Living Brahman – Living Wealth and Abundance – A Teaching from Sri Brahmananda Saraswati

I have long been in awe of this principle, expressed in such detail here by Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, the Guru of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. That by simply following God, prosperity and wealth accrue on their own. Of course we must look after our livelihood and live our dharma, though again and again wealth,Continue reading “Living Brahman – Living Wealth and Abundance – A Teaching from Sri Brahmananda Saraswati”

Living Brahman – In the Thick of It – The 2020 Fire Season Continues

Another busy few days – We heard about the approaching ‘wind event’ and safety power shut-off a few days ago. The good news is the North Complex West Zone as our big local fire is known, was at 75 to 80 percent containment before the wind began. I changed the oil and filters on theContinue reading “Living Brahman – In the Thick of It – The 2020 Fire Season Continues”

Living Brahman – Managing Ourselves, Managing the World

The simple experience of consciously seeing our morning mug of chai or coffee, or glass of juice, reaching for it, bringing it to our lips and drinking it, shows us that the entire operation occurs within, defined by our desire and our perceptions. Another experience, one of seeing a politician on the TV, and weContinue reading “Living Brahman – Managing Ourselves, Managing the World”

Flying Butte Creek Canyon – A 7.5 Mile/12 Kilometer Flight

Here is a video flying my UAV (DJI Mavic Pro 2) in Butte Creek Canyon, from the overlook on Skyway. I began the flight at a ground altitude of 1,100 ft/335 m, and backed into the center of the canyon, then turned the craft WSW and headed nearly a mile down the canyon towards Chico,Continue reading “Flying Butte Creek Canyon – A 7.5 Mile/12 Kilometer Flight”

Approaching the Equinox in Northern California – A Pictorial for 2020

Images accumulate over time in my Nikon as the year advances. Here are a favorite eight showing us moving into Fall, as the weather cools and the current crop of fires wane slightly. Enjoy! 🙂

Living Brahman – A Spectrum of Miracles

When we think of miracles, we are drawn to the flashy examples, perhaps of flying through the air or manifesting jewels from the akasha. Even the spiritual redemption of the earth is often described in terms of sudden spectacular events, the descent of an Avatar for example, purging the world of darkness instantly, in aContinue reading “Living Brahman – A Spectrum of Miracles”

Living Brahman – Life Goes On

I spent yesterday cleaning inside, and pulling weeds outside. I have noticed many times working outdoors the sun will come out and get brighter as I am working, or cool off behind a cloud instead if that is what is needed. Anyway it felt exquisite to be outside working among the dirt and plants. TheContinue reading “Living Brahman – Life Goes On”

“Once In A Lifetime” (1980) by The Talking Heads – from their album ‘Remain In Light’

Songwriters: Brian Eno / Christopher Frantz / David Byrne / Jerry Harrison / Tina Weymouth. Once In A Lifetime lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group Ahead of its time forty years ago, and still current today. The name of the album says it all. Lyrics are posted below the link. Enjoy!Continue reading ““Once In A Lifetime” (1980) by The Talking Heads – from their album ‘Remain In Light’”

Fire Season 2020 – ‘Living Underwater’ – Remaining Within

Now that the fire has stabilized a bit, and the wind has moved off some of our smoke, we are settling in for smoky air for awhile longer. The North Complex West Zone, as the fire is now called, is estimated to be contained in late November – this doesn’t mean the fire will beContinue reading “Fire Season 2020 – ‘Living Underwater’ – Remaining Within”

On Kissing – From a Small Book Given to Me in 1996

The book is called appropriately The Kiss, by Running Press (c) 1992. One of those tiny ones found in the check-out stand at the book or drug store. As we are spending most of our time indoors, I read it this morning. These are my favorite quotes from the book – Enjoy! 🙂 “There isContinue reading “On Kissing – From a Small Book Given to Me in 1996”

Living Brahman – How We Return to Global Dharma

Our global consciousness is acting like someone driving an automobile in an unfamiliar place, and we have missed our turn-off. So before anything else, we must bring the auto to a complete stop, and then reverse the entire vehicle, and then turn towards the correct destination. Although it is just a course correction, the magnitudeContinue reading “Living Brahman – How We Return to Global Dharma”

