Expressions of Devotion and Delight Around the Home

Perhaps this natural desire to decorate my home with devotion began when I lived as a child in Jakarta, Indonesia. There, for example, a large Balinese painting of a Puja ceremony graced my parents’ dining room, and from then on through various countries, it remained a fixture during mealtimes. I now display it here inContinue reading “Expressions of Devotion and Delight Around the Home”

The Map of Human Consciousness

I have developed this map as an integration of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s and Sri Brahmananda Saraswati’s teachings, also consistent with my knowledge and experience. Please think of it as a roadmap that can be used to navigate the unique scenery of any human nervous system, as we enjoy the greater and greater fulfillment of eachContinue reading “The Map of Human Consciousness”


I noticed our blood orange tree was dropping oranges yesterday, which doesn’t happen unless they are ripe, so time for harvest today! Couldn’t tell by appearance this year, as there was so much rain just as the fruit was coming in. The blood oranges need a lot of sun during their final two months onContinue reading “Juice!”

A Mandala Merge: Mirroring the Future

In late 1981 I was 27, had been doing the TM-Siddhis since 1980, and had moved from Santa Barbara to Washington, DC, to jump-start my career. I was reading the Bhagavad Gita (again), and would sometimes draw mandalas freehand with colored pencils. I saved a couple of them. Fast forward to last year (2021), continuingContinue reading “A Mandala Merge: Mirroring the Future”

First Skies of the New Year – 2022 – Above Paradise, California

Happy New Year, All! Close to the stroke of midnight here in California, after ringing in the New Year, I went out with my camera and took some first pictures of the New Year’s sky. The creative shot (photo #4) was a result of having the shutter set for 30 seconds, and pressing it byContinue reading “First Skies of the New Year – 2022 – Above Paradise, California”