‘Jai Guru Dev!’- Devoting Ourselves to Sri Brahmananda Saraswati We Quickly Gain Supreme Brahman

Paradise Sunrise, January 12, 2022

[This post was originally published on January 12, 2022]

First, A Very Happy Holy Birthday to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Today!

“Jai Guru Dev!” – All glory to the remover of darkness! So many times have we heard Maharishi and ourselves proclaim, state, and write this Vedic expression – Jai Guru Dev.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, during His time here on earth as a supreme teacher, always ended every transfer of knowledge with, “Jai Guru Dev!”. He meant it every time, a consistent maxim, meant not to just bring a respectful and devotional end to His remarks, but also to indicate the further journey, within the Silence of Guru Dev, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati.

Even a cursory examination of Sri Brahmananda Saraswati’s talks indicate that one of His constant entreaties is for those in attendance to give Him their problems, their troubles, those vexing and persistent issues that evade solution by the seeker alone, regardless of personal sadhana (actions for personal purification).

Although this is an act of mercy, Guru Dev is also actively demonstrating His ability to instantly resolve our personal karma, by our simple act of surrender to Him.

What do I mean by surrender? A complete opening of ourselves to Him, soup to nuts – all that we are working on within ourselves, to balance, accomplish, and thrive on all of our desires, for ourselves, our precious families, friends, and our world.

When undergoing such a rigorous self-examination of the delta between us, and where we wish to be, we all need a safe and comfortable place to land. Otherwise, the deep personal stresses each one of us harbors on the way to Supreme Brahman will not have a sunlit area to be released and resolved. So a place of safety and comfort, within our hearts and consciousness is essential for this deeper purification.

Just as we are instructed to find a quiet and comfortable space in which to practice Transcendental Meditation (or TM), now we begin to culture such a space in our minds and hearts where we can open up and surrender all, to Guru Dev, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati.

Despite His overwhelming power, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati has no objective other than love, acceptance, transcendence and purification, bringing us to cosmic life. And all we need to do is begin speaking with Him silently, in the form of prayer or private conversation.

For those who are Blessed to be Governors, or Teachers of Transcendental Meditation, this process of personal devotion is even easier, for a Puja ceremony has been conducted to Guru Dev, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, for each student’s initiation, and so a familiarity is already there which can be easily nurtured.  

We have all been cultured to approach any interface with Divinity with formal ceremonies, or as a mystical event. Aside from the innocent performance of the Puja to gain alignment (if one is so inclined), the most successful approach is similar to any innocent activity – we focus on our part, the doing, without expectation, and just begin quietly surrendering to the cosmic Silence of Guru Dev.

This is spiritual science, and evolution. There is really nothing mystical or fanciful about it. It is the natural progression of learning we as human beings undertake in order to live our fullness, our Totality, and express it through Supreme Brahman. We do this to be of greater service to all.

Although I am devoting so many words to this easy, subtle, and innocent practice, it is just meant to make known the availability of Guru Dev to all sincere souls. For me personally, He is most easily found, like Surya, when I am facing East, though of course He is one with the Cosmos, and so universally, infinitely available, inside and out. Regardless of how deep we need to go to express ourselves to Him, He is always there with us, working ceaselessly on our behalf.

So to all souls whom are troubled, or just need a boost, gently prostrate yourselves at the Blessed Feet of Guru Dev, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, that He may accept your troubles, and raise you up to the full dignity of your human stature.

One soul at a time, in concert with Divinity, will more quickly bring world enlightenment, and Heaven on Earth for all. Jai Guru Dev!

~ All Glory to Sri Brahmananda Saraswati and His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ~

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it shows up in the pictures...I am a US citizen (born in California), though spent my childhood through high school living primarily in SE Asia, giving me a deep view of both East and West.

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