Enjoying the Dawn

Half moon at dawn from Paradise, California
Hong Kong harbor and Kowloon at night, 2019

When I lived in Hong Kong from 1969 to 1971, it was the busiest place I had ever been. Like most residents, we lived in an apartment tower. The building was located about halfway up the slope of Victoria Peak on Hong Kong island, in an area appropriately called ‘mid-levels’. The apartment faced the harbor and the Kowloon peninsula, including the former Kai Tak Airport, providing a view of ships, water, peaks, boats, ferries, buildings, neon signs, and airplanes I could watch for hours.

To counter some of the frenzy there, I got in the habit of heating myself a bowl of canned soup, usually cream of chicken, waiting until my folks had retired for the night, and sitting on the apartment balcony for an hour or so. It was always after midnight and the city was mine to enjoy in solitude.

I have enjoyed having early mornings to myself for a long time. In Paradise there is a big sky, and I so appreciate on clear mornings watching the sunrise and the moon in the same sky. It is a perfect half-moon this morning.

There is a palpable energy in the morning, the momentum of the coming day, that fades once the sun has risen. It is a wave of sattva, purity, and shakti, cosmic energy, that reinvigorates the planet and its inhabitants as it passes. If we naturally synchronize with it, we too will get an infusion of Cosmic Life for the day and night. A surrender to the natural law of light.

Although I love the benefits of rising early, the cultural model for leisure in our mechanized and computerized world is one of staying up late, and sleeping in when we can. I do enjoy it once in a while if I have worked too hard, though have pretty much lost the desire now, in favor of Silence and the coming wave. 🙂 Good Morning!

Published by Jim Flanegin

it shows up in the pictures...I am a US citizen (born in California), though spent my childhood through high school living primarily in SE Asia, giving me a deep view of both East and West. I began TM at 21 and the TM-Sidhis at 26. I was visited by Guru Dev at 39. The rest is history. :-)

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