Living Brahman – Why the Ego Sees Brahman as Death

Golden eagle in the pine tree yesterday evening – July 21, 2020 2027

The ego, our sense of self sees Brahman as death, because it is in a way. A dissolution of the sense of self into Totality. Of course the ego, anybody’s ego, is necessary as a manager to prioritize what to do next, informed by our state of consciousness.

However, guided in time by spiritual evolution, the ego is asked to step aside and take on a new perspective, a quantum perspective, that of existing only when attention is placed on it. A mature level of functioning is being requested of ourselves, in which we recognize our sense of self or Self as useful, yet not primary.

This is living Brahman, to adapt to any aspect of Totality so that the goal of Brahman is always carried out. By reason alone, it is obvious that this sense of self, this ego cannot always be in charge. Even with the very best intentions, living mature Unity Consciousness, the sense of self, even in the universal guise of the Self, must take its rightful place as an object of attention if Brahman is lived. Just as we are raised by our parents and then develop our own identity in life, so must this sense of self be made secondary in order to progress, to live Brahman, Totality.

Nothing goes away, just the perspective changes, from being primarily self-centric to a more normal reality where we are simply an object of our own attention, no more and no less. We don’t go away, but we equalize with our environment while maintaining the fulfillment of our global desires.

Life moves from us absolutely being the center of our world, to this Totality where we only occur when necessary. All objects are seen in terms of themselves. There is no longer a need to see everything in terms of ourselves. Although this is an exalted goal on the path to, and upon the achievement of Unity, a more subtle reality beckons.

If we dedicate ourselves to the ultimate transcendence, that of going beyond our core identity, and have it assume a relative vs. absolute reality in our lives, we can live Brahman. On the other hand, if we cannot make that leap to ultimate liberation, we remain in Unity, lost in the universality of the Self.

What is the difference in everyday experience? UC remains by virtue of fear, an excellent consciousness for earthly life, promoting peace, acceptance, and love for all, yet refusing to make the leap into the arms of the Divine for itself. This is both the blessing and tragedy of Unity Consciousness, the exaltation and maturity of the Self.

So UC is not enough, and Brahman always waits on the doorstep. In order to unlock the power and capability of Brahman, we must willingly surrender to Totality. If we are on the right track, this will feel like a relief, far greater than our initial awakening to Self, far greater than our first feeling and glimpse of the Divine, far greater than anything we can realize by ourselves. Only by gaining the ultimate objectivity of Brahman, seeming ego-death, can we unlock the secrets to everything. No more veils, no more lack of perception – we live in this world, yet with the knowledge and coordination of Cosmic life.

This is a level of synchrony and integration unobtainable if the ego is structured as it is in Unity Consciousness. UC we get a full one hundred percent, live the full journey of atman to ParamAtman, yet the atman remains the center of the universe. This is not Totality.

Faith, strength, knowledge, memory, dedication, and surrender above all, are necessary to shift the ego’s place of apparent functioning – from primary, to a necessary cog in the machinery, activated innocently by attention, and otherwise remaining completely unobtrusive. This is Totality. The quieter and more appropriate we are, the more knowledge we gain, the greater the experiences we have access to.

It is the difference between always placing oneself as the center of attention vs. remaining unseen, while seeing and appreciating all the Cosmos has to endlessly offer us. Totality and Brahman bring complete success for our global desires, and that is the goal of everyone.

Paradoxically by attempting even the subtlest control simply through perspective, Brahman remains hidden, and Totality fractures. To correct our view, the ego sees itself as dying, forever losing its sense of self or Self, even its sense of Self before God.

But this is an illusion, a test set up by the definition of Totality, Brahman, so that having such a seeming great obstacle to surmount, the sense of Self, will drive a dedication to either more ego, remaining in UC, or a surrender for the “Big Prize”, all the marbles, the whole enchilada, Grand Jackpot, Totality found and lived everywhere.

Totality exists only in terms of Itself, and Brahman lives Totality.

This is Brahman enjoyed innocently in fullness, ever driving towards our goal, our responsibility, our uncompromising mission, that of establishing Cosmic life on Earth by example. Everything is verified, tested, and confirmed in the laboratory of life.

This is identifying and strengthening Cosmic law, not by imposition, control or manipulation, only by surrender, getting out of our own way, and bringing Heaven on Earth as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi referred to it. An easy choice. 🙂

~ Jai Guru Dev ~

Published by Jim Flanegin

it shows up in the pictures...I am a US citizen (born in California), though spent my childhood through high school living primarily in SE Asia, giving me a deep view of both East and West. I began TM at 21 and the TM-Sidhis at 26. I was visited by Guru Dev at 39. The rest is history. :-)

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