Living Brahman Brings Global Balance

Oregon coast 2019

The hallmark of Unity Consciousness, the highest attainment and development of the Self, is to perceive the world as one’s Self. Universality, Oneness, Unity. We see the universal nature of ourselves reflected in our Reality.

However, much as a planet introduces a gravitational bend into open space, so does a subtle distortion occur in Unity Consciousness, as a result of our identification with our universal nature. Imagine a bicycle wheel with all spokes terminating in a hub. This is Unity, with any object of perception referenced to the Self.

Living Brahman eliminates this distortion by eliminating the identification with the Self, even fully developed in Unity. The Self expands so much in Cosmic Life, Totality, Brahman, that it can only represent itself cosmically, Brahman only knows itself cosmically. All objects of perception are seen in cosmic terms, seen as the completion of themselves. All objects are infused with dynamic, cosmic life, integrated completely with any independent characteristics. Whether a cloud, a sunrise, a continent, or a good friend, all are seen and interacted with in terms of their cosmic Reality.

Unlike the Self-referral evident in Unity Consciousness, all of this activity has nothing to do with living cosmic life, living Brahman, except to generate completion everywhere. Every location the awareness touches is spurred to completion. Everything moves forward inexorably with the power of cosmic evolution, Cosmic Law. Regardless of circumstances, history, or previous attempts, Brahman moves everything within the field of attention towards fullness, towards completion, cosmic evolution.

Living Brahman we are deathless and limitless, for there is nothing of us that will ever end. All life is seen as individuated components of cosmic life, so that even the phenomenon of surface forms apparent in Unity becomes less important, and the degree of cosmic infusion by each of us becomes most important.

Just as each plant in a forest grows differently, so is each moment in life approached with a unique appreciation of its existing and latent completion. Just this attention is enough to set life comfortably on its way with the cosmic goal in sight. The occupation of Brahman is to wake such a tendency in all, beyond the Self absorbed view of Unity, as grand as that is at the time.

Although it seems living UC that we can be most effective when identified with some aspect of the immortal and universal Self, just the opposite is true. When this identification is gone completely only then do we become both a master and artist of life – Dancing in the dark on the circular stairway of life, ever sure footed. 🙂

Just as we move life to completion, it purifies itself as a result of this immediate action. What may have seemed to be calamities and unforeseen events before are now viewed in their accurate context, awakening the intelligence of evolution and completion in any situation, from personal to global.

This intimate familiarly with everything gained through Unity Consciousness now finds its fulfillment in Brahman, without distortion, ever liberated in Cosmic Life. Brahman experiences the Unity of every object, from the object’s perspective. Every object stands in its own dignity of cosmic life, viewed as completion by Brahman.

It is just this view that moves life along – nothing more. This is the fulfillment of ‘do nothing and accomplish everything’ that the Saints and Yogis speak of. All is well and wisely set. Living Brahman ensures this. It is the simple attention of cosmic completion that boosts the cosmic life, the shakti is energized, promoting good life supporting activities. This also brings purification so that any wrong action also brings a swift result.

This is how living Brahman restores dharma or balance to life, every life. The living of cosmic life reduces the separation and isolation from our source commonly experienced, enlivening it in all. Brahman brings Dharma globally, inexorably, invincibly, for the good of all. Brahman makes good action easier for all, always favoring the good.

Published by Jim Flanegin

it shows up in the pictures...I am a US citizen (born in California), though spent my childhood through high school living primarily in SE Asia, giving me a deep view of both East and West. I began TM at 21 and the TM-Sidhis at 26. I was visited by Guru Dev at 39. The rest is history. :-)

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