WANTED: Brahman, Full Enlightenment

Sunrise today

Yesterday I opened Youtube, and noticed a talk on Brahman by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, from the mid 1960’s I think. I began listening and one thing was clear, that while He was talking, He was making sure that the audience was comprehending His words.

After taking about an hour to explain the path from TC to CC to GC to UC, He saw that to get to Brahman, the audience would be lost. And His explanation of Brahman was terrible! haha Uncharacteristically ill thought out and convoluted, He tried to wing it and it just didn’t work. Even Brahman really had to give Him the benefit of the doubt on this one!

At the very end, He finally came up with, “…when the wholeness within envelops everything outside too, this is Brahman”. Not very tight, as the same could be said of UC, but this was the best He could do with those present; ‘know thy audience’, knowledge is structured in consciousness.

The issue is, that even in CC, Brahman is tough to comprehend, because Brahman transcends the actual vehicle we have been using to transcend, the Self, our universalized nature. Further, since the Self is used as a revered goal in all the language about TM, TM teachers do not innately understand Brahman either. Their training stops at UC.

Maharishi did not teach about Brahman specifically, because it is too far away from getting people to start and continue TM, which is the main focus of His teachers. It wasn’t practical at the time to reveal the full path of human evolution, so He stopped at UC, just short of full enlightenment, Brahman.

Brahman is Totality, and to fully get it, you must imagine the Self goes away [or expands to Totality…]. It doesn’t go away of course, though our identification with it does. Nonetheless this illusion of dissolution frightens people.

Also, Brahman as Totality completely embraces all positivity and all negativity, and lives in the three worlds, not just this one – Heaven, Earth, and Hell. This too is a complete reorientation from even UC. This speaks to the practical benefit of embodying Brahman, that nothing is beyond our ability or reach.

So, most of us currently avoid the peak of human evolution, Brahman, simply because Maharishi never spoke of it, and we now compensate somehow for our ignorance. No judgement here, just the Reality. We won’t always be this way here on Earth, but for now, this is, as Maharishi would say, “the sad state of human affairs”.

On the bright side, we are all indeed aiming for global Unity, in line with Maharishi’s doctrine, and that is a HUGE improvement over what we have today.

Of course, those now living Brahman are allowed to continue doing so. 😊

~ Jai Guru Dev – All Glory to Sri Brahmananda Saraswati ~

Published by Jim Flanegin

it shows up in the pictures...I am a US citizen (born in California), though spent my childhood through high school living primarily in SE Asia, giving me a deep view of both East and West.

5 thoughts on “WANTED: Brahman, Full Enlightenment

  1. What a wonderful post.

    What you say is so true. Back in the 70s I had a hard time even comprehending UC so hearing Maharishi talking about Brahman wouldn’t have meant much to me on an intellectual level, He did use the word though never described it as a further “stage” that I recall.

    Thanks to you and a few others, I’m getting a glimpse of a glimpse of the possibilities.



  2. Thank you Bob. Yes it was quite an eye opener for me to recognize that the top of the pyramid of Maharishi’s knowledge was missing, and deliberately so. Brahman is full enlightenment, though because of the extremely arduous nature of its achievement, it holds a unique place. I would only caution you to understand Brahman as a singular entity. There are attempts out there to slice and dice it, and this is not appropriate for Totality. Jai Guru Dev!


  3. Understood Jim. I’ve heard many people say experiences at that level are nothing like what their preconceived notions of them were. I am prepared to be surprised. Haha.


  4. Hi Jim.
    “There are attempts out there to slice and dice it…”
    Can you please explain what exactly do you mean by that? Who are the people doing it and why would they do it? And why it is not appropriate?


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