Fire Season 2020 – Getting to Know Natural Fire

Since this fire tripled in size a month ago after a dry lightning storm, I have spent a lot of time studying it, along with the terrain it inhabits, smoke conditions, and wind speed and direction. We are exposed to the West zone of the fire – 70,000 acres and five percent contained. It isContinue reading “Fire Season 2020 – Getting to Know Natural Fire”

Sometimes It Is the Little Things That Matter Most

The wind is down this morning, and with it the fire danger is much less. However the smoke is still spreading from the nearby large blaze, and our air is cycling between Very Unhealthy and Hazardous levels – our AQI is around 350 now. I had been feeling increasingly anxious the last couple of days,Continue reading “Sometimes It Is the Little Things That Matter Most”

Fire Season 2020 – Living Within the Intelligent Precision of Nature

If I imagine the smoke from the Bear Fire to be fog this morning, it almost looks normal outside. Much brighter than yesterday. This morning’s sun is looking far friendlier too! 🙂 Our Air Quality Index (AQI) is 252 (Very Unhealthy) down from a peak of 397 (Hazardous) at 1 AM. It is fine ifContinue reading “Fire Season 2020 – Living Within the Intelligent Precision of Nature”

Fire Season 2020 – In the Smoke Today

It is 0845 and still dark outside, with a red sky. Ash is blowing in too. Yesterday the SE fire sparked hundreds more, so vast areas are on fire now and we have several plumes on top of us. The wind is slacking slightly. Our closest fire is still 13 miles away. Thankfully the skyContinue reading “Fire Season 2020 – In the Smoke Today”

California Fire Season 2020 – Fire Southeast Today – A Pictorial

After my meditation early this afternoon, I noticed a big plume of clouds to the east-southeast. The entire north state is under a red flag warning due to high winds, low humidity, and dry brush, so I was alert. The devastating Camp Fire in 2018 also came from the east. The wind was relatively strong,Continue reading “California Fire Season 2020 – Fire Southeast Today – A Pictorial”

Living Brahman – Talking with the Gods and Goddesses

“Dear Fire, please do not consume any more. I apologize for the lack of water to nourish the earth, making your appetite nearly insatiable. Yet, if you are content with what you have eaten so far, and continue to eat all that you have touched now, perhaps it is enough. Perhaps it will be enoughContinue reading “Living Brahman – Talking with the Gods and Goddesses”

Living Brahman – Dispelling Global Darkness

We are all experiencing a global pandemic, intense climate strain, along with global culture, trade, and cold wars – sounds about on track. Locally, we haven’t seen a truly smoke-free sky since the dry lightning storm of August 11, sparking thousands of fires. Today the sun is again free of its corona, a red hotContinue reading “Living Brahman – Dispelling Global Darkness”

Living Brahman – Recognizing the Context of Cosmic Life

“The world is as you are, live unbounded awareness” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This well known phrase, and one I have been guided by for many years, is a one sentence formula for living Totality, Brahman. First, we see the world as we are; all of our accomplishments, desires, and challenges. Each of these existContinue reading “Living Brahman – Recognizing the Context of Cosmic Life”

Living Brahman – The Spiraling Expansion of Compassion

It is well known that during His lifetime, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation (TM) and the leader of bringing Heaven on Earth, would ask His students for reports on global events and conditions, those dedicated souls creating the nascent template of a world government, established in pure consciousness, established in Being. However, ifContinue reading “Living Brahman – The Spiraling Expansion of Compassion”

Flying Butte Creek Canyon – A Four Mile Flight (UHD video)

I flew the UAV in Butte Creek Canyon yesterday morning, and was quite pleased to be able to render the video in 4K/50 fps., the same resolution and frame rate as the source video. After painstakingly evaluating several video editing software programs yesterday, Filmora9 by Wondershare is the ONLY one that can edit and exportContinue reading “Flying Butte Creek Canyon – A Four Mile Flight (UHD video)”

My Letter to a Friend This Morning – “The Angels Win This Time!”

“…Such a delight to hear from you, always. Your truth is always so open, like a field of flowers being discovered, each after the last, on and on in wonder and safety, no constricted awareness. And no fear of any challenges. This is what makes the difference, especially with challenges to ourselves, our idea ofContinue reading “My Letter to a Friend This Morning – “The Angels Win This Time!””