Living Brahman – Creating Channels for Divinity

These weeks of local smoky skies are a good metaphor for the fog of apparent obstacles that beset our planet. Yet, even in the midst of the fire and smoke, day and night, the sun always shines. This too is an accurate symbol of living Totality – Divinity is always available, leading life. Clearing ourContinue reading “Living Brahman – Creating Channels for Divinity”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Discusses the Avatars Jesus Christ and Lord Krishna

A dear friend who spent many years with Maharishi sent me Youtube links today, for recently posted videos of Maharishi speaking during the late 1960’s (audio only). Maharishi covered many diverse topics during this time before refining His global message to above all, learn and practice Transcendental Meditation (TM), something He nonetheless touches on hereContinue reading “Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Discusses the Avatars Jesus Christ and Lord Krishna”

Wildlife Near Nance Pond – A Pictorial

Today at noon I flew the UAV over Nance Pond and spotted one of the ducks, a very welcome sight. I haven’t seen all four ducks for awhile, and suspect the coyotes or another predator may have taken at least one. When I last hiked in the canyon, I found two ribs of a deerContinue reading “Wildlife Near Nance Pond – A Pictorial”

Living Brahman – Being the World vs. Thinking About It

Everybody wants their desires to come true, for love, health, friendship, goodwill, safety, wealth, and joy. But in turbulent times it is easy to forget who we are, where our strength and power comes from. So many messages of nonsense, chaos and conflict, creating a non-stop din, a mental and emotional flood nearly drowning outContinue reading “Living Brahman – Being the World vs. Thinking About It”

Flying Nance Canyon Today – A Three Mile Flight

The weather is a little cooler today (94 F/34 C), and a lot less smoke, so I went down the hill into the canyon around noon and found a good take-off point. I flew the UAV (DJI Mavic Pro 2) straight out for about a mile and a half and returned, with a cruising speedContinue reading “Flying Nance Canyon Today – A Three Mile Flight”

Selected Quotes for Today from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The sequence of photos is from this morning. I chose quotations of Maharishi’s that are especially helpful to me during these challenging times. All quotations are from the link below, with minor edits. Thank you! 🙂 Purpose of Life “The whole purpose of life is to gain enlightenment.Nothing else is significant compared to thatContinue reading “Selected Quotes for Today from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi”

Helicopters Headed to the Fire and a Smoky Rising Sun – A Pictorial

Here near Paradise, we are on the flight path for many helicopters headed north and east, especially the fire crews. A flight level of 1,500 feet clears us by less than 200 feet, so they are close. Nance Pond, behind our house, is a listed Calfire water resource though they have only dipped those orangeContinue reading “Helicopters Headed to the Fire and a Smoky Rising Sun – A Pictorial”

Aligning with Nature – A Pictorial

Both our strength and our flexibility come from our Cosmic identity – there are many more resources at one’s disposal, inside and out, once we enliven Grace, our birthright and choice. This resulting inner strength, and outer success, means we tread on the Earth more lightly. More satisfied within, we ask less of our environmentContinue reading “Aligning with Nature – A Pictorial”

The Wildfires, a Global Virus, and the Resolution of Our Collective Consciousness

Here are four pictures from yesterday, August 21, 2020: Another day of smoky air. A little ash in the yard, better visibility than yesterday, possibly a little clearer. Locally, we have 24 clustered fires north and a big one south of us (1,600 plus acres). Each of the closest areas burning is about 15 milesContinue reading “The Wildfires, a Global Virus, and the Resolution of Our Collective Consciousness”

The 2020 Fire Season in California

So very smoky up here today, with a red sun! It has been nearly two years since the Camp Fire overran and destroyed the town of Paradise. Our community abuts the town’s western border. Last year’s fire season wasn’t bad, with a lot of late rain and cooler temperatures. This year we hit a patchContinue reading “The 2020 Fire Season in California”

Living Brahman – Always Persevering

Discussing the positive local, national, and global changes underway with a friend, they replied with this sentence, which perfectly captures the spirit – “It is like having wind in the sails, on a wild sea.” As the world is tossed about through momentous changes daily, we are undiminished. No matter how many doors are slammedContinue reading “Living Brahman – Always Persevering”

A Star Trail Video with Meteors

Here is a star trail video (10 s.) from last night, showing a total of eight meteors (the video title is incorrect). Several are just single points of light, or quite faint, though the most dramatic one, a red streak through the center can’t be missed. I ran the video through an editor and auto-leveledContinue reading “A Star Trail Video with Meteors”

Living Cosmic Life – Observing the Full Cycle of Karmic Completion

We have all long heard about the law of karma: “What goes around, comes around”, or “As you sow, so shall you reap” – By all of us being subject to the same [Cosmic] laws, life remains in balance. This is taught as a tenet of faith in all religions and is also a keyContinue reading “Living Cosmic Life – Observing the Full Cycle of Karmic Completion”

Supporting Cosmic Law – Living the Courage of Our Convictions

I recently revived my relationship with a long-time acquaintance via email, and was surprised by the rudeness of the reply. I had received similar responses at times over the years, and this just baffled me. I responded, and received more of the same. Then I did some digging to past correspondence and found a politicalContinue reading “Supporting Cosmic Law – Living the Courage of Our Convictions”

Winged Victory Global Update for August 9th, 2020

Thank you, All, for the growing and continued global interest in Winged Victory, a blog about living full enlightenment, Brahman, Totality as a householder. It is very much appreciated! All continents (except Antarctica) are now represented, with two new additions (in italics), bringing the total countries and territories to 39: Africa – South Africa AsiaContinue reading “Winged Victory Global Update for August 9th, 2020”

Three Perseid Meteors

The Persied meteor shower is occurring now in the NNE sky until the end of August. This is how I hunt for meteors: At roughly 2300 on a clear night, I set my camera on its tripod at a best guess angle and direction, and initiate the Nikon P900 “Night sky” program. Then I simplyContinue reading “Three Perseid Meteors”

One Layer Down: The Cosmic Law of Non-Attachment

I was looking at this lovely vase of roses before I moved them to the window for a photo, and observed that the red of the rose is not absorbed by the rose petals, and therefore the red is reflected back to me as the color of the petal. We see and identify as ourContinue reading “One Layer Down: The Cosmic Law of Non-Attachment”

Attuning to Brahman: Riding the Cosmic Slingshot

As our mental and physical perception reaches Cosmic proportions, our consequent push and pull through the three worlds, the Cosmos, then brings about the establishment of Totality, living Brahman. This process is what I have come to call riding the Cosmic slingshot. 🙂 The way we attune ourselves to Brahman, Totality is a two stepContinue reading “Attuning to Brahman: Riding the Cosmic Slingshot”

My First UAV Night Flight

Last night the moon was nearly full, and forming a triangle with Saturn on its left, and Jupiter on the right. So I decided to take the Mavic Pro 2 up to 390 feet (just below my maximum ceiling), hover, and take some pictures. Here are three photos, moving from southwest to southeast. The photosContinue reading “My First UAV Night Flight”

Living Brahman – Brahman Leads and Completes All Religions

A good friend invited me to watch the live Amma meeting, which began at 0430 here, Saturday, occurring at 1600 on Sunday in India. Thank you. My first impression was how similar the whole thing was to my attendance at the Episcopalian church of my youth, both in Bethesda, Maryland (a suburb of Washington, DC),Continue reading “Living Brahman – Brahman Leads and Completes All Religions”