Brahman kicks our butt until we learn to dance with Grace

Monarch feeding in Paradise

This was written this past June 2019, and speaks to the integration that takes place when living Brahman as a householder:

Responding to a buddy recently, I wrote as part of my reply that, ‘Brahman apparently kicks our butt, once acknowledged, until we learn to dance with Grace.’

Quite a miracle of metaphysics that we can start out so small in terms of Totality, the vastness of our world, and reach a point of actually finding a dynamic synchrony with it, a thriving within all that there is.

What a huge dynamic range too, to be active and thriving all the way from elements of a personal nature, daily activities, resulting in personal satisfaction, balance, and happiness, up through our familial, social, professional, regional, state, national, and global awareness and obligations, all the way out to the furthest reaches of the Cosmos.

THAT is a lot of integration, my goodness. Even if we are not roaming the stars, or always diving deep within, we must instill all of this, to simply keep up and live a practical life, as Totality asks of us.

Once Totality is recognized, there is no return to any boundaries of any kind. Certainly we remain sane and intact with all that we have learned of life, but there is no need any more to set or reinforce boundaries to limit our learning, influence, and doing.

Through recognizing Totality as the core element of our experience, we set ourselves free in a way that brings all potential within our immediate grasp. Then it is simply a matter of following our personality to live ever more of that which is freely given, though cannot be owned, Brahman.

Once such a pact of recognition is made, a commitment to ourselves, then we can learn as quickly as we are able, though it is by necessity a personal journey, and whether waking, dreaming or sleeping, we are now always in the glare of self-awareness, and the blinding sun of Brahman.

So the unavoidable dance lessons are not always enjoyable, sometimes downright embarrassing, painful, and awkward. Though after sufficient practice and once Grace takes our hand, it gets easier, more powerful, and more creative, as we soon make our way confidently, comfortably, and endlessly throughout the Cosmos, Totality, and the ceaseless infinity that is living Brahman.

Brahman no longer apparently kicks our butt…(from personal experience) it turns out I was just drunk on the dance floor, intoxicated with my stories and attachments, acting like any uncoordinated fool – that’s the Big Lesson isn’t it? Live and learn, full on.

Brahman allows us to relax into un-bounded-ness; performing the greatest action within the greatest Infinity. The most enduring security is in knowing that there is nothing to hold us back, as long as we learn our lessons, and learn to dance with Grace. Totality is ever our only partner; Brahman.

Fear is quickly gone, as we know every dimension we experience is infinite, inside and out. How can anyone be afraid of Infinity, when it asserts itself everywhere? Once we are set in such an existence, there is nothing left to do but thrive, all along and within that huge dynamic range from personal joy to Cosmic action.

Published by Jim Flanegin

it shows up in the pictures...I am a US citizen (born in California), though spent my childhood through high school living primarily in SE Asia, giving me a deep view of both East and West. I began TM at 21 and the TM-Sidhis at 26. I was visited by Guru Dev at 39. The rest is history. :-)

10 thoughts on “Brahman kicks our butt until we learn to dance with Grace

  1. Agreed, Fleet. Some of this begins with Self Realization (CC) but the deeper you go, the greater the push to align with what is, as it is. Old habits of self-concept that remain will be seen and discarded or will show up as circumstances until it’s so in-your-face that even slow learners can figure it out. (laughs)


  2. Yes, that is exactly the experience – in-your-face – very little option the further along we get. However the practice of offer and receive is also in play and even though the giving up of treasured stories is painful sometimes, the rewards far outweigh the sacrifice. This immolation of our ignorance in the fires of greater knowledge leads not just to revelations but a state of life where our greatest desires are achievable. Brahman means no more excuses. 🙂


  3. At once, a letter in a word in a sentence in a paragraph in a book of numberless pages each a universe in parallel with the infinity of others, and the story told is of galaxy merging with galaxy, and the experience of all is one.


  4. Hi Jim, I am enjoying reading your blog. I wonder, have you considered turning your hand to the writing of a novel. I feel your writing style would be well suited to that endeavor. 🙂


  5. More precisely, what I had in mind, was a sort of sci-fi/detective semi-autobiographical novel. (A working-title— Looking for Brahman.) 🙂


  6. Hi Lewis, it is an interesting idea. Of course Brahman follows no narrative, and regularly eclipses the imagination, so just sticking with real life events there is no need to make anything up. It would be slightly counterproductive. If we want to describe the three worlds, or interaction with the Divine, or the results of sidhis, we just do it. 🙂 Thanks for your interest.


  7. Yes, Jim, however, I was thinking along the lines how the supposedly limited arena of fiction could be used as a pointer (an identifier— itself to Itself) to the unlimited Real and how ultimately the two are but one. 🙂


  8. Hahaha…perhaps.

    Again, I do like the way you write. Who knows, maybe at some later date the idea may also appeal to you. 🙂


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