The Architecture of the Absolute Field of Life – Living Supreme Brahman

Mandala of the Absolute Architecture – (c) copyright Jim Flanegin

Having defined the content of the Absolute (the six Divine Gunas) in a previous post, what I am describing here are timeless and infinite structures within the Absolute, unchanging, eternal foundation of life.

What appears initially as a completely still, unmanifest field of life, known as the Absolute field, supporting the Relative, ever changing manifestation of life, is later seen to have structure, a coherent architecture. This comes into view as we live the eighth state of consciousness, Supreme Brahman, a consciousness completely free of any distortion.

Just as the six Divine gunas exist wholly in the Absolute field of life, so do these closely integrated structures. They are not to be confused with subtle Relative phenomenon, such as the results of the sutras of Patanjali. The difference is in the eternal, infinite nature of these Absolute structures. They never begin and never end, and are inherent values of the Absolute, comprised of the six Divine gunas.

Just as the three Relative gunas of tamas, rajas, and sattva comprise the wholeness of Relative life through their infinite combinations, so do these structures of the Divine gunas manifest the full architecture of the Absolute, through their coherence, content and interaction.

There are three fundamental structures within the architecture of the Absolute, each comprised of the relationships of the six Divine gunas to each other:

1. First is the rotational or additive value of the Divine gunas, beginning with the first expressed value of [Vi]Jnana, shown in the mandala above. As we begin to live each Divine guna and onto the next, all the properties of the previous gunas integrate into a fuller and more complete expression of the Absolute, supporting all of Relative life. This additive process culminates with Tejas, Cosmic Sovereignty, and establishes the fullness of Supreme Brahman – full Absolute value, and full Relative value.

2. Second is the soft division of the six Divine gunas, into those perfecting the point value of the Absolute, Vijnana, Bala, and Aisvarya, and those perfecting and completing the cosmic value of the Absolute, Virya, Shakti, and Tejas. The first three can be said to be focused on perfection of the Absolute body, mind, and cosmic interface. The second three are focused on strengthening and nourishing the seamless relationship with Divinity, for cosmic expression of same.

3. Third is the one-to-one relationship of each of the point value gunas to its cosmic counterpart. For example, Vijnana, God’s Truth, the point value, finds its fulfillment in the cosmic value of Virya, Wholesome Momentum, which faces the entire cosmos. Similarly with Bala, Immortality, finding its infinite expression through the cosmic radiation of Shakti, Divine Healing Energy. Finally, Aisvarya, Cosmic Wealth, finds its fulfillment in Tejas, Cosmic Sovereignty.

“All is well and wisely set” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

All of this detail fully supports Maharishi’s exposition of the two fields of human life, Absolute and Relative. By fully manifesting the Absolute unchanging value of consciousness in our physiology, the complete architecture, we become masters of all Relative life, bringing all terrestrial life quickly to its inevitable destiny of Divine life, bringing Heaven on Earth for All. 😊

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

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