dev now continuously for almost 29 years. Obviously this DOES NOT make me a Maharishi, not at all – only a close follower and friend of Guru Dev.

Our Dharma is playing out differently too: Maharishi is acting as an Avatar of Lord Krishna (also incorporating Shiva and Vishnu), whereas I am diving straight into the heart of the householder existence, reawakening and transforming such a way of life into a Union with Divinity, pure Yoga, Living Two Hundred Percent of Life. A path anyone can create for themselves, by developing a seamless relationship with Divinity. 😊

I have a sustained intuition that just as Maharishi said that the householder’s life is fuller than the recluse’s, this is what Guru Dev enjoys about being with me, that I am a full-on householder, and He gets to live with me and enjoy my householder life, all the dynamics, and in return I get exactly what Maharishi does – the endless guidance and illuminating Darshan [Divine Attention] of the Master, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati. There is also an unmistakable friendship – He grew up in the jungles of India and I reached adulthood on four islands in SE Asia: Penang, Java, Luzon, and Hong Kong.

I also have felt this harmonious difference in what I do for the world and what the devotees of Maharishi do for the world. Very complimentary. I am glad I can work by myself also, just to see what one person can do by themselves, immersed as a deep drop in the black depths of the Ocean. So I am quietly carrying on with Guru Dev’s Darshan and guidance, though entirely as a householder.

After such a realization, what now? One of the joys of householder life is not much has to be pondered. All of it is powered by Sri Brahmananda’s Darshan, Maharishi’s Divine Knowledge, and the daily sustenance of my TM-Siddhis program. Life just continues to move along, buoyed by success and fulfillment, working on larger and larger projects. And there is always plenty to do! 😊

“See the job, do the job, stay out of the misery”

~ All Glory to Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, and His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ~

Published by Jim Flanegin

it shows up in the pictures...I am a US citizen (born in California), though spent my childhood through high school living primarily in SE Asia, giving me a deep view of both East and West.

2 thoughts on “A Recent Clarification from Maharishi to Me

  1. Such a beautiful post Jim! You are so divinely blessed! Extraordinarily blessed. Thank you for sharing your experiences. They are inspiring and uplifting. With all love and gratitude Jai Guru Dev Judy

    Judy Raymond Associate Broker Jackson Hole Sotheby’s 307-413-3108 jraymond108@gmail.com

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  2. You are welcome Judy! What endless surprises occur in our awareness. Maharishi would often talk about this state of simplest awareness and it is as if a cloth of finest silk is laid out and all the wonders and treasures of the Cosmos are there to see – unimaginable bounty, enough for all and more. A true treasure chest awaits all who find this blessed union of finest Relative and manifest Absolute. Jai Guru Dev, Jim

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