Living Brahman – Dispelling Global Darkness

Bottle-brush blossom yesterday morning – 0903, Sunday, September 6, 2020

We are all experiencing a global pandemic, intense climate strain, along with global culture, trade, and cold wars – sounds about on track.

Locally, we haven’t seen a truly smoke-free sky since the dry lightning storm of August 11, sparking thousands of fires. Today the sun is again free of its corona, a red hot sphere floating in a brownish yellow grey sky. Thankfully the wood smoke smell is light this morning, though the air is thick and still.

For the region, our air here at home is remarkably good. We are ringed by canyons, causing the surrounding air to flow upwards, creating currents which often keep the heaviest wildfire smoke at bay. Typically we will see some blue sky as the day moves on, and into night with few stars and an orange moon.

There is an enduring weariness in always watching out for fires during the season. When it gets especially bad as it is this year, already ringed by so many wildfires, especially to our east, west, and south, it is like always sleeping with one eye open.

With an ingrained sensitivity to each alert of the newest conflagration, the questions and research run automatically – When did the report come in? How close is the fire? How big? How many resources are on the line? What are the wind conditions? Any visible plumes? Then listening for helos and planes, and noting their type (spotters, retardant drops, or water carriers), and flight direction… This occurs daily during fire season, worked into the routine as necessary.

On the Youtube video I posted on August 19 (When and Why Does Lord Krishna Come? – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – 1968), Maharishi discusses the conditions that bring avatars to the earth’s population.

He specifically mentions at 6:11 on, the timing of the building up of strain in the world atmosphere, leading to indications of global breakdown, such as violence, extreme climates, and epidemics. Maharishi estimated then, that such peaks of very active global stress release occur every twenty to thirty years.

So this very active time we are encountering globally is coming at about the predicted interval. Through my casual analysis from the USA perspective, as a country we have engaged in at least one significant war every twenty to thirty years since our inception, also of course brought about by war. This is also not a unique national story.

To be able to state this so easily validates the systematic nature of these horrors, national and global. The earth, a collection of people and other living systems, cannot endlessly accommodate the ceaseless application of blind free will upon itself. Even though free will is a condition of human evolution, it is never truly free of cosmic law and will, karma.

So a grand desire has commenced over the last half-century or so, established with a plea to Mother Divine – If humans can reattach to the Cosmos, re-establish that connection to infinite, ineffable Being, will this modify and diminish, even reverse for a time, this inevitable cycle of global strain leading to increasing cataclysm?

The answer given to Maharishi, thankfully was and is, “Yes”. Of course this may sound like foolhardiness, given worldly, even local, conditions. Though the problems of today have never truly reached a point of utter destruction, nor will they. There are many scientific principles, material and spiritual, from the laws of physics, to mechanical principles of leverage and displacement, and of course the interactions of the gunas (tamas, rajas, and sattva) to explain how this global reversal is coming about, transforming all of life from near endless tragedy, to growing vitality.

But the biggest driver, the critical and catalytic component of this global change is awareness, our consciousness. This is not just thinking, but also comprehending, feeling, and acting. Taking practical steps to reorganize the planet for harmony, inside and out. We can stop playing the zero-sum game of greed, and instead appreciate the greater joy of giving.

As we grow more responsible to ourselves and others, more responsive, it lessens the atmospheric strain imposed by so many attempting assertion without the necessary assumption of consequences. It does no good to attempt control by any kind of thought imposition, rather the successful nurturing, the heating and quenching of Being becomes our sole resource, our link to cosmic will.

The practical effect of this broadening of our global awareness, leads to an enlivening of karma itself. No longer constrained by the tamasic influences of ignorance, karma, the assumption of cosmic responsibility, comes more fully alive and grants us each its bountiful result, justly as always, though more quickly now. As if time itself has sped up, providing more touch points, and a more responsive environment for all of us.

The fail-safe nature of our expansion of consciousness does not always produce smooth results, depending on where we find ourselves, though it does ensure a growing and powerful alignment with cosmic will, law, and life, available to us all, inevitable for us all. This is then lived individually as Brahman, Totality – ever resourceful, ever successful, and always invincible.

With such influences in the world, this growing familiarity with Being, building a foundation worthy of all of earth’s inhabitants, begins to result in clearer thinking, better choices and actions innocently in the direction of all of us, Oneness. Just by doing as we are doing, a better world results. Thank you. 🙂

“Do nothing, and accomplish everything” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Published by Jim Flanegin

it shows up in the pictures...I am a US citizen (born in California), though spent my childhood through high school living primarily in SE Asia, giving me a deep view of both East and West. I began TM at 21 and the TM-Sidhis at 26. I was visited by Guru Dev at 39. The rest is history. :-)

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