Living Brahman Brings Protection for Global Desires

This Indonesian kris has been in my family for 60 years, from our time in Jakarta

The kris or keris is a distinctive, asymmetrical dagger from Indonesia. Both weapon and spiritual object, the kris is considered to possess magical powers. The earliest known kris go back to the tenth century and most probably spread from the island of Java throughout South-East Asia…
“A bladesmith, or empu, makes the blade in layers of different iron ores and meteorite nickel. In high quality kris blades, the metal is folded dozens or hundreds of times and handled with the utmost precision. Empus are highly respected craftsmen with additional knowledge in literature, history and occult sciences.

– from the UNESCO website

As we work through life, in addition to the basics of food, shelter, and love, in order to thrive, we need both safety, and freedom from fear. Brahman fulfills all of these requirements, whatever our culture or way of life, by transforming ourselves from the human body/mind to simply a Cosmic perspective, a Totality.

Through living Brahman we are sinless. The implication, or Cosmic Law if you prefer, is that Brahman always acts through completion. There is no half-measure – it is impossible. This means that any desire is brought to fruition by virtue of Cosmic Law. Heaven on Earth is a desire for all who live Brahman. We could say it is the only desire; bringing Heaven on Earth is the Dharma of Brahman. Once such a desire, any desire, is borne on the wings of the Heavenly Host, it becomes manifest in time.

Although all desires are handled by God, it is the actions of Brahman that bring them to fruition, sometimes acting vigorously, and sometimes standing silently, as the situation demands. In all instances, both freedom from fear, and safety are necessary for maximum efficiency.

Freedom from fear occurs naturally as we evolve more and more to Cosmic status, and safety comes from the confidence of our prayers. The seamless relationship with Divinity is critical here, for no one person can achieve the desires of Brahman – Even the heads of state of all the countries together cannot achieve the desires of Brahman by themselves. Nor can the stale mountain ranges of their weapons keep them safe.

However the Silence of Brahman can do so. Brahman is kept safe by establishment in Divinity, the fulfillment of Brahman. Just as life begins with establishment in the Infinite Self so does it reach fruition with life in Brahman, Totality, Divinity.

As human beings we are conditioned to control our environment to get what we want. However, living Brahman and nurturing our relationship with Divinity, we lose all control, replaced by profound surrender once again and singular intention. Our prayers rise like liquid plasma to the Divine, a pre-molecular syrup of fulfillment, activating Prana in the direction of Sattva, a call for confident action.

Although we are lost to Cosmic forces, we have no fear, nor is our safety in question. So intimate does the relationship to Mother Divine grow, that any obstacles are overcome, individually, communally, socially, nationally, and globally.

Just as we have an intimate relationship with the heavens, so it must be with the hells too. We don’t have much choice when living Totality. 🙂 This intense familiarity with Hell, the lost souls and their ecosystem, is absolutely necessary to work with trust and assurance, no matter how large or insurmountable the task appears. Totality means seeing the three worlds [Heaven, Earth and Hell] as they are, as a perfect Cosmic sphere of influence, lessons, and growth, brought to manifestation here on earth.

Without such a close working relationship with both Hell and Heaven, the desires of Brahman fall flat. We will be left eclipsed or worse by the hidden influences of Hell or soar to the ungrounded heights of the angels, only to build false constructs in the ether.

In order to be successful, we find our Reality, our Infinite Self within, maturing to Brahman, living in the three worlds, established in Divinity. Then, we can dream BIG, and achieve anything. 🙂

Published by Jim Flanegin

it shows up in the pictures...I am a US citizen (born in California), though spent my childhood through high school living primarily in SE Asia, giving me a deep view of both East and West. I began TM at 21 and the TM-Sidhis at 26. I was visited by Guru Dev at 39. The rest is history. :-)

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