Fire Season 2020 – Living Within the Intelligent Precision of Nature

The sun at 0931 – Thursday, September 10, 2020

If I imagine the smoke from the Bear Fire to be fog this morning, it almost looks normal outside. Much brighter than yesterday. This morning’s sun is looking far friendlier too! 🙂

Our Air Quality Index (AQI) is 252 (Very Unhealthy) down from a peak of 397 (Hazardous) at 1 AM. It is fine if we stay inside, running the AC. We are back on the electrical grid today. Time to do maintenance on the backup generator too, as we ran low on oil a few days ago, and the spark plugs, air and oil filters now need changing (every 200 hours).

The air is forecast to be very smoky for awhile now, though the wind is gone, allowing for possible retardant and water drops, which have been impossible during the rapid spread of the fire and strong winds.

Even the name ‘wildfire’ conjures up images of chaos. These fires are also often described as being out of control. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nature is so intimately connected with us, there is really no demarcation point.

Although we may ascribe human conditions like chaos, confusion, and senselessness to these events, we do best to remember that all such expressions are intelligent and precise, ruled by our relationship to the forces that guide them.

When we see natural events as separate from us, or even antagonistic, it does the entire Cosmos a disservice, and is a testament only to our limited vision. As we find our deeply nourishing inner nature, and reflect that in the world, so will the world nourish us in return, gratefully and without question.

PS Yesterday, after a day in very heavy smoke up here, we drove down to the valley in the evening to buy “essentials”: a six pack of sparkling wine (Californian “champagne”), two quarts of Sierra Nevada “Trip In The Woods” Ale, coconut water, tonic water, ice cream (two kinds), sharp cheddar cheese, and orange juice. All set. 🙂

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Published by Jim Flanegin

it shows up in the pictures...I am a US citizen (born in California), though spent my childhood through high school living primarily in SE Asia, giving me a deep view of both East and West. I began TM at 21 and the TM-Sidhis at 26. I was visited by Guru Dev at 39. The rest is history. :-)

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