Beginning a Bright Future – Happy New Year 2021!

First and foremost, 2021 promises to be a very fulfilling year for all of us, and our dear planet, Earth! Jai Guru Dev – All Glory to the Remover of Darkness! The cosmic laws that guide us forward are always focused on our best interests, our deepest desires. This endless cosmic process of diversification andContinue reading “Beginning a Bright Future – Happy New Year 2021!”

Four Sky Views and a Hummingbird – A Pictorial

Enjoying this quiet time for rest and rejuvenation. The sky is beautiful and always changing now during early winter. This morning the setting full moon was a special treat before daybreak. Here are five favorites from yesterday and today. Please enjoy! 🙂

Four Views of Nance Pond Today

My Nikon P900 was well-worn after five years of heavy use, and it was time for a replacement. Thankfully this year Nikon came out with the P950. It is a little heavier but the balance is better, and the performance in terms of speed and resolution is excellent. Same 83x optical zoom, and with aContinue reading “Four Views of Nance Pond Today”

Completing 2020 and Soaring into 2021

The Turkey Vultures are the first birds I really connected with up here, drawn to their size, calm, humility, and stamina. They are out tirelessly in whatever weather, cleaning up carrion and doing some hunting too. The vultures have the ability to lock their six foot (two meter) wingspan in place and soar nearly effortlesslyContinue reading “Completing 2020 and Soaring into 2021”

“Selling Pencils, One Pencil at a Time”

The analogy is one used by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, to describe the process of enlightening the world, establishing cosmic life here on earth, selling pencils one at a time. Like any of Maharishi’s teachings this comment is brimming with knowledge. It is not that Maharishi was trying to be profound – His life here wasContinue reading ““Selling Pencils, One Pencil at a Time””

Celebrating the Winter Solstice and Silence

I so enjoy the Winter Solstice, with brief days, and long nights. The dark and the cold naturally turn us inwards, a respite from our speedy world, and a time to focus on that within ourselves that is changeless and unbounded. This morning I saw an article in Scientific American, titled, “What Would Happen IfContinue reading “Celebrating the Winter Solstice and Silence”

Hong Kong Memoir: Life from 1969 to 1971

“Soon we were in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has a very compact geography with a very high population density, four million people when we lived there (seven and a half million now), with the peninsula of Kowloon opposite Hong Kong Island, forming a large, well-protected harbor for commerce. There are very few single family housesContinue reading “Hong Kong Memoir: Life from 1969 to 1971”

The Enlightened Householder’s Life – Staying Dry in the Rain

I was writing my congressman this morning, a respectful though critical letter, regarding his joining a seditious effort to negate a large portion of votes cast in our latest US presidential election, and overturn the results. I may have used the words ‘cowardly’, ‘illegal’, and ‘shameful’. I pay special attention to those in elected office,Continue reading “The Enlightened Householder’s Life – Staying Dry in the Rain”

Living Brahman – Flipping the Pyramid of Perception

A nose, a mouth, two ears and two eyes, all protected by skin. These few features, common to all of us and giving us smell, taste, hearing, sight and touch, provide a constant bombardment of impressions. Especially these days, all of this flood of impressions must be managed, otherwise they build up and cause distortionContinue reading “Living Brahman – Flipping the Pyramid of Perception”

Global Issues Seen Through A Cosmic Lens: 2020

So much is written and expressed these days about overshadowing global issues: climate change, disease, violence, and fractious politics, in addition to economic, racial, and gender inequalities. The consensus opinion is one of exhaustion, fear, anger, and ongoing concern, a world facing an uncertain future. This is a case where the well-known phrase, ‘knowledge isContinue reading “Global Issues Seen Through A Cosmic Lens: 2020”

“Jai Guru Dev” – All Glory to the Remover of Darkness

“Jai Guru Dev!” I have heard, written, and uttered this expression all of my adult life. I recently came across a translation of ‘Jai Guru Dev’ that I liked very much: ‘All Glory to the Remover of Darkness’. Very accurate, simple, and direct. It also speaks to ability as the differentiator, vs. any kind ofContinue reading ““Jai Guru Dev” – All Glory to the Remover of Darkness”

Accessing the Akashic Records

Akasha means space, a container without objects. Yet within the potential of space resides all manifestation. Space concentrates itself in infinite ways to fulfill the desires of life itself, endlessly birthed by Mother Divine. The akashic records as they are known, the knowledge embedded in space itself, resides in the cosmic continuum. By becoming establishedContinue reading “Accessing the Akashic Records”

The ‘Virgin’ Birth of Jesus Christ

It is already early December, nearing Christmas, the celebrated birth of the man for whom Christianity is known and adopted. All of this is codified in the book known as The Bible. Of course the Bible chronicles interactions with God and Jesus from the standpoint of those who wrote the book and finalized it. TheirContinue reading “The ‘Virgin’ Birth of Jesus Christ”

My Letter to a Friend in Europe

“I so enjoy your stories also! I find your emails a menu of delight, where to begin? I did finish the housework, and got the [Christmas] tree up, but must replace some lights. I so enjoy the mundane work now! The last year has been a cosmic battle nearly every day, and it is soContinue reading “My Letter to a Friend in Europe”