Accomplishing Anything – A Seamless Relationship With Divinity

The rising crescent moon at dawn

[Republished from 2020] Think for a moment about all of the ways humanity honors and worships God, the compassionate source, the fullness of Cosmic life. We see prayers mouthed in earnest silence, ceremonies performed, temples built, scriptures read and written, festivals enjoyed, holidays sitting in transcendence, religious devotion, living surrender, and service done graciously.

All of these ways we reach out from our ordinary lives, beseeching and giving thanks to the Almighty.

Now, we can take one gigantic step further, and develop a seamless relationship with Divinity and all of Her companions. I have written about my own discovery and use of such relationships – never for personal aggrandizement – and how they are critical for fulfilling desires that reach far beyond even our most developed individual capabilities.

Life is always lived in wholeness, in completion. The gunas (sattva – purity, rajas – activity, and tamas – inertia) remain balanced, and dharma proceeds. However, if we do not have a simple and direct way of checking in with the powers that be, we may leave something undone, which can then follow us for resolution; karma, a drag on life. Even worse, our deepest and most urgent desires have no conscious link to manifestation.

Until now, humanity has become accustomed to an impractical hierarchical model for reaching God; operating through intermediaries, as expressed by religion. This is fine, to introduce us to the idea that there are cultural mechanisms whereby we can educate ourselves about our fundamentally transcendental nature.

But as a longer term practice, this dependence on a go-between manifests at best like the game of ‘telephone’, whereby an original message is successively passed along from one consciousness to another, resulting in some large misinterpretations and dead ends. A little bit of Divinity always remains, some practical value, though a direct relationship is best, for fast, ongoing success in Cosmic life.

There is nothing unnatural about a direct relationship with the vast populations of Beings that inhabit Heaven, and the Beings that guide the weather, and the angels who nourish us in illness and comfort us in sadness. Living full enlightenment, Brahman, means that all of this comes along and deepens as naturally as the refreshing feeling during meditation, or even a good night’s sleep. It is inevitable, and needn’t be seen as the least bit unusual or strange. This ability is something we all have, however often smothered under the blankets of our slumber.

During this time, this rising age of enlightenment underway, is a new opportunity for Earth’s entire humanity to reliably and directly contact Divinity. What once seemed mysterious and cloaked in ritual and dogma, becomes as easy as wishing another a good morning – easy and familiar, though with uncompromising respect. We never forget who we are, in relation to the Beings who truly run our world, and are hiding in plain sight. Sometimes we are fortunate to sit at the same table with them, though always in grateful service.

Once we purify ourselves through regularly transcending, and gradually gain ‘divine sight’ as it is referred to, and cross what is largely a psychological barrier to communicate directly with all of life, obvious or not, then we can go on doing what we must, as urgently as possible.

Direct Divine relationships are not primarily a sign of special abilities – instead they are simply a requirement for being successful in this day and age, living in fullness and living Cosmic life.

Jai Guru Dev

~ All Glory to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Sri Brahmananda Saraswati ~

Published by Jim Flanegin

it shows up in the pictures...I am a US citizen (born in California), though spent my childhood through high school living primarily in SE Asia, giving me a deep view of both East and West.

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