Why and How Brahman Is True Freedom

Surya, the sun god

Brahman is Totality. Freedom from fear, and the ability to ride the horse of consciousness anywhere. It is a good start. 🙂

But the development to Brahman occurs largely within the test tube of our Selves. Even with the relationships with Divinity that form, Brahman is the signaling of completion, the emergence of our full potential. Brahman only knows Brahman.

However, just as we must recognize Brahman in order to bring Brahman into the world, so must Brahman by its very nature render every concept, every belief, every idea, ideal, institution, assumption, memory, organization, structure, dream, dread, feeling, sense, nonsense, experience, perception, and relationship of ours, inside and out, transparent; see-through.

Nothing changes, however all of life can be read as clearly as a book. What this means is that the long-held assumptions, life views and world views, and stuff we have been told and accepted most of our lives, the perspectives taken by others and adopted by us as truth, our relationships, all of it is laid bare. We are now wandering through the live museum of ourselves, open 24 hours a day, free to examine any exhibit at length.

This is not an exercise in ruthlessly excising or examining aspects of ourselves. Rather it is done in complete freedom, openness, joy, and acceptance, with discrimination but not judgment.

What is the practical benefit of this complete access to the book of ourselves in Brahman? Established in Brahman, there is no impediment to any action we wish to undertake; the intellect is sharp, the heart is full, the consciousness is unbounded, and the Heavens await our every thought.

As Brahman acts in the world we may find through this innocent examination that there are some changes in the way we live and see reality; Totality. We don’t really change much ourselves, nor need to take any drastic action, though the reassessment of our lives may call for new directions in order to fulfill the desires of Brahman.

True freedom, with total support. In keeping with Cosmic law, the return is always far greater than the sacrifice.

I used to think ‘live unbounded awareness’ was a pleasant but not literal expression. I have since learned otherwise. 🙂

Published by Jim Flanegin

it shows up in the pictures...I am a US citizen (born in California), though spent my childhood through high school living primarily in SE Asia, giving me a deep view of both East and West. I began TM at 21 and the TM-Sidhis at 26. I was visited by Guru Dev at 39. The rest is history. :-)

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