Why Brahman as the Eighth State of Consciousness Was Not Presented Publicly Until Now

Venus dawns over Paradise this morning

Looking at my recently published map of human consciousness, many practitioners of Transcendental Meditation (TM), including those in the TM Organization, may be surprised to see that what they thought of as integrated full enlightenment, Unity Consciousness (UC), is only about two thirds of the way up the ascending tree of human consciousness.

Living Brahman, Totality, though not yet taught in the systematic way as states 5 (CC), 6 (GC), and 7(UC) are, and having the same distinct markers as any other state of consciousness, covers a lot of real-estate!

By not including Brahman in His exposition of the first seven states of consciousness, Maharishi’s intent was not to mislead any of his followers. He simply worked with the collective consciousness He found when He began teaching the Truth of life. Know thy audience.

Beginning over half a century ago, bringing the world from a desperate state of ignorance and darkness so profound that nuclear catastrophe awaited us, Maharishi built a global organization to bring practical, coherent spiritual science to the world.

Through the practice of Transcendental Meditation, and TM-Siddhis, spread by His teachers, we gained both knowledge AND experience, so that we began to immediately live the life of the new age, Sat Yuga, an age dominated by sattva, or celestial purity.

This knowledge and practice to reverse the trends of time on Earth, and evolve us quickly into a new age of peace, prosperity, and unity, was profound enough, and complete enough at the time, to bring the world around.

For fifty years this was the singular objective. Each mantra and sutra, along with the knowledge of the higher states of consciousness, gradually began to bring each seeker into closer cosmic alignment, enough to silently influence the planet’s consciousness into a greater state of coherence, with a resulting ease of conflict, and growth of cooperation, cracking open the door to a new world of greater ease and light.

This was the objective of both Maharishi and Guru Dev, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, primarily exercising the divine values of Virya, or wholesome momentum, the ‘tractor beam’ of Brahman, and Tejas, Absolute sovereignty and invincibility, bringing World Peace, the Age of Enlightenment, and Heaven on Earth. A very practical mission, and accomplished until now without sharing this systematic knowledge of Brahman.

Although it could seem otherwise to a casual observer, Maharishi was solely focused on the practical work necessary to revolutionize the world’s consciousness, full stop. Initially, the details of Brahman didn’t matter, though every talk He gave and every book He wrote gave testimony to the Supreme state of freedom through Brahman – “Jai Guru Dev”!

Just like any other useful discovery, the expansion of knowledge and ability that arrives with Brahman takes some time to propagate through world consciousness, so that space and structure can be found for it. When Maharishi initially introduced the knowledge and techniques to purify ourselves, and purify the world, without the explicit inclusion of Brahman, that was enough.


His introduction of the Absolute never changing field of life, to bring balance to relative life, was enough knowledge at the time, and for the last fifty years. Imagine the confusion if He had introduced these partial values of the Absolute, leading to a Supreme Absolute, right away! It would have been too much, and would not have been supported by the experience of His followers.

So although He worked privately to confirm and develop the knowledge of Brahman as a natural extension of His Science of Creative Intelligence, there was no need to bring it out publicly, until sufficient higher world consciousness was established, an opening.

Then once the opening is discovered, Brahman, already in motion, moves innocently by itself to become known more fully, and to completely realize its Totality.

As shown on my recent map of human consciousness, there are six divine values developed in the eighth state of consciousness, Brahman, that are not even accessible until completion of all prior states of consciousness through Unity. The exclusive work being done in these prior states of CC, GC, and UC, is to gain victory over the shhaDarivarga, the six internal enemies of anger, lust, delusion, intoxification, jealousy, and greed.

Until this work is completed, not only will Totality fail to be recognized, the divine values of Brahman cannot be developed beyond a superficial intellectual understanding. This is due to the subtle distortions and delusion caused by the six internal enemies (which create all of our enemies in the outer world).

Unless we have gained victory over these, we continue to create enemies in life, and cannot move on to the more delicate and powerful work of developing any divine attributes, living Brahman, Totality. We are held at Unity Consciousness until this work is complete. The shhaDarivarga prevents us from passing onto Brahman.

This expansion of available states of consciousness should be no cause for concern. By virtue of its existence, Brahman demolishes any spiritual pride of the seeker. For the last fifty years, all the glorious attributes of states 5,6 and 7 have been enough and thought of as full enlightenment by many, including being set as the status quo for the TM Organization.

So, the techniques of TM and the TM-Siddhis do their work until we are purified enough to move into the eighth state of consciousness, Brahman, Supreme Enlightenment, a far more effective state of consciousness for quickly enlightening our world!

Once we have attained such a state, spiritual pride can no longer exist, simply because the Self as currently seen in UC, vanishes, replaced by the balanced cosmic Self of Totality. We have also attained cosmic sovereignty (tejas) through Brahman, so pride becomes an absurdity, replaced by compassion, timeliness, and dignity.

Thank you to all who recognize this valid eighth state of consciousness, Brahman, and its dharma for enlightening the world! As Maharishi often proclaimed, “Make hay while the sun shines!”

~ All Glory to Lord Krishna, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Sri Brahmananda Saraswati ~

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