Living a Calm Life; Living Brahman

Lamp in a window, overlooking a street in Amsterdam

This may seem an incongruous title for a post, given the whirlwind of activity, assumptions, and illusions present in the world today. But it is completely accurate.

One significant disruption to calm, is fear of the unknown, seen as a given for most of us. But there is no unknown in cosmic life, living Brahman. Or put another way, if we face something unrecognized, the knowledge comes quickly and confidently from a cosmic perspective, so that a solution is always found. Even if we are momentarily at rest before moving forward again, success is assured.

Regarding personal health fears, for example, these are dealt with easily by the transformation of the physical body to one that shares material life with cosmic life, once Brahman is lived. The physical body gains a high degree of purity and resistance to any disease, due to the deepest enlivening of consciousness within it. Minimal resources are needed to sustain the physical body, without any negative effects; maximum efficiency, maximum strength and stamina, minimal lasting stress.

Living Brahman we can take advantage of the life force that suffuses the cosmos in a way that visibly influences our physical body – reversing trauma, easily avoiding disease, and aging much more slowly. There is absolutely no effort associated with these positive results, save living Brahman.

Regarding fears for personal safety, these are countered by living a sinless life, one free of any theft or manipulation, selfishness or greed. This unimpeachable integrity provides safety from any predation or crime, undue loss or poverty, even as a rebound from long past actions.

Brahman doesn’t find much distinction between the past, present, and future. Once karma is resolved there is not as much apparent separation, not as many hard boundaries between these states of space and time. With fewer boundaries, there are fewer and fewer corners to turn while navigating life. Less attachments, greater knowledge and responsibility, fewer risks, more assured outcomes – based not on control, but instead on mastery – no excuses.

Paradoxically, the larger our desires become, the more assured we are of our success while living Brahman. While the world may be running in circles with its hair nearly on fire, Brahman bathes calmly in the endless waters of global sustenance and support, wondering exactly what all the fuss is about? 🙂

Published by Jim Flanegin

it shows up in the pictures...I am a US citizen (born in California), though spent my childhood through high school living primarily in SE Asia, giving me a deep view of both East and West.

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