The Five Nights of Supreme Brahman – How Each of the Six Divine Gunas Is Established

The map of human consciousness with the Divine gunas highlighted

Having become victorious over the ShhaDarivarga (the six internal enemies), we transcend the seventh state of human consciousness, Unity Consciousness (UC), and begin to live Totality or Supreme Brahman, the eighth state of consciousness.

Supreme Brahman becomes established by fully manifesting each of the six Divine gunas in the Absolute unchanging eternal field of life. A guna is a foundational component of Reality. These Divine gunas manifest in silence in a specific sequence, integrating a greater and greater Totality into our existence, as each Divine guna comes into Being, adding to the fullness of the previous one.

The Divine gunas are (in sequence):

[Vi]Jnana – God’s Truth. This develops first as Cosmic Truth, Jnana, then purifies at the conclusion of the establishment of the Divine gunas, into God’s Truth, or Vijnana.

Bala – Immortality, Youthfulness, Strength, Stamina, Purity, Perfect Health, Establishment in the Transcendental Body.

Aisvarya – Access to all Cosmic Wealth, elimination of poverty and acquisitiveness.

Virya – Wholesome Momentum, establishing the Cosmic Imperative globally through a seamless relationship with Divinity, Sat Yuga values and abilities are established.

Shakti – Effortlessly generating and radiating Divine healing energy. This also nourishes and energizes the Divine Beings who fulfill every desire for ourselves and our human family.

Tejas – Cosmic Sovereignty, invincibility, with the power to defeat all others.

Beginning with [Vi]Jnana, we go through the Five Nights of Supreme Brahman to purify and establish each of these six Divine gunas.

As this work is done wholly in silence, each purification is called a night of [Supreme] Brahman. Please note this has no relationship whatsoever to something called ‘the dark night of the soul’ which happens in relative life. The nights of Brahman occur in the Absolute field of life.

There are five nights, not six, because the final one, Tejas, is simply the sum greater than the parts that comprise the first five Divine gunas. Tejas, Cosmic Sovereignty, emerges fully formed after the five nights are completed. As mentioned, Jnana also matures into Vijnana at this time.

Each Divine guna is purified and established, simply by comparing it in consciousness to anything in its field of lesser value, which is then let go of, transcended, in favor of the eternal Totality expressed by the Divine guna. This also allows for the full and comfortable establishment of the Divine guna within the Absolute field of life, the life of Supreme Brahman, providing the full practical value of human life.

The Five Nights of [Supreme] Brahman proceed as follows:

Vijnana, God’s Truth, compares itself to all relative knowledge, and all Absolute knowledge, even lasting for many lifetimes, and transcends all of it in the pure and endlessly penetrating and illuminating light of God. This then becomes the ongoing body of knowledge, lively in the Absolute eternal value of life.

Bala, Immortality, compares itself to all relative knowledge of nourishing and sustaining the body and mind, and all Absolute knowledge gained to date, holding itself up as the image of the great saints, made in the likeness of God. This allows the body and mind to transcend to that most sublime and infinite dwelling of the Almighty, gaining the properties of Immortality, vitality, youthfulness and perfect health. Life is then identified with and lived in the eternal Transcendental Body, while the other bodies come along too for the joy of expression.  

Aisvarya, Access to Cosmic Wealth, compares itself to all relative knowledge surrounding wealth, poverty, and acquisition, and any Absolute knowledge to date regarding same, then transcends to innocent, simple and universal access to anything and everything, in complete freedom. Not for attachment or acquisitiveness, only for Divine service, and the enjoyment of same.

Virya, Wholesome Momentum, compares itself to all relative knowledge of power and control, political systems, terrestrial justice and all Absolute elements of karma, of dharma, and of sadhana. At this time of living Supreme Brahman, we begin to work within our seamless relationship with Divinity to effect substantial change in the world. This purification of Virya greatly accelerates such a process.

Shakti, Divine Healing Energy, compares itself to anything less, anything limiting the radiance of pure compassion and healing, in concert with Divinity. The purity achieved fulfilling the prior four Divine gunas allows Shakti to radiate innocently and constantly once this Divine guna is purified. “Do nothing and accomplish everything”. 😊 The seamless relationship with Divinity allows for the infinite radiance of this Shakti. The purification of this Divine guna completes the fifth and final night of Supreme Brahman.

Tejas, Cosmic Sovereignty, now exists in the full sunshine of Supreme Brahman. Through endless discipline, devotion, surrender, strength, sadhana, and stamina, we are granted by the Almighty the ability to accomplish anything, and that means anything, and as quickly as possible – ASAP.

Following these five nights of Brahman expressed, Supreme Brahman, the eighth state of consciousness, is lived in its fullness, Totality, and purity, fully manifest in the Absolute, and fully expressed through the three ordinary gunas of relative life, tamas, rajas, and sattva, now elevated to their rightful Divine status.

~All Glory to Lord Krishna, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, and His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ~

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2 thoughts on “The Five Nights of Supreme Brahman – How Each of the Six Divine Gunas Is Established

  1. Wow Jim. This is a real eye opener. Thank you for writing and sharing it.

    This (Each Divine guna is purified and established, simply by comparing it in consciousness to anything in its field of lesser value, which is then let go of, transcended, in favor of the eternal Totality expressed by the Divine guna.) makes the effortlessness of the process clear.

    Thank you again and again.

    Jai Guru Dev


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  2. Thank you, Judy! I am so glad this came through – Yes, this 8th state unfolds the same way the previous higher states did – gradually and effortlessly. Just knowing such a destination is available, and placing the attention where it needs to be is all that is necessary.

    Jai Guru Dev


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