Brahman and its place in the Sacred Architecture

mid-morning winter clouds

What is a Sacred Architecture? It is the dynamic blueprint for life emanating from Mother Divine, the source of the source as She is sometimes referred to. It is Her direct emanation creating all. She is the longest living Being in Existence; Mother Divine IS Existence.

Even encompassing such vastness; us, earth, galaxies, time, space, universes, gods, goddesses, all form and formless, activity and negation, there is a connection to be formed, a dynamic relationship to be comprehended, a way to get along better with Mother Divine, for better practical results in life.

Where does Brahman fit in? Or more precisely, where does the endless and infinite creation of Brahman fit with regard to Mother Divine?

First, Brahman is fully aware of all consciousness; Totality, Universalities. However simply by virtue of the awareness of Brahman, Brahman transcends consciousness, even as it incorporates it.

Second, the source of the source is realized. This is not God or Goddess Realization as the Gods and Goddesses are easily available to everyone. Rather it is a fullness, a Sacred Architecture visible from the vantage point of Brahman. Mother Divine is the fulfillment of Divinity. Divinity is the fulfillment of Mother Divine also, and living Brahman we can live closely with Divinity.

This is the practical benefit of Brahman, and why such abilities are available; the proximity to the source of the source. We can use the entire Heavenly Host to achieve our [very large] desires.

At one point I had the experience where the granularity of waging Heaven on Hell (purity vs. stress), so to speak, was shown very clearly to me – how to assemble angels like a military campaign for use in a particular location, energy as color, micro to macro, etc. I will probably write about all the details later, but the reason I bring it up, is to illustrate the direct link from Mother Divine through the Heavenly Host; Divinity into practical action, by living Brahman.

Despite being the flashiest stuff imaginable to encounter, the benefits are meant to be nothing but practical, simply working at a larger and more comprehensible scale.

In terms of human consciousness, Brahman sits with all of human consciousness on one side, and Mother Divine on the other (though we too find ourselves in the laps of both 🙂 ) . This is the Sacred Architecture.

Published by Jim Flanegin

it shows up in the pictures...I am a US citizen (born in California), though spent my childhood through high school living primarily in SE Asia, giving me a deep view of both East and West. I began TM at 21 and the TM-Sidhis at 26. I was visited by Guru Dev at 39. The rest is history. :-)

